144: Our interview with Tunde Oyeneyin Plus Peloton Takes Down Flywheel-At-Home

TCO 144 | Weight Loss Journey


Flywheel-At-Home shutters its doors and all their users get a free Peloton!

John Mills listened to the Goldmann Sachs Technology Conference so we didn’t have to and has all sorts of interesting tidbits about the future of Peloton.

More and more people are reporting that their numbers are resetting to zero in the middle of their classes.

There’s a new Peloton commercial.

An Echelon user gets injured by his bike.

People magazine has an article about Peloton.

Barry’s Bootcamp is getting into the bike game.

USA Today features Robin Arzon.

A new meditation program is starting focused on sleep.

All this plus our interview with Tunde!

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Our interview with Tunde Oyeneyin Plus Peloton Takes Down Flywheel-At-Home

I am not currently late, but I will be later in this episode.

I don’t even know what that means.

It’s because we our Tunde interview now. I was racing back from the airport, so I could do the interview and everything conspired against me. They forced me to check my carry on. I don’t have a control because the company paid for it. It’s a more expensive ticket that way. Everything was working against me. I was the last piece of luggage off the plane. It was bad.

Then you have to deal with me doing the introductions. Sorry about that.

We’ll look forward to that. That will be interesting to see. What else do they have to look forward to?

We are going to talk Flywheel. That’s all I care about right now. I’m a little obsessed with this whole story. There’s been some other stuff going on with Peloton because when is there not stuff going on with Peloton? All good things, nothing bad. There are some updates that we received. There was an event we’ll talk about. We’re going to talk about some things that happened with Peloton. I know none of that makes sense, but just understand that there will be financial things. There are going to be some tidbits that we’ve alluded to that we have confirmation of. There are also some new commercials. There are new articles to discuss. There’s another competitor in the game, then there are all kinds of things about the instructors and new content to discuss.

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What a fantastic review. Thank you.

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We’ve been watching the slow demise of Flywheel over the last six months to a year. It got a lot faster this week.

It has sped up. Somebody hit the fast-forward button. It’s related to the settlement obviously.

I think that someone was Peloton’s attorney, general counsel.

They do well. Good job, guys. If you haven’t been following along, for those of you who don’t listen intently to every single episode, we will quickly catch you up. Here’s the deal. Peloton sued Flywheel a few years ago. They said, “You stole all of our technology. Pay up.” Flywheel was like, “No, we didn’t.” A long time period passed, suddenly out of the blue they were like, “Yeah, we did.” They admitted fault. They were like, “We’re done. We’re going to remove all the tech within 60 days,” and that was in the past few weeks ago. This week, there is all of a sudden a major announcement that came out of Flywheel At Home. To be clear, this is Flywheel At Home, not the Flywheel Studios for any of you who are like, “What happened?” They sent out this letter and they were like, “Difficult decision, effective March 27th, we are discontinuing service of our home bike flywheel. We’ll continue to focus our original mission of providing the best in studio cycling experience. This decision will not impact our studio operations.” Then it says, “We have partnered with Peloton to provide an exclusive offer for you to enjoy their world-class At Home product. You will receive an email directly from Peloton shortly with more information on this offer.” The last day you may be billed for Flywheel At Home is Wednesday, February 19th, no actions required to turn off automated payments as Flywheel will.” That’s interesting. That was pretty much like, “What does this mean?”

Then all their catalog content goes away on March 27th.

If you have a Flywheel At Home Bike, you’re in luck because this deal they “brokered” with Peloton, and that’s in quotes because obviously this was all part of the settlement. Here’s how I know. It says, “The world-class Peloton At Home product,” that is straight out of Peloton’s mouth. That is their wording. That is the stuff they use, which I love. I’m not knocking them, but that was definitely Peloton.

You know how much that had to sting for the PR person at Flywheel. They would probably type a couple letters and then they’d have to go and walk around the office building a couple of times, get a drink of water, splash a cold water in their face, come back.

I feel like there was much haggling over this announcement. I feel like this went back and forth between them and Peloton about a thousand times.

I have no doubt.

Peloton sends out a letter and they send it to all of the Flywheel users and it says, “We invite you to trade in your Flywheel At Home bike.” You give your Flywheel At Home bike to Peloton and they will in turn give you a refurbished, to function like new, Peloton bike for free. You are in luck if you are a Flywheel user. That’s stunning. It’s covered for a year. You do have to pay the same $40 fees the rest of us do, but you get a free bike.

You were presumably paying a comparable fee to Flywheel At Home. That should be a wash. You get a Peloton bike and you get way better content. It’s true but it’s subjective. You have to get way more content.

They were offering bike content, now, everybody has access to yoga, weight lifting and running.

I would go to school in bike in my head, but you’re right.

Even if you were going to bike, you’re still right because there was way more classes. This is a stunning turn of events for a lot of reasons. One, as somebody pointed out to me, which I think was completely accurate, Peloton scored their entire marketing list.

It’s essentially like a hostile merger. I can’t imagine there’s going to be very many Flywheel people that are going to say no to this deal. You already spent money on a bike, you might as well swap it out and see if you like it.

The interesting thing is that some people in the Flywheel community think that the Flywheel bike is better. Whether you do or you don’t, some of those same people also feel pissed off at Peloton like, “Peloton is not doing enough.”

What more would they want?

I don’t know.

You’re swapping out for a bike.

You got me. To me, you are an entitled brat if you don’t think this is a good deal because Flywheel is no more at home anyway. If you want to be able to exercise in the comfort of your own home, Peloton is fantastic and the first, best option.

Normally, the concern about these connected fitness products in general has always been, “What happens if they go tits up?” Here’s a situation where it did, and you basically get grandfathered. You get to trade in your RC Cola for a nice, refreshing glass of Coca-Cola.

Some people don’t want to believe that Peloton is the Coke.

I get that in so much that if you selected a Flywheel At Home, you almost purposefully didn’t select a Peloton.

TCO 144 | Weight Loss Journey


You had to go out of your way.

For whatever reason, you have a relationship with the Flywheel gym and you preferred their Flywheel studio and you prefer that, or you’re just a contrarian that likes to be different, and you’re going to wear your Keds when everybody else is wearing Sketchers. Those people are out there and that’s fine. I do understand why you might have some resistance because like I said, Peloton was already the market leader when Flywheel launched. It’s part of the problem. If someone bought one, they were deliberately shunning Peloton.

It will be interesting to see what happens when these people show up in our community because I suspect they’re going to be dicks. Just to be clear, I don’t mean every single person who has a Flywheel. It’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying the people who are mad about this development and they’re mad at Peloton in particular. First of all, that anger should be directed at Flywheel. They’re the ones that screwed up, not Peloton. They stole things. That’s how that works there. There’s a consequence for that. I’m excited for this one. The people who are angry, I wonder how that’s going to work with them integrating because we’re so pro Peloton over on our pages.

My guess is though that if they’re mad at Peloton, they probably won’t interact at all.

They can stay off.

They’ll get on their new bike and they’ll do their stuff and they’ll either come around and realize, “This is as good or better of a product,” and be like, “No harm, no foul.” Or they’ll just peer out. I can’t imagine you’re going to have very many of them and by the time they do all their transfers, they are like, “I’m going to find a Facebook page and yell at people who do love this bike.”

I don’t know. That will be interesting. For those of you who say, “Peloton has been collecting all these bikes, this is what they’ve been saving them up over,” no, Peloton has had a refurbishing program since day one. They have always offered refurbished bikes to their employees. I don’t know what the discounted price is, but it’s been a thing. They did not start doing that for this. They were not counting on that happening just to be clear.

I am hearing rumors from my own Peloton Prophet B. They’re saying that Peloton is going to launch a new comeback program for people that don’t quite succeed at their comeback. They’re going to get one of these old Flywheel bikes.

I’m picturing people who didn’t have that bad of a time, but they still submitted one and then they were like, “You haven’t really struggled, so here.”

“I’m going to learn to play the guitar this year,” then instead you learn to play the ukulele.

It is interesting, what are they going to do with all the Flywheel bikes? Are they going to put them out at the back of the new Peloton headquarters in Burnham and everybody’s going to dance around it and chant, cheer?

You’re probably going to see like kids in underdeveloped countries riding Flywheel bikes while wearing a San Francisco 49ers Superbowl merchandise.

I’m curious though. What are they going to do with it? I can’t wait to find that out.

They will recycle as best they can.

They’ll probably take the tech off. That was never theirs to begin with and use.

It’s fascinating. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a situation like this.

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It reminds me of some asshole on the highway who passes you and then they break check you because you flipped him off. Or they’re just a dick in general like they tried to get over the last second and he never should’ve been getting over or they didn’t use their signal. We are always like, “Where are the cops?” The cops appear out of nowhere and pull them over. That’s what I feel had happened. I’m like, “Watch out, Echelon. You are next.” I can’t wait because they deserve it. Flywheel had been around for a long time. They never should have done this. They suck. With Echelon, no. I’ve got a special place of hate for Echelon.

There was a Goldman Sachs technology conference. John Mills listened in.

I wanted to repeat this because I tried to listen to it and it was a little boring. I love Peloton and I love Jill Woodworth but this whole thing had a somber feeling, it was dry. Thank goodness that John did because he had some great things that he pulled out of it. Four things that he learned that he felt were important. Here we go. First one, we knew Peloton was coming out with a lower cost treadmill later this year, but Ms. Woodworth confirmed it will be the same or similar cost of the bike and it will not use slats. It will have a belt.

That’s interesting, that’s where the savings are.

That’s where the savings are, but it’s where the innovation isn’t. We already have treadmills with slats. I assume some have the knobs and the monitor for those of you who couldn’t see me gesticulating, but I don’t know. That will be interesting to see.

The other belt treads don’t have Peloton baked in.

They don’t, so you can’t get your metrics, you can’t get all that. That’s absolutely true.

There probably are a lot of people that like $4,000 is pretty high.

It is. $4,000 is a lot of money. I don’t mean like it’s not a lot of money because it absolutely is a lot of money. Those slats, I don’t know if they’re too green worth, I don’t know but I love them.

I bet you a lot of people, especially if they haven’t bought a treadmill in the past, don’t fully understand the difference and why that’s important. All they see is $4,000. Here’s an entry point and if they get it and they use it a lot, maybe in two, three years they upgrade. Then you can trade in that for the Flybelt At Home product.

Somehow, I don’t think they’re doing that. Next, Peloton is not only looking to open the Hudson Yard studio next month, they’re expecting to open the Covent Garden Studio in London later this year or early next year. I think we already knew that, but that’s a verification. That’s more of a timeframe for the London. They haven’t pinned that down. It’s been like it’s coming soon, so that’s the first time we’ve heard later this year or early next year. Then we knew the Hudson Yard studio would have four studios under one roof, but Ms. Woodworth also confirmed the Covent Garden studio will have three studios under one roof. Ms. Woodworth indicated that now having seven studios under two roofs, they expect to be able to increase from 950 classes per month to over 1,400. That is stunning.

I’m curious, since Flywheel is top of mind at the moment, how many classes they had total? I’m honestly thinking like I bet you they’re going to produce more classes in a month than Flywheel At Home had in its entirety, but that’s just guessing.

Those are great things to know, so thank you, John Mills, for listening to that and reporting out on your awesome Run, Lift & Live Group because if you hadn’t, I would not have seen it and I love passing this stuff along for everybody.

People were having some trouble with their metrics.

This is a weird one. I’m seeing this all over the place, but the interesting thing is it has not been officially called a bug by Peloton. People are riding along and running, all of a sudden their numbers reset to zero. Typically, when that happens to a person the cable has come loose on the back of their monitor. Everything resets to zero and they go and jiggle the monitor cable and it works again. This is happening across the board and then it comes back and everything’s fine. It’s not about the cable, so I don’t know what’s up with that, but I haven’t seen anything come out from Peloton Official. If I missed it, I apologize but I have not seen it. It is a glitch that is happening to a lot of people. You’re not crazy if that happened to you.

If it is officially classified a bug, since the numbers are resetting to zero, I think Peloton should call this the Tom Bug Zero Rides.

TCO 144 | Weight Loss JourneyYou get to ride like Tom did, except they’re actually putting the work in, so that’s not comforting. The numbers are the same.

There is a new Peloton commercial out.

Have you seen this one?

I don’t think so.

They nailed it. I love it so much. This guy is riding with different instructors and I think it was actually just Robin, but it was all of Robin-isms like, “You didn’t wake up today to be a mediocre.” That’s one of hers. He’s doing this, he’s riding and he’s getting all into it every time Robin says something. His daughter’s watching, so they do these little, quick snippets. It’s like one ride and the daughter’s in the background and she’s rolling her eyes and then he does it again. She asked a question, he answers it. It’s four rides in and he’s then getting ready for work and he’s like, “Another meeting.” The daughter walks in and goes, “Dad, you did not wake up today to be mediocre.” I loved it. It was perfect. A lot of kids are watching and they’re learning something from that. They’re like, “My mom and dad are exercising. They’re taking care of them. They’re something to look up to.” It’s not in our house, but it does happen in other people’s houses and it’s cool.

There was an interesting article in Canada about Echelon.

There was this guy and he was riding and his pedal broke off, it completely sheared off. When it sheared off, it left a very jagged edge on the end of it, causing a deep gash in his leg, which he posted in this article. It’s graphic and it required ten stitches. It was not small at all. This dude tries to get ahold of Echelon, not one flipping response, not one for weeks. I heard that apparently, they have said that they’re working on it now. That was their official response. It took weeks for them to do that, and only because it showed up on a news article and got crazy. I’ve heard this before from people who have bought from Echelon that whenever you call up their customer support, nothing, they don’t respond. For any of you who are ever like, “Peloton Customer Support didn’t solve my problem the first time I called,” they still rock compared to most companies out there. Echelon, they suck so bad and they have to suck because what are they going to tell these people? “This is what you should do to fix it.” They don’t have anything to fix it. Their products are crappy and they don’t have anybody working on it.

They will send you a refurbished Flywheel At Home bike.

No, because it doesn’t look just like Peloton’s. It’s a different color.

While we’re talking about this article, I noticed something very interesting about this article that I would like to share with you. It’s interesting in a clickbait-y way in that the URL of this article says, “Echelon workout bike Peloton injury cut.” The article never mentions Peloton, but the URL does for their SEO purposes. I would also like to point out that the people at CBC should probably have a talking to with their SEO guy because in his attempt to clickbait off the Peloton brand, he misspelled Peloton.

He did the classic PELE. Come on, dude, especially if you’re looking for clickbait. This is for SEO. You double check the spelling.

Spell the thing you want to hijack properly. It’s only polite. People Magazine had an article about Peloton.

It talked about the fact that Peloton got in a bunch of trouble for having that video that shall not be spoken about commercial. Then it started talking about what exactly Peloton is, then they finally get to the good stuff, which is members talking about why it’s more than worth the cost. You have Amy Wieland, who is one of the Peloton users, 56-year-old vice president at a software company in Florida saying it’s the best investment she ever made. She said that there’s no better investment than being able to have something that can take care of your health. Wieland has multiple sclerosis, so she knows the importance of health. It talks about her stay, it talks about what Peloton has done for her and all the different groups. There are other people that are highlighted as well. If you have not gotten a chance to read it, you should.

Barry’s Bootcamp has added rides. I don’t know what that means.

That means they now have rides. They’re not just bootcamp. It’s another competitor. Here we go.

You knock one away, another one pops up.

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We’re going to keep seeing this. The big thing is everybody’s adding as much content as possible. Whatever Peloton does, they copy.

They’re all playing catch up.

There are a lot of people that like Barry’s Bootcamp, so I could see them getting some traction with this. I don’t know much about it. Other than that, it doesn’t interest me because Peloton has their own bootcamp. We live in St. Louis, there’s nothing around here like that.

At this point, they’re probably worried about their customers looking over at Peloton’s content.

Rebecca Kennedy is from Barry’s Bootcamp. They got her from that and she’s a master instructor, so they should be worried.

USA today has an article about Peloton. It’s interesting that when we first started doing this, the articles were like Fitness_foryou.biz and now it’s like USA Today, People.

This article is about Robin Arzon, who we’ve talked about before. She one of those companies that help get gigs, those PR companies. Also keep in mind that she’s already working for ROAR. The picture that’s featured in here is for ROAR. Because of those things, Robin gets featured in higher level things than other instructors who maybe don’t have that level of PR company behind them. This article, if you have not read or you don’t know Robin Arzon’s backstory, you need to read this. She started off as an attorney and then she had a major scare in her life that totally changed everything. She was like, “Life is too short. I’m going to do what I want to do.” Running got her through the trauma that she experienced and it completely transformed her life and the way that she thinks about it and made her who she is today.

Finally, there’s a new meditation program starting.

I’m super excited about this. It is a fourteen-day program called The Power Of Sleep. It’s going to give people a chance to try out all the different methods of meditation that help you sleep. In theory, it’s going to help you fall asleep easier and rest deeper. It’s going to help with shifting the patterns of your sleep, so that it will improve not only your sleep, but your overall wellness. You’re going to learn to use your breath to release tension. You’re going to use the skin in your body from head to toe, relaxation approach and visualization to shift your focus and clear your mind. This is on the Peloton app, but when I say the Peloton app, I mean it’s only available in iOS. For Android users, you have to go to the classes in filter under Relax and Sleep.

The people who have iOS, everything is neatly in Programs. You click on Programs and it goes in order. For the rest of us, we have to go to Relax and Sleep, then it’s there. You’ve got to figure out which one you should do first because none of it’s all posted on the same day, so it sucks. Peloton, come on with the Android. The program itself looks amazing and I’m super stoked to try it because I have time periods where I cannot sleep and I get really crabby, like way crabbier than usual, so I need to sleep.

Tom is on his way from the airport, so I’m going to do the intro. Joining us is the lovely, Tunde OyeneyinI’m excited because all of our readers have crowdsourced all these questions for us. As we go through, I’m going to let you know who asked the question as well as the question itself.

I love that. I’m ready.

The first question we have is, “Can you tell us about your weight loss journey and your mind shift?” That was submitted by Roslyn Amson.

I think everyone when they’re going through the process of losing weight, it’s almost “the bottom of the shelf.” I say that to say that if you’re losing weight to lose weight for somebody else, it’s a different process than when you’re losing weight because you want to lose weight for yourself. You’ve almost hit this bottom shelf where you’re like, “I can’t continue living in this weight because,” whether it’s your health, the confidence, what you feel about yourself, the way that you look or whatever it is. You hit this shelf. For me, when I hit the bottom of my shelf, I’ll never forget. I was at my aunt’s wedding. I was a bridesmaid. Don’t ask why I was a bridesmaid at my aunt’s wedding.

In retrospect, I had no idea why she asked me to be her bridesmaid. I was the youngest person at the wedding. I cannot even remember. I know I was in high school as the first years of high school or middle school. I went to the bridal shop and the bridal shop did not carry the bridesmaid dress in my size. At the time I believe I was a size 16, 18, which for the record, they should have had the dress. The dress that’s 16, 18, it’s ridiculous that they did it. The maker didn’t make a dress at that size. My aunt says that she will purchase a different dress for me that’s in the same color. It was a blue dress we were wearing. The dress that they did make in my size was a much more beautiful gown.

It was much more expensive gowns. She said that she would buy it. I said, “No.” My mom was kicking me. She’s saying she’s going to buy this pretty dress, pick the dress. My concern was everybody’s going to know that I’m a different dress because they’re going to know that I’m the big one that couldn’t fit in the other dress. My brothers made fun of me and tease me as big brothers do. My mother and father always made me feel like I was the most beautiful girl on the planet. My mother had never acknowledged that I had weight to lose. I was in the dressing room trying on this dress that was the prettier dress, the more expensive dress, the alternate dress. I’m trying it on and I fall into my mother’s lap in the dressing room and I start crying. I said, “I’m tired of this.” She said, “If this is how you feel, then you’re going to have to make a change.”

TCO 144 | Weight Loss Journey

Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead

That moment was for me, her acknowledging that she saw the weight too. The fact that she saw it was by any imagination mean to me at all. She finally acknowledged that I had to weight to lose. For me, that was where I was like, “I need to do something.” I joined a local gym. I walked every day to the gym. I had no car. I wasn’t old enough to drive. I walked every day, two miles to the gym. I’d work out 30 minutes to 1 hour or so. I’d walk home. I’ll never forget. It was a popular big-box chain and they had these group exercise classes. I didn’t know how you became part of the group exercise classes. All I knew is you had to pay an additional fee to do the classes. That’s what I told myself at least.

Here I am with pretty much no money. I’m fighting to find a way to pay the $50 membership that I was paying a month. I had told myself, “I can’t do those classes because I won’t be able to afford it.” One day after going to the gym for maybe three months or so, I mustered up the strength and the courage to walk over to one of the folks that worked at the counter at the gym and inquire about the classes like, “How much do I pay? How do I get to be a part of that?” They told me it was free. When I found out it was free, it was almost admitting to myself that it wasn’t about the money. It was more about me being nervous to go inside those classes and exercise in front of other people. I felt it would be number one, acknowledging that I had weight to lose. Number two, I felt like I would look ridiculous not knowing what was going on.

It was all slow and steady build. I used the equipment that I felt safe with and then I would find out about another piece of equipment and then feel safe with that. Finally, it took a year for me to walk into one of the group classes. I’m super happy that I did. It’s where I found that I had such a passion and a love for working out in a facilitated way like being instructed. Years had passed and by this time in total, I lost about 70 pounds. I probably lost around 40 pounds when the mindset shift came in. I say that because what it took to lose the 40 pounds, it took hard work and discipline.

When I would fall in and out, when my weight would fluctuate, I would find myself almost in a more negative place than I was when I started. When I was heavier, the world thought that I was big. I was living my life and enjoying myself. I had shame based on how people made me feel about my weight, but I was okay. As I started to lose weight and become “more accepted by people” when I started to put weight on, I felt like I was coming in and out of the cool club, if that makes sense. My confidence would shift. I would feel good about myself and then I wouldn’t feel good about myself. The way I felt about myself was contingent on what the scale said or didn’t say.

One day, there was a shift for me. It became less about a number. To be transparent with you, I can’t even remember the last time I weighed myself, which that alone was a process for me because it was something that I was dependent on for so long. Every time I stepped on the scale and it said what I wanted to say, it was approval or the complete opposite. For me, pushing that away and focusing more on a feeling like, “I’m going to work out because when I work out, I feel stronger. When I feel stronger, I feel more confident. When I feel more confident, that drives me and motivates me to get up and to want to do this again.” First, let me rewind and say there’s nothing wrong with wanting to lose weight as an adult.

At the beginning for me, it was only about losing weight, which worked. It got the weight off, but what’s allowed me to then go the extra mile and lose the additional weight and also maintain it, which is the most challenging part is maintaining it. You can lose weight, but finding a way to maintain it is when the real work starts. For me, the ability to maintain it is to focus on the feeling, focus on what I’m gaining out of the process rather than what I’m losing. A lot of times in my classes, I talk about this weight loss process for me has been much more about all the things that I’ve gained versus looking at the things I lost.

When you lose weight, you lose weight and then you hit a number, you hit the way that you want to look or the way you want your clothes to look and then what the process is over versus when you look at what you gain, you can continue to gain confidence. You can continue to gain strength. You continue to gain friendships by seeing people on the Leaderboard. Going with people on hikes, maintaining relationships within your romantic relationships. There’s much more that you have to gain in the process versus focusing on the one thing that it is to lose or that what you want to lose.

I have a follow-up question to that. I have always been a person that has struggled with weight loss myself. I find that the closer I get to my goal, the more I tend to not push as hard. I want to look strong, I want to look a certain way but I also want to eat all the food. It’s hard to keep my mind on it the closer I get to my goal. Did you ever struggle with that?

Yeah. You start feeling good and then you want to celebrate. You’re like, “I feel great. Let’s have a Margarita.” I feel great and I’m like, “Let’s go for Tex-Mex.” It’s a real thing. I was watching a show once and the talk show host said something great. She was like, “Why is it that when great life things happen, we want to celebrate with food.” If something great happens, go for a hike. If something great happens, pull up that digital app and log into a strength class with your friends and celebrate. I say that, but then life is moderation too. To live a completely clean life is, for me, it’s like, “I’m living a clean life,” but then what is that? Being able to enjoy and to have a good time from time-to-time. What you’re saying is it’s 100% true. I usually try to plan that out though.

