68: An Interview With Matty Maggiacomo Plus A New Peloton Activity Tracker

TCO 68 | Peloton Activity Tracker


Continuously providing great services to users, Peloton has been launching so many new and exciting updates. Letting you in on the latest, hosts Crystal and Tom O’Keefe give you a lowdown on The Denis Morton collection that is hitting stores. They also tap on the new way to track your Peloton activity and the Tread release date rumors. Joining in on the excitement is one of the newest instructor in the Peloton community, Matty Maggiacomo. Matty shares with us his transition from TV and journalism to fitness, tackling on the latest Tread as an instructor and connecting with the people at Peloton. He then answers some of the questions from listeners about what to expect from his classes, how he keeps his shape, how to begin with Peloton as newbies, and more! Don’t miss out on this conversation.

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An Interview With Matty Maggiacomo Plus A New Peloton Activity Tracker

What do you have in store for the readers?

There is a lot of great information. There is not going to be a visit from the Stat Fairy. There is no visit from the Peloton Prophet. We got two and we get zero.

You are slacking off. Do you think they were mad? Do you think they each were like, “If you’re having the other one?”

I heard a lot of squeaking and buzzing. They were flying by. I don’t know what happened. They didn’t choose to translate for me.

Maybe they wounded each other.

You never know. Those wings are sharp.

They could be.

We also have some news about a new clothing collection. There’s a new feature to talk about. There’s some St. Louis local information. There’s some Chicago information and there’s also some information about a past guest, some Tread rumors and our very exciting interview with Matty Maggiacomo.

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Glass_Girl, GG.

It also says, “#PelotonHRI.” I don’t know if they were there.

I don’t know either. I don’t remember that leaderboard name. It’s hard to say because when we don’t have a real name. Glass_Girl, reach out to us. If we met you, we’d love to know. Thank you for the review.

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Denis has a new collection coming into the stores.

Do you remember when we talked to Jill Foley and she said that each instructor gets to have their own collection? Since then, we’ve seen the Emma Lovewell Collection. We saw the Ally Love Collection but we haven’t seen the Denis Morton Collection and that is happening very soon. I heard that it’s already in the Ohio Showroom, but none of the other showrooms because he was in Ohio. I don’t know the details. These are rumors that I hear but there were pictures taken of the items that are supposedly part of his collection.

He went there and left it behind like Pelotonian Santa Claus except he got paid for it.

We have that to look forward, which would be very cool. We do, I just don’t know the timeline for it. That is exciting. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with.

Will that be for men or will there be women stuff?

The only instructor that has been male while I’ve been part of Peloton has been Matt Wilpers. He had male and female products. I would assume that it will be both.

I was curious. Are there new features?

There is a new feature on the Peloton page on your Bike which shows up on the computer too. I didn’t check the computer, but they have what’s now called the Monthly Activity Calendar. Before you would get an email with your monthly stats and if you were looking at your account on the bike, you could see what you had done. You could see your overall but you couldn’t break it down like by month or a certain time period. Now, there’s going to be a Monthly Activity Calendar that’s going to show you for that month what you did and all of your stats. You can also go to other months and compare. That will allow you to set goals for the next month coming up. “This is how much I did last month. This is what I should be doing this month if I want to increase my activity.” It looks neat too. It shows you the calories burned and how many rides you took, your favorite instructor, all those cool details.

I wonder if they’re moving to try to graduate people from Strava and bring that all in house with a Peloton branded especially as they’re coming out with more equipment.

I don’t think you could ever get rid of Strava altogether. I couldn’t. The reason I say that is because I realize you could use this for the Tread but if you’re going to round doors, you wouldn’t be able to see the mileage. Strava collects your mileage overall. It collects it whether you’re on a treadmill or you’re outside, it doesn’t care. That’s not true. I lied to you. You can record it and say how many miles you did, but you have to enter it manually. It doesn’t know how many miles you went on Strava if you’re using a treadmill. Peloton is great for tracking the Tread, but Strava is great for tracking outdoors.

I’m wondering if that could be a feature that they would add to make that obsolete and keep all of that internal.

If you’re going to run outdoors, I don’t see how you can get to that point because it’s the activity. It’s what you’re wearing that gets you there.

Strava is an actual device that you buy.

No, it’s an app but it’s connected to the GPS on your phone. You’re saying, could Peloton do that? I was thinking that wouldn’t work. It doesn’t work for me because I don’t have an Android app and it doesn’t do that on the iPhone. I finally got to where you’re coming from, maybe that’s a plan.

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As they’re collecting all this data, they’re giving you more ways to parse it. They’re adding pieces of equipment. It seems at some point it would be pretty easy to be like, “It can sync to your phone and track your running,” since they have outdoor classes.

How would that work when they have a partnership with Strava? I would be like, “It sucks for you guys. Get out.”

Google used to have a partnership with the iPhone and then they didn’t. I am taking the place of the Peloton Prophet. I am conjecturesizing.

That’s the closest to exercising you get.

I can get close to you and you exercise. By osmosis, I’m fit. I’m pretty sure that’s how that works.

That’ll be interesting to see. I know there are a lot of engineers that they’ve hired and they still have. I checked their website to see what positions are still open.

Do they need a counter promoter?

