After months of listening to Crystal talk about her Peloton obsession, Tom suggested she start a podcast dedicated to the topic. His theory being he would then only have to listen to her talk about Peloton for 1-hour a week. 

Tom was wrong.

Very, very wrong.

Every week Crystal and Tom talk to riders, instructors and other luminaries from the Pelo-verse. It’s hour-ish of news, tips, commentary, banter and inappropriate comments (from Tom) about the “Bike That Goes Nowhere.”


Bought her Peloton in July of 2016 and was quickly hooked.

Has a Master’s Degree in Business. 

Is Project Manager in the health care industry.

Enjoys outdoor activities like hiking and camping.

Enjoys skydiving.

Used to work in the robotics industry.

Edits every episode of The Clip Out.

Drinks Mich Ultra.

Loves animals.


Is allergic to sweat and movement.

Got his Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication at 45. 

Books concerts and hopes people show up.

Once watched TV with the windows open.

Once struck-out playing t-ball.

Has seen every episode of Small Wonder.

Is the reason episodes of The Clip Out need to be edited.

Drinks Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi.

Thinks they’re delicious.


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