If I have something specific coming up, maybe it’s a photoshoot or something where I’m being a little bit more disciplined than normal, I might hit whatever my target was for the shoot. The next day I’m like, “Let’s have pizza. Let’s celebrate or let’s have burgers.” It’s my favorite food, by the way. Let’s have a burger and some beers and celebrate. For me, it’s like, “We did that, and then we nip it in the bud and then we get back on it.” For example, a cheat day. I try to say, “It’s a cheap meal. I will have as many things as I can shove into my mouth within this meal,” and then we get it back together after that. It goes and it comes but going back to that not holding onto a number.

If I’m saying, “I feel great about myself and I’m going to cheat.” If you cheat and you fluctuate and your goal is not necessarily to be surrounded by this number, your goal is to feel good. It should be easier than to get back on target because you know what you need to do to feel good. It’s hard to say, “This is how many pounds I want to lose within X amount of days.” If you say, “I want to feel good.” You know exactly what it takes to feel good. Maybe drink less, maybe monitor this, maybe monitor that. You’ll get to feeling good a lot faster than you will a number. If you can focus on feeling good, the number of that other stuff comes. It’s part of the process. It can’t come.

I like excess and moderation.

The next question was from everyone, “How do we get your arms?”

My ten-minute arms toning, check it out. Intervals and arms. The funny thing about that, Crystal, is that I started with Peloton a few months before I launched. Since I started with Peloton, I’m joking with the girlfriend. I don’t remember the last time I picked up anything heavier than a three-pound weight. I do so much weekly within all of my classes. Whether it’s an intervals and arms ride or a hip hop ride or a ten-minute arm toning. I’m constantly doing something within my rides that I don’t like to go and to lift anything else later. I don’t focus on my arms too much outside of what I put up on demand. It is all there. Aside from that, I’d say, I focus on body weight. Things like planks, pushups and downward dog, for shoulder specifically and triceps. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to lift the weight in my class. It’s funny.

A lot of the members are like, “How do you not put the weight down during class?” I specifically strategically program my arm sections to hit fatigue. You shouldn’t be able to finish it. You shouldn’t be able to not either drop your hands or your weights. The reason I’m not dropping my weight is that I’m on camera and people are watching me. There’s adrenaline. You better believe it. I’ll do my ten-minute arm toning sessions to see how it felt like a member. I’m like, “This girl is crazy.” I’m on adrenaline from the cameras being on and the energy in the room. Aside from that you better believe I’d be dropping those weights too. If you’re dropping them and you’re reading, you are doing the right thing, you are winning. In the movie White Men Can’t Jump and when she’s in jeopardy she’s like, “Winning is losing, then losing is winning.” I don’t remember the quote, but yes it’s that.

This one is from Emily Crane Becker. She asks if you do your makeup before the live rides.

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Thank you, Emily. It’s a funny question because a lot of people have the perception that we have a hair and makeup team that gets us ready before class. We don’t. We all do our hair and makeup. We do a lot of posting as we’re getting ready. Those are mic techs and room techs. These are people that are making sure that everything is fluid in terms of the efficiency of the way that the classes are running. A lot of times when you see people in a post in our stories or whatnot when we’re getting ready, that’s what they’re doing. Even if we did, I’ve done makeup for fifteen years. If we did have a makeup artist, I would tell her to enjoy a long lunch break because I’m young with that piece of it, but no. We all do our hair and makeup, wardrobe and all of it.

I have a follow-up question, which is probably a weird coming from a guy. She’s like, “Oh dear.”

Cody asks me every question that you can probably already ask. He asks me beauty tips. He was watching me put my lipstick on and I do not even want to get into how many things I put on my lip to get at the color that I want it to look. He was fascinated, so go for it. You’re not going to focus.

At some point I’m like, “She doesn’t even need us.” “Do you have to do anything special with your makeup because you’re presumably going to be sweating and stuff?”

I do like to use products that for example, foundation. I like to use things that are longer wearing or perhaps the things that is waterproof. I’ll stay away from using powders because it tends to kick up more. I’ll use creamier products. For example, some of the girls, they’ll go a little bit darker in their foundation so that they don’t look too blown out by the camera. It’s more I would say less about the fact that it’s going to sweat off because it’s going to sweat off. It’s more so about choosing the right colors that look good under that bright of light for the amount of time that’s going to stay on. We have a running joke like, “I start class with brows and blush. By the time the class is over, the only thing that’s on my lips still is my lip gloss and my lipstick.”

That’s dangerous though because that’s how people can tell if you’re phoning it in.

I shot a five-minute cool down and five-minute warm-up ride. Cody looks at me and he’s like, “Tunde, it was a cool down.” I’m like, “I know,” but I’m drenched in sweat. I don’t know if I sweat easily or what that part is. I typically tend to beef up that resistance because I want to be able to feel what people are feeling and then a little bit more so that I don’t go too crazy with some of the stuff that I program.

Alex Nelson wanted to know, “What type of workouts do you like to do on your own?”

This is not a shameless plug for Peloton. It is not. I love instruction when I’m working out. I’m a fitness instructor, but I also love to be instructed. There’s something about having to stay present. If I go to the gym on my own will, a lot of times I’m like, “I’ll do this for a little bit and I get bored with that.” I start floating around the gym and there you go, 45 minutes to 1-hour passed. I’m going home. I showed up. With that being said, not a shameless plug for Peloton, but I do log into the Peloton digital app and take classes with my buddies and my colleagues and things like that. I’ll pop into a Pilates class here or there. For the most part, I do strength and resistance training when I’m not on the bike, which is a great balance in terms of bone health and strength.

Alex also had a follow-up question, “How has your life changed since you’ve joined Peloton?”

We can spend the rest of the interview with that question. I have never been so busy and fulfilled in my entire life. It’s funny because a lot of people don’t know what the life of a Peloton instructor looks like. It’s much beyond the bike, the tread or the mat. There’s much that we do, but it’s with such gratitude. You paint a picture of what you want your life to look like and you have a dream. I would never have dreamt of this. I didn’t know that I could have set my expectations so high, if that makes sense. Every day I wake up and first of all, I’m like, “I live in New York. When did that happen? How did I get here?” Aside from that piece of it, being in this beautiful city, it’s like, “I can’t believe that I’m doing what I want to do.”

This is what I said I wanted to do not by any images on this level, this life-changing but I get to do what I want to do. I get to connect with people. I get to inspire people. I get to come into people’s homes, not in a crazy, creepy way, but I get to be at people’s homes with them and teach. I always end each class by saying, “It’s my honor and my pleasure to get to sweat with you. It’s my honor and my pleasure to serve you on this bike. I believe a life that is lived in purpose is a life that is led in service.” There’s no better way than I could think of to be of service than doing this on this platform.

I always think that the existence of Peloton and what it’s become, when you decided to become a fitness instructor, this wasn’t an option. It’s like kids in the ’60s that started a band. You didn’t know that you could become The Beatles until there was The Beatles. That’s what’s happening.

I created The Beatles.

You’re The Beatles of Fitness.

I like that, The Beatles of Fitness. I’m going to put that on a shirt. It’s nothing I could have dreamt. You dream to do what you want to do. You do whatever you feel like your gift is, hopefully, get paid for it. This dream didn’t exist. I didn’t even know how to dream about this.

It’s when chefs started becoming stars. Those people didn’t become chefs thinking, “I’ll be famous.”

TCO 144 | Weight Loss Journey


This is Iron Chef.

Those worlds merged because you know why chefs became stars? It’s Alice Cooper’s manager. Farrell was the guy that was like, “Chefs should be famous,” and made it happen.

Marianne Howard would like to know, you had your Fireside Chat at Brooklyn Museum. I wish that I lived in New York City. I was jealous. I cannot be there. “How did that come about? What was it like and what was your favorite part?”

It’s like, “Take me back.” Full transparency, I am still floating on a cloud. It was such an experience. I have a great honor. Honor seems too small of a word to use of sitting down with Common and having a conversation around mental health and wellness. He was incredibly transparent and vulnerable. In his book, he talks a lot about his experience with mental health. It’s some of the experiences and things that drove him to seek therapy. With listening to his music and seeing the work that he’s done as an activist and author, I know that he is fully present in who he is. I would’ve never imagined that he was as candid and transparent and vulnerable as he was. I feel like I left and I can speak for many people. We left feeling better humans coming out of it. Feeling much more connected with self. When I say like “I’m still on cloud nine from it.” It’s when you close your eyes and you try to remember all the things that happened because you just want to stay at it and relive it. It was, “I’m trying to remember. I’m trying to hold onto this experience because it was such an incredible experience.” It was great.

Lots of our friends posted pictures of it. John Mills and Calvin Harris posted pictures. It looked cool. that’s awesome.

Our next question, and I hope I’m saying this right, is from Priya Banerjee. I know you touched on this a little bit, but she’s curious as to what your diet is like day-to-day?

I have been the person that did no sugar or no carbs or no alcohol, no whatever else are the bad things, and it works. For me, I should say in terms of maintaining it, I love food and it requires a lot of food to get me full so much that my old boss was always like, “Are you sure you don’t have a tapeworm? Why does it take much to get full?” I’m always a person on a date where the server brings out the food and they give the man whatever and they give me the salad. I’m like, “That one is not mine.” With that being said, life is all about moderation.

In my home, everything in my refrigerator is healthy. I packed my refrigerator with greens and fruits and I do an Ezekiel bread and brown rice. If you cut me open, my cauliflower rice might pour out. I have healthy things at home. When I am out, I will try to drink water before I go out. I drink more water so that I’m not as hungry. I try to not go out starving. It depends on the occasion. If the purpose of what we’re doing is to gorge and eat as much as we can, it’s different. I try to eat good things first, if I’m going out to eat with the room that’s left, I’ll eat whatever else it was. I’ll say my thing is and I joke a lot because Kendall and I are close.

You know when you always have the friend that orders the best thing on the menu, the thing that you wanted to get, but you shouldn’t. Kendall always orders that thing that I wanted. Here’s the difference between Kendall and I. I finish my food and then my friend’s food. I tend to get healthier things because I know I eat a lot. Whereas Kendall would order pasta and then have 5 or 6 bites of it and be like, “I’m stuffed.” I might be full but I paid for it or I’m like, “I’m not full until the plate is clean and then to clean your plate as well.” It’s moderation. That’s my answer.

I have to point this out, you know that they have multiple things that are on the menu. There’s not one of each back there. You could both order it.

The same thing?


I lie to myself that I’m like, “I’ll get the burger lettuce wrap.” She’ll get the pasta and then I eat my burger, lettuce wrap and then I finished her leftover pasta. I come in with an expectation and I will say for someone who is like, “How do I go out and go out to eat and stick to my plan?” What did help me in the process of, when I was looking to cut back? I would look at the menu before I got to the restaurant and it helps tremendously. Once you get to the restaurant and you’re hungry, they always say don’t go shopping. Don’t go to the grocery store when you’re hungry because you’ll come out with all the things you didn’t plan to get. I used to look at the menu a lot before I got to the restaurant. That way, whatever I was going to get was set. I didn’t open it. I was going to stick to that plan and that helped a lot.

That’s good advice. I like the don’t open the menu after you already decided.

You glossed over it, but I thought it was good advice about when you said that you fill up on good stuff and then you top off on junk instead of the other way around.

What do you do with the breadbasket? That’s the real question. Are you a bread junkie? I’m a bread junkie.

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The breadbasket doesn’t do it for me. When they walk around with that dessert tray, that is the kryptonite. The bread thing is fine. I take it or leave it.

That’s my problem. They both do me in.

On the way home, she’s like, “Let’s stop for ice cream.”

You’re speaking my language.

I already tanked the day.

What’s your favorite ice cream?

We have a frozen custard chain here called Andy’s. They have a couple of concretes that I love, one of which is called triple chocolate. It has chocolate ice cream and hot fudge and brownie chunks in it. It is amazing.

If you come for homecoming, you and I, the three of us, we are going out for ice cream.

We will be there.

You’re my favorite instructor ever. The other ones are always like “Tom, you need to exercise,” and you’re like, “F that, let’s go get ice cream.”

Yes, you need exercise but as I said, homecoming is a special thing. Let’s go and have some ice cream. I promise you I will kick our butts in a 45-minute class and then we’ll go.

That’s a fair exchange. Tom, you will exercise to have the ice cream.

I’ll be taking her other advice. I’ll be looking at the menu for the ice cream place so I can make my decision before I get there.

The next is from Lena Bruce Tanguay, she would like to know what hobbies you participate in during your spare time?

I have no spare time but if I did, I am a future author. I say that with confidence because one day I will write a book. I’m putting that out there. With that being said, I love reading and I was always embarrassed to say this, but I love reading self-help books. They should be called self-empowerment books. Help is such a negative connotation, but I love self-help books. I like to do that. It feels like it puts me in a better space. I love dancing, particularly salsa dancing. I am known for holding it down on the dance floor at our company parties. I like to enjoy some wine with my girlfriends. How about that?

That’s a good one. It makes sense that you would like self-help books. I’m wondering about my love of True Crime. It’s like, “What do I have going on in there?” What are some of your favorite self-help books that you’ve liked the most?

TCO 144 | Weight Loss Journey


Brené Brown, Daring Greatly.

I’ve never read one of her books, but I see her quotes.

You haven’t lived.

I have seen some of her quotes and they are good. 

That is the top of my list, Brené Brown, Daring Greatly. She also has a book on shame, which is phenomenal. Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth is fantastic. I read Common’s book, Let Love Have The Last Word, which is not necessarily a self-help book. It’s more of a memoir on love. He’s deep that it comes across a little self-help if you feel better after if that makes sense? Those are some good ones on top of my list.

Gina Mitchell has a two-part question, “How did you first become aware of Peloton? When and how did you end up at Peloton?”

I feel like at this point you’d have to be living literally under a rock to not know what Peloton is, whether you’ve done it, tried it or not because it’s everywhere. I don’t know. This is a guess. I’m sure I saw a commercial. I remember when I first heard about the idea of there was this bike and then you worked out at home. I didn’t understand the idea that it was live. I thought you were like, you see Billy Blanks has a Tae Bo video. You take the same Tae Bo 1 of 5 tapes every day. I thought that rinse, watch and repeat, take the same class.

As the company grew, I began to understand it more for what it was. I was here in New York on a business trip and still not necessarily completely understanding what Peloton was. I took Robin’s class. I didn’t know what I was in for. I heard that woman, I left there. Take the class aspect out of it, which was an incredible class. I was consumed with how unapologetically herself she was. Most from the class are like, “It was a great workout.” My biggest takeaway was like, “This girl is who she is. She is exactly who she wants to be and doesn’t say sorry for it.” She caught my eye. I left there researching this company, what is it? I found out about her incredible story and got inspired from there.

Did that naturally bring you to Peloton to work there?

No. It was not even. Fast forward, I’ve started working out, started realizing that I love working out. I started saying, “I have an interest in teaching and giving back.” At this point, even when I started in the world of cycling and teaching cycling, this was too big of something to dream for like, “Somebody says I want to be a singer.” It looks like your friend is saying, “I want to be Beyoncé.” It’s like, “Let’s start with some singing lessons and then we’ll go from there.” That’s what Peloton was for me. It was something that doesn’t happen to people. I can’t even think of how many of us there are with the expansion of the UK. There are 31 instructors in total. Who dreams for that? That’s my answer. Did I see myself doing this? No. Did people see themselves landing on the moon either? No. Did Obama know he was going to be president? No.

Where did you grew up and do you have any siblings? Are they also into fitness?

One of them specifically, he’s funny. My brothers were star athletes growing up. I was always Tony and Towson’s little sister. My brothers were a bit older than me. When you have a sibling that’s in sports and then the next generation comes in, when they left high school, I came in. All the coaches were super excited. They’re like, “Another Oyeneyin.” I was like, “Nope. I’m in a choir. I don’t have an explanation to save my life.” I was such a disappointment to all the coaches in that aspect. I have three brothers. One of them passed away at a young age. He was nineteen. My two brothers are living. One of them he lost over 100 and something pounds trying to do the Peloton.

He found his way back into fitness. He was a football athlete in high school. The other brother, he does what he does. He does what he wants to do. When you’re taking weight out of it, taking weight loss outside of it. When you want to be active, you have to choose to do it. Nobody can tell you. He keeps saying, “I’m almost ready.” I’m like, “Take my class and support. Take my class one time.” When he does finally take my class, I’ll be sure to give you guys an update and let you know. Aside from that, no, they’re not in fitness aside my oldest brother and what he does daily.

Does your brother who lost the weight with Peloton, does he take your classes or somebody else’s?

You better believe it. I have access to his app. I do see the app. When I was on vacation, he took other people’s classes and I don’t know why it brings me much joy. It makes me happy. I’m like, “Who did you take and why do you take that specific class?” He did not take my classes at first because he thought it was too hard. I explained to him I’m like, “I’m not going to come through the bike.” The cadence and resistance numbers I call are a guide. I say that in every class he’s going to take. What’s funny to hear that and get that feedback because I’m like, “You are my brother.” My phone alerts me when he takes a ride, “Anthony takes a ride.” It gives me much joy.

I feel connected. He lives in Texas. I’m here in New York. To know that we’re still a daily basis is exciting. My niece and nephews think that I am the equivalent of Rihanna, Miley Cyrus or they think that I’m cool. Sometimes they turn the bike on and this is not a joke, to listen to me talk. They’re not watching the screen, but they’ll have Auntie Tunde on in the background. I don’t know why it makes me happy, but I see it so cool. I have friends text me all the time and they say, “My boss or my so-and-so took your class.” I’m like, “They were there?” They’re like, “No. They live in Michigan.” I’m like, “Yes, that’s right. People are at home. I forget.”

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Diane Garrison would like to know, “Who or what inspires you?”

My mother is no longer with us, but every single thing that I do every day I do in her honor. Everything I do, I do for that woman, my mom.

Brian Albright would like to know where you picked up your love of music and especially all the different types of music you’re into?

I feel like the Peloton world is still trying to figure me out a bit musically. I have such an eclectic taste for music. I was born in Texas. It is a lot of southern Hip Hop. You’ve got the country aspect of it, which I played my first country song. I played Dixie Chicks. I play a lot of country. I listened to the country hanging out at a bar or something. In my classes, I don’t tend to play in many country. There’s from Southern to Eastern to West. There’s a difference within the Pop world, the Hip Hop world-class. I was exposed to classic rock a lot in Texas. You’ve got the West coast, which exposed me to more EDM sounds and things like that. The East Coast is the East Coast. It’s all-encompassing.

I like sound, I like drums. I like music that emotes feelings and emotions. Whether that is pop or rock or EDM or Hip Hop, take the label away, I’m more concerned about the way that it makes me feel. When I’m programming my classes, it’s probably coming from stems from my experience as a makeup artist being detailed. Having such an eye for the small fine print that when I create my classes. Rather than looking for a genre, unless it’s a specific, this is a ‘90s pop. Truly with whether it is musically drugged or not. I look for songs that will push you through whatever it is or I look for music that will build you to get through whatever specific push it is that we’re doing.

Sometimes even if it’s a recovery, I’ll choose a recovery track that has adrenaline to it to amp you up for the thing that’s about to come. Perhaps I know there’s a specific story that I want to tell with my low-impact rise. I tend to get self-help books. My low impact rides that side of Tunde comes out a little bit more. The side of Tunde that wants to write and to encourage people through words. That lends itself to a little bit more storytelling because it’s not as intense. In those rides, I’ll specifically program music that requires you to feel. I take the genre out of it and I look for a feeling.

Melissa Monroe would like you to tell us about your experience on Deal or No Deal?

It’s such a long story. In a nutshell, I was working at a makeup counter in 2007 or 2008. I know the showed didn’t air until 2009. It was a long audition process. It was very long waiting for your turn to go on the show. I never auditioned for the show. They found me. I was at a makeup counter. I tend to have a lot of energy naturally. That’s how I’ve always been. I was energetic that day, maybe particularly energetic. There was a girl I was helping find a concealer and she said, “You have a lot of energy.” I told her about how I loved my job much and I started working for the company I was working for at the time. She’s super excited. I just moved to LA and my mother told me to be careful because people were going to promise me things to try to get things out of me. I was 21 at the time. She was being a protective and cautious mother as she should have been.

Long story short, these people tell me that it’s two people. They say that, “We are from Deal or No Deal. We would love for it to have you come in and shoot tape and potentially be on the show.” At first, I and my girlfriends at the counter were thinking that they want me to be one of the suitcase models and then they’re like, “No, we would like for you to come and try to win a lot of money.” We, of course, all flipped out. I wrote down my number because I’m thinking about what my mother said. My mother said, “Don’t trust these people.” I write down a fake number. These people are still at the counter and they’re still talking to us. My gut says, “You can trust these people.” I said, “Can I see that again? I want to make sure my handwriting was legible.” I scratched up a fake number and then write my real number. I went to the show. I won a car and a lot of money. It was the second car that I’d won in my life. I won a Ford on show. It was a Ford Flex. A couple of years before that, I’d won in high school a Ford Focus.

How did you win the car in high school? 

I’m sure they do it everywhere, but in Texas, they did this thing, I can’t remember what it’s called. They bring all the kids together so that people don’t go off and do drugs and drink on Graduation Day.

We called it Lock-In.

Between four schools, they’ll do a raffle and one person from the ISD, from that school district, wins a car every year. They did a lottery. I won to represent my school. There were four of us there from all the other schools in the district. It was a gambling game. You have to pull a number. The number that you pulled would designate which order you would go in to pull a key. Whoever’s key opens and turns the car on, would win. I was the last person to pull the number, but I happened to pull number one. I go in, I turned the key, the car starts and you can imagine winning a car. It was the most wow experience and it happens again. When I won the car on Deal or No Deal, Howie was like, “Have you ever bought a car in your life?” It was crazy.

Monica Lane would like to know your favorite brand of makeup that holds up during rides.

Number one, it’s difficult to say a favorite. To choose a paper brand, it depends on when if I’m writing or going out and whatnot. To me, it’s more about each individual’s lifestyle, the type of skin they have and the way they want their skin to look. I have an active lifestyle. I have oily skin and I want my makeup to look natural, but I want it to wear all day. I typically tend to choose products that are oil-free, long-wearing waterproof. On the bike, I tend to go with things that are more matte finish in terms of the foundation because before I get through my intro, I was sweating bullets. I’m up there talking and I start sweating. It’s a little bit the nerves or what part of it is, but I tend to sweat a lot.

Sean Tenling wants to know if you’ve met Al Roker since apparently, he talks about you quite a bit on the show?

TCO 144 | Weight Loss Journey


Uncle Al, no. I wish he was my Uncle. We’ve never met. He’s incredible. I know that he had hip surgery or hip replacement surgery. He’s back in the saddle, pun intended. He’s been taking a lot of my low impact rides, which has been incredible. He rode with us live. It was cool. He posted about it afterwards and then talked about it on the show. I can speak on behalf of Peloton by saying and like, “Which is great to have him as part of the Peloton community.” How cool to be able to say like, “We all rode with Al Roker.”

“Who mentored you in your life that helped you develop such confidence and pride in yourself?” That is from Christine Hannah.

I would say my mother and then my best friends. Confidence to me is not something that you have and then you just have. It’s in and out and comes in waves. I would say there are days that I’m confident and days I’m less confident, but to get even more granular than that, there are moments that I’m confident and that I will fall out of the confidence. I pick up the phone and I call one of my best friends who my best friends are like family and they have to talk me back into it. I’m like, “You’re right. Yes.” I called my best friend before I went into that interview with Common. I FaceTimed her and she picks up the phone.

She knew exactly why I was calling. I don’t even have to say hello. She knew what was about to happen and she knew I was calling for a pep talk. When you have those friends who build you up and say everything that you needed to hear. It’s important to surround yourself with people like that. Whether I was 3 or 34, I’ve always been blessed with good people around me. I always say a true best friend is somebody that says, “We.” It’s like, “When do we interview? We got the job.” When your win they take as their win, and their win is your win, your losses are their loss and vice versa.

To me, those are the type of people to have around you because those are the people that are always going to root for you to win but also be the first people to put you in check and tell you when you’re wrong. Tell you how to make it right. To put that little boost of confidence in you when they find you slipping. The answer to the question is having good people around me, my best friends. Knowing it’s not always that way. I would hate to put out that image or that expectation that I’m always confident. I am a confident person, but it comes and then it pops out and then I have to pick it back up again.

‎Todd Kovalsky‎ would you like to know what is the biggest challenge you overcame as a kid and/or adult?