No, there wasn’t one of those on there. They have still a ton of engineering positions open. Anything could happen. There was still an Android app people they’re hiring too.

I could be on to something.

You could. I have to run that by to Prophet and see what they think.

St. Louis is getting a Peloton. I don’t know if you knew that or not. Are you aware of that?

Yes, I am so aware.

That one that’s coming to St. Louis?

I’m so excited.

People have started to get mailers locally.

My coworker Carol came in and she said, “We got a Peloton ad in the mail.” Her husband, Dave, had taken pictures of it. He texted it to Carol so I could see every page of it, which was sweet, by the way. I thought that was cool. They must be getting close because they’re starting to get people’s minds around it. The interesting thing was it didn’t appear to have any websites or anything on it or saying coming soon. There didn’t appear to be anything indicating that there was a store coming soon. We thought that was interesting.

What was it for, just the bike?

It was talking about the bike. That was it. It was how awesome the bike is.

I wonder how she ended up on their mailing list.

I have no idea. I thought she might be within a certain parameter of the mall because she lives in a zip code that’s pretty close.

It’s a hoity-toity mall and she lives in hoity-toity adjacent neighborhood. It would make sense. My thought is you can pull that data like what are the highest income zip codes.

I’m certain she fits within that.

Explain why we didn’t get one.

I just haven’t come yet. They were like, “There are a lot of people involved and they already have one.”

They took you off the list because they know it would be a waste of their $0.50.

I’m sure that they are paying that close of attention, but it’s exciting nonetheless that they are showing up in mailboxes.

It’s getting here.

It is.

Some fellow Peloton users have put together a virtual baby shower.

TCO 68 | Peloton Activity Tracker

Peloton Activity Tracker: Try to stay away from the processed. Eat as many fruits and vegetables as you possibly can.


We have a Pelotonian who is going through a very rough time. I made sure that this was okay to talk about before I did. Her name is Kathleen Sheldon. Her husband died on March 24th of a ruptured brain aneurysm. It is not something they saw coming. I can’t believe this, but she already is a mom to a two-year-old son. She’s due in September with their second child. All of this is going on. She’s had to deal with the trauma, the loss of her husband and now, there’s a baby coming. There’s a lot of stress. Alicia Queally suggested, “Let’s put a virtual baby shower together for her from her Peloton friends.” They’re raising money to give to her. You can go to this link that I will post on our Facebook.com/theclipout Page and you can enter her email address in which I will also include. You can send her a gift card of any denomination, whether it’s $1 or $5, whatever you can afford. She clearly is going to have a hard time. It’s not a one-time expense, she’s on her own. This all started in the Peloton Mom Page. There’s an Official Peloton Mom Page. That’s the only other official Peloton Page by the way. At any rate, all the moms go there and started. I thought, “What a touching wonderful thing to do.” I’m all about the causes. That’d be a good opportunity to raise awareness of it.

If you want to chip it on some level, you can find that on our Facebook page.

On a happier note, Mel Edwards went to the New York City Marathon.

The marathon took place on November 4th of 2018. She’s been doing a fundraiser to raise money. That she could go. She reached her goal. She exceeded her goal. She raised $2,800. She raised more than that, I’m not sure, but it’s called the Team For Kids. That’s the organization that she was raising money for.

She’s not raising money to fund her trip.


She’s raising money for charity.

Team for Kids is a team of adult runners who raise funds for critical services that are provided by the New York Road Runners Youth Program. Those programs empower youth development and encouraged healthy habits via running and character-building programs across the country. It’s a cool program that helps encourage future runners. It comes full circle. It’s been a dream of Mel’s to go to New York City to do the marathon. It’s so exciting for her and I’m so proud. She’s worked so hard to get her running where she wants it and to be happy with her time. Congrats, Mel and good luck in November.

Congratulations. We might have a non-Northeastern Tread released into the wild.

Rumor has it and it is a rumor that apparently the Tread is supposed to show up in the Palo Alto store.

It’s interesting. I guess they’re tracking it.

That’s what I figure. It’s got to.

They get a track with 1 or 2 more Treads on there as long as you’re going in that direction.

Maybe they will. That’s the only one that people have talked about that I’ve seen. There could be other rumors that are circulating that I missed.

It doesn’t sound like you.

Sometimes I can’t keep up on all the doings, all the goings-on.

Speaking of Tread rumors, there’s a rumor going around about when the Tread won’t be in a store, but will be coming to your home.

You would hear about the final purchasing details. I have seen a couple of posts that people have said that on September 23rd, you are going to get an email about how to purchase your Tread. I checked with some Peloton employees. This is Peloton-verified. That is not true. They say that there are no dates that have been finalized. Nothing has been finalized, but they are still projecting that all of the Peloton Treads will begin shipping in the fall. That’s all I could get out of them.

That’s the official word from Peloton, squashing your rumors. They did confirm that August is not in the fall. Is that correct?

They didn’t. I didn’t ask that question. Nobody said anything about it.

You don’t need to ask that question because August is not in the fall.

We’re going to have to agree to disagree. Kids are going back to school. Our kids are going back to school, Tom. That’s the fall. When does school start? The fall?

Not anymore.

It’s starting in the fall. If you live in New York City.

When you run, you should wear a hoodie. You got logic.

