After months of listening to Crystal talk about her Peloton obsession, Tom suggested she start a podcast dedicated to the topic. His theory being he would then only have to listen to her talk about Peloton for 1-hour a week.

Tom was wrong.

Very, very wrong.

Every week Crystal and Tom talk to riders, instructors and other luminaires from the Pelo-verse. It’s hour-ish of news, tips, commentary, banter and inappropriate comments (from Tom) about the “Bike That Goes Nowhere.”

Crystal – Bought her Peloton in July of 2016 and was quickly hooked.

Tom – Is allergic to sweat and movement.

Crystal – Has a Master’s Degree in Business.

Tom – Got his Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication at 45. He’s now qualified to be a waiter.

Crystal – Is Project Manager in the health care industry.

Tom – Books concerts and hopes people show up.

Crystal – Enjoys outdoor activities like hiking and camping.

Tom – Once watched TV with the windows open.

Crystal – Enjoys skydiving.

Tom – Once struck-out playing t-ball.

Crystal – Used to work in the robotics industry.

Tom – Has seen every episode of Small Wonder.

Crystal – Edits every episode of The Clip Out.

Tom – Is the reason episodes of The Clip Out need to be edited.

Crystal – Drinks Mich Ultra.

Tom – Drinks Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi.

Crystal – Loves animals.

Tom – Thinks they’re delicious.


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