I struggled with my weight a lot when I was younger. I didn’t have a lot of people that looked like me growing up. I went to a predominantly white school. I was the darkest person at my school. I hadn’t seen people that look like me. I will never forget, I was watching TV one day. I had this confidence of why do I look different from everyone? The funny side of that is, why I’m confident? It’s where I feel like my beauty stems from. I am beautiful because my skin is dark versus when I was younger I didn’t think I was beautiful because my skin was dark. I watched Naomi Campbell in an interview and it was my first time seeing her on TV. She was in 20/20 with Diane Sawyer or something. I don’t know. It’s the ’90s.

I see her come on TV and I looked at my mom who my mother had light skin. My father was dark. That’s why I would say I landed somewhere in the middle, but still much closer to my dad’s side. I saw Naomi Campbell come on the screen and I looked at my mom and I said, “She’s beautiful.” My mom said, “She is beautiful.” I said, “Do you think if she’s beautiful, that I could be beautiful too?” I remember that moment because I remember seeing the look in my mom’s eyes. It was the first time she realized like, “This is a complex for this girl.” She made it a point if somebody complimented me and said I was beautiful.

She’s ingrained in, “They think you’re beautiful because your skin is dark. When they’re complimenting your skin, your skin shines because you are dark.” It was a big thing that I went through. When I see young people struggling with similar things, whether it’s red hair or having freckles, being pale or also being dark, I wish I could get inside of their heads and say, “This is why you are you. This is what makes you unique.” When you’re younger, all you want to do is fit in. The things that separate you are the things that you try to hide from. As you become older, those are the things that you embrace because they do make you who you are.

I can’t imagine as beautiful as you are that you ever questioned that because you are gorgeous.

I knew I was beautiful at home and then I left home and then I didn’t know. I didn’t see anybody be it and hear it. It was one of those things where I was like, “You’re saying that because you have to say that because you’re my parent.”

Kids are always dismissive of what their parents think.

That’s the job. I get it. On the heels of that, Sally Hilger would like to know what life lesson has taken you the longest to learn?

To be patient with me, to be forgiving with myself. I’ve always held myself at such a high expectation in whatever it is that I was doing, whether it was like competing in a choir, a music contest or whatever. I’ve always had high expectations for what I wanted to do. Being patient with myself, being forgiving with myself, like I would be patient with a friend. I would forgive a friend who has taken me time to settle into it. I feel like I’m finally getting to a place where I’m more comfortable in that, more lenient in that. Even in the job that I do when you’re in front of thousands of humans at any given point of time. It’s easy to walk away from a situation or a scenario and be critical of yourself. There’s no such thing as perfect. Nothing’s ever going to be perfect. The only thing that I can do is put my best foot forward and if I mess up or make a mistake in life or work or things, the only thing I can do is the next time that same opportunity presents itself is to do better. To not beat me up for what was.

We’re almost at the end of our hour. We don’t want to go over and take up too much of your time. We’ll end with one last question. This is from Brittany Jewel and she asked, what’s your best training advice?

My best training advice is to do something that you love to do. You can do anything for X amount of time or X amount of days, but if it’s something if training is something that you want to do consistently and you’re doing it for the long haul, you have to enjoy doing it. If you’re setting this expectation of, “I want to get stronger or I want to lose weight.” Once that happens, once you hit the goal, then there’s nothing that commits you to then continuing to do it. If it’s something that you love doing, then you show up for it because you have the love and the passion for that something and that sport. Maybe it’s the fact that you get to do it with a group of people and you love that bonding from doing it with a group of friends.

You could do it for many different reasons, but you’ve got to find something you like to do. I promise you I’m not plugging Peloton, but that’s what I love much about what we offer at Peloton is that there are many different modalities. Whether you like cycling, running, strength training, Bootcamp and yoga. Everyone can come and everyone’s invited to the party. If you don’t like cycling, you don’t force yourself to fall in love with it. Find something that you love to do, try running. If you love to do it, you will continue to come back for the love of it. That love of it will keep you doing it, hopefully forever.

I’ve never felt that way at exercise before Peloton and I’ve been doing for three years. I love it.

We’ve all done that. We’ve all been in that class or something. You had a friend that said it worked for them and then you’re doing it. You dread driving there. There’s this point where you find something that you love to do and you’re mad. You’re pissed that you didn’t get to do it. You’re trying to leave work early, you’re calling in sick. You chat your girlfriends that you’re going to be late for dinner because you want to do that thing. Find that thing and then hold onto it.

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your schedule to join us. We appreciate it. 

It’s been wonderful. Thank you. 

Thank you, Tom and Crystal. Thank you both so much. It was my honor and pleasure, honestly, to sit here with you and have this conversation. I’m happy that you wanted to sit down and chat.

You’ll have to come back when your book is out to promote it.

We’ll have to get ice cream before then but yes, we’ll sit down and we’ll do a book chat hopefully here soon.

I’ve got to figure it out. Write a book about ice cream.

It would be two pages. It would be a picture of me surrounded by ice cream.

That’s a great cover of a book. It’s all I’m saying. 

That’s a dream, honestly.

We are going to take you up on the ice cream date at Homecoming, just so you know. Thank you again for doing this.

Thank you. It’s nice to meet you.

That brings this episode to a close. What do you have in store for people next episode?

We have a very special guest, Panos Papadiamantis. He works for a company called PNOĒ. For those of you who are interested in heart rate training in particular, you are going to want to tune in. Or for any of you who are interested in VO2 Max test, you need to tune in. This is an amazing technology. I don’t usually like bringing in people who have nothing to do with Peloton. This is probably the only exception that I would make. This person does not ride a Peloton. However, you’re going to want to listen because what he does can change the way you calculate your exercise and your caloric intake to get the results you want. If training is your goal, if increasing output is your goal along with reducing the fat that you have, reducing your weight in a healthy manner, this is something you’re going to want to hear. It’s very cool. Taking the entire VO2 Max capability, that test, and completely minimizing it to the point that a home user can do it is very exciting stuff. I’m pumped to tell you all about it.

That’s what people have to look forward to. Until then, where can they find you?

People can find me at Facebook.com/CrystalDOKeefe. They can also find me on Instagram, Twitter on the Bike and of course the Tread, @ClipOutCrystal.

You can find me on Twitter, @RogerQBert or on Facebook at Facebook.com/TomOKeefe. You can find the show online at Facebook.com/theclipout. While you’re there, like the page, join the group. Be sure and subscribe wherever you get your podcast so you’ll never miss an episode. That’s it for this one. Thanks for tuning in. Until next time, keep pedaling and running.

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Tunde brings unparalleled positive energy to the Bike, fueled by personal experiences, perseverance and powerful playlists. There’s no doubt you’ll leave her classes feeling on top of the world.

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143: Homecoming Sells Out in 9-Minutes! Plus our Interview with Nicole O’Mara

TCO 143 | Peloton Tread


There’s a lot of hype around the online sphere for the Peloton Bike, but there’s a new movement gathering around the Peloton Tread.

After all, some people enjoy their bike workouts, but others do need a good run.

Nicole O’Mara is one such Peloton enthusiast who’s mostly made the switch to the Tread.

Nicole shares her experience of making the switch with Crystal and Tom O’Keefe.

Could the Peloton Tread be more your speed?

Find out now!

Watch the episode here:

Listen to the podcast here:

Homecoming Sells Out in 9-Minutes! Plus our Interview with Nicole O’Mara

The sickness is setting in.

I don’t feel good. I think it has arrived. I blame you.

You should. I had it. I still have the cough.

I over did it signing up for homecoming. That’s what the final straw was.

Not to give too much details, but I lost three-and-a-half pounds. That is not hyperbole. Low carb bulimia is not advisable, but it is effective. Hopefully, you don’t get that end of things.

I hope not.

I also learned a very valuable lesson about when and when not to sneeze. Let’s leave it at that. What do you have in store for people?

We are going to talk about Peloton, shocking. We’re going to talk about homecoming. We’ve got lots to talk about. We have an interesting article from Motley Fool Investing. We’re going to talk about an instructor that’s no longer with Peloton. We have a visit from the Peloton Prophet, then all kinds of little detailed information about things that are happening.

Before we get to all that, shameless plugs, don’t forget, we’re available at Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play, wherever you get your podcasts, you can find us. While you’re there, be sure and subscribe so you never miss an episode. Of course, you can find us on Facebook, Facebook.com/theclipout. While you’re there, like the page, join the group. You’ll get all sorts of things like handy tips about how to get your homecoming tickets. We had people saying that we were the reason they got their tickets. They were like, “Thank you, Crystal, for the tips. I have tickets now and it’s all because of you.” That’s what they said. That’s another valuable service that we offer. Of course, you can feel free to leave us a review there in Apple Podcasts or Facebook, wherever. We have a new review. It’s from iLisa1983. She says, “Peloton Prophet FTW. I only had my bike for about six weeks and binge-listened to all the episodes because I was so pumped. I especially love the Peloton Prophet and getting insider information. Keep up the good work.”

To be clear, the Peloton Prophet does not work for Peloton, so it is not technically insider information.

We like to put that disclaimer on there, so Peloton doesn’t think we’ve infiltrated the company. That’s all of that. Let’s dig in.

I can’t tell you how relieved I am that we got homecoming tickets today. I can’t even imagine what this household would have looked like had we not managed to secure at least one ticket. I would stand out on the sidewalk and wait patiently for you. By patiently, I mean at the comedy cellar. It would not have been good. We don’t mean to rub it in the face for people who maybe tried and didn’t get tickets, but I’m just saying it would’ve been ugly.

I was ready to go. I had three computers. I had my phone. I’ve talked about my coworker before who’s my boss who gives me a lot of crap for a lot of things, including how slow I am. He slow-shames. He speed-shamed me. I got to work and he was there and I was like, “This is not good a day for him to be here. Today’s a big day for me, you can mess with me all you want after I have the tickets, but until I have the tickets, you need to leave me alone. From 11:00 to 11:15, do not talk to me.” It’s 11:00 to 11:15 because we’re Central time. They went on sale at noon Eastern. He came over and stood next to me while I was typing in the credit card information and he was like, “What are you doing?” I was like, “Stop it. I will tell you in 30 seconds when this goes through.” Then it went through and I was like, “We can all breathe now, people.”

I feel confident that the people were breathing the whole time. I got it too.

I’m so grateful you did because the first time, mine didn’t go through. It was like, “We had an error. Could you do that again?” I was like, “No,” so I did again and it went through that time. It was all good.

Last year 2019, it’s all out in twelve minutes. This year in nine minutes.

I actually don’t know how many minutes it was last year. Last year 2019, the difference is that they had Saturday packages and Sunday packages and there were all kinds of confusion. Saturday sold out fast. Sunday never sold out. If it sold out in twelve minutes last year, that was only for Saturday. This year it sold out in nine minutes for the whole shebang.

It was when people are upset because they didn’t get to pick there. The thing is even if you did get to pick, you probably wouldn’t have gotten to pick.

I get that people want to be in a class with somebody. They probably need to figure that out. They need to say like, “I want to take a class with this person,” and add a box to be able to do that. Then you’d link each other, but it’s so hard. I think that it went beautifully compared to 2019. It was perfect compared to 2019. Last year 2019, it didn’t even happen on the first day.

The site didn’t crash, they didn’t have to refund a bunch of tickets and have everybody start over. It was a market improvement over the last year 2019.

And I know that it sold out really fast, but there are 750,000 subscribers to Peloton and there are 3,000 tickets. You can see that coming.

Unless they figure out a way to accommodate more people. This is not going to get better anytime soon. At least I hope it’s not. If it gets easier to get tickets, it means nobody’s interested anymore.

It’s tough because a lot of people are like, “I don’t want to deal with it on Peloton. I don’t want to deal with homecoming weekend. I want to go on my own. I’ve been whatever.” I get that. For us, we have to go. I mean that I want to go. We can’t go to New York two or three times a year, so this is it. I want to see as many people as possible. I love it.

Hopefully, you got your tickets. If not, if you’re wait-listed, hopefully someone has a change of plans.

For those of you wait-listed, there’s a lot of you that have a very good chance of getting in because you can refund up until for one. The schedules come out on March 9th, so whatever classes you picked, “I have these five bike instructors, I have these three tread instructors,” so let’s say that people get their schedules on March 9th and they’re not happy with it, so now they’re not going. They’re going to be asking for a refund. That means you on the wait list move up in line. I do think that’s going to help.

A lot of people that can go to New York frequently that live close or travel a lot for work, if they don’t get the classes they want, I think you will see them bailing, and those wait-list people will move in.

It happened in 2019.

Keep your fingers crossed. Don’t lose hope.

Another date you need to know is February 24th. You can make changes on your preferences for the instructors you chose up until February 24th. Log in and make your changes. That’s February 24th, schedules come out on March 9th, refund until April 1st.

I thought it was interesting that someone posted on our page that people in the UK, they were wanting to buy tickets and they were struggling because it made you enter a zip code and they don’t have zip codes. Over there, they call them postal codes.

TCO 143 | Peloton Tread


It wouldn’t accept foreign zip codes. They only accepted US zip codes.

I thought it was great that apparently some people that lived over there, they only knew one zip code and it was 90210.

There are a lot of people coming from 90210. That made my day. That was so funny.

If you see lots of people with British accents, but with large sideburns, it’s because of 90210.

I think this is going to be great. Did you want to talk about anything that’s coming up for homecoming? You talked about you wanted to go through the site and talk about all the stuff. Now you look like you have no idea what I’m talking about.

I was like, “You should go through the site.” Were there any highlights that you saw that you thought people should know about?

Things are different from last year 2019. One thing I’ve learned about Peloton is they change things every year. They don’t do the same thing twice, which I appreciate. Last year 2019, everybody was ticked off that there were a limited amount of spots for the community run. This year 2020, no limit. Everybody was invited. Friday, 3:00 PM, everybody can join the community run. That means that it doesn’t count as one of your classes, which I don’t think it did last year 2019 either. You still get a studio class. This year, another thing that’s different is you don’t get to pick your studio class because last year 2019, you had the stress twice. You had the stress of buying the ticket. Then once you had the ticket, you had to go and pick your instructor. That was insanity. That was a knockdown drag-out fight and everybody ended up pissed off about it.

You get one class, and for those of you who are new to this whole realm, not everybody’s going to get a Bike class. There are 3,000 people coming. There’s no way to fit 3,000 people on the bikes in one weekend. We think there are only 70 Bikes, so you can’t. The math isn’t there. That means, some of you are going to be on Treads, some of you are going to be on Bikes, some of you are going to be in Yoga. You’ve got to pick from two and then you say, “I would like these instructors,” and you pick from five on the Bike, you pick from three on the Tread. All of that was different from last year 2019. In March 9th, you’re going to get handed an instructor. That’s all different.

That instructor is yours to keep. Do you get to take them home?

No, Tom. Another thing is they have said that there is a community celebration, but we don’t know. Is it Friday night or is it Saturday night? We don’t know anything yet. We do know it’s at a place called Terminal Five and it’s a giant ballroom. It seats 3,000 people. The look of the place tells me we’re going to have another musical guest, but I don’t know if that’s the case. That is purely speculation on my part. I’m very curious to see.

It’s a concert venue. I think it very much stands to reason that there will be some musical guests attached.

Also it’s in Hell’s Kitchen. That would be the first time I’ve been in Hell’s Kitchen. Not that it matters. I just like saying that. There are two hotels that they recommended. There was the EVEN and then there’s the Crowne Plaza. I have heard that the rooms are all booked at the Even already. In Crowne Plaza, last I heard they’re still available. “Can you transfer an event package to another member?” No, you can’t. Don’t even try. They’re not going to let you. It’s not happening.

I can’t scalp mine on the secondary market?

You cannot. Also another question I have heard a lot, “Can I still attend the warehouse sale?” No, you can’t. It says, “Only if you have a package.” They stuck with it last year 2019. They were like, “No.” There are a lot of people who are like, “I live in the city but I’m not going to the homecoming, so I want to come hang out with you.” No, you can’t. We can always meet up with people, but they can’t come to these things. It’s not a thing. It’s going to be a great time. I know there are some of you that are nervous like, “I don’t know if I’m going to like all these people.” You will because there’s a ton of first-time people that come, you will recognize people.

I feel like as it gets bigger, you’re getting more first-time people coming. A lot of people are like, “I liked it better when it was smaller.” The people that had been doing it every year are starting to be like, “No, thank you.” Because of that, more first-timers can come. It’s at least based on chatter online, that was my takeaway.

When someone tells you they ran a marathon, you can't help but be in awe of those people. Click To Tweet

I think that you will have a good time. You’re only going to get one studio workout, but you could come Thursday if you wanted or you could stay an extra day, obviously if your schedule budget allows.

If you do, that’s something to consider.

The other thing I will tell you is last year 2019, on Sunday it was really dead. There might be some things that you want to do that you didn’t think you should stay for. It was slow in the open space where they had all the instructors compared to Saturday. I don’t know what it’ll look like this year because the schedule is not out, but keep that in mind. People seem to be focused on the Saturday activities. Also, everyone stays up late the night of the celebration. There’s a lot of drinking. A lot of people don’t make it to their classes Sunday morning.

Do you have any anecdotal evidence that would back up this theory?

Make sure that if you want to take classes, show up on those mornings because they usually have a waitlist right there that you can hop in.

Odds will be very good on the Sunday. I think you’re three for three now, right?

No, I did my classes last year 2019.

Didn’t you have a Sunday class blew off last year 2019?

I don’t think so because I only had one and I took yours. All the years are starting to mingle.

Anyway, there’s a whole bunch of information for you and more tips and things to look for and whatnot. We talked about the stock price and the quarterly earnings reports.

I was so pumped after that earnings call.

We were so wrong, which is another good example of why you should not come to this show for investment advice. We do not know what we’re talking about. Motley Fool, an investing website and I believe podcast, had an interesting article about why the stock decline after that quarterly earnings report was dumb.

Literally, the title is Why Investors Overreacted on the Peloton Q2 Earnings. They overreacted for sure. We talked about in the last episode, I’m not going to recap all of that. I felt like it was great and I explained to you about the difference between last year versus this year and how it meant that there were 6,000 orders they pulled in the second quarter, which meant they lowered their quarter earnings, like estimates. Apparently, that was the panic button issue because they lowered third quarter so, “It must be terrible.” I feel like, “If you had gone to the earnings call, maybe you would have understood that.”

That’s the problem with the stock market. They’re basically trying to incentivize them to not deliver the Bikes as quickly as possible so they would land in a different fiscal quarter. That’s dumb and short-sighted. Thank you, Peloton, for not doing something dumb.

This article covers that. They covered how it’s going to make this year compared to last year. It’s going to be tough because if you’re looking at Q3 compared to Q3, that’s not going to be apples to apples anymore. All of that was addressed in the earnings call. Their recommendation is to stay in the course because the Peloton raised the full year guidance. They reduced the third quarter, but they raised the full gear from $1.53 billion to $1.55 billion. That is a 68% year-over-year at the midpoint. That is crazy high growth. As I said in the last episode, it’s going to be between 920,000 and 930,000 subscribers. That is an increase of 81% in subscribers at the midpoint over last year 2019. Those are fantastic numbers.TCO 143 | Peloton Tread


Basically, it’s a bunch of people that want to make money right now and they’re mad about it.

That’s the way the stock market is.

They’re like, “Gut your company and give us all the cash now and then we will love you.”

They haven’t figured out that Peloton is different.

JJ had resurfaced.

Jennifer Jacobs, for those of you who are new to the community, she popped up on the internet. She was on the television show, I’m sure everybody’s heard of called The Doctors. Jennifer Jacobs was on and she was in a segment that they were talking about how to get out of a weight loss plateau. There was also one of our own Pelotoner, Sherri. I know she is a Peloton owner and I know she has worked with Jennifer Jacobs. Jennifer Jacobs had tips for her. They worked out together. They did a whole thing and Jennifer Jacobs did a great job. I think that she is hitting the media circuit hard. She is trying to make her own niche as an influencer outside of Peloton.

I think that’s smart. If you want my tips for overcoming the weight loss plateau, I would recommend the stomach flu. The Peloton Prophet has returned and has a new prediction for us.

Lots of people have been asking. I have been getting messages daily, “When is the new super studio opening?” The Prophet says in March. I don’t have an exact date. The Peloton Prophet did not give me one, but The Peloton Prophet is very confident it’s happening in March. That means for those of you keeping score, we’re going to have all new experiences during homecoming. We don’t know how big the studio is going to be or how many bikes there will be or how many treads there will be. We do know that it’s all going to be in one place. How amazing will that be?

That’s pretty cool. Do we know anything about places to wait nearby?

We don’t. It’s in Hudson Yards, which actually is huge. It’s like a giant mall thing, I think maybe you can walk around. Don’t forget, Dr. Jenn Mann might be there, Tom.

I’ll wear a disguise. I’ll wear a tracksuit. She’ll never expect to see me in athletic wear.

Your laugh will give you away. That is very exciting though. I can’t wait to see.

It’ll be cool to see what the new digs look like. Here’s your moment of awe. There was an engagement at the studio.

It happened live. Peloton social media captured it. It was all over the place. It was right after Kendall’s ride on February 8th. It was Dina M and Jeremy B from Laredo, Texas got engaged. That was sweet. I wonder if they’re going to have the wedding at Peloton.

I’m going to predict, no. Although if they do, Matty should become an officiant.

That would be amazing.

You want to get remarried just so we could do that?

I do. I wonder if Matty would do that.

The Comeback program is officially a year old.

They have guests, but do you know how many people that they have provided comeback bikes for? One year, 400 bikes. It’s amazing. For anybody out there who say Peloton doesn’t do nice things, suck it. I disagree with those people. That is a lot of bikes. I can’t do math. Is it like five a week? That’s a whole bunch. A YouTube video was created by Peloton and it’s amazing. I feel like you need to cry if you watch this but in a good way, like in a heartwarming beautiful way. If you didn’t cry Tom, you have a heart of stone.

I do have a heart of stone though.

This is a beautiful video. They did such a good job on it.

My heart only is malleable for you and I guess the kids and stuff. They’re okay. Matty and Anna made a trip to Cleveland. There are not a lot of cities people in St Louis can make fun of. I feel like Cleveland is one of them. Look at all the cool bands they won’t let in.

That’s true. That is a really good point.

Take that Cleveland listeners.

They also had a wonderful visit from Matty Maggiacomo and Anna Greenberg. They were there for a meet and greet on February 12th. You could get all of your gear personalized if you brought it in. I’m super jelly because we didn’t have that here.

They had a little machine that would stitch your name on it?


That’s spiffy. You could probably find a store that would do that.

I know, but there’s something about having it done officially. I like the official stuff. There’s a ton of illegal Etsy stores out there that I can buy Peloton knock-on stuff, but I would like to buy the real Peloton stuff.

TCO 143 | Peloton Tread


I bought a cool Clip Out Crystal shirt. It’s just not the same.

They take the logo and use it in these illegal Etsy stores. It’s pretty egregious. The ones on Instagram are really bad though.

It’s like those Facebook t-shirts that lists 100 adjectives, “I’m a soccer drive mom who loves starfruit and once went to Australia and also now I have a t-shirt.” What is happening? It’s like someone threw a bunch of refrigerator magnet poetry at a T-shirt. There’s a new artist series. They’re doing Peloton’s celebration of artists I’ve met. The last time it was The Spinners. This time it’s with smokey Robinson.

The first one is with Hannah Marie Corbin. There’s going to be a ride on Thursday the 13th at 8:30 PM Eastern. Hannah is also doing a Post-Ride Stretch On Demand on Sunday. Then Matty is doing a stretch on Valentine’s Day at 8:35 AM Eastern and Denis Morton is doing a 30-minute Yoga Flow on Tuesday the 18th at 6:00 PM Eastern. It’s all good stuff. The ten-minute stretches really threw me off. They’d never done that before, so I’m curious.

Finally, there’s an instructor quote collection that’s on sale.

It’s been up, but they brought back everything and they placed it under the Sale tab. In the past, it was a new collection. When you went to the page, it was right there but this one was buried under the Sale tab. A lot of people missed it, but they brought back all of the sports bras for all the instructor quotes that were in the winter collection last year. They have all the t-shirts. Aall of the instructor stuff was back. I think we’re down to very limited selection again, but there was everything a couple of days ago.

The takeaway here though is maybe every once in a while, you have to come through those other sections.

You should keep an eye out on that sale one because they don’t announce it all the time. When they do announce it, they announced it after it’s been up for a while. For those people that constantly keep an eye on the boutique, they get the dibs and then they tell everybody on Facebook and it’s gone. I’m one of those people, so that would be me. Sorry.

Joining us is Nicole O’Mara. Nicole, how is it going?

I’m good. How are you?

We’re excited this is happening.

Me too, I’m very excited. I’ve been thinking about it since you emailed me.

Tell us how you originally found Peloton.