It’s not fall if there are no hoodies? If it’s too hot to wear a hoodie, it’s not fall?

It instantly reverts back to summer. If it’s too hot for a hoodie. That’s how that works.

Regardless, they are shipping in the fall for the pre-orders.

Shipping in the fall which is not August.

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Joining us is one of the newest instructor, extraordinaire, Matty Maggiacomo. Did I get it right?

You got it, Tom. One point for you.

What’s his middle name?

I feel like it should be an M-word though. Is it an M-word?

No, I have the same initials as Mary Tyler Moore. It’s Thomas.

That’s a nice monogram though.

As soon as I get rich and famous, I’m going to put it on all my pillows and in my bathrooms.

Matty, we are all curious about how you ended up at Peloton as a Tread instructor. How did you hear about it come to find out about the magic of Peloton?

It’s a great story. Some of you may know him, but my very good friend Cody Rigsby came to me one day and said, “Matty, I have this opportunity. It’s called Peloton. It’s a start-up. They’re going to be filming the classes. I’m going to be teaching cycling. I know you’ve been in fitness for a little while. What do you think?” I said, “Cody, go for it.” I know at that point in time, he was still in his dancing career. He was hustling around. My advice to him was basically, “This is going to be a stable job.” This is me thinking, having no concept of what John Foley’s and the company’s vision was. I said, “You’ll make a couple of hundred bucks on the side every week.” I thought it was going to be a great opportunity. Skyrocketing through the time, you see where the company is now. I would have never envisioned how much growth the company would have encountered, the popularity and the loyalty of the member base.

It’s through Cody that I discovered it. One day, I asked my mother, “Have you ever heard of Peloton?” She goes, “Of course, I know Peloton. Everybody I know has a Peloton.” The opportunity presented itself to join the team. When I found out that the company would be growing and branching out into different areas of fitness, specifically the Tread, which I had six and a half years of experience teaching on treadmill-based classes. It was a calling for me. The more I learned about the company, both from the outside and the inside and I will tell you this as wonderful and beautiful as this company is from the outside. Take my word for it. It’s as beautiful on the inside. It is an amazing place to work. By far, the most innovative company that I’ve ever worked for in my entire life.

I wish I could find that out firsthand. I am so in love with everything Peloton.

I know you guys are and so am I. The people that walk these halls, around HQ and the studios, they wear it proudly. They do. I’ve never seen anything like it. You guys know that I came from the world of television. I was in the broadcast. Since I was a kid, I wanted to be a TV news reporter. I spent a lot of time on TV. I can’t say the same about some of the environments at the big networks. It’s a very cut-throat. It’s a different place, fitness, it’s the endorphins. People that work in fitness are pleasant people to work around and live with both in the studio and at work.

I have a question about your broadcast stuff. Did you work anywhere where people might already know you from? 

I was very local and mostly behind the scenes. I was a shooter. I started my TV career as an NBC Page. It was made very first when I got out of college. I used to give tours of Rockefeller in NBC studios. That’s how they break you in at NBC. That was an amazing experience. I’m such a TV nerd. I write it in all my profiles. I am a TV geek. For a fitness person, I watch the entire television. I used to watch all the morning shows, The Today Show, I was an intern at GMA. I even worked over at ABC. I was a shooter for NY1. If you’re not familiar with NY1, it’s our hyper-local news channel.

It’s a home of Robin Scherbatsky. 

There you go, Roger Clark and the rest of the crew. That was a lovely place to work. My first week as a shooter, behind the camera, it was the week of hurricane Sandy. I hadn’t even learned how to use the camera. They sent out an email, all hands on deck. I was like in the Rockaways, underwater with my crew. I was still figuring out how to use the camera. It was an experience. That was a tragic event for the tri-state area, talk about being on the front lines.

How did you even transition from TV and journalism into fitness?

It was a hustle because at my next job after NY1, I was on camera and I was a reporter for a station owned by Verizon Fios. I was freelancing. I was making a freelancer salary which was not much to live on especially living in New York City and trying to make it. I got to a point where I had to take different jobs. I was bartending and my first job in fitness was with Barry’s Bootcamp. I started to teach. I was straddling both restaurant, hospitality, fitness and TV which as you can imagine, could drive a person crazy because I had three different sets of bosses. I was looking to streamline. When I found fitness, I was realizing, “This is something that I get to be in front of people.” That was what I wanted to do in the first place. I’m a people lover. I love to work with people. I don’t want to be hunched over a desk. I want to connect. I found that this was a passion. I always loved fitness, but I never realized that I loved it enough that I could be the one to lead a class. I could be the one to teach things to people.

That ended up taking over. I hung up my hat with TV for the time being and started to make a very good living working in boutique fitness. Peloton comes around. Wouldn’t you know it is the convergence of everything that I ever trained? The day I found out about the job and certainly the day that I was offered this opportunity, I talked to my mom a lot. I said, “Mom, this is everything I’ve ever trained to do. I felt I hit the jackpot. I feel like this was created for me.” She got so mad at me. “You didn’t hit the lottery. You didn’t hit the jackpot. You earned this. You worked so hard. You used to wake up at 2:00 AM to work on your new shift.” I was like, “I know, it’s true.” I put my time in and I’ve taught thousands of classes and fallen wholeheartedly in love with fitness. The fact that I sit on a platform along with these amazing instructors and these brilliant people. You know everybody that works at Peloton is brilliant. I’ve never worked with people that were smarter, more intelligent. We sit around the table and everybody has a good idea. I’ve never worked in an environment where that has happened. I feel blessed. I do feel like I won the jackpot even though at least we’d be mad that I was saying that right now.

I have to say that your enthusiasm shows. The way that you communicate with those of us on the other end who are your fans. The way that you are enthusiastic when you’re teaching your class and you’re funny and also natural. You seem to enjoy it so much and it comes across. As a person who takes your classes whenever I can, I appreciate that. 

Thank you. It’s a zeal for what I do. Now that Peloton digital is live and the Treads are on the brink of shipment, we have twenty people in the studio during class. I’m connecting with those people in the studio, but I get an opportunity to connect with people all over the country and it will soon be even broader. I need that connection. Even though I’m not perfect about commenting on 100% of the posts, I like people to know that I’m engaged with them. I’m hearing their stories. I’m blown away by their stories. I love when people post, when they DM me, when they’re engaging with me on Facebook. That’s a fun part.

They also get to learn quite a bit about me. They get to see the softer side because we’re doing hard work in that studio. I know there are moments where people are cursing my name. If they can see a softer and I’m a bit of a clown. I do not take myself too seriously. I’m very serious about what I do if that makes sense. Every time you’re in my class and you take my class, whether in a studio or on the Tread, you’re always going to get a kick-ass workout. We’re going to do our work. If I can’t even put a smile on your face or make you forget about that sprint that we’re in for 30 seconds and even make you laugh, then I’ve done my job.

Have you ever ridden in the studio? Do you have a bike? Do you take the tread classes at home, anything like that? 

All of the above except that I do not have a bike because I live in a New York City apartment. It’s either Luther or the bike. He takes up a lot of room. We don’t have a bike, but when we upgrade at some point, I’ll be able to get myself a bike. If we upgrade even more, I’ll be able to get a Tread. I’ve taken every single one of the Tread and cycling instructors. You’re shoulder to shoulder with the most world-class instructors in the fields. Why would you not take advantage of the fact that you can learn from them? Everybody has a different flavor and style. I learned from my peers, I learned from these colleagues who have become my family. You have seen the pictures and we’re not pretending. We genuinely like each other. We love each other. We hang out. We’ve got each other’s back. If somebody gets sick, comes down with a cold and can’t talk, we are there to cover and help. That’s the camaraderie, especially in fitness. That exists.

What’s your leaderboard name and can we all follow you? 

It’s not creative. It’s MattyM.

When you’re talking about if you upgrade your apartment, here’s what I envisioned in my head is you want to bike and Luther on the treadmill right next to you.

We keep his weight down. He’s not a 60-pound bulldog. For a 42-pound English bulldog, he is incredibly active. You guys have seen, he goes on speed boats. He has been on paddleboards. This weekend, he was running along the beach like it was his first time on the beach ever. He was running after the waves as if they were teasing him. He couldn’t quite figure out what was going on and why these waves were coming at him and then running away from him. He was taking mouthfuls of saltwater and sand.

He’s like a little tiny James Bond dog.

TCO 68 | Peloton Activity Tracker

Peloton Activity Tracker: When the tread hits the market and is in people’s home, they’re not going to be afraid of it. They’re going to see it as a companion to improve their lifestyle.


He’s more like a pig.

I picture him wearing a tux. He has these faces. It’s all one expression.

He has a million faces. Growing up, we have dogs my entire life. I never had a dog that has so many faces. The personality is hysterical. He is 100. He is the love of my life, the best dog in the world.

We reached out to some readers and said, “Submit questions for Matty.” We’re going to pound through some of those if that’s okay with you. The first one we have here is from Laura Conley Kwitek. She says that she would love to know if you do any road running races such as half or full marathons and if you would be open to doing a Ragnar Relay.

My last half marathon, I ran in December. It was the Big Apple Half and it snowed the day before. The Central Park and those Harlem Hills get very hard when they are icy. It was a great race. I love long races. Now, I’m not training for one because I have had all eyes on the physicality of what this job entails. We are doing this workload. I could have never guessed my body has changed so much in the past few months. I’ve turned a heavier emphasis on my nutrition. I have always been the guy who eats anything, but now we’re running so much that I need to eat more of it.

I’m trying to make sure that I strike the nutrition balance, strike my own personal exercise balance so that I can still effectively teach. The Ragnar Relay is amazing. The best part about the Ragnar Relay is a team. How cool is that, anything that’s team-related? New York City run clubs are so popular because it’s great to have that camaraderie and there’s so much support. You don’t feel you’re totally flying solo. I would totally be up to it. I would have to see that my schedule could allow it. As teaching comes first and this Tread is about to hit the market in a big way. I need to make sure that I have my eye on the prize for you guys.

This is not a Peloton-proof question, but when you say about to hit the market.

Peloton-approved is coming soon.

I have an Android phone, Matty. You would laugh if you saw what I had to go through to take a class with you, the steps are funny.

I appreciate you. I envision the set up with a tin foil and like an old school TV antenna.