Peloton came into my life because my very good friend was an avid SoulCycler. She was preparing for her wedding and she was spending so much money on taking these SoulCycle classes that her husband had said, “You have to stop doing this.” She did some research and found out that there was this bike that came out that you can purchase and take these classes from home. Me not being athletic or doing any physical activity, I made fun of her and said, “This is ridiculous. You’re going to ride a bike in your apartment.” She said, “Yes.” I realized I hadn’t purchased my husband a birthday present yet. I said, “This is the time. I’m going to do this.” I bought it and they called me later that day and said it’s coming in a week, which was perfect because it arrived on his birthday. I was thinking, “He uses Spin many years ago, this will be pretty good.” During that time, I was doing a lot of research about it. I said, “I want to get into shape. I want to lose some weight. This is something that I want.” Even though it was a present for him, I still say it’s my bike.

How does he feel about that?

It's wonderful to have instructors that care enough to get to know you. Click To Tweet

When we would argue over whose turn it was to take a class, he’d say, “This is my present.” I’d say, “I bought it.” I would always win. It was a battle in the beginning.

You said you weren’t working out before this. You work out all the time, so I didn’t realize that.

I lived in the city for several years. While I was there, I had a personal trainer because even though I belong to a gym, I couldn’t trust myself to go. If I did go, I wouldn’t know what to do. Someone wasn’t forcing me to do something. I got a trainer. When I moved out of the city, I was here for a few years and did absolutely nothing. To get a bike and to all of a sudden start working out with something that was completely new to us. It was a great addition for us.

Who has more rides?

I do. He did celebrate his 250th. We went into Studio Four and it was great.

I can’t remember what number on. I was like, “I know it’s a lot more than 250.”

It would have been a lot more, but I had bought the tread years ago. That’s what had happened.

What do you think your fitness level is now compared to then?

It was a zero then. I work in the city so walking up subway stairs. I used to not be able to do that without huffing and puffing. I’m able to do that. I did the Peloton 5K. I remember Alex had a 90-minute ride. I must have taken that class twenty times. Being able to have a cardio level that I could do at all is something that’s mind-boggling to me that I have the ability to do pretty much anything after not doing anything for a long time.

You got the tread, how did you end up forming the You Get To Crew? How did that happen?

Having the bike, I immediately fell in love with Alex. I loved his positive vibes. I love hip hop music. It was an instructor that I immediately had a connection with besides him being easy on the eyes. The thing was important to me, wanting to take a class because you love the music and liking the person and their vibe. When I had gotten the tread, my friend Gina had said to me, “If you like Alex, you’re going to love this girl, Jess.” I got the tread and I saw that she had a twenty-minute ‘90s hip hop class. I said, “If there’s nothing else in the world, I love more than ‘90s hip-hop.” I took it.

Song after song was as if it was being taken off of my playlists. The songs that my friends say, “I can’t believe you still listen to this music,” I was like, “This is great.” Her vibe is so positive and great that I fell in love with her immediately. Her tagline, “You don’t have to, you get to.” It’s a privilege to be able to move our bodies like this. It’s something that hit home for me a lot because I didn’t know physical activity for such a long time. I also was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis many years ago. Being a young woman living with MS and I couldn’t find anything that I wanted to do to improve myself physically, it was something that was hard to wrap my head around.

When she said, “You don’t have to do this. You get to do this,” it took my breath away because riding the bike, I would do it because there are many people out there that are physically unable to do that. It’s something that I would always think of whenever I would step into any class. As soon as she said that, I was like, “This is amazing.” I was at the bike studio with the Feel Good Family. We were taking one of Alex’s Club Bangers classes and she walked past me. I stopped her and I said, “You’re Jess Sims.” She said, “Yes.”

At first, I thought that she was shocked that she had been recognized. Little did I know that Gina had done the same thing two seconds before in the lobby. She was coming off of her fangirling and she turns a corner and I’m like, “I need to come into a studio. I want to take a class with you.” She said, “Anytime you want.” I spoke to a couple of my other girlfriends that were liking her. I said, “We should do this.” Every week I would go in and I would see her. I said, “We started this tribe and we’re at 100 members. We’re at 200 members.” She was flattered and blown away because at that time, she was the newish tread instructor. We hit 1,300 members and it happened in less than a year.

It is crazy particularly since she arrived at either the tail end or after all the rest of the instructors had left the group. It is fascinating that it’s grown as much as it has, considering that she’s not even in the group. You do a great job of allowing Jess to have a voice in the group through you. That’s awesome that you do that.

TCO 143 | Peloton TreadShe wants to play as much of a role as she can. The instructors are very limited in what they can do with their tribes, but if something great is going on like I’ll ask her advice on something. We do a lot of challenges. I’ll say, “We’re doing a monthly challenge. How do you think we should balance this?” I’m not a fitness instructor. I don’t know what I’m doing. I want everyone to be able to do what they’re physically able to do and to do it safely. She’ll say, “Be careful. Don’t work out too much. A rest day is important.” She’ll give the advice to us, which is great. She’ll interact with us as much as she can. The tread instructors are lucky because the classes are small. If you’ve ever taken a class with her live, there’s a five-minute window between when the camera starts and when it goes live for a replay. During those five minutes, she’ll ask everybody in the studio their name, where they’re from and something funny like, “What’s your favorite food?” She cares that she wants to know about everybody. It’s wonderful to have an instructor that cares about that stuff.

Since you have a tread too, where do you gravitate there?

My bike has collected a lot of dust since I’ve gotten the tread. I feel very accomplished on the treadmill because I’d never run before. My friends have run marathons and I say, “You are out of your mind.” The fact that I can even keep up any pace, I amaze myself. I feel very accomplished on the tread. I liked the bootcamps. I like being able to take the class and go on the floor and do weights and stuff. I feel proud after taking a biking class, but the tread for some reason all of a sudden, I feel like, “I could be a runner even though I may run slower.” I think that I’m moving in the direction of being a runner.

I never realized it because it’s about exercise, so I never thought about it. How many people are intimidated by running versus biking?

When you’re running, you’re propelling yourself, your entire body. Whereas biking, you’re using your legs to propel yourself on wheels. It’s a lot harder to run than it is to bike. That’s why it’s so intimidating. When you don’t have the fastest speeds like myself, you can see an improvement as well as you go through time. I was never super-fast on the bike either. I don’t know because there are so many people that own the bike, there are a lot of people that are at the bottom of the leaderboard with me. On the tread, that’s not necessarily true.

Who was the tread a present for?

A few years ago, at HRI and the buzz was the tread because they had announced it and everyone was talking about it. My husband, his name is Lucas, he said, “This tread seems interesting,” because they were talking about the bootcamps and stuff like that. I went and saw the other room and I reserved one. Funny enough, it came the week before Christmas, so there you go. It was his Christmas present. They wheeled it in. He was like, “What is that?” I’m like, “Merry Christmas.” He’s like, “What?” The same arguments happened. I thought it was my birthday present, I should be able to ride it. That’s my Christmas present. I should be able to run. I’m like, “Take it easy over there.” I live my life with it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to ask for permission.

I was picturing the conversation when he was like, “That sounds interesting,” and you’re like, “If you insist.” He was like, “I didn’t insist.”

Do you consider Jess your favorite instructor on the tread, but Alex is still your favorite bike instructor? How do you manage that?

Alex is my person on the bike. I have nothing against any of the other instructors, but as you know, you vibe with one person more. Jess is definitely my person on the tread. I love her techniques. She’s funny, quirky and she says things sometimes, I’m like, “What?” With the whole You Get To Crew, we laugh at it. It’s not that we mock her because that’s not what we’re doing. Can you believe that Jess says that she can’t stand the word bulb? I’m at home and I’m like, “What did she say?” You have a whole conversation about it and it’s hysterical. We’ll change our pitchers to things that she doesn’t like, hashtag in different locations to stick it to her. She interacts well and she’s very quirky. I liked the way that she teaches classes. I feel like I’m able to follow her well and she’s a nice person.

I like her listening games. I liked how playful she is with the other instructors. When she went on the trip with Becs and she had all those funny things, those were the best Instagram stories ever until Matty scared the crap out of her. Tom, I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but I’m sure you’ve seen it. Matty is going to do her class for her and so she did an age progression filter on Matty for the class and he’s an old man in the picture. She said, “Grandpa Matty.”

The banter back and forth is great. It’s very playful, but they’re also supportive of each other.

Do you think that the community for the tread is different than the community for the bike?

The community for the tread is how the community for the bike was when the bike first started. I’ve had the bike for several years. I remember taking classes and there were 400, 500 people in the class. Even when I started to take the tread classes, there were 40 people in the class. There were 400 people in it the class when Jess did it. Matty’s Gaga run, there are a lot of people in it, but it’s great to have been in the beginning because when you see the same 40 names on the leaderboard, you get to know them a little bit better. It’s the same thing when I was on the bike. You would see the same people in your classes and you meet them in person and you get to make that connection.

I feel that everyone that got the tread that it’s being had is very similar to how the bike was when the bike first started. Everyone is very tight-knit. I want that to continue in the You Get To Crew because everybody there was inspiring. They amaze me with their accomplishments. It’s nothing against people who ride the bike because they’re amazing too. When someone tells you they ran a marathon, you can’t help but be in awe of those people. We started doing this thing in which we feature somebody every single day. I asked people who want to participate to send me their leaderboard name, something about themselves, what you do for a living, your favorite memory of Jess and why you consider yourself to be a badass.

The things that people say that they have accomplished, we’re talking cancer survivors, people that are living with cancer, parents of twins, people that have one child, people who have special needs kids. Someone who tore both of their ACLs and then played basketball in college. Someone who got hit by a car and ran a marathon. A woman who plays first out of all women in this di-tri competition. These people are amazing. I’m in awe of them. I’m lucky to be with them. There was a woman that we featured and she said that Peloton allowed her to step back into her power.

That made me warm and fuzzy because that’s exactly what we’re doing every single time. We’re getting on the bike or stepping onto this tread. We’re taking the power back. We’re taking time for ourselves. Everyone could be doing a million other things every single time but they choose to get on one of those pieces of equipment. I feel that us showing up for each other, we’re showing up for the instructors also. To have a leaderboard go from 40 people to 400, how great does that make you feel? How great does that make the instructors feel? I feel like that because it’s starting up, that community is tight. It’s an amazing thing to be a part of because everyone was amazing.

Part of that comes from the leadership within each group because every group has their own vibe. I appreciate how you have such a positive personality and you’re always cheering people on and saying great things to people. I know lots of other people appreciate that too. You have a lot to do with that community doing well.

Thank you. I appreciate them.

Do you have that in your job place?

No, definitely not. I’m a private banker in Manhattan. I’m positive for my clients but no. When I was first diagnosed with MS, I had this calm that came over me and I said to myself, “I’m going to be living with this for the rest of my life. I need to be strong. I need to be mentally there.” As I was coming to terms with it myself, I realized that my family around me was having a harder time than I was having. Coming to terms with this is something that’s happening to me. I tried to be extra strong for them. I realized that that’s something that I’ve carried with me. The number of times I said, “I’m fine,” when I wasn’t, but I had to be fine for them because they were falling apart in the inside.

I have that positivity in me. I want everything to be fine because it has to be. In the group when it’s like, “I wanted to get three miles in my 30-minute class,” it’s like, “You got 2.98. You’ll get it next time. Everything’s fine. We’re all doing a great job. We’re all showing up. We’re all here for each other.” If I’m taking a class that’s on-demand and one of my friends had gotten a milestone and called out, “Congratulations on your 200th run.” I cheer as if I’m standing right next to them screaming behind them to keep going. It’s a crazy thing that you have this connection to people virtually. It’s an amazing thing. To answer your question, no, I do not have that in my career in the least. I feel like it’s something that I had grown into, for sure.

This question is non-Peloton related, but I’m curious what exactly does a private banker do?

I have a very wide range of clients, mostly based in Manhattan. Anything that you need as a business owner, I do for you and I make your life a lot easier than it needs to be. You call me when you need a transaction to be done, you need to order checks, you need that. It’s a lot of schmoozing. I’m interacting with people all day, so maybe that does help me with my interactions with people. I talk to everybody and make their lives a lot easier.

Are you an employee of the bank and they assign you to certain people or do people say, “I need a private banker,” and they hire you one-on-one? How does that work?

I’m an employee of the bank and I bring in my own clients. If you’re looking for a banker to bank The Clip Out, give me a call.

It’d be a lot of like, “Can you make sure our overdraft protection is working?” You worked for the bank, but you go and find the clients. How do you find people that need private banks? That seems like such a niche.

It’s going on meeting people. It’s very interesting because if you talk to a business owner and you say, “Who do you bank with?” They name one of the megabanks, and it’s like, “How is that working out for you?” They say, “They don’t care about me. I’m a client to them.” I’ll say, “If you ever want personal care, let me know and we can set something up.” It’s amazing how much people don’t know that they need a private banker until they have one. It’s a very interesting job. I love my job. I’ve been at the bank for several years.

Were you always in banking or did you fall into that?

I was always in banking professionally. I went to college for criminal justice and forensic science and I stepped into banking. I knew that I will work at a bank and they got me in and I switched to the bank that I’m at. When I first started, I worked in the compliance department and the anti-money laundering area. I switched over to a sales position. I switched over to the private banking position.

TCO 143 | Peloton TreadHow often do you get in the studio?

It’s as much as I can. Jess’s schedule changed. She used to teach 5:30 on Thursdays and I would go every Thursday. I try and go in every Saturday that I can. It’s great because I’m very fortunate. I live 40 minutes outside of the city. I work in Manhattan so I can leave work, take a class and go home. On the weekends and stuff, especially people that want to come in, it’s amazing. The You Get To Crew, they fly from everywhere to come in for these classes. I feel very responsible that when they’re coming in, I try and organize things, whether it’s a group class. I was emailing with the studio.

I have three group classes booked. We have people coming in. I have a group of friends that I met through the tread. It was like you had to take a certain number of classes every week. I was placed on a team with these five amazing people and I clicked with them immediately. I talked to these women every single day. We are on Messenger all day. They’re all coming in. I took off of work and we are doing all things Peloton. I feel like they’re my best friends. It’s like I’ve known them forever. We’re taking Jess’s class and they can’t wait to meet her. The majority of them had never even been in the studio before. They’re flying in from all over. We have someone coming in from Utah. We have somebody coming in from here and from there, so I use it as an excuse. I say to my husband, “I have to go, my people are coming in. I have to organize everything.” It’s great to meet people face to face. As much as I can, I’ll be in the studio.

What is your leaderboard name?

My leaderboard name is CocoLoco6. Obviously, my name is Nicole. When I was born, my older sister couldn’t say Nicole so she called me Coco. My entire family calls me Coco. It’s very rare that anyone ever calls me Nicole. The Loco comes in because I’m a little crazy and the number six because my birthday is on the sixth. It’s been a name that I’ve had my entire life.

Do you find that being a little crazy is something people look for in a private banker?

What’s interesting about it is that I remember when my sister had come to the city one day because she lives in Ohio. She came to the city and she said, “I want to see where you work. I need to see you in a professional setting.” I said, “Sure.” She comes in and everyone’s like, “Nicole’s sister is here. We have to meet her.” She said to my boss, “Is Nicole different in work than she is outside of work?” My boss is a young guy. He’s a couple of years older than me. He said, “No, she’s the exact same person.” My sister said, “That’s petrifying.” I can’t be anything other than like how I normally am. People love it.

It sounds like it’s a career based on relationships. If you have a little personality, you have no relationships.

When I joined my boss’s team, he said, “When it comes down to it, it doesn’t matter what you know because you don’t know what I can teach you, but people like you and that’s what we need.” I said, “Me, sure, whatever.”

Are you from the New York area or the Ohio area?

I’m from the New York area. I grew up on Long Island. I went to school in Pennsylvania and when I graduated, I moved right into the city when I had first started working.

Your sister grew up in New York and moved to Ohio, she’s doing it backward.

She’s a professor at the University of Dayton. After all of her many years of schooling, that’s where she settled.

Do you have any advice for people starting out with the bike or the tread?

I would suggest taking classes with every single instructor. Once you find your people, connect with their tribe. I don’t think that I would have enjoyed the biking community of Peloton as much as I do if I hadn’t met the Feel Good Family. The same thing with the You Get To Crew. If I didn’t have them, I don’t think that I would enjoy it as much because I feel you get good friendships with that. Set a schedule for yourself so you know that every single day you’re going to take this class at this time. You’re depending on yourself to show up every single day. If you set a schedule, find your people and everything will fall into place.

How can people find you on social media?

You Get To Crew on Facebook and @YouGet2Crew on Instagram.

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy private banking day.

Thank you.

That wraps up another episode. What do you have in store for people in the next episode?

I am excited because Tunde is on the next episode. I got to introduce her because Tom wasn’t here at the beginning.

That’s a story we will tell in the next episode. I was running late for no fault of my own as you can tell because we are still married.

That is true.

That is what people will have to look forward to.

Tunde tells a lot of stories. You do not want to miss it.

Until then, where can people find you?

People can find me at Facebook.com/CrystalDOkeefe. They can find me on Instagram, Twitter or on the Bike and at the Tread at @ClipOutCrystal.

You can find me on Twitter, @RogerQBert or on Facebook at Facebook.com/tomokeefe. You can find the show online at Facebook.com/theclipout. While you’re there, like the page, join the group. Don’t forget we’re available wherever you get your podcast. Be sure and subscribe, so you’ll never miss an episode. Sign up for our newsletter at TheClipOut.com. That’s it. Thanks for tuning in. Until next time, keep pedaling and running.

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142: The Results of Peloton’s Earnings Call Are Here and our interview with Amy Farber

TCO 142 | Managing Sobriety Through Peloton


Peloton’s earnings call is in the books and we have the results.

Peloton suffers a (slight) set back in the music lawsuit.

A settlement with Flywheel has been reached.

Soul Cycle revenues are in freefall.

Homecoming ticket sales are just around the corner.

A new Power Zone program has been announced featuring all of the current Power Zone instructors.

Boston College has an article about alumnus and Peloton co-founder Hisao Kushi.

We have a winner in our Stronger U challenge!

Dennis Morton (gasp) cut his hair.

There’s a new Artist Spotlight focusing on the sounds of Philly Soul.

Anna Greenburg announced Peloton’s first-ever Yoga Slow Flow class.

An update on Peloton users competing in the NYC Half Marathon.

There’s a new Facebook tribe for people in upstate South Carolina.

All this plus our interview with Amy Farber!

Watch the episode here:

Listen to the podcast here:

The Results of Peloton’s Earnings Call Are Here and our interview with Amy Farber

I am in Los Angeles for work. What do you have in store for people?

I just got off the Peloton Earnings Call. We’re going to talk about that. We’re going to talk about all the updates on lawsuits. We’re going to have lots of content updates. We’re going to talk about the winner of The Clip Out Challenge and lots of little stuff like that.

Before we get to all that, shameless plugs, don’t forget that we’re available on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. You should be sure to subscribe, so you never miss an episode. You can find us on Facebook at Facebook.com/TheClipOut. While you’re there, like the page and join the group. You can leave us a review there or on Apple Podcasts, whichever works for you. We’ll accept either we’re not proud.

You just won’t read the ones from the Facebook because you are very stubborn.

We’re trying to plow through all the Apple Podcast one and then move over.

As I said though, now we’re at two and a half years.

I thought we’d run out of reviews by now, but luckily people keep leaving them. Would you like to hear one?

I would like to hear one.

This is from RSA999.

In light of the current viruses, it sounds like a Corona Virus.

I’m sure they’ll love hearing that. They’ll pick out a new leaderboard name.

I don’t know if it’s a leaderboard name. It might be an iTunes name.

I meant they should pick out Corona Virus as their leaderboard. It says, “My First Real Podcast and I Love It. Started listing about four weeks ago after deciding the tedium of news, radio or bad music was too much. Only a short commute, so I can take a few drives to get through each episode. I really love the information and how transparent Crystal and Tom are. Thank you, guys. Another “not done before” activity prompted by Peloton. Final note, Crystal’s laugh makes me smile. It will brighten your day.” That was very nice. Also don’t forget, we throw a lot of information at you every week with all the links and articles and things of that nature. If you want to stay up to date on that, an easy way to do that is swing by TheClipOut.com. Sign up for our newsletter, which is absolutely free and worth twice as much, and you will have all that stuff sent to you in one easily digestible format every week almost. How about that? That’s it for this. Let’s dig in.

We should kick off with the results of the earnings call. How is it going? Can we retire yet?

No, we can’t retire, but earnings are going great. They have increased their subscribers yet again to 750,000, and I might be off a little bit. The point is that it’s up 77% for the year. That’s crazy. They think it’s going to be 85% during third quarter.

Especially that so many of the naysayers were like, “I’ve already seen their bump.”

That’s not even close. I heard some interesting things. A couple things of note. One, I found this fascinating, so you’ll have to humor me in my geekdom about this. I was fascinated by the fact that they talked about when they recognized the revenue. They recognized revenue when your product gets delivered. Why is that important? Because last year in 2019, when everybody was going and ordering during the holiday season, it took so long to get your item, they weren’t able to recognize that revenue until third quarter. We just finished up second quarter because they’re on a different fiscal year than the calendar year. In 2019, they said, “We’re going to have 100 orders hit in Q2 and that’s when we’re going to recognize the revenue.”

By the time they actually got delivered, it was in Q3 because they couldn’t recognize the revenue. That spread out the revenue, artificially inflating Q3 from last year’s revenue earnings. The fascinating part is they have done so much with their logistics. They now have 31 warehouses across the United States that they were able to go the other direction this year. Orders they thought they weren’t going to be able to recognize until Q3 they pulled into Q2. It was 6,000 orders that they did faster than they thought they would. That’s insane.

That’s a lot. For someone that’s thinking that 6,000 doesn’t sound like a whole lot, you’ve got to remember too that the lowest priced item they sell is $2,000 essentially. It’s not like in Amazon.

That’s 6,000 orders, not $6,000. That’s just the ones they moved. That doesn’t mean that was their entire holiday sales or anything.

I was saying 6,000 orders might not sound too big if somebody is used to thinking about all the things Amazon delivers or something, but Amazon can deliver you a $5 or $8 or $10 or $20 item. That’s not what Peloton has going on. It’s high dollar stuff that they’re moving into the other quarter. That’s a lot.

It’s huge. They also talked about the fact that Germany is surpassing what they thought it would do. In fact, it is outpacing the original sales in the UK. They also talked about the fact that they now have 96 showrooms across all the countries, all their markets. There are 96 of those. They just opened or just started a new version of their store called the concept store. There are two of them and it’s a regular show room, but then they have an additional footprint that allows them to show off their additional content, like the digital content, yoga, meditation, etc. Other highlights include Strength is up three times what it was in 2019 from user engagement. Meditation is up 22 times what it was in 2019.

There’s a lot we need to calm down about.

It was good news after good news. User engagement is up. User churn is holding steady. It was 0.74 and that’s fantastic. The investors were giddy about that number. They absolutely should be. They talked about The Super Studio. That’s what they’re calling the new studio in New York. That’s going to have all the content. I don’t know what they’re planning, but John Foley had that giddy sound in his voice when he talked about it, just like he did when he was talking about what we didn’t know then, but we now know was the Tread and all of their international content. He had that same giddy tone to his voice. Whatever is coming is going to be amazing. He also touched on the social platform changes. Again, he was giddy. He called them sexy changes that we’re going to be excited about. He thinks weird things are sexy. I am so pumped after hearing this call. There’s so much stuff that is coming out in the next year. I don’t know what it’s going to look like. I don’t know what it’s going to be, but they are legit excited about it. Therefore, I am excited about it.

The real takeaway here, judging by his giddiness, is that if you ever get a chance to play Poker with John Foley, by all means, do it.

That might be true. I love him. I love that he’s so honest. They all did such a great job. It was John Foley, Jill Woodworth and William Lynch. They all did an amazing job answering questions. There were lots of good questions from the investors. It was a great combo.

Where did this fall on the day? Did it have time to affect stock price or was the stock market closed and we’ll see ramifications tomorrow?

The stock market has been up all week, but I think that stock market has been up all week because of Flywheel. It’s actually down a little bit today from where it was yesterday. However, to answer your original question, the call just finished. 5:00 PM Eastern, markets are closed for the day.

If this has any impact on stock, then on their shares, we won’t see it until tomorrow?

Let me check the stock quickly. It might have gone up because they also released their official written version and they do that before the call. It remains stable for the last couple of hours of the day. Nothing changed.

Overall, it was a good day for them and all the people that are saying that they can’t keep this up were proven wrong yet again.