When I’ve seen her struggle, it reminds me of when I first had a VCR, but I couldn’t figure out how to hook up to the TV. I would take the TV camera and film the television so I could watch the show.

That’s what I’m doing. I take my phone and put on voice recorder and put it on top of my iPad to record the audio. Back to the Peloton-approved questions. Marianne Howard would like to know more about Luther. What brought him to Long Island from Rhode Island? 

Luther has always lived in Long Island City. We got him a few years ago. I was raised in Rhode Island. My family is still there. I moved to New York City to attend NYU. I was eighteen. I’m a city boy. I’m a New England boy at heart. I still like to go home to Rhode Island and have my chowder. I was just home and my mom’s like, “What do you want?” I’m like, “I want lobster.” She made steamers. The clams, they’re steamed. I still very much wear my Rhode Island pride proudly. It’s the smallest state. It gets a lot of crap but it is a beautiful state. I love to go back in the summer. My grandmother, my mother’s mother always lived in Westchester County in New York. I was always exposed to New York and we would take day trips into the city when we went to visit my grandmother.

I was always so enthusiastic about everything that New York City had to offer. It was calling me from day one. I always knew I wanted to go to college in New York. When I found NYU, I knew it was the perfect college for me. I also knew it is the nexus of opportunity because you have great companies like Peloton that have their headquarters here. For me, I knew that and my young career goals were to be on television. You have to be in the media capital of the world. I wanted to put myself right in the middle of the action. I didn’t need a traditional college experience. I didn’t need the campus. I knew I loved Greenwich Village and the NYU campus. I quickly knew that I could find a community there. I did. I’ve been happy ever since and have no intention of leaving.

Did you have an accent that you had to have beaten out of you for broadcast?

It’s 100%. I tried very hard to lose the regional accent because it is charming but it is very telling and there are certain words. You lose your “ahhs” and it does slip out and being on camera as much as we are at Peloton. In Rhode Island, you drink a beer. You get chased by a bear in the woods. The cupboard is bare.

I hate to be so corrective, but someone needed to say it. We have a little run of questions from Paul Kittinger. To start with, he would like to hear something crazy about Cody that he wouldn’t want us to know.

Cody hates all of my clothes. Cody hates everything that I wear but he’s done a very good job as I have a birthday or Christmas comes by. He’s very good at buying me signature pieces and giving me gifts. It is his goal to make sure I have a little bit more style up my game. I’m very grateful to him for doing that.

That’s nice that he brings you. He’s like, “I don’t like your clothes but I’m going to help you rebuild your wardrobe.” That’s nice of him to do that.

That’s a good friend.

Paul also would like to know, other than teaching, what do you do to stay in shape?

I do take the time to lift some heavyweights. I like to keep a little bit of mass. Running as much as we do. It’s easy to get that runner’s body which for me, I have an ectomorph frame, if you will. I have long extremities. I tend to get very skinny very fast. I try to lift heavy so that I keep up that muscle a definition. I want to make sure that I’m keeping my body up to par so you all can look at me and say, “He has an aspirational body.” I still want to look like my body is attainable. Lifting weights is part of that. Yoga is something that I do regularly and I should do more because flexibility is something that I have struggled with. Incorporating that into my weekly routine is something that’s very important for me. I’m tall so I struggle with a little bit of back pain. I’m speaking to a lot of people out there. Back pain is the most common melody out there, especially for tall people. I find yoga helps that immensely. If I keep myself flexible, I keep my hip flexors open, I feel that I can run faster. The running is unencumbered and it paints the picture and makes me able to do what I need to do for you.

What stuff do you eat to stay healthy? What do you eat when you’re making the choice to not be healthy?

My partner Aaron, he’s also very fit but we do like to cook. That’s the first part. We try to avoid as much takeout as possible and we try to cook for ourselves. You know what goes in your food when you’re cooking it versus ordering takeout. You’re not 100%, were the ingredients organic? Where is it coming from? Are there any additives? Cooking helps that. I’m Italian. We do have a pasta Sunday. I made a full pan of lasagna on Sunday. I do have to have that pasta Sunday.

I’m not going to lie. I’m a little disappointed because in my head when you said pasta Sunday, I was picturing some pasta ice cream mashup. I was like, “Where is this coming?” 

I’m a salad fiend. My partner always makes fun of me. He’s like, “In your family, it’s always three courses with you.” When we first started dating, he would come to my house and my mom put out the first plate and he’s thinking, “This is great.” He’s finished and I’m full. We’re like, “No, Aaron, we just started eating.” He said, “It’s the main course, the salad and dessert. What are you talking about?” We still have to take a nap and then come back and finish. For people that ask me about nutrition, I’m not a licensed nutritionist or dietician. The rule of thumb is to try to stay away from the processed. Eat as many fruits and vegetables as you possibly can, lean meats. I eat a lot of yogurts. I would say my diet goals are simple like me. It’s very common sense.

They always say it’s simple but it’s not easy. You must not have a huge sweet tooth like myself because you were saying that you’re running all the time. You can eat everything. I’m like, “I’m running all the time and I can eat everything.” Our everything is a little different.

I don’t have a huge sweet tooth. My Italian-American grandmother would take us to the movies and she wouldn’t let us buy candy. Instead, she would bring Italian delicacies like marinated olives, mushrooms and artichokes. She’d pop these jars open. It’s like the sheets of sliced prosciutto. This is what we would eat at the movies.

There is one more question from Paul. He says, “The fun socks, is there a story there?”

It’s just any opportunity to add a splash of color. I love some high socks because my legs are so long. I’ve always worn high socks. It’s not until I get to Peloton. I was like, “I can jazz this up and match my socks to my shirt.” My sock drawer is overflowing these days.

If you're just not feeling right, it's important to take that time to recover. Click To Tweet

Our next question is from Diane Kazalski. I should try preface by letting that her leaderboard name is Mother of Bulldogs, one of her bulldog children edits the show. 

Chat is her son, not a bulldog. Tom is convinced that he has paws. Chat is one of our interns and he edits the podcast for us.

She is asking if she can set up a dog playdate, that’s with Eugene and Clarence. She left out Chat who does all this work on the show. All this work on the show doesn’t even get a play date. He’ll go straight to Eugene and Clarence. That was her question, a doggy playdate.

Luther loves other dogs. He’s the sweetest, most delightful. Other Bulldogs, his best friend is a French bulldog. They will run around for hours and hours. Luther is up for a playdate 100%.

The next question from Lori Emerson. She says, “How does Peloton plan to incorporate new runners and joggers into the classes?” She bought the Tread because she loves the bike, but she’s never been a runner. She wants to know, what is the plan to keep newbies injury-free but still engaged? She’s very excited to run with you on the Tread this fall.

Crystal, we’ve been getting this question quite a bit. We have gone through it so thoroughly. I couldn’t even count the number of meetings and seminars that we’ve done in-house where we have sat and talked about how to make this accessible to somebody who has never even stepped foot on a treadmill before, who is graduating or making the transition from the Bike to the Tread, who hasn’t gotten on the Tread in a very long time. It even blows my mind how much programming we’re unveiling that is geared specifically for those people that are beginners that might be scared. I’m going to say treadmill in the sense of the treadmill that we all know from the 1980s that hasn’t changed at all.

For most people, it has become a very expensive clothes hanger and sits and gathers dust in the basement. What we’re doing with this product is we’ve reinvented it. We have made it more accessible and more inviting especially to the people that have dreaded treadmill workouts in the past. We all have this preconception or conception of what a treadmill has always meant to all of us. It’s the first thing we all ever exercised on. When the Tread hits the market and when the Tread is in people’s homes, I can assure you they’re not going to be afraid of it. They’re going to see it as something that is a companion to their lifestyle. That is going to only improve their lifestyle.

We try to make it very clear in our introductions that these classes are for everyone. We will be delineating the different levels. The very beginner, the very intermediate and we’ll have advanced for the people out there that are much more advanced in level. The sweet spot for us is we want to make people fall in love with working out again. We want to make them fall in love with it as much as they are in love with working out on the bike. We’re going to be sure that there are hours of basic programming, there are hours of beginner programming like you would a video game. You’re going to level up. One day you’re going to realize, “I mastered Rebecca’s Beginner’s Class. I’ve taken Andy’s Beginner’s Class and I’ve taken Matty’s Beginner’s Class and chase him back. I’m ready for an intermediate class.”

It won’t be a 45-minute intermediate class. Maybe it will be a twenty-minute intermediate class. People will have options to be able to do that. On the flip side, we’re also going to make sure that if there are days where you’re not feeling it, I don’t have it in me to do a 30-minute class or 45-minute class. Those snackable ten-minute classes, how great are those? It’s like, “I’ve got ten minutes. I don’t know if I can get on the Thread but I’m going to do a ten-minute core class body weight. I’m going to be on the floor the whole time.” It’s going to be such a great menu of options. That’s all we want to do. That’s what we’ve been doing since May is banking all of this amazing content. The minute you receive your Tread, you’re going to have thousands of classes to choose from.

I’m enjoying those ten-minute classes. I can’t do any of the bootcamp because I don’t have a Tread. I’ve done one outdoor class but I love those weight classes. On Sunday, I did a low impact bike ride, a leg workout, an arm workout, chest and back workout and a core workout. It was great. It was awesome.

You can choose your adventure. I love seeing how people have been posting on Instagram where they line all of these ten-minute classes up. You’re not getting bored because people are taking all the different instructors and it’s brilliant. It’s a lot of fun. My mom is the same. I know she’s not the only one out there. She’s renovating her basement so she can get this Tread in there and she can create her own little fitness center. The excitement is palpable.

I was lucky enough to meet your mom when I was there for HR. She’s so nice. We got rid of an old elliptical that we’ve had forever that I never touch anymore. There is a space. I’m ready for the Tread.

Our next question is from Susan Burton. She would like to know what your daily morning routine is.

It depends when I teach class. If it’s an early class, I take my time. I shower. I warm up to make sure I’m in full voice. I do some vocal warm-ups in the shower. I make breakfast. I do some hard-boiled eggs, protein shake, walk Luther and get to the studio an hour before class. This gives me time to center. I plan my class programs a day or two before so it’s fresh in my mind. I run through. We have a great little green room at the Tread studio. I run through some of the exercises. I make sure the flow is correct. I double-check my playlist. My accessory of choice is a giant gallon of Dunkin Donuts iced coffee. I walk around with it and I sip on it and I typically finish it before I start class. Midway through, sometimes I have to pee badly but you’re on camera and you can’t say, “Hold on a minute. I have to use the bathroom.”