That reminds me, people asked about competition and they were like, “Are you concerned? Has it affected any of your sales?” No, it hasn’t. They were like, “We expect to see more of it. Right now, we’re not concerned because we think that we are well-positioned. We think that none of these other companies have a good financial backing. Either they don’t have a good financial backing or they’re not going after the same kinds of thing.” NordicTrack for example. They’re not going after Peloton directly because they’re never going to be able to keep up the content in the same way that Peloton does. The other thing they said is that even though technically they’re more profitable than they expected to be, which is to say negative profit, they said they are not changing their expectations. They still expect to be profitable by 2023. They’re sticking with that because they are going to continue to invest heavily in all things for accessibility for customers. They’re still saying they want everyone who can have anything Peloton to get it.

They don’t want it to be limited by things like income. They want it to be accessible to everyone. They are going to be investing heavily for accessibility and for experience. The other thing is that we should see with the new Super Studio opening. London is opening within 2021. Those two things are going to make the assets that they have, start to come down. Those fixed assets are going to get more out of it. That stuff has all been sitting there somewhere on their income statement balance sheet. They just don’t have the middle to use it yet.

Once upon a time, standard gym spin bikes had no metrics, just a resistance knob. Click To Tweet

That’s a lot to digest.

I didn’t say it all very well in an organized manner. I was just listening. I was very excited about it, so I took it all in very quickly.

You’re recapping this minutes after it happened. You haven’t had a chance to sit down and drill down on it yourself. Segueing into other topics. There’s good news, bad news on the legal front. Whenever anybody ever asked me, “There’s good news and bad news, which do you want first?” I always take bad news because then the good news can cheer me up.

That’s a risky gambit because not everybody has equal good news to bad news ratio. When people say that it is a risky gambit, but in this case, I agree with it. The bad news is that Peloton lost a battle regarding the music licenses. I want to be very clear here because some people automatically assumed this was terrible and that we’re going to have another purge. No, it doesn’t mean that at all. All it means is one of the countersuits that Peloton had put into place got thrown out. It’s a legal maneuver. If it happened, it was a Hail Mary pass and it would’ve fixed a lot of things very quickly. That didn’t happen.

The legal maneuver that got thrown out, from my understanding, Peloton basically tried to say that they, for lack of a better word, colluded and all ganged up and said, “Let’s not license these songs.” That’s mean and you can’t do that. That got thrown out as an argument. It’s moving forward as it would have anyway, but they didn’t lose the suit or there are not more songs they’re going to have to pull out or anything like that. It was a procedural thing that if it had worked, it would have probably into the suit or shut down a good chunk of it. It just didn’t happen.

I would also like to say there are a lot of people that are still very hopeful that all these old rides are going to come back, that this is all going to go away someday and it’s going to be fast. I want to say that my feeling on that matter is that neither of those things is going to happen. I don’t think this is going to be a quick lawsuit unless a settlement occurs. At this moment, I don’t see any kind of indication that will happen. These things happen behind closed doors, so that means nothing. If there is no settlement though, this could drag on for years. The other thing is I don’t think we’re going to get those old rides back because until this is settled, most of those songs are still question marks. I don’t know from a business perspective, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me to be holding on to all those old rides, taking up all that space, when you’re constantly creating new content. It doesn’t make good business sense to me, but I could be wrong.

I agree that these things take a long time and you could be looking at years before you have an actual legitimate resolution. My guess is they’re probably keeping these classes somewhere for their own archival purposes. I also feel that unless there’s some surprise settlement, by the time this finally gets resolved, those classes are going to be so old that I don’t know that they’ll deem them worthy enough to push back into the system.

That’s exactly my thought process with a few exceptions, because there are some rides in there that will be timeless. Think about it, they’re moving into a new studio. The studio is going to look completely different. Just like if you go back to the very beginning and you take a class from 2015 like I did, it’s a different world. They had stuff up on the mirrors behind them. They were being silly, lights were different. It was completely different than what we see now. If you’re looking forward two years from now, we’re going to be in a totally different studio. There’s going to be a different look behind it or going on different lighting, different music setup, probably even a different equipment set up because they keep changing monitor size and things like that in the studio. All these things are going to look different. I don’t think they’re going to pull all that back out.

Especially when that new studio hits, I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of the stuff from the old studio fade away because they want to show off the new sexy studio. Let’s segue into the good news segment of our legal portion of the show. The Peloton-Flywheel suit was settled.

Talk about surprising, Flywheel has been a pain about this whole thing. All of a sudden, they admitted complete faults. They said, “Yeah, we did steal it and we’re going to take all the tech off within 60 days.”

I wonder what that means. It’s not often you see a company completely acquiesce like that. You almost can’t help but think that’s indicative of something larger at play there on their part. Not like it’s a surprise attack, but like are there bigger problems coming? They were like, “Make this go away because we have other things to be concerned about.”

I don’t know. I don’t feel like their Flywheel At Home Program went the way that they expected it to in general. You and I both respect John Mills quite a bit. His theory on it that I saw that he posted was that he feels like it was probably costing them too much in legal. It wasn’t worth what they were getting out of it because they’re fairly new to the whole At Home portion of things. For whatever it’s worth, that was one take on it. I haven’t read tons of people’s takes on it because going to the OPP tends to make me angry. I thought that was a reasonable theory.

I think it makes sense. It’s a version of what I was saying. Are there bigger problems it plays? If they’re not selling these At Home Bikes anyway, then why is this a fight worth having?

I know that it is one of our further down discussions. It could be a situation that is very similar to SoulCycle where Peloton is taking a direct hit on their income, their revenue and they can’t compete. They can’t keep up.

That could very well be. While we’re talking about that, since you brought it up, let’s go ahead and call an audible and talk about the SoulCycle stuff now.

It’s on Vox.com. I was shocked because it shows a graphic of what their sales look like. Underneath the graphic it says, “It looks like Peloton is sucking up SoulCycle’s sales through a straw.” It does. It’s really bad.

I saw the headline. It was, “Peloton drinks SoulCycle’s Milkshake,” which is a reference to the movie, There Will Be Blood. If you’ve never seen it, that’s what they’re referencing.

SoulCycle is saying two things. Everyone thought that in 2019 whenever SoulCycle was being boycotted, that this was going to have a huge effect on them. It turns out Peloton’s Holiday Sale actually had a much bigger impact on them. SoulCycle is saying none of that is true. These numbers aren’t true at all. They won’t go on record to say what’s wrong about them or what’s inaccurate. From my experience with politics, that means they’re lying.

In the immortal words of the great philosopher, Chico Marx, “Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?”

It has been win-win-win for Peloton all week. Except for the music licenses thing.

That was one small portion of a much larger thing. It’s like whenever you see a murder trial and the lawyer is like, “Move to dismiss,” it’s not going to happen but maybe.

If you don’t ask, for sure it won’t. That’s the attorney’s job to ask the question.

We should probably also remind people that Homecoming ticket sales are just around the corner.

February 12th at noon Eastern. You need to be ready with multiple devices and be ready to go.

You need to stop giving people all your tips.

I know, but I can’t help it.

I know you’re too giving. Watch now, you won’t end up getting tickets. The new Power Zone program has been announced. I guess it includes all of the instructors?

It does, all of the Power Zone instructors. There’s a total of four instructors. In the past, it has not been the case, so this one’s great. It’s a new four-week challenge or a four-week program that you can do on the Bike. Now, you can take more than one class with each of the instructors, get a good taste of what the offerings are across all of them because they all have very different vibes. It’s a good way to sample everybody.

That’s cool that there’s finally a little bit more variety there for people, so they can partake in Power Zones but not be locked into one teaching style.

I also want to mention on this note, we have an audience who brings up all the time, not in a mean way, but one of their things would be that they would like for all of the Power Zone classes to have the actual format that’s going to be in a ride posted before you take the class. Thus far, none of the instructors have done it or have been willing to do it, even though they have been asked. Now, we have Christine D’Ercole, who always posts it ahead of time. The reason that’s important is because whenever you are doing Power Zone training, you might have a day that you want to be working on certain zones or a certain type of plan. To be able to have this information ahead of time makes it easier to decide, “Should I take this class? Should I not take this class?”

That’s pretty convenient. Do you think that’s something that she’ll keep doing and that’s something she always does?

Yeah, I do because she has always in the past been pretty consistent about posting the structure of her classes. I think this will continue for Power Zone training. For those of you that like to know what you’re getting into with Power Zone training, I think it’s good. Me on the other hand, when I do Power Zone training, I don’t want to know because if I know, I will talk myself out of it. When somebody tells me I have to hold zone five for eight minutes, I’m out. If I just get on the Bike and then they say to do it, now I can do it. I can talk myself out of it very easily.

You came across an article from Boston College about one of their alumni.

TCO 142 | Managing Sobriety Through Peloton


This made me so happy to see. I have to say it’s because I saw that one of our Clip Out members, Karen Kushi, is the one that posted this. She posted it because it was about her husband, Hisao Kushi. For those of you who don’t know, Hisao is one of the original founders of Peloton. He also is General Counsel for Peloton. He’s in charge of very high-level, anything legal that happens at Peloton, and could not be a nicer person. He’s so down to earth. He’s talked to Tom and I for a long time. Karen and Hisao have two kids. We’ve only gotten to meet one who also works for Peloton. She’s also one of the nicest human beings. I love the Kushi family. They’re great.

This entire article is all about how Hisao ended up at Peloton, but his history and what makes him so unique. He’s got a lot of cool stuff that he does that you would not guess whenever I say things like general counsel, but he’s really funny. Not only is he funny, but he has a great sense of humor when people are telling him things. You need to go read this article because it gives you an in-depth perspective of the kind of people that work at Peloton, which might give all of you a perspective into why I am so fanatical about this company. When I say things like, “They’re going to do the right thing because that’s the type of people that run the company,” this is what I mean. It’s because I have had conversations with them individually. I believe in them as people.

They’re all super nice. If anybody wants to find that, it’s buried in a Boston College magazine, that can be hard to track down. Our Stronger U Challenge came to a close. It lasted a little less amount of time than our Bingo challenge, which I think somewhere is still going on.

I hope not.

The winner was Dane Newman.

That means Dane won a twelve-week subscription to Stronger U Nutrition, which is a $449 value. Dane could not have been more excited. He’s been wanting to try Stronger U. He loves everything about Peloton. He was super excited. Also, couldn’t be a nicer person who reached out to me and said thank you. He was so great about it. Thank you for all of you who saw my post on Facebook and Instagram and congratulated Dane. There were a bunch of you playing the game. That was cool.

It was nice to have so many people enter. Fear not, we have another contest/challenge in the works with another wonderful prize. We will have more information on that soon. Sit tight, I think everyone will be super excited about the next one.

You had that John Foley giddiness starting to happen.

Our next prize is super sexy. Some sad news.

It’s not sad actually.

I think a lot of people would be very upset about this.

I’m going to say either way it’s okay. It’s all right.

Denis cut his hair.

I don’t know if any of you have seen the pictures where he was flinging it around for the camera when it was at its longest. He had a good two feet of hair on that head. He decided very appropriately for the very first reset class that he did, the kickoff, he cut his hair just before the class. What a reset indeed.

How are people doing with this? What’s the take? I know that a lot of ladies, and probably some men, were big fans of his hair.

He’s got great hair, but he also is adorable, so it’s okay. It’s a good thing either way. Unfortunately, there are a lot of women that objectify poor Denis, actually poor Denis’ girlfriend because I’m sure she gets really tired of it. He is such a good-hearted person. He doesn’t play into all of that. I’m glad for him that either way, everyone is supportive of his hair choices.

There are some new classes and artists series and content coming out over the next couple days.

A bunch of new stuff. First up, we have the next artist series, which is the Philly Soul Artist Series. That’s going to include things like the OJs, The Spinners, Teddy Pendergrass, Patti LaBelle, Lou Rawls, The Delfonics. You’re going to get to do a 30-minute Spin Class with Jenn Sherman. That’s going to be on February 6th and Kristin McGee, Yoga Flow on the 10th at 7:30 PM Eastern. That’s all. It’s just a ride and flow this time. That’s going to be really fun. That’s going to be awesome.

We should say that those are examples of Philly Soul. We’re not necessarily promising you that all those artists will be in there. That’s what Philly Soul is. If people weren’t familiar with it, the way I normally describe it is it’s like stuff that you thought was Motown that wasn’t actually Motown, Philly Soul.

That’s a good way to do it.

I have a great picture of me and The Spinners. There’s also a new class content coming.

There’s going to be a whole new yoga content. It’s called Yoga Slow Flow. Anna Greenberg is kicking this one off. It’s going to be on February 5th at 7:30 PM Eastern. Check it out. The cool thing is that for people who are new to yoga, or maybe you aren’t new to yoga but you just need more time to get in a position, this is the class for you. It’s able to take it at a little bit of a slower pace. Anna’s doing the first one, but they’re going to be doing these with all the different instructors. There will be more to come.

There’s a reminder for a new class that’s out there.

Another new kind of content. It’s a new time for UK. 7:00 PM UK time, 2:00 PM Eastern, there’s going to be a new class. This was going to be a 45-minute interval and arms ride, and it was going to be from Leanne Hainsby. That’s awesome to have a whole new time on the Bike that you can take live.

There’s a half-marathon coming up in March in New York, correct?

Yeah. It’s called the New York city Half Marathon. The cool thing is that this Peloton community is amazing. There are a ton of Peloton people who did not win a lottery. After watching Brittany Runs Marathon, it means that they had to find a different way in. They formed a team and they are going to be raising money for charity. They picked this whole Peloton team pick the multiple myeloma, and it affects some of the members within the team. There are family members within the team that have multiple myeloma. They had a goal of raising $9,000, so they could all be at the marathon. They have exceeded that. We want the entire Peloton community to know, especially if you’re going to be out there and you’re in New York and you’re able to cheer them on, go see them and find all of your Peloton teammates out there.

Lastly, we had someone reach out to us who has started a new Peloton Facebook tribe and wanted you to mention it.

We have a new tribe that popped up in South Carolina. It is the PeloGSP Tribe. They are looking for Peloton owners in the upstate area of South Carolina. That’s the Greenville and Spartanburg area. They want to extend to Clemson and Anderson and other local communities. They’re very new. They only have 50 members because they just started. They are super excited for more members. They know there are some out there, so they wanted to mention it here to see if anybody wanted to join. That was by Monica Amburn-Kimbrell sent that in.

Joining us is Amy Farber. How is it going?

I’m fine, thanks. How are you?

We’re good.

Do you have a sweet government job you’re off now too?

I have a work-from-home on my business job. I am off when I want to be off and on when I want to be on.

A big thing about getting sober is learning how to live in the middle. Click To Tweet

That is even sweeter than a sweet government job.

If you have your own business, sometimes you’re on when you don’t want to be on.

Not necessarily. I’m a photographer, so I don’t take projects when I can’t do them.

My parents both owned businesses, so sometimes they were going to work whether they wanted to or not. People think it’s this panacea and it is not.

Let me clarify. When you’re not paying the bills and you own your business, you can do what you want.

It’s nice to be in a position where you don’t have the pressure of paying the bills and you can tell people who irritate you to F off.

Tell us how you originally found Peloton.

I was a spin instructor for a solid fifteen years. I got certified Johnny G certification when my oldest was a baby. I have two kids. I have a 19, 18 and 14-year-old. They spend most of their childhood in gym daycares. I did it because I needed to get out of the house and I wanted to exercise. I thought it would be great to get daycare for free and get paid to exercise. I taught spin for quite a long time. The last spin class I taught was a few years ago. It was right after I got sober was the last class that I taught. I then went through this big transition. I couldn’t set foot in a gym. Every time I tried to take a class or workout, I was like, “No.”

Let me backpedal and say that I did own my Johnny G spin bike when the kids were little. I wanted it. My husband got it for me for Christmas and it was a perfect clothes rack. I was like, “This is horrible.” I don’t want to teach myself my own class. I couldn’t motivate myself like I could motivate others as I was teaching. I tried it while I was watching TV. I was like, “This is pointless.” I used it to try to distract myself from laundry and I couldn’t even distract myself from loads and loads of laundry. I would rather fold laundry than sit on a spin bike by myself in my house.

There’s an upside though. The laundry is done. Let’s not discount the importance of that.

Fast forward to Peloton coming out. I did think to myself, “I don’t know that that’s my thing.” I always was one that if I went to a gym, I was very motivated. Every time I tried to workout at home, not so much. I would get distracted by the tiniest thing and then walk away from my workout.

It’s fascinating that you could be an instructor and do it. When it came time for you to be on the bike as a participant, not so much.

I’m alone in my house without any specific training program. I was fine running outside. At the time, I was doing triathlons and I had a coach. I had a prescribed workout. She would tell me, “Go run this far and do these kinds of sprints.” I had all the training I was doing outdoor on the bike. I was totally fine outside. The minute I came inside to try to work out with my kids all around me and the distractions of being a mom with three little kids, it was like, “Forget it.”

I find it fascinating that you would do it professionally for yourself. I’m like, “Thank God, you’re not a dentist.”

Peloton came out and I thought, “I don’t think that this is for me.” I’m a fitness person that needs to be in a gym. I am very motivated by what’s going on around me. Even if nobody’s looking at me, I tend to run faster and go harder. It’s like if a tree falls in the woods and nobody hears it, did it even fall? That’s how I felt about working out at home. No one’s paying attention to me, so I might as well get off and do laundry.

I wonder if tracking it all with Garmin would help because it’s not a workout if you’re not tracking it with Garmin.

This has got to be a number of years ago. There were no metrics. There was no real way to track yourself on a Johnny G spin bike. It was like your stock standard gym spin bike that had a resistance knob. There was no digital anything to it. Technology has changed. Circling back to Peloton, I saw it and thought, “That’s great. Who knows what will happen with that?” I don’t think that that’s a route I’m going to go. I know myself and I know that working out at home is not for me. A good friend of mine who lives in my town, I met her through Instagram and she got a Peloton and she was all into it. She kept roping me into going into the showroom to go ride with her.

I got the app a few years ago, and I would go into my gym and do the rides on the spin bikes at an off time when there wasn’t a class. I did enjoy that. From time to time, I’d go in with her and ride in the studio. I’d do milestones with her. I did get a sense of the bike and I thought, “I think this is something that I would do. I don’t think this is not going to be a waste of money.” At 1:00 in the morning, I couldn’t fall asleep and I was like, “I’m going to buy this bike,” so I bought it. I didn’t consult with anyone. I sent my husband a text in the morning. I was like, “FYI, my Peloton is getting delivered.” He was fine with it.

He didn’t point to the Johnny G bike?

He did that back years ago.

I promise you though, he has not forgotten.

That was a major eye-roll when I saw him. He was traveling so he didn’t get home until the following Friday and he was like, “If that’s going to make you happy. You’re not going to use it. It’s fine, we’ll see.” It got delivered on January 24th, which is my sobriety date. It got delivered on my seventh anniversary.

That seems fateful.

I did my first ride. I remembered I did a 45-minute hip hop with Robin and I was so happy. I was like, “This is exactly what I need for this time in my life.” It’s perfect. That’s how I landed the long road from Johnny G to Peloton.

When it showed up on that date, he couldn’t say anything. As a husband, you do the quick math in your head and you’re like, “Whatever that cost is cheaper than whatever fight we’re about to have.”

I was working a ton, so it was irrelevant. I was like, “This is how I want to spend the money that I was working on multiple different projects.” He was like, “That’s fine. That’s great, enjoy it.” He’s down on the Bike for his second ride. We’re going to the studio for my 500th ride, his century ride, my Peloversary and my eight-year sobriety.

Congratulations on all of that, so much to celebrate.

It will be super fun. He’s learning how to follow people and follow them back and the high fives. He’s coming around on the community part of it. He loves to workout. There are no regrets.

You were saying that you have your sober anniversary coming up as well. I know you also use Peloton as a tool for sobriety and mental health. Tell us about that.

I am coming up on my eight years of sobriety. For the first year of my sobriety, I did work out a ton and I was still teaching my regular classes. I had this transition in my life. The gym that I work out at was reworking their schedule. I was working on my sobriety and a big part of my story surrounding alcohol was using exercise and training to avoid drinking too much. If I knew I had to go teach a class, I had to moderate my drinking,

It was like a functional alcoholic. That was a way to keep you focused.

It’s crazy because after I quit drinking, people are like, “You’re an alcoholic? You did triathlons.” It’s surprising. It is a very common thing, especially for women to moderate their drinking with training for a marathon, triathlon or something like that.

It’s probably a way to offset some of the effects as well. It’s like, “Look how healthy I am over here.”

TCO 142 | Managing Sobriety Through Peloton


That and I don’t know if you’ve ever met any alcoholics or addicts, but we are all-in people. You throw yourself into things. If I’m training, then I can’t drink the way I want to or I would if I wasn’t training or if I didn’t have to get up and do what was on my schedule. The schedule changes at the gym. There was a woman who wanted my classes. She was a single mom and had some teenage kids and I thought, “This is the right time for me to back off and figure out,” because I didn’t love teaching. I was getting sober. I was working on myself and trying to figure out how to live in the middle. When you have a type-A personality, you’re either all in or you’re all out. There’s no in-between.

A big thing about getting sober was learning how to live in the middle. Where’s my middle ground? The middle ground was such a foreign concept to me that I had to step away from working out. I didn’t train for anything. I haven’t done a race since I got sober. I walked away from the gym thing almost to the extreme. Once I got out of the routine of working out, it was hard to get back to it. It’s like hours in my week were covered. I was 40 at the time. Women, I do not recommend stepping away from the gym at 40 years old. It’s so hard to get back. It’s the worst possible time. At eighteen, fine, you can jump right back in.

At eighteen, you don’t necessarily have the mindset to be like, “I think I’ll get sober.”

I do know people that have. Then began a seven-year track of me thinking, “I need to start exercising again.” I need to figure out how to make that work for me in a positive way and it’s going to be something I enjoy. I pick up and go for a run outside, not for nothing. When you’re twenty-plus pounds heavier and 40-something and you decided to go out for a run when you haven’t run in three years, you cannot run an eight-minute mile. That was brutal. I get home so mad. I had a hard time figuring out how to get fitness back in my life and it was a long time of starting and stopping or doing it for a little while but not loving it. It’s like checking it off the list. I was always someone who loved the process of working out. I loved it and I was not loving it.

I felt like Oprah. She always says she hates every single step and minute of working out. She does it to check it off the list. I never felt like that. That’s how I was starting to feel. I thought, “Maybe this is my new reality. Working out is going to be a chore for me. It’s something that I have to check off my list.” I continued to search for something that I would love. Finally, I got the Peloton. I got it at the end of January and until about mid-May, I did my rides, but I wasn’t a part of any Peloton community. I followed a couple of people that I knew in real life that had the bike. Otherwise, I wasn’t a part of anything. I had a friend in real life who said to me, “What online groups are you part of?” I thought, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

The crazy thing is I had spent my years as an Instagram influencer. It’s not like I’m not online. I’m everywhere online. I just never considered that there were all these Peloton groups. It was funny, I was lying in bed and my husband is next to me. I was like, “I can’t believe there was a Peloton group for everything.” I was reading them off to him and it’s so funny. I was like, “Which one do you think I should join?” I ended up finding this Peloton Sober Riders. I joined the Power Zone Pack group, which kick-started my fitness because for me, it was all about training and training with a purpose. That got my mindset in a good place to ride consistently. In terms of mental health, the community was the thing that got me on and kept me on.

Was that because you had people to ride with or was that because of the connections that you made?

The connections that I made online, someone would post in a group and say, “I’m celebrating a milestone, can anyone join me?” I would try to be a part of. I say, “I’ll meet you on the bike.” They are strangers and whatever. I tried to participate and show up for other people. Through that process, I found a little sub pod of women. I have four women and we are in a group text on Facebook. We ride together every day and it’s been phenomenal.

What is phenomenal about it? Is it that you ride together?

Every time we ride, we text the whole time. You feel like you’re at the gym with a friend or having the same shared experience. Even if we do a ride on-demand, we’re like, “3, 2, 1, go.” We’re all at the same place at the same time. It’s very much a shared experience and very social.

How does that help you with the sobriety and mental health aspect?

One of the hardest things about anxiety and depression is getting on the bike, getting out of bed, leaving the house or whatever it is that’s your stumbling block. There’s a whole spectrum of depression and anxiety. It is very seasonal and it ebbs and flows. For me, it was hard to motivate myself to go work out when I didn’t feel like it. I didn’t feel great. I wasn’t in a great place. I knew mentally it would make me feel better, but it’s still like putting your clothes on and doing it is another thing. When you commit to other people at 11:00 at night or at 10:00 in the morning, that you’re going to meet them on the bike. I’m not one to back out of things. When I commit to things, I do it. I kept showing up. For me, it has helped with many things. First of all, I’m in much better shape and that has truly helped with mental health. It’s like not being winded up a flight of stairs. It was getting grim. I was out of shape. I can’t reiterate enough to not stop working out in your early 40s.

I feel better about myself. I feel much more like myself. It helped me. The other thing about mental health, addiction, and alcoholism specifically is it is a very isolating disease, all of it combined. My natural state is isolation. I don’t want to go to a party. I don’t want to go to a spin class. I’m more comfortable in my house by myself. I have found for me that the combination of accountability, the community, and the fact that I don’t have to leave my house has been helpful. It’s almost like baby steps. You don’t have to throw yourself in cold water. You can dip your toe in and you don’t have to leave your house, but you can exercise.

You’re still being social, which still makes you feel better.

One of the things that I’ve had to work on in sobriety and with my mental health is not isolating. For me, the building community and finding my people on the bike has been such a huge part of my recovery and part of my mental health.

Whenever people say at work, “Find a mentor,” you can’t force that relationship. You can’t force those relationships on the bike either. For somebody who might be out there struggling with depression or maybe some other mental health issues, it seems like the hardest part is pushing past that feeling that you don’t want to get up. How did they reach out and find people?

Join a group. There is a Peloton group for everything, so it doesn’t have to be sobriety-related or mental health-related. I live in Boston. You can join the Peloton Boston group. Find a group that’s active and when people post and say, “I’m going to do X, Y, Z ride, who’s in?” get on the bike and maybe follow the people that are on the ride. You can lurk in the background and still be a part of a little bit. Baby step your way into responding to the post and building a rapport with the people that are in the group, that you like and that you feel like you have some commonality with.

Since you do photography and you own your business, do you feel like that’s helped the working aspect as well, keeping you more grounded and healthier to be able to do that? Because that’s isolating as well when you’re working at home.

When we were joking about, “If I don’t want to do it, I won’t do it,” that can turn into isolation quickly.

I do make a point to schedule my rides out for the week, “What time am I riding each day and who am I going to ride with and what are we going to do?” I put that in my calendar first and then I build my work around it, so I am much more productive.

It sounds like the key part of all of this for you is you show up for yourself. If you make a commitment to yourself, then you follow through. You’re not one of those people who are like, “I’m going to run.” They then get up the next morning and they don’t feel like doing it.

If I make a commitment to other people, if I said, “Crystal, I will meet you on the bike and let’s do this ride,” I will not back out. If in my little head I said, “Maybe I’ll do this ride,” and then the alarm goes off and I don’t feel like doing it, I won’t. It’s important to be accountable to other people and I’m big on follow through. When nobody’s watching, it’s harder.

It’s easy to embrace the maybe.

Since I’m involved in many groups at this point, that is something that has fallen off for me. I used to ride every morning at 5:00 AM my time. That was the 6:00 crew on the East Coast. I rode with the same people every day. Since now we have the treadmill content, that’s diluted it a little bit because I wanted to do the running as well. There’s a different group of people running and there’s a different group of people biking. There’s not the same core group every day. I don’t have my go-to anymore. That has changed my focus on getting up every morning and working out. I’ve been a lot more lax since that happened. To your point, having that accountability does make a difference.

In my little pod of a group message, there are five of us. Two have the tread and the rest of us are planning on getting the tread at some point. That’s a bigger purchase that I might not be able to be like, “I bought the tread.” I’m strategizing that right now. I’ll let you know when I dropped that bomb.

She’s waiting for him to make some major purchase and then she’d be like, “If you can get that.”

It’s not like that at all. He used to love running. He was a running junkie and now his hip is hurting. My strategy was initially going to be like, “You love running more than biking, let’s get the tread.” I’m going to have to think through my strategy on that.

Get him a quick hip replacement

He’ll feel so old.

That’s the trade-off. I get a Tread, but we spend the equivalent money on your hip replacement.

He’ll love that. My point is that the group that I ride with, two out of five of us have the tread as well. We plan our workouts so that no one ever runs or rides alone. It’s so great.

What a good tool. That would be helpful advice for people, especially those who are starting out.

We are all strangers. One is San Diego, one’s in Seattle, one’s in Atlanta, one’s in Chicago and I’m in Boston. We’re in different time zones. Our kids’ ages are different. One works full-time. We have a lot of constraints around figuring out how to make this work. We’re committed to it and we’re committed to each other.

A lot of people say you need to have rest days. Do you ever worry about not taking a day off?

The Peloton community is the thing that gets you on and keeps you on. Click To Tweet

We take day-offs whenever we need it because it’s very rare that all five of us will be on at the same time. No one rides alone. The girl who works has to get up and ride sometimes early before work or after work. We try to make sure that someone’s there for accountability so that no one blows off their workout.

I liked that system. Tell us about the Peloton Sober Riders. What is that? How did you find it? How did they form?

It’s a great group of people and sobriety is all-encompassing. There are a million different ways to get sober and stay sober, and there’s no one right way or wrong way. What I found about this group is it is supportive no matter where you are in your journey. There are a lot of new people who have jumped on and we added. Someone made a post and said, “Is anyone doing dry January? Where’s everyone with that?” Some people are thinking, “Maybe I’ll quit for a month and see how it goes.” It’s been going for a year. I joined back in May when I was sitting in my bed looking at all the different Peloton groups. I was like, “This one’s a good fit for me.”

The funny thing is I’m in another online sobriety group and then I started getting confused. I’m like, “Are you in my Peloton group?” We realized there was a bunch of crossovers and a bunch of us were in both groups. It’s super supportive and there’s no one way or right way to do it. I feel like the best thing about it is there are many people that have come to it from a different perspective. When someone is struggling or someone needs help or needs advice, there’s always multiple points of view. That’s great because I’ve been in other groups or other situations where people are like, “This is the only way to do it. If you don’t do this, you’re going to drink again.” I don’t believe in that. I feel like this group has been super supportive.

That’s got to be difficult. If you’ve been through it and you feel like you’ve come out the other side, you’re like, “This is what worked. Don’t ever veer from this formula.” That’s got to be rough for people to acknowledge that there are different ways to get here.

There are different ways to do it. As Dennis says, “I make suggestions. You make decisions.” I can say that this is what worked for me. Take it or leave it. Often if someone comes back to me multiple times and he’s stumbling over the same thing over and over again and has not tried what I suggested, not that there’s one way to do it, but you haven’t found your way. Maybe try what I suggested.

I tend to be the person that if I’m giving advice, I’m more than happy to help somebody. If they don’t take that advice, I tend to get a little frustrated. I don’t think I’d be good at helping people with this type of thing because I am in a box. I’m very black and white. If this worked, then this won’t work. If I’m talking to the same person as me, that’s true. I acknowledge there are lots of other people out there that are not like me.

I have gotten sober through a 12-Step Program. In that program, we sponsor other people. In the beginning, I was like, “She’s not doing what I say. She’s out.” As I said, I make the suggestions and they can take it or leave it. It’s honestly none of my business. Whether they take it and succeed or take it and fail, it’s not on me. I always say to people, “I am here, don’t ever feel like because you failed or you didn’t take my advice, I am here for you no matter what. Keep coming back. I will never judge you on your decisions. I want you to be able to get better.”

That’s how it should be. That’s why I say I would not be good at it. That is the way to do it, not the way I would do it.

All it takes is getting too emotionally invested in someone else’s sobriety that you have no control over. All of a sudden, they relapse and you can’t leave your room because you feel like it’s all your fault. All it takes is one time. Every single one of us has been through that at least one time, then you learn.

In some ways, it’s like how doctors won’t treat family members. You get too close to it. You need to have some degree of separation.

You need to be able to compartmentalize that I’ve done my best and I’ve given them the tools and whether or not they take them is their choice. The best thing about the group is there are men, women, and all different ages. There are different people at varying stages of sobriety. There’s a bunch of people in our group that had been sober over 25 years, which is phenomenal. I always find that super helpful because those people always have little gems of wisdom.

What’s the hashtag for this group that you ride together?

There are two sober groups. I’m in both of them. The one that I tend to participate more is Peloton Sober Riders. We do not have a hashtag. There’s no location or anything for it. The other group is the Peloton Alcohol-Free, that’s #AF. That’s funny because people in the group are like, “I thought it was “Ass-F.”

I thought that’s what’s happening.

You say you gravitate to one over the other. What do you find is a big difference? What’s the driver there for you?

For me, and this is my personal experience that you cannot drink. There’s a huge difference between not consuming alcohol and being sober. Sobriety is a lifestyle and you’re constantly working on yourself because if you remove alcohol from the equation, you’re taking away medication and not figuring out a solution.

That’s what they refer to as a dry drunk or white-knuckling it. You haven’t fixed the issues.

It’s going on the marijuana maintenance plan. Alcohol-free is purely alcohol-free. I’ve been alcohol-free for a while. I’m also sober. I don’t put anything in my body that will be mind-altering because I don’t want to go back to that place where I’m dependent upon things to ease my anxiety. At the time, I was thinking it was helping my depression, but I was wrong. Drinking alcohol for depression is like pouring gas on fire if anyone didn’t know that.

It’s a depressant and a lot of people don’t know that.

I gravitate to the Sober Riders because of the term sobriety in there and people are focused on recovery as opposed to abstinence.

That makes sense to me. I could see that. That’s a great way to explain it to the community because there are some people that are looking for alcohol-free and that suits their purposes. There are some people that are looking for sobriety. Thank you for explaining the difference.

There are some people in the Alcohol-Free group who simply don’t drink because they don’t enjoy it, which is mind baffling to me. I can’t relate to that at all. I feel like everyone in the Peloton Sober Riders is coming from a similar place. That’s a reason why they are sober and why they don’t consume alcohol or other drugs.

If you struggled with that and you’re around someone who’s like, “I don’t drink either,” because they don’t like the taste. For me, I probably won’t watch that person.

It’s like, “Why are you in the Peloton Alcohol-Free group?” That’s weird to me.

You’re not working toward avoiding it. You just don’t like it.

I’m in both groups and part of sobriety is service. One of the things for me about staying sober and my mental health is I can’t keep it if I don’t give it away. Helping other people is a big part of my journey. Being in that Alcohol-Free group, I always feel like there’s someone in there that’s struggling that may need to hear my story or may need a little nugget from me. Not all people in the Alcohol-Free group know about the Sober Riders. It depends upon what group you find first, where you are, and whatever. That’s why I participate in both.

I’m sure it’s a helpful group from the standpoint of alcohol has permeated our culture. A lot of people will talk about it casually, that it’s synonymous with a party or a celebration. Even if there are people who aren’t struggling in the Alcohol-Free group, at least you know you can go to a place where somebody’s not talking about casually having a beer or whatnot.

The crazy thing that we talk about a lot in these groups is how many leaderboard names involve wine or beer. It’s crazy to me. When I’m riding and I see that, I think to myself, “Thank God, that’s not me.” That was me before I got sober.

I can’t understand that. I’ve never struggled with an addiction to alcohol or drugs. I feel like food is an addiction for me and I struggle with that every day.

That can be a difficult one, not to have comparisons. It’s like you can stop drinking but you can’t stop eating. If you’re struggling with alcohol, nobody’s suggestion is going to be, “You should stop drinking except for three times a day, drink an appropriate amount.”

It’s fascinating and interesting that when people come into those groups, they are like, “I can’t even believe how many people on the leaderboard have names that involve alcohol.”

There’s a lot for sure. What is the best way for people to find these groups? Should they search for the names?

They are private groups but not secret groups. They can search for Peloton Sober Riders or you can find me on Facebook, Amy Russell Farber, and send me a DM. I can point you in the right direction.

It’s wonderful that part of the sobriety is service because I remember Laurie Besden said the same thing. That’s part of what you do. That makes a lot of sense that what you’re giving away is also keeping you grounded and it keeps you in the moment of your sobriety.

When I am helping someone who is in the early days, it reminds me how far I’ve come. It reminds me that I do not want to go back to feeling like that because getting sober is one of the hardest things you can do. It’s so simple, just cut out alcohol, but it is not easy. When I’m helping someone else at various stages of sobriety, it does remind me like, “I remember when I used to feel like that. It’s a miracle that I don’t feel that way anymore.”

What was the moment for you where you were like, “Enough is enough, I’m going to do this?

I have three teenage boys. After my youngest was born, I struggled a bit with postpartum depression and I noticed that my drinking increased after he was born. My husband travels for work. I chalked it up to being like a single mom during the week and getting through. I’d reward myself at night after putting everyone to bed with pouring a glass of wine or whatever. As the years progressed, I was like, “I don’t love the way that this makes me feel,” but I was still doing it. They call it drinking without your own permission. It was years and years of that thinking like, “This is not great and I can see where this is going.” I’ve never had a DUI. I’ve never been to jail. I’ve never gotten fired from a job like a high bottom drunk.

At the same time for me, it was how I felt inside. I’d wake up and feel gross, not even physically gross but mentally gross. It’s like you wake up in the morning and say, “I’m not going to drink,” and then the next thing, you’re waking up and you’ve drunk another bottle of wine. I’m like, “What’s wrong with this equation?” A few years ago, this was the thought I had almost every day. I need to quit. I always like, “I’ll quit tomorrow.” On a Wednesday night, I went out with some girlfriends. I don’t even know what happened. My husband usually comes home on Thursday. I had a babysitter for the kids. I went out on Wednesday night and have dinner with friends. I don’t know what happened like I was out of my mind drunk.

My husband ended up coming home early. I was trying to brush my teeth and whatever. I came out of the bathroom and he was standing in the bedroom and I was like, “Oh, crap,” because I was out of my mind. I proceeded to vomit the entire night, sleep on the bathroom floor in a pile of my own puke. To add insult to injury, I ended up with the norovirus. It’s the worst hangover of my life. A week went by and I hadn’t drunk and I thought, “This is it. I’m never doing that again.” I was mortified because he had never seen me like that. I was very in control on the weekends. I was the mom that was home alone. People always say, “It’s the grace of God.” I truly feel like that was my moment and I needed to take it.

Good for you for recognizing that and doing it. Even when you have a moment like that, it’s still hard to be like, “I’ll never do that again.”

I had a calendar and I remember I had a black Sharpie and I kept crossing days off the calendar. I was like, “A week, two weeks, three weeks,” and then on and on. I was like, “I don’t think I’m ever going back.”

Did you go to a 12-Step Program right away? Did you get some time under your belt of muscling your way through and then finally you’re like, “Now I’m going to do that?”

I was thinking about this. It took me an entire year to get to a 12-Step Program. I remember I went to my first meeting the day after Martin Luther King Day. I got sober January 24, so it was the following January 20th or whatever. I was miserable. I lost so much weight because the anxiety was through the roof. I had learned at 39 years old that I was self-medicating with alcohol. You would have thought that a well-educated woman would have known, but I had no idea. It was such a part of the cultural norm, the mommy drink culture.

A lot of times with mental health, it starts to get worse as you age. If you started self-medicating fairly young when it wasn’t that bad and then you remove the medicine and now all you’ve got left is that, I’m it was rough.

I was living on air. I was anxious. I couldn’t even eat anything. I didn’t connect the two. This is crazy. I remember I had about 6 or 7 months under my belt and I had gone to teach a spin class. I came out of that class with an elephant on my chest. My anxiety was through the roof and I wasn’t sure what to do. Back at the time, I’d had a babysitter who worked for me. She had noticed that I was losing so much weight and she knew that I stopped drinking. She had said to me, “My mom could probably help you.” I was like, “What? Who is your mom?” She was like, “My mom doesn’t drink and hasn’t drunk in 26 years. I think she could help you.”

She’s like, “If you ever need her, here’s her number, call her.” That is the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard in my life. I am never doing that. Who would do that? First of all, I hate talking on the phone. I came out of teaching this spin class. I was sitting in the parking lot of the gym and the anxiety was so bad. I could not figure out what was causing it. I was seven months sober. I googled anxiety and alcohol. The number for AA popped up. I’m like, “I took my medication away.” I ended up calling her mom. I have no idea. Still to this day, I would never ever do that. It’s divine intervention.

You did what you needed to do.

She met me the next day and she was like, “You go to meetings.” I was like, “Meetings? I have three young kids. I do not have time for that.” I didn’t end up going to a meeting. That was maybe in August and it took me to the following January until I was desperate enough. I was uncomfortable in my skin, not drinking and crossing days off the calendar that I was like, “I’m ready.” I went to my first meeting right before my one-year sobriety.

Tom and I have made comments before about Tom’s ex-wife and stuff. In all seriousness, she has mental health issues. She does have addiction issues. To this day, one of the things that concern us the most is that she’s never done any actual treatment. She just stopped doing the drug. To your point, you need to work on the issues that caused the addiction in the first place. I can’t even imagine what goes through your head to justify or convince yourself you do or don’t need to go. I congratulate you on having the ability to go even though you didn’t want to.

You don’t know what you don’t know. I had no idea what went on in those meetings. In my head. It was a bunch of people who lived under a bridge that sat around, smoked and drank coffee. I didn’t think I knew anyone who was sober. For sure, there was no one that looked like me that was sober. All of a sudden, my babysitter’s mom meets me at Dunkin’ Donuts and I’m like, “She looks like me. This isn’t that crazy,” that I went. That’s a huge difference too between being alcohol-free and being sober because I was miserable alcohol-free. That is not a life for me. I need to figure out how to live without alcohol.

Do you think that going through the steps change that for you? Do you think that getting your mind in a healthier place, in general, did that for you?

It’s getting my mind in a healthier place. When you go to meetings and you listen to other people talk about their experiences and you can relate to their experiences, you think, “I’m not that crazy. I’m not that much of an outlier.” We all think, “It’s only me. I’m the only person on the planet that feels this way or has experienced this,” or whatever. I would listen specifically to the women at the meetings who were talking. I would listen to what their solution was and how did they get through that time. I started doing what they had said. I did what they did.

That made you get to a healthier place by taking those steps.

It’s crazy to be 40 at the time and I felt like a child. I was like, “Why didn’t anyone teach me how to live like this?”

What do you think the biggest thing is that you struggled with that you took a step? What was that thing?

One of the biggest things that I didn’t like about the 12-Step Program is I thought it was religious or whatever. Learning that I did not have to be in control of every single situation in my life was such a relief. To be able to step back and rely on a higher power, take or leave that language but for me, it was all about like, “I do not need to be the ringmaster.” If Crystal is doing her errands in a way that is zigzagging across the town and not in an orderly way, I do not need to tell Crystal that she could be doing it more efficiently. Why was I taking on everyone else’s burden? When I realized that, I’m like, “Worry about yourself.” It’s so freeing and you take responsibility for your actions. When you’re only worrying about yourself, it’s easier to take responsibility for your actions because you don’t have everyone else’s problems swirling through your head.

Thank you for sharing all of that.

I always know if my ex-wife ever goes to a 12-Step Program because until the day she apologizes, she clearly has it and to her kids more importantly.

The best thing about any group like 12-Step Program or group of sober people is the way they live their life is very honest, pure and owning. Even in the day when you maybe do something during the day that you think at night, “I could have done that better.” It’s like stepping back and thinking, “How could I do better? How can I do better tomorrow? How can I be a better person? How can I be a better mom? How can I be nicer?”

I like that reflection. Regardless of whether or not a person has had addiction issues or not, everybody could stand a little self-reflection in that. All of us could think about that.

Someone was saying this in our sober group. The best thing about Peloton in early sobriety is you end up having a lot of free time on your hands that you don’t know what to do with it. If you are drinking at night, that consumes every night. All of a sudden, you’re sober and your mind is reeling and you’re like, “What am I going to do?” In that first year of sobriety, I would get in my car and drive to the gym at 6:30 at night after I fed my kids to get out of the house and have something to do. Having a bike and a community right in your own house is such a good way to get healthy and keep your mind off of other things.

That is an excellent point.

What is your leaderboard name?

My leaderboard name is ChasingAmyy.

Do you have any advice for newbies, not just Peloton newbies but maybe people who are getting sober or seriously contemplating it?

TCO 142 | Managing Sobriety Through Peloton

Managing Sobriety Through Peloton: There’s a huge difference between not consuming alcohol and being sober. Sobriety is a lifestyle, and you’re constantly working on yourself.


My biggest advice is to find a couple of people who are sober that you admire and do what they do. Ask them questions and listen. For newbie Peloton riders, I would say jump in, get involved, join a group.

It’s true for Peloton too. I firmly believe the more you put into this community, the more you get back.

It’s not about the exercise because I can find that anywhere. The thing that keeps me going back day after day is the community.

Where can people find you on social media?

On Instagram, I am @Amy.Russell.Farber and it’s the same on Facebook.

It’s good for branding, nice and simple. Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to join us.

Thank you for sharing your story. I know it’s very personal and we appreciate your honesty. I know that it’s going to help somebody else out there or maybe several.

It’s timely. I don’t know if you saw Kendall on Instagram. She did a whole thing on mental health and how it’s nothing to be ashamed of. The more we get the dialogue out about mental health in general like addiction and alcoholism, more people will be able to find themselves and get out of a hole.

I have no doubt. I think it’s a great conversation to be having. Thank you.

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Our Interview with VH1’s Dr. Jenn Mann plus Peloton Adds Challenges to the App

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Would you like to hear a good review?

Yes, okay.

This is from Marshall Spevak. Marshall says, “Best place for Peloton news. The Clip Out is a mainstay for my hour-long commute to work. I get to catch up on my Peloton news while getting the laugh from the great banter between Crystal and Tom. Thanks for all you do to keep the Pelo-world informed and in check! #MarshallinNJ, two stars.

Where did we go wrong, Marshall? That was such a great review. Why two stars? I was like, “Where’s the confusing part?” There it is.

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Peloton has announced that you can have challenges within their ecosystem app thing.

I feel like people are confused about why this is a big deal.

I am.

I could tell.

Un-confuse me.

I will. Here’s the deal. Prior to this week, what you did for challenge was you go to your bike, you go to your treadmill and you opt in to the challenge. Anytime you take a class, whether it be digital or on your bike or tread and it fits the parameters of that challenge, you get credited toward it. If you want to see how you’re doing, you go to the Challenges tab on your Bike or Tread to see how you’re doing. What we announced is that now, you can look at it on your app and see what your progress is. That’s what it was.

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It’s not like you can build your own challenge or things like that?

No. I also want to clarify. If you have the iOS app, you can look at it because screw Android apparently and yeah, I’m bitter about it. It’s been a year since they’ve updated it. I love Peloton. Peloton, you know I love you, but come on please with the freaking Android, or at least say why. I get that things are more complicated, but like a timeline, a roadmap. I’m a project manager, I need details. That was a big deal. You can now see it on the web, so you could pull it up on your browser and you can pick that up there. As Gina Mitchell would say, “You can look at it on your Android phone on the browser.” Thanks, Gina. That is true. I could but I would like to use it within the app that I pay the same price for.

She’ll be like, “Come over to my house and look at my phone.”

I would love that. I wish she lived closer. I would do that every day.

You were becoming Mrs. Maisel there for a second. It’s like when she gets mad at her parents and she’s like, “You know I love you, but oh my God.”

We’ve been watching too much Mrs. Maisel.

There was an interesting article on Billboard, which used to be a magazine, I guess it may be still is. It’s a website now. It’s some updates in the music lawsuit.

Thank you to Fred Wachter for submitting this article. I do my checks at 9:00 in the morning. I missed this one. It wasn’t done. Peloton’s Head of Music Talks on Fitness Phenom’s Stellar Growth, Despite Copyright Lawsuit. That is a long title but great for SEO optimization. I hear you, guys, I know what you’re doing. I get why you’re doing it. In this article, it’s an interview. What they did is they interviewed the Head of Music and they talked about a little bit of the background, like Peloton is doing so great but they have this lawsuit that you have all heard about because we’ve talked about it a million times. If you haven’t, Peloton is being sued and it’s up to $300 million. It’s by not actually the musicians, it’s by three publishing companies I believe, for specific songs, not for artists.

They talked to Paul DeGooyer. They interviewed him. They talked about what the music’s role in relation to the Peloton experience. He talks about the fact that it was tough because they have all these people who are coming to listen to music but they’re not coming to listen to specific music. That’s one thing you have to take into consideration. He talked about how songs are acquired and they’re selected, which I think a lot of us know, but just in case you don’t, they use a proprietary system called Crescendo and it’s their in-house streaming service. They use tools that they are able to search for the music. It’s around beats per minute, the duration of the song, things like that, that they can create their own library. Each instructor can grade their own library.