I have a question that’s not on our list but I’m going to ask you. I’m going to go rogue and going off the book. I used to be in radio and there’s a nightmare every disc jockey has which is showing my age. The CDs are all stacked up and you knocked them over and he can’t find the next one and he has dead air and you can’t fix this. The dead air nightmare, every DJ has it. If you were in plays in high school, it’s the, “What? The show is tonight. I haven’t even seen the script yet.” Is there an instructor nightmare that’s like that?

The show must go on. As in radio, as in TV, thankfully, we’ve all had hours and hours of practice, things do go wrong. Maybe somebody trips the fire alarm in the building. As long as nobody is injured or in danger, you keep going. We haven’t had any situations where we had to stop. If it’s anything, it comes and goes and we push right on. I would say 99.999% of the time, the member at home has no idea if something happened.

Beyond real things that might’ve occurred, is there something that you wake up in the middle of the night that lays in your subconscious like, “Now we can’t pedal the Bike or the Tread won’t turn?”

I would say if I’ve programmed a class that wasn’t the class that was on the schedule. I’ve been close to doing that because sometimes we line up classes. I’m getting ready to teach my 6:30 and here I am thinking I’m teaching a bodyweight class and all of a sudden, it’s an arms’ and treader’s bootcamp. Thankfully, that’s why I have my morning ritual or my pre-class ritual. Making sure that I’m pressuring up on my Shakespeare before I get to the studio.

Susan had another question. She said, “You are a celebrity in our eyes,” which is totally true.

That was a huge compliment.

She would like to know, have you trained any celebrities or have any celebrities come to any of your classes before? 

My previous employer was Barry’s Bootcamp. I had a wonderful career with those guys. That is a brand that is very popular with the celebrity center. There was a range of different celebrities, models and TV personalities that would come to class. I don’t name-check because I like to give them their anonymity for the most part but I see like when Hugh Jackman shouts out Alex. The day that Ellen tweeted to Cody, I almost died. Ellen is one of my role models. She posted on Facebook and I called him up. I was like, “Cody, you have made it.” It’s a huge honor that these people and these Olympians are taking a class with us. Not that we don’t deserve it but to see these gods amongst men are over here and they have a Peloton Bike and they’re using the app. That is got to be the coolest part of the job. If I’m lucky enough, I’ll get a shout out. It is enough for me to hear from each and every one of you. I certainly don’t need that.

The connection for me is more important. I had somebody reach out to me. She said, “Matty, I’m a mom of five. They’re all under the age of ten and I have no time to work out. I have the app now. I’m using Peloton Digital. Thank you so much for making it convenient for me to work out in between the kids napping. Without this, I would never get the time to myself.” That is worth more than any celebrity shout-out. I’m a very emotional person and that makes me want to burst out into tears. This is a fun story. I had a former client who used to come and take class with me at Barry’s. It’s only a handful of times and she was ten days away from her due date.

She was on the treadmill and she was sprinting at ten miles per hour. Her belly was out to here. It was almost hitting the front console of the Tread. I said, “When is this baby due?” She’s like, “It’s coming in ten days.” She had her baby the next day. She posted on Facebook. She took a glutes and legs class with me on the app and she posted on either my Peloton page or my personal page. She said, “I have an announcement. I want everybody to know, I took Alice’s 30 minutes. It was an intervals ride. I took Matty’s ten-minute glutes and legs. I gave birth to my new baby. If anybody wants to induce labor, take Matty’s.” That’s by far the most fun story I’ve heard from a member so far.

Have you ever had a running-related injury?

Not at all. I’m a very cautious person. It’s super important that you’re wearing the right shoes and listen to your body. I’ve always listened to my body. I know when things are a little out of whack. Some days you wake up and I’m not feeling it. That’s a rest day for you. That’s a recovery day for you. I’m happy to say that I experienced some lower back pain and we’d bought a new mattress too. We’ve upgraded to an old lady, firmer than the firm, hardest mattress you could ever buy. My spine is not ready for a soft mattress anymore. That’s my advice to the people out there. If you’re not feeling right, it’s important to take that time to recover. What we’re providing on Peloton Digital and both on the Bike and on the Tread is we are offering so much of this recovery, this stretch content. You’ll hear us in class. We’ll teach a class and we’ll say, “Make sure after you finish this class, you pop into one of the ten-minute or five-minute post-workout stretches.”

My tagline is, “Your body will thank you.” We have gotten into this mindset where it’s like, “It’s not a workout unless I’m dead after or I’m sore for days.” I don’t believe in that. You need to take the time to recover. It is so important to be stretching because that’s only going to gear you up to be able to get on the Bike or the Tread the next day. I love that people are going to have so much optionality here that you do a tread run on a Monday, but the next day, it’s going to be a low impact day. You’re going to get on the Bike and take a low impact class with Robin or with Matt Wilpers. People are going to be at being able to manicure and program out their week to serve what their body needs the most. That’s how you’re going to avoid injury.

Our last question is a set of questions from Gina Mitchell. I want you to know that she threatened us that if we did ask these set of questions, she was going to cut Tom. That’s what she said.