Some of the instructors, he goes on to say, are like DJs. They have five music supervisors who were assigned to each instructor. They’re generally connected at the hip in terms of, “I heard the song, but it doesn’t seem to be in the system.” He says sometimes they’ll go out and get that song and sometimes there’s a song that they may already have the rights for, but we haven’t turned it on. I thought it was fascinating. Why would you not turn all of them on? Every single song that we have rights to, turn it on. There’s got to be a reason or I don’t know what that reason is. They say that they have a good handle on what their members want and like, and what they’re asking for, which I’m sure some of our members would disagree with. They pay a lot of attention to make sure that they’re not playing the same stuff over and over again. I think there are some people that would disagree with that.

Honestly, this is the exact same complaint that radio stations have for 70 years.

One of the questions they ask, “Is there any directive for instructors to promote certain songs?” “Absolutely not,” was the answer, like unequivocally no. He says they choose their own, “We don’t promote anything musically speaking. That’s not the nature of our relationship with our members. They’re already paying $39 a month on the hardware tier to have this experience. They don’t need us selling anything.” Having said that, we know the right song for the right moment drives a nice network effect. They talked about the Lady Gaga class that they had. He talked about how it’s already over 100,000 plays. This was four or five days later. He said, “If 100,000 people are tagging those nine songs for their Peloton playlist, then we know our community is going to go nuts for it on our social stuff. To us, that’s a win.” He talks about that. I’m not going to read through all of these. I think you guys should go check it out. They talked about a lot of things related to the lawsuit. You can find this in your newsletter. You will get it delivered to you. I promise I’ll do it. That’s a great way to find it. You can also find it at Facebook.com/TheClipOut. It’s very interesting stuff. Thanks, Fred.

I think we’ve talked about it once or twice, but I see lots of things on Facebook about the Theragun.

I wish I had one. It’s like a gun and it massages your muscles. If you were to use your knuckles to dig into your muscles to relax them like a deep-tissue massage, that’s what a Theragun does. I understand that they’re amazing.

Emma Lovewell has been showing up in their ads.

Actually, what she was doing was an Instagram paid ad, it was a partner kind of thing. She was talking about the Theragun and all of its wonderful benefits, and it was a paid ad. Good for Emma. That’s awesome.

You will only see more and more of that. The Peloton instructors are like professional athletes. You could make the argument that they are, I’m not trying to be dismissive of their achievements.

You mean in comparison to NFL or NBA?

Yes, in terms of endorsement deals, I think you’re only going to see more and more of it. Apple Watch had an interesting announcement.

I included it because I thought it would be interesting to all of you. We have so many iPhone users, Apple users. Apple released the thing. It’s going to be new Connected Gyms Program that you can use with your Apple Watch. If you go to certain gyms such as Basecamp, Crunch Fitness, Orangetheory or YMCA, you can use your Apple Watch and it will pull in certain information. For example, having an Apple Watch will get you discounts when you buy stuff there. If you use Apple pay, you could book classes on your Apple Watch, get discounts for actually working out. Crunch Fitness, for example, they said it can save $3 to $4 a week on their membership bill if you meet certain workout goals each month. They’re finding all these ways to connect with gyms and I found that interesting. I don’t know where it’s going to go. I think it’s one of those things that they put out there, it doesn’t get a lot of buzz because I think it’s too complicated. People have too many memberships, too many things that they monitor and do.

I will say though, if you have an Apple Watch, this is a good one because you’re wearing it and it’s going to know you’re there. It’s going to do it automatically, right?

I don’t know if it’s automatically. I didn’t read every single detail of this. I suspect you’ve got to go in and do something to connect it. It’s not just like you walk into the gym and it knows here and it knows you did this. I don’t know. That’s a good question.

All your fitness things know that you’re running. You don’t have to say, “I’m running now.”

TCO 141 | Becoming Healthy With PelotonI think you have to be in that gym. Running doesn’t count. If I was doing it here and I had an Apple Watch, that wouldn’t count. I’ve got to be at Crunch Fitness or at Orangetheory.

I was thinking it probably connects to their Wi-Fi. I don’t know. We’re making stuff up.

That’s just it. We don’t know.

It’s intriguing.

It will be interesting and it’s cool that you would have the ability to buy things when you’re there. You use your watch and you could get food or water or whatever. I don’t go to a gym so it doesn’t matter to me. There’s such a love of Apple within our community that I felt like it was an interesting turn. It makes you wonder if Peloton will do anything like that, like get added to Apple’s list. If it could work with the Treadmill, if it could work with the Bike, if you could work with it in their studio. There are lots of applications.

My first thought was it seemed discount-driven, “While you’re there, you save 10% at the smoothie bar or whatever.” That wouldn’t have wide application for Peloton since you’re at your house.

I agree with that. Maybe that’s why they connected with the people they did. I don’t know. You would think that you could do it within the stores, there are Peloton stores all over, if it was going to go that route. If it’s about how many times a week you work out, I think there are applications that they could use. I don’t know that they want to work together, so it doesn’t even matter. I just thought it was an interesting related article.

Probably not. My guess is somewhere in an Apple dungeon, they’re building a bike right now. It seems that’s the sort of thing that Apple does. Another Emma Lovewell story?

She was mentioned in a UK site, the Telegraph. Emma was mentioned in it to talk about different places that you should go in New York, her go-to places for fitness-related things. When I say things, I mean like she had a place that she suggested for acupuncture. She had a place that she suggested for Matcha, that kind of thing. It’s very related to what she does every day but it wasn’t like, “Go here for this kind of workout.” It had a little bit of that but it wasn’t just that. I don’t want to give too many spoilers away but it was a great article and you can get that in your newsletter. It is a paid ad but you can get it for free. You can read most of it for free if you’re not reading a ton of Telegraph articles.

It wouldn’t open for me. I guess I’ve must have clicked through on different articles. If you’re on there that much, then give them your money. Trying to continue my little streak. I found an article about How Exercise Reduces Anxiety and Makes You Feel More Connected.

Which is perfect, given who we’re talking to, Dr. Jenn Man. This is very timely, Tom. It’s probably why it was on your mind.

It popped up on Washington post. That’s who I give my money to.

Tell us all about it.

I didn’t read it. I just sent it to you.

You’re no longer on a roll. Your roll is over. It came to a complete stop.

I didn’t expect you to put me on blast like that. You’re like, “Talk about it.”

As I’m perusing, a lot of the things that we have talked about on multiple occasions on the podcast, you can use exercise as a mental health tool. It’s the endorphins, it gets you moving and makes you feel good. That is all affected by what’s going on in your brain. From a mental health perspective, if you have all the chemicals doing what they’re supposed to do in your brain, in theory you’re going to be happier. Exercise helps you do that.

I’m already happy with not much anxiety, so I’m good then, right?

I don’t think that’s true. Let’s hear what Dr. Jenn has to say about it. It talks about your exercise can make your brain more sensitive to joy. It makes you brave. Moving with others builds trust and belonging. You do need to exercise. Trying a new activity can transform your self-image. That’s all. It’s a fascinating article. It also will be included in your newsletter. Tom found it but did not read it.

The next one just says, “Oliver injured.”

I don’t know a lot about it because since I got this new job, I’m not doing as good of a job keeping up with everything. I’m sorry, you put me on blast. I do know that Oliver is injured and he is not able to teach as many classes right now. I don’t think he’s teaching running classes at all. I don’t know if he’s doing strength classes. He’s not teaching running classes while he recovers. He’s okay. He’s going to be fine but it’s an abundance of caution. You want to take it easy. We are not sure why Oliver hasn’t been teaching classes.

Denis Morton has a new series.

We have another signature series. I’m just saying every instructor is getting one of this. I can tell. This one I’m really excited about, it is called Reset. It is a bike to mat class. On one day, they’re going to do a bike class, on another day, they’re going to do a mat class. For all you that take every single class live that you do, you need to switch up for this. Denis did an actual Facebook Live and he talked about it or a video that he posted to Facebook. I don’t know if it was live. He talked about the fact that this is the theme, the music selection, everything is put together in such a way that they go together. He would like for everybody to take them back to back even though they take place on two different days. I think it’s cool. I like that they’re doing more stuff like this, all about mobility, being aware of your body. I love it.

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Mirror is offering meditation classes. Don’t you close your eyes when you meditate?


You don’t need a mirror for that, do you?

No but you can hear the instructor through your Mirror device. I’m trying to keep up with all the different things.

It’s funny that it’s like, here’s this big giant fancy mirror.

You still see the instructor in front of you.

They’re still offering steep discounts it sounds like.

They’re still doing like Black Friday-type pricing. They have on sale until the end of January. They get free shipping and a bunch of other stuff and three months free of their subscription too. I’m not buying anything because I think I have enough exercise equipment. I do like the Tonal better. I think that the Mirror would go unused because I have so much cardio, I don’t need to add more cardio.

It seems like a lot of what they’re doing on that will be replicated on the other devices anyway.

It’s more functional exercises. It’s more things like burpees or jumping jacks or whatever. I don’t want to do those things. If you do, by all means that’s a great way for you to get that exercise.

Olivia took over the Spotify Mint feed. I’ve never heard of this, Spotify Mint.

I knew you were going to put me on blast on this one, so I looked it up. You know how Spotify has all those different channels or different things that you can follow, like country or playlist? This one is for EDM specifically.

Spotify Mint is a playlist?

It is a playlist.

It’s not like a whole other version of Spotify?

No, but I think that they do a couple of things with this that they don’t do with everything. For example, I think they’re doing it more and more with other channels, but they’re adding in content from the artists. You’re hearing interviews with them. They also have the music structured so that it’s a constant dance party from what I understand. It flows from one song to another and more of a dance-type thing. That is what Mint is. It used to be called Electro Now and they renamed it to Mint. It is the sixth biggest Spotify playlist followed or whatever. That’s pretty big.

That’s big. I just don’t like EDM, so I pay zero attention to it.

You probably like some EDM and don’t even realize it. I think you’ve probably heard songs for real that are pop crossover that you probably do like that are considered EDM. I have and I’m not an EDM fan, but I do like music that is considered EDM but also is on the pop list.

I find it very fascinating that Peloton does artist collaborations and now Spotify is doing Peloton collaborations.

This whole thing that we were going to be talking about, I don’t think we ever said the point of all of that, is that Olivia Amato was asked to take over the Spotify Mint feed. She did a special playlist that was for an EDM run and an EDM bike ride. She basically took it over for a couple of days. It was pretty cool because if you went to Spotify, her face was on the cover, and that’s pretty cool. She was excited about it as she should be. That’s huge. That is very exciting.

We promised people a Prophet prediction, and it has to do with Spotify ads.

I was told by the Peloton Prophet that they believe there are more of these coming. In fact, they believe yoga is coming up next. There’ll be some yoga EDM mix.

Black History Month is just around the corner.

TCO 141 | Becoming Healthy With Peloton

Peloton is making sure that they are celebrating. They celebrate all the months. They’re very inclusive of course. They did some things this 2020 that they have not done in the past. First of all, they have this amazing new collection that was dropped in the boutique. It is by Jean-Michel Basquiat, I believe. He is an amazing artist that had so many influences that he has spread since the 1980s. He died very young, 27. This collection features his art all over it and it’s gorgeous. I had to buy a few things and they will be here soon. I was excited about that. They’ve never done anything like that, very specific for art. I’ve never seen them feature an artist like that in that way. I thought it was really cool. I was very excited about it. If you haven’t checked it out, you should. It sold out really fast. There was a bag and it was sold out within an hour. It was gone. I don’t know about the rest of it. I haven’t gone back and checked because I immediately purchased everything that I possibly could.

He is a big deal.

Did you have more to add about him?

There was a movie in the ‘90s with Jeffrey Wright and David Bowie playing Andy Warhol.

I need to go watch that. I would like to watch that. Of course, we’re going to have all of our awesome playlists. They’re going to have several classes. You’re going to get different genres. You’re going to get generations of music. For example, Jess Sims is doing an all-female hip hop artist for her Saturday 60 class. I’m super excited about that. Also exciting, Peloton is going to be teaming up with the Brooklyn Museum. They are going to sponsor their first Saturdays event on Saturday, February 1st. It’s going to be a night of free art and entertainment. It’s going to be a special fireside chat with Tunde Oyeneyin and Common. It’s free to go to this. There are only 200 spots though. Good luck. First come first served, starting at 5:00 PM at the doors.

There’s so much stuff like that in New York.

I think it’s amazing. I wish we could pop over to NYC. I’ve never met Tunde, so I’d love to meet her.

We need to talk to her soon.

I’m so excited about that too. If you haven’t heard, we found out that we get to interview Tunde.

If you have a question for her that you would like to submit, you should like the page and join the group. There’s a thread in there where you can leave your question and maybe it will get selected.

You only have until the end of the day on January 31st. You’ve got to be quick.

Not a part of Black History Month because that would be weird, but there’s an artist series with Guns N Roses coming up.

It is going to be January 30th. There’s going to be a ride with Olivia Amato. There’s going to be a bootcamp with Andy Speer and a yoga flow with Kristin McGee. I’m super curious what shows up on that playlist. On a personal note, I want to say that I support all of our new instructors. I have seen a lot of people that have not been as positive about this particular series as our community usually is. I hope that you all support all of our instructors and show them love because it’s hard to get up there. Read things whenever you go to Facebook or Instagram and see that you’re not people’s first choice for this kind of thing. Said as someone who has to read awful things that people say about me. You are not so nice sometimes. Our core audience are always nice, just to be clear. They’re amazing people, but there are also some not so nice people. Spread the love. Show up for these guys.

I find it interesting that since it seemed like there were so many GNR songs that were caught up in the purge, that now there’s a GNR series.

It wasn’t that long ago that the GNR came back, because before Jennifer Jacobs left, there was a final Guns N Roses ride. I know that Jenn Sherman had some Guns N Roses on a ride that she did. I think there were other instructors that did as well. Part of the complaints about this one is that it’s only 30 minutes long. As you know, some of their songs are 7 to 8 minutes.

Do they play the full songs?

They do.

I didn’t know if maybe you’d get three minutes in November Rain instead of eight minutes of November Rain.

I don’t even know how I could wrap my head around that because I love the entire song.

If they did some DJ version.

I don’t know if that’s what they will do with this particular ride, but in general, the instructors use the entire song.

I should probably put one little addendum on the GNR ride. It wouldn’t be entirely inappropriate for Black History Month because Slash is half-black.

I did not even realize that.

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A lot of people don’t. I wanted to throw that out there, in case anybody would to be like, “Wait a second.”

Stereotypically speaking, you would not think of GNR as a black artist.

Which is where I was coming from. I want to put that out there in case anybody was like, “Wait a minute.”

Fair enough. I don’t think anybody has that pop culture close to the top of their brain the way you do. I am glad that you clarify it.

GNR has got some die-hard fans. There are some metal head out there like, “Wait a minute.”

I love GNR. I can’t wait for this.

Joining us is someone with a whole list of accomplishments. She’s a psychotherapist, sports psychology author and host of VH1’s Couples Therapy and the spinoff, Family Therapy. It’s Dr. Jenn Mann. How is it going?

I’m good. How are you, guys?

We’re awesome. We’ve got a little bit of a reprieve from work.

I thought it was cold this morning when I took my daughters to the ice-skating rink. You’re living it even bigger and icier than me.

Normally, we will start by warning people about me, like how I can be, but I feel like we don’t need to because you’ve worked with Farrah Abraham.

I’ve worked with DMX. I’ve had Flavor Flav screaming in my face. I can handle anything that comes my way.

There’s nothing I can do?

I don’t think so, but maybe you’ll surprise me.

On the one hand I’m like, “It takes the pressure off.” On the other hand, I’m like, “Challenge accepted.”

I found you because I’ve watched the show on VH1, Couples Therapy, but I saw that you love Peloton and I was excited about that because I am a huge Peloton fan.

I think to say love is an understatement. I am obsessed. It’s crazy. Mark at the Century City location Peloton, who sold me my Peloton jokes with me, “You are the most reluctant Peloton sale I’d ever got.” Literally it took me a year, “Why do I want this? Why are people talking about this?” Now I come in dressed head to toe in Peloton gear, talking about my PR. I’m like, “I took this class. Have you taken that class?” He always laughs.

What was the moment? How did you find out about Peloton and what got you hooked?

I had a client who kept coming into my private psychotherapy practice talking about it saying, “I want to get this.” She’s a mom of twins, she’s a widow, so she doesn’t have someone who can watch her kids when she wants to go workout. She’s like, “I want to get this.” She got it and she kept talking about it and I was like, “I love to spin but I don’t know about this.” I was into the classroom atmosphere. I’m in private practice so I go to the office and it’s me and one or a couple of people in a room. I like the group energy. What I also realize is, first of all, my favorite instructor switched studios and that was a problem.

I found another instructor I liked, but she was 10:30 on Mondays and I had to work my client schedule around the class. I was like, “I don’t know. What if I don’t like any of these teachers?” I eventually was like, “I can’t keep driving and parking. I’m losing an hour in driving and parking every time I want to do this and I am held prisoner to this person’s schedule and that doesn’t work for me.” I decided to bite the bullet and got the Bike and the addiction began. I heard people talking about the Tread and I was like, “I think I need that.” I had a generous partner. Eric was like, “You seem to love that Bike.” He got it for me as a gift and the rest is Peloton history.

How long have you had the Bike and the Tread at this point?

I got the Bike, I believe it was September. I got the Tread about 4 or 5 months later.

That’s interesting because you were all in quickly.

TCO 141 | Becoming Healthy With PelotonI don’t do anything half-assed. It’s not my style.

It feels good the person behind Couples Therapy isn’t afraid of commitment.

I am not. I know and I’m all in.

I have to ask who your favorite instructors for the Bike and the Tread are?

It’s shifted over time and I have to say I love Matty and Olivia. I feel a kinship to them. I love their music selection. I love their classes. I love them as people. We’ve developed friendships via text messaging and messaging and all that stuff. I love what they do and I feel that they’re soulful people. That said, I love a lot of the instructors. I originally started with Ally Love and I felt she was exactly what I needed to ease in. She reminded me a lot of an instructor that I had, Miranda Barsky who’s in LA. Ally is inspirational and positive. I love that. I love Robin when I want to have my ass kicked. When I want to go hard, I want that thing. I’ve been getting into yoga meditation. Kristen is amazing. I love all of them.

I made a commitment. I talk a lot and you’ve probably heard me talk about it on Couples Therapy. I talk a lot about embracing change. I was like, “I need to embrace some Peloton change. I made a commitment to take a bootcamp class, which I don’t usually take. I made a commitment to take one new instructor and one person that I hadn’t taken in a long time. To me, one of the things I love about Peloton is that I feel it’s a metaphor for life and that we have the opportunity to learn these lessons and to gravitate to the things that we need at that moment. There are times where maybe we need to push ourselves hard or to show up when we don’t feel like showing up. There are other times where we need to be gentle and instead take a yoga class or a stretch class. I think that Peloton is particularly great that way and it’s such a wonderful tool for self-care.

On that note, one of the many things that you do is sports psychology consultancy. Do you find that as a consultant for sports psychology that you actively think about those things for yourself?

How I got started in sports psych is I was an elite-level rhythmic gymnast. The sport with the ribbons, hoops, clubs, rope, ball, I did that. I was on the national team for a few years. On my first year competing, I had a coach who is considered to be the mother of the sport in this. I was expected to make the national team my first year and I was one of the only people on my team who did not make it. I missed making the national team. It was the top twelve. I came in 13th place. I missed it at 0.05. I trained hard and my teammates were the top girls in the nation. Of the 12 junior and 12 senior spots out of the 24, we would generally take at least 16 spots every year.

I felt like I’m with the top coach in the country. I have some of my biggest competitors who are here with me. I worked hard the following year. At the end of the first day of the competition, I do this ribbon routine. My coach looks at my mom and says, “It will be 9.0. Because it is a national competition, it will be 8.6.” My mom says, “Great.” The score goes up to 7.05. A coach from another team protested the score, which has never happened before. It was ridiculous and they upped it from 7.05 to 7.15. At the end of day one, I was in 13th place yet again. My mom, who was a smoker at the time, got down on her knees and said, “God, I’ll give up anything. I’ll give up smoking. If she makes a national team, I will never smoke again. Please let this kid make the team.”

The next day, I compete and I come in 12th place by the skin of my teeth. I was supposed to be the top six. I came in 12th place. My mom has never smoked again. I saved my mom’s life and made the national team. What happened was I said to myself, “I am training with top people in the country, the top coach. We’re training at the same hours.” I have to find a way to give myself an extra edge. My dad said, “There’s this thing called sports psychology. You may want to read about it.” I started reading books and I started using the techniques and then created some of my own. The following year, I won 5 gold medals out of 5. I beat my next competitor by 1.0 and it hit me that this is powerful stuff. That mind-body connection is incredibly powerful.

When I was in grad school getting my degree in Psychology, I started coaching gymnastics on the side to earn some money and I started using the sports psychology techniques on the girls I was working with. They worked well that the parents started paying me to travel with the team and they were my guinea pigs where I got to try my techniques on other people and it went well. I started and I continued my studies. I got hired by USA Gymnastics and other organizations to do that. The funny thing is that I thought about sports psych for gymnastics, but I didn’t for a long time about Peloton. For some reason, there was a disconnect for me that was like, “I’m not trying out for the national team and I’m not trying out for the Olympics. I’m on my Bike, I’m on my Tread.” It didn’t click. I had one day where it clicked. I go around saying I’m not a runner and because running is challenging for me.

I did a marathon in 1999. I did it for 5 hours and 20 minutes. My goal was to complete it. I didn’t care if I walked it, crawled it, whatever I did. Suddenly I was like, “All the things I tell my clients, I’m reinforcing this negative concept of myself as an athlete and this is not what I practice and I’ve got to do what I preach.” I shifted and started to think of myself as a runner and start to talk about myself as a runner. I started to visualize, I started doing Ross Rayburn’s long-run meditation the night before my long run, which literally every single time I’ve done that so far and it’s been either 5 or 6 times, I have beaten my PR on the next long run. That mind-body connection is strong and powerful and that it’s important when you’re training for the Olympics or whether you’re doing a ten-minute run on your Tread, it’s important to get yourself in the right mindset.

I have a big question then. Something that Tom might tell you is that I might be a little hard on myself about things. I always feel like I want to say that stuff to myself and be positive. I always feel like it’s not real. I can say it in my head but I don’t truly believe it. How do you get past that gap where you honestly absorb it and feel it’s true past the imposter syndrome, if you will?

It’s a few things. I have an app that’s called No More Diets. Part of the app deals with some of the psychological stuff about our relationship with food. One of the sections of it, I have an exercise where it addresses negative self-talk. On the left side, you write your negative self-talk and on the right side, you write a sentence that counters that negative self-talk. Here’s the thing about it. You don’t have to believe it in the beginning. That’s okay. Fake it until you make it. That is fine. What happens is that we have a healthy voice and an unhealthy voice. I think of it as like the angel and the devil on our shoulders. Our unhealthy voice is always telling us negative things, “You can’t do it and you’re too this and you’re too bad and you’re not whatever enough.” What happens is if we don’t talk back with our healthy voice, that unhealthy voice gets bigger and bigger and louder and louder. It’s important that we take the time to talk back to it.

In sports psychology, we talk a lot about a 4 to 1 ratio, 5 to 1 ratio of positive to negative. When you’re saying those negative things, I don’t want you to say one positive thing. I want you to say four positive things. I don’t care if you believe it to start with. You can always find something positive to say. It doesn’t have to be delusional like, “I’m not a basketball player,” and then you say like, “I’m tall and I always make the baskets.” Maybe what you say is, “I have great hand-eye coordination. I love to play basketball. My passion for basketball is impressive.” You need to look for the positives that you can hold on to, to work on squashing that negative voice.

Tell us about some more of your career journey. You said you also went to school for generalized psychotherapy. How is that different? How did you put those two together into a career?

For my undergraduate, I was a Mass Communications major. My focus is on print and television journalism.

Same. I was too.

Where did you go?

Nowhere of consequence.

Did you have a good experience? Did you enjoy it?

I graduated when I was 45, so I’ll let you connect those dots.

We do things when we’re ready to do them. I bet you appreciated it more at 45 than you would have at 22.

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That is true. Honestly, the reason I dropped out of college is that I got offered a job at the alternative rock station in the market. It was like, “I’m going to do this so I can be a DJ at a rock station,” and someone handed it to me. I can’t say, “Wait six months while I take a college algebra class.”