That cute little woman.

TCO 68 | Peloton Activity Tracker

Peloton Activity Tracker: You need to take the time to recover. It is so important to be stretching because that’s only going to gear you up to be able to get on the bike or the tread the next day.


She wanted to know how things are going with your pillow bestie. One of her questions was, “Were you scared when you saw her shirt that said she’s your bestie?”

Not at all. I was floored. I thought that was the sweetest gesture. She is representative of how loyal the members are and how loyal these people are to the brand. For me, they’re quickly becoming family. I never thought that in one fell swoop have people like Gina and like you guys. I don’t want to name because I don’t want to leave anybody else out, but be so invested. I’m getting to know them and that’s what I love most about the job. The fact that she connected and we were able to connect. That’s the experience of the Peloton member, period. I’m not saying it’s the Peloton member every single person’s going to be connected to me that way. They’re connected to each and every one of these insightful, knowledgeable, beautiful instructors that I know that they inspire and across the board. Each and every member finds their person or people on this instructor roster. It becomes a synergistic relationship. We get as much out of you as you do out of us.

If you weren’t there, we would be teaching to an empty room, to a feed of cameras that are not broadcasting to anybody. What’s the point? It’s a reciprocal relationship. I’m so hyped and pumped that it was evident at HRI when everybody was coming. They didn’t even know who I was. They still knew who I was. It was like they knew about Luther, they knew where I was from. I can’t believe I look forward to this is the start. I can’t wait to share so much with you people. I can’t wait to grow with you. I have learned so much about being an instructor in the past since May and even before that, working shoulder to shoulder with experts in the field. Rebecca Kennedy and Andy Speer and Robin, any of these guys know so much about the body and the art form. It is so cool to learn from everybody. Learn from you and what you guys love. We’re going to keep doing it.

We were warning people at HRI. We were like, “Get your pictures with the Tread instructors this year because next year, the lines are going to be crazy.”

They were already long this year.

It was like when I saw Guns N’ Roses open for Aerosmith. This isn’t going to last long.

I was blown away. Up until that day, I had no concept of what it was like. It’s extraordinary.

I’m so glad that you have joined Peloton. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview. We really appreciate it.

You guys were lovely. It was definitely the highlight of my week so far. It’s just amazing.

Saturday we’re going to do the talk. He’s going to be running on the beach with Luther, he’s going to forget all about us. 

Before we go, do you want to remind everybody or tell them for the first time if they haven’t taken a class yet? Where can they find you on the interwebs?

First and foremost, Peloton Digital right now. You’re going to get to know me by taking my class. You’re going to love me. You’re going to laugh at me. You’re going to hate me. There are certain points when we’re in a minute plank or bear plank, there’s a band playing. It’s my favorite position. I sleep in the bear plank. I’m on Instagram @MattyMaggiacomo. My official Facebook Peloton page is Matty Maggiacomo-Peloton, you can find me out there. I will interact. I love when you guys send out the shout-outs, screenshots. That’s the way I’m going to get to know you. You have my promise. I will do my best to comment and interact and like as much as I possibly can. This is just the start. I can’t wait to get to know the members even more.

Thank you very much for taking the time out of what I’m sure is a very busy schedule to talk to us.

Have a great rest of your day and I will take your classes on-demand via a recording with my phone. 

Thanks, Tom. Thanks, Crystal.

Matty did not have a recipe for us.

He did not. He was getting ready to go on vacation. He’s on vacation. He’s in Italy. The man was busy.

He should have got us a recipe for something Italian, like lasagna or something.

He was too busy. He didn’t have time. He did our interview and recording classes. He had to pack and then he had to go. You can only expect so much from him. Let him off the hook, Tom.

I was going to eat this one. I was like, “Tom, this is going to be the turning point for me to eat healthy. I’m going to eat whatever recipe Matty sends in and now there’s no recipe. I think I’ll go ahead and stick with chicken tenders and pizza.” I take it as a sign. That brings this episode to a close.

It does.

What do you have in store for people next week?

Ron Orth, “Mr. Mayor.” He’s the mayor of Peloton. He’s a big deal.

He’s very instrumental in the existence of a Facebook page for Peloton. He will regale us with tales of olden times.

I can’t wait. I’m so excited to talk to him.

Where can people find you until then?

They can find me at Facebook.com/crystaldokeefe. They can find me on Instagram, Twitter @ClipOutCrystal or on the Bike @ClipOutCrystal.

You can find me on Twitter @RogerQBert or on Facebook at Facebook.com/tomokeefe. If you would like to find us online, you can do so at Facebook.com/theclipout. While you’re there, join the group, stay up-to-date on things. Don’t rely on the algorithms of Facebook to decide whether or not you see things. You can also check out our website at TheClipOut.com. Buy a shirt or something. That’s sitting over there, if you want to do that. That’s it for this one. Thanks for tuning in and until next time.

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TCO 68 | Peloton Activity TrackerMatty joins the Tread team eager to bring his passion for fitness and his high-energy, entertaining teaching style to the Peloton community. A born entertainer, former television reporter and pop culture guru, Matty loves to bring the party to every workout. He lives with his partner, Aaron and English Bulldog, Luther in Long Island City. Learn more about Matty on his Peloton Facebook Page.


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