Sometimes we have to grab an opportunity when it’s there in front of us. I got my Master’s in Clinical Psychology and then I got my Doctorate in Psychology, specifically Marriage, Family and Child Counseling.

How long did that take? Make me feel bad. How old were you when you finished 45 years of school?

I graduated from undergrad early. I took six months off. I did my Master’s in two years. I did my Doctorate. It took me four years to do the academic work and then it was another year for the dissertation and then I had to defend it. It was five years and a few months plus the two.

Screw sports psychology. You should do homework psychology.

The thing is that when you’re studying something that you love, it’s such a different experience. I had a great experience at Emerson for my undergrad. Academically, I love grad school because every day was eye-opening. It was learning about the psychological theories and these masters of the fields. It was fascinating to me.

I have a great love of pop culture and I didn’t realize it until I was well into my adulthood that I had spent my childhood studying this. Not watching but reading books. I had all these books about movies and TV and radio. I never realized I was studying because I enjoyed it.

It has a lot of value in nowadays culture.

My parents sure as hell didn’t think that. I remember I booked concerts for a living and it’s nice that the day I got to point out to my dad like, “Remember when you were like, ‘What are you going to do with all this stuff? You’re wasting your time.’ Suck it, dad,” but in a nice way. How did you go from there to the media component of what you do with psychology?

There were two significant milestones for me. The first was I was outspoken in my class on eating disorders. I’m someone who’s recovered myself. I shared a lot about my experience and about intuitive eating and about all that stuff. The teacher was going on Channel 2 Action News with the host, Dr. Winnie King. She pulled one other person and me aside who was also recovered who was outspoken and said, “I would like for you guys to come. Would you be willing to speak when I do this TV thing? Would you be comfortable?” I was like, “Sure, absolutely. Anything that delivers the message, I’m happy to do.” I said yes. I didn’t fully know what I was getting into, but as I’m preparing to do this thing with her, I’m thinking to myself. I’m sitting in my office with one person. I’m thinking, “This is an opportunity to teach people about something important about psychology, healing and pain. I suffered for all those years and I didn’t think that I could ever get well and recover. I can share that with people and that could change someone’s life. That could change millions of people’s lives.”

When it hit me that instead of sitting in my office and helping one person, I could potentially help millions, I was like, “This is powerful stuff.” I did the interview with her and they ended up using a ton of my footage and not a lot of the other people. Someone else who is a producer who knew me said, “Could you come on the show and talk about eating disorders?” It picked up and at some point, I get a call from none other than Harvey Levin of TMZ. Harvey says, “Hi, my name’s Harvey Levin. I’m doing a pilot of this show called We Need Professional Help. We’ve cast two people on the show and we need a young fresh face. I keep seeing you on TV. Would you be willing to come in and audition for it?” I said, “Sure. Absolutely.”

I went in and I auditioned for it with two other therapists who had already been picked to be on the show. I’ll never forget this, and Harvey and I talked about this to this day. I’m sitting at the desk with Harvey and Harvey says, “I’ve got to tell you, no matter what happens with this show, you have to pursue this. I know talent. You are incredibly talented and you have to do this. You have to get an agent or a manager.” I was like, “There are agents or managers for people who do this?” He’s like, “Yes, and you have to get one.” I was like, “Okay.” Lisa Gregorisch-Dempsey, who was the other executive producer on it, pulled me aside. She’s someone who is a straight shooter and she said, “I’ve got to tell you, when I first saw you, I didn’t like you, but now I’ve seen you in action, you’re good. I want to work with you and you’ve got to do this.” I was like, “The universe is telling me something. I’ve got to do this.” I went and I got a manager and pursued it ever since. It’s a great passion of mine. I can have the opportunity to enlighten people about mental health, that I can help normalize the stigma of therapy. I can help people talk about these issues and even think differently, approach the partner differently and think about themselves differently. To me, it’s such a great gift that I feel lucky to have.

I have a follow-up question. How do you audition for something like that? Do they bring in people and have your therapy them right there?

If I tell you the story of the two people, your jaw is going to drop. I don’t think I’ve ever talked about this publicly, but it’s an amazing story. The premise of this show was that it was two people would come in, it could be like a mother and a daughter, a boyfriend and a girlfriend or a brother and a sister. Some combination of people who were connected to each other who are having a conflict and they would sit and present their situation to the panel of three therapists. One would leave and the other would tell her story. They’d switch and then at the end, they would come together and the therapist would vote on whether they should stay together or split apart. If they were roommates, they would either be told like, “You should stay together and you won $5,000 of therapy or you have $5,000 towards a moving van and an attorney. Should you say together or break up?”

The one that put everyone over the edge was there was a man and a woman who came in. They were engaged. She had an identical twin sister. She and her fiancé were into kinky sex, dressing up and doing all kinds of fun stuff. One day, he gets a call from his fiancée who says, “I’m at the hotel. I’ve left a key for you. I’ve got a blindfold. Come to the room and I have something fun planned for you.” This was in their wheelhouse. He’s like, “Great.” He shows up at the hotel, the lights are out. She blindfolds him, they have sex. In the end, she takes off his blindfold and he looked and he realized it was her twin sister. It was not her.

Point of clarification, they were both there?

The sister had been sneaky, and as far as I’m concerned, that’s rape. That is not consensual. Shockingly, the conflict they were having was they were planning this wedding and she wanted her sister to be invited and he did not. I was shocked that she would want to have her sister. Violating her fiancé like this, after betraying her like this, after doing something that horrible, cruel, unethical and terrible that she wanted to invite her sister was quite stunning.

Did the sister have a history of doing awful things like that?

I don’t know. It was quite some time ago. I don’t remember. I remember the moment where I asked him and I said, “You’ve been sleeping with your fiancé for many years. I know you guys were role-playing. Did you have any moment where you were like, “Something feels off. Is this her?” He got pissed, he had a bottle of water and he threw it at me and I ducked. Everything changed from there. I hope to God that he got whatever healing that he needed to get and that they’re okay or they’ve moved on from each other and that sister is somewhere where she can’t harm people. It was a fascinating situation and they were an articulate, interesting couple. Working with them was quite fascinating.

I’m like, “Why don’t they have a show?”

Who knows? Maybe they do. They must have somewhere.

There are many outlets these days, who knows? They could be on Crackle.

Do you have questions that you see come up over and over again as you counsel people?

TCO 141 | Becoming Healthy With Peloton


The questions that come up tend to be along the lines of, “How do I have a healthy long-term relationship? How do I keep things alive?” To me, the most important thing in a relationship is connection. There is a guy named M. Gary Neuman who wrote the book The Truth About Cheating. He did one of the most impressive studies about cheating that’s ever been done. It was over 500 people who had cheated. One study was the men, one was the women. What he found was shocking. We tend to think like, “When someone cheats, it’s because they’re horny. It’s because they wanted sex. It’s because of the sex drive.” What he found was not that. What he found was that for 92% of the women and 93% of the men, that the reason why they cheated was a lack of emotional connection or a lack of emotional and sexual connection combined.

To me, that was incredibly eye-opening. It shifted the way I approach couples because when you focus on nurturing the connection, it changes everything. People are more invested in their relationship, they care more. It’s one thing when you are distant and not connected to cheat. It’s another thing when you are connected and you’ve been nurturing the relationship and you’re spending face to face time together every day. You know what’s going on in each other’s lives and you’re vulnerable with one another. It makes it a lot more difficult to take a step like that.

People that have told me about their relationships or cheating and I’ve had people cheat on me, that it doesn’t feel like it’s ever one thing that causes it. It’s a multitude of things. I think that makes a lot of sense. Going back to sports psychology, do you think there are parallels to different ways of thinking and the different instructors that we’re each drawn to?

I do think that we tend to gravitate towards Peloton instructors who sometimes they have what we need or what we aspire to. Sometimes they are the yin to our yang. Sometimes the opposite can be true that, “I’m Type-A so I go to that instructor who’s more Type-A.” That is personal, but I don’t think it’s necessarily always the same consistent thing for each person. There are some people who are like, “I’m Type-A and I like this instructor,” and others who are a little more flexible on it.

There’s a connection, but it’s not a pigeonhole connection that’s consistent each time.

It would be interesting to do personality tests of each instructor’s core following. What did they have in common? What did they not? That could be the next M. Gary Neuman study.

I am fascinated by that because typically, you will see pairs of instructors that people gravitate to the most.

You point out all the time the type of person that you see that likes one instructor over another.

I’m fascinated by it.

Who do you take the most?

I would say the most on the Bike, I ride with Jenn Sherman.

I love Jenn Sherman. I’ve got to mention Jenn. Her music is unbelievable and I feel like she’s someone who I’d be pals with. She’s one of my peeps. She’s a nice New York girl.

She’s real when she’s on the Bike. I value people who are transparent and real. I know that’s why I like Jenn so much. There are people though that tends to be like if you like Alex, you’ll like Robin. If you like Ally Love, you like Emma. If you like Matt Wilpers, you like Christine. Rarely do you see a crossover that’s like, “I love Matt Wilpers and I love Alex.” I’m not saying that never happens but that’s an unusual pairing for someone.

It’s funny because I tend to think of the instructors in groups. I don’t know if I made it up in my head like, “These people came first. They were Peloton instructors before those people.” I don’t know much about the history as I’m sure you guys do, but I have this idea in my head and tend to gravitate towards what I think of as more of the old-timers.

Tell me who you think the old-timers are.

I tend to think Robin. I know Jenn, Matty, Olivia, but I have a feeling they probably were more on the tail-end of the old-timers that they arrive would be my guess.

Matty and Olivia are new to Peloton because they didn’t come in until the Tread. Matty Maggiacomo and Olivia both came in as Tread instructors and then Olivia started teaching on the Bike a few months after that. She does the Bike and the Tread. I think Olivia out of the group you’ve said is probably the newest.

What about Ally Love? Is she one of the old-timers?

I would say midway. Your true OGs are Jenn Sherman, Robin and Cody. After that was Matt Wilpers, then there was Emma Lovewell, Ally Love and Denis Morton. You then get to like the newest group.

What about Emma and Hannah?

Hannah has been around for a long time too. I forgot to mention her. Not as old-timey as Jenn and Robin, but not long after Jenn, Robin and Cody.

I did Emma’s Crush Your Core. It was fantastic. Not only was it fantastic, but she was also great. It got me doing ten minutes of abs every day at the beginning of my workout. I can’t go like, “I’m late to work. I can’t do it.” I put it in the front now because it’s more of a priority for me. Thanks to Emma.

I love that it was accessible regardless of where you are from a strength standpoint with your core. I was not strong and I knew I needed to do work, but I was overwhelmed because I’m looking at Emma’s abs and I’m like, “I don’t know if I can do that.”

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You could grate cheese off her abs. She’s amazing. I keep messaging her and saying, “Please do Crush Your Core part two.”

I bet she will eventually.

Hopefully, I’m not the only one. More of your readers will reach out to her as well.

I bet they will.

You take Jenn Sherman. Who else do you take?

On the Bike now, where I’m at is at Jenn Sherman because I’ve been running a lot. I have been a running place I’d say for about six months or so. For running, I tend to run with Matty Maggiacomo and Becs Gentry.

I can’t believe I forgot Becs. Becs is my running inspiration. Becs looks like a gazelle when she runs and I feel like she never loses her breath. She is talking with that accent, she’s charming. Through a whole run, you’re sweating your ass off. You look like a drowned rat and there’s Becs smiling, glowing, looking like a gazelle.

She’s got a light sweat. You’re drenched anyway.

I’m gasping. I’m grunting. She’s like, “We’re going to up our incline.”

Only to 4 or 5, it’s no big deal. Her legs are long, she’ll be like, “We’re going to do a cool down. Slow down to eight.” I’m like, “Slow down to eight? I didn’t get to five. Calm down, woman.”

You got Matty and Becs. Who else on the Treads?

Selena Samuela and also I’ve been running with Oliver Lee too. All of them. There are lots of great running Tread instructors.

You can’t go wrong. These instructors are all great. One of the things I love about the Peloton instructors of the many things is they cast them well. They have this it factor. All of them are mesmerizing, charismatic and inspirational in their own way. Everyone is a delight to look at. They’re all interesting. They’re all great.

I think the key thing you said there though is in their own way because it’s not the same thing over and over again like some instructors.

We need to talk about you and why you’re not using a Peloton.

Some of them are focused on the logic and the science of it. Some of them were more inspirational and some of them were like, “Let’s make it fun.” Others are more like, “Screw fun. You’re here to work.” It’s like everybody, for the most part, seems to find the 1 or 2 or 3 that works for them because what motivates everybody is a little bit different.

That’s why I find their personality interesting because like Robin, nobody can say the things that Robin can say the way Robin can say them. That’s magic. On the other hand, for me personally, Cody for example has his key phrases and they don’t do it for me. Other people, they’re motivated by that and that’s why I find the entire thing fascinating, how different everybody is and how people are drawn to those different people.

At first when I started on Peloton, I was a little intimidated by Robin. She’s hardcore. “Am I going to like her class? Is she going to be barking orders at me?” I found her to be wonderful, inspiring and positive. Even though she’s pushing you, she does it in a way that you never feel bad about yourself. You always feel like, “I’m going to give it a little bit more because Robin’s here with me.” She’s great and talk about a woman with the it factor, she’s such a star. She is amazing.

I can’t believe she used to be an attorney. I’m like, “I’m glad she stopped doing that.” Not that she was probably not amazing at that. It’s clear that wouldn’t have been her as a person.

Have you read her book?

I have not read the book but I have read about her story. The simple reason I haven’t read her book is that it wasn’t on Kindle for a long time and I read all the books on Kindle. She’s like, “It’s a paperback. You’re supposed to read it as a paperback because you’re supposed to go through it and do the exercises.” That never worked for me.

It’s good. I found it to be fascinating. It was hard to put down. It was a great combination of her personal story, inspiration and great tips about running.

It always amazes me when people who become attorneys have the nerve to walk away from it. There’s so much sunk costs there and to be like, “Never mind, I’m going to hit the reset button and go do something completely unrelated.” That’s such a ballsy move.

TCO 141 | Becoming Healthy With Peloton

I don’t know that everybody in that situation can say it in the same way that Robin does. The reason that I love her motivation is because of her personal story and having somebody hold a gun to her head. She was like, “Life is too short for this.” When she says, “We get to do this. You’re lucky to be here,” I believe that.

I took Tunde’s class. She talked about how in one year she lost her mother, her father, her brother and I think it was her aunt. The way she talks, I burst into tears. On my 30-minute ride, I spent ten minutes sobbing. She was real about it. It was also inspiring to me to hear her talk about grief. I don’t want to say overcoming grief because I don’t know that you overcome grief. I think that you grieve, you work through it, and you integrate the grief into your life in a different, more positive way. I found that to be incredibly inspiring.

She is one of the most real instructors. I honestly have not gotten to take many of her classes because her schedule doesn’t work with mine. The classes I have taken, she’s amazing. I want to find that ride and go take the ride.

It was part of one of the programs. It was either the one with the best music or the favorite ride. It’s a 40-minute ride.

She used to be overweight when she was a teenager too. I think she’s inspiring from that standpoint as well.

One of the things she talked about that was similar to Robin was that she was a successful makeup artist. She said that she got on the Bike and was doing a spin class and she heard a voice say, “This is what you’re supposed to do. This is your calling.” She left makeup to do this and talked about how she had a year of auditioning for Peloton and that led her here. I thought it was amazing and inspiring.

I’m sure it took a long time to get good at to be like, “Nevermind.”

She is good. She’s amazing. I’ve seen pictures. She was the one that did Matty’s makeup for The Grinch whenever he dressed up.

That’s one of those professions where if someone says that was their job, then I assume that you have to be good at it. Makeup is like being a photographer. It’s one of those things that many people think they can do. If you’re making a living at it, then you have to be top tier.

It’s such an art. My best friend is my makeup artist. I post about her a lot. She is talented, amazing and I’m always in awe. I feel lucky they have this best friend that has this incredible talent. This is cool.

You get your makeup done every event you have to do.

You look like a mere mortal, but you work magic with a brush. You can make me look younger. It’s amazing. Tom, why are you not on a Peloton? I need to understand this.

We don’t want to take up too much of your time.

Tom, I’ve got all the time in the world for you.

I have always had a hate-hate relationship with anything athletic. I had negative experiences as a child and I don’t like it.

Give her the brief version of your striking out.

I legit struck out at tee-ball. That happened.

Negative experiences with competitive sports?

Everything about it. I suck at it and then I would get piled on for sucking at it. It was like, “I don’t even want to be here.” I was made to go be in soccer. My parents were like, “You should play tee-ball.” I sucked at it and then they were like, “Now you could play soccer,” and I sucked at it and then it was like, “Now you can play basketball,” and I sucked at it. They came in and said, “Football,” and at that point I drew a line in the sand and I was like, “Absolutely not. You can make me go but you can’t make me move when I’m on the field. I’m not going to do it. Everything you’re signing me up for, I suck at and you keep picking sports that get progressively more physical contact. The next thing is going to be some blood sport Kumite. No.”

Did your parents understand you better in other areas or was this a reflection of a bigger picture, if you don’t mind me asking?

They didn’t understand me at all.

He was an enigma to them.

There is nobody else in my family that’s like me. I have 41 first cousins on my dad’s side.

Grieve, work through it, and integrate it into your life in a different, more positive way. Click To Tweet

When he says anyone in his family, he means anyone.

My dad owned a printing company, his dad owned a printing company. His dad owned a printing company and they were all about fixing things and mechanical.

“Why do you want to play music and talk on the radio?”

My dad would be like, “Come help me work on this thing.” It would be like some weird Abbott and Costello routine where he would ask for some tool and no matter what he asked for, I would hand him a screwdriver. He’d be like, “Hand me a crescent wrench.” I’m like, “What is a crescent wrench? I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Here’s the thing though. If that experience is what has kept you from exercising, first of all, your parents still have an awful lot of power over you. Exactly what it means is that you’ve never branched out and separated from them, figured out what you like.

I figured out what I like. It was all nerd stuff. It was comic books, TV, movies and pop culture. I can tell you all of that stuff.

I’m talking about in the physical realm. It sounds like you found your sweet spot when it comes to entertainment, when it comes to intellect, but you haven’t found your sweet spot when it comes to exercise.

Because he won’t even embrace it enough to try. He’s like, “I don’t want to sweat. I don’t want to move. I don’t want somebody to tell me I did it wrong. I want none of those things.”

The joke I say on here is my body is in new condition.

Do you guys have kids?

Not together, but yes.

How many between the two of you?


Would you like to live a long time to see them get older, have grandbabies and maybe even great-grandbabies?

Two of the three. That makes them work harder if they all think that maybe at any moment like, “Maybe I’m the one he doesn’t like.”

One of the many things that gets me on the Tread and on the Bike is going, “I want to live to see my kids have kids. I want to live to share those moments with them.” Study after study shows that doing cardio and taking good care of ourselves allows us to live longer. I think that it’s a shame to give your parents that much power and to let that trauma, and I do consider it a trauma, to let that trauma of being forced into doing these sports that you loathed, that were not who you are, prevent you from trying a light walking class where there’s no one. Kick Crystal out of the room where the Tread or the Bike is and do something where you don’t sweat. Start out light. Do ten minutes of walking at a 2.0 pace and see what you think separate from your parents, separate from the messages that you’ve got to see is this something that is as horrible as I thought, especially if it could lead to better health and living a long time.

You’re good. You should do this for a living.

I might do that.

I was thinking, “Tom, you should probably listen. She’s a doctor.”

A lot of the time what I do in sports psychology, I have all these elite-level athletes who are super high level, but I also have a lot of people come to me similar to you where they’re like, “I don’t know how to start an exercise regimen. I had a bad experience. I don’t know where to begin. I don’t know how to get past that.” It’s important to figure out in the exercise world, of all of the many things out there, what can you connect with the most? It sounds like for you, a solitary activity is probably where it’s at. Something where you don’t get a lot of feedback. Something where you don’t have to deal with other people and their thoughts or feelings about it that you don’t have to perform for someone else, but where you could get in your head. You’d be surprised. I find that I get some of my best ideas when I’m on the Tread or the Bike. You’re getting all this oxygen to your brain. You seem like someone who’s creative, who likes to be in his creative head and this is another forum to get to do that.

How is oxygen getting into your brain? Whenever I’ve done anything remotely like exercise, I can’t breathe at all.

I know you’re joking, but if that is the case, you’re going too fast. What you don’t want to do is push yourself hard that you injure yourself or you’re out of breath that it’s horrible. I would say start slow and gentle. If it’s not on the Tread, go for a walk outside. Get some fresh air. It’s good to get some sunlight. It fights depression. There’s no negative to it in terms of your well-being.

She makes many good points, Tom.

TCO 141 | Becoming Healthy With Peloton


It’s some food for thought to consider. To me, when we have a trauma of some kind and we don’t do things that are good for us because of our trauma, we are still being held prisoner by our trauma. I think it’s important to move past that and make self-affirming decisions that are good for us and that helps us take care of ourselves and be healthy and live a long time.

I have done things, I will say in my defense, because I feel like I need to defend myself. I used to be quite a bit heavier and I definitely got my weight under control because of the things that you’re saying. I used to be 50, 60 pounds heavier than I am now. That played a role where I was like, “Okay.” When I ended up with sole custody of two kids, I was like, “She’s whack-a-doodle. I’ve got to stay alive until they’re adults.” That was a motivating factor. I feel like this might be the first interview we’ve ever done where there’ll be a co-pay at the end.

I’m not charging you. When you made those changes that resulted in you losing weight, were they difficult to make?


Did they remain difficult or did they get easier?

How I did it primarily was I did a weight loss study and they put me on a low carb, low-calorie diet. I couldn’t go over twenty carbs a day and I couldn’t go over 900 calories a day. This weight-loss study was with Washington University, which is a reputable school. I was meeting with a nutritionist weekly and meeting with a physician weekly. It was medical research.

It’s amazing because also one of the things I learned when I was doing my Doctoral dissertation on weight loss is that 900 calories is the number in the concentration camps that the Nazis discovered that if you give prisoners 900 calories, it’s enough to keep them working. It was fascinating to me that they want it enough to keep you going. That’s a low number.

I had to keep a food diary and it was funny because I followed all those rules well because I was like, “This is for science. I don’t want to screw up science.” I dropped weight like crazy.

What happened after the study was over?

It started with a week in the hospital on a liquid diet, they did muscle biopsies, I did the thing, they put me back in, and then they released us out into the wild. I had dropped about 45 or 50 pounds. I was like, “I’m going to keep doing this for a while because I had seen good results.” They called me a year later and they’re like, “We’re bringing people back in. What’s your weight now? It’s to do a follow-up study.” I told them what my weight was at the time and they were like, “Okay, never mind. You’re good. We don’t need you.” I was like, “Is it good? I hadn’t gained the weight back.” I asked and they were like, “We only want people that gained the weight back.” I was like, “Out of curiosity, how many people have kept the weight off?” They were like, “You’re the first.” They called me back two weeks later and they were like, “The doctor wants you back in because he’s curious.” It paid. I was like, “I’ll go back and let you do another muscle biopsy for $800.” I kept all that off until my mom got sick and she was in and out of a coma and stuff for three months. I would leave the hospital, I’d be like, “It’s 9:00 at night. I’m going to go to KFC.” I put on not all of it, but a good chunk of it. I went back to what I had been doing about 4 or 5 months after she died and lost a bunch and pretty much kept it off ever since. That’s been going on a decade.

Are you not doing the 900 calories and 20 carbs?

No. When I’m trying to lose weight, I tend to keep my carbs around twenty, but I’ll keep my calories. I’m not super good at counting but probably that 1,500 to 1,800 range.

It’s fascinating to me that you’re a guy who would do something and even do it more than once that is deprivational and challenging not physically but also emotionally because we have a relationship with food. Food is comfort, food is soothing, food is something that we look forward to. We have a complex relationship with food. You were able to do that multiple times but that you haven’t been able to step on the Tread for a light walk is interesting to me psychologically.

I find the foodstuff easier.

I think it’s because the sports stuff and the exercise stuff is intertwined with some family stuff.

I also feel like to me, the dieting is I’m removing something from the equation, not adding something to the equation. How did this end up about me?

It’s fascinating to me that you have this block and that over time you’ve even allowed it to continue, that you have a wife who’s into fitness that you guys have this show together, but yet you resisted.

It’s a unique dynamic.

He might be a bit stubborn as well. That might be a little bit at play.

Do you push him to exercise?

I don’t, not at all, because he is stubborn and I think it would not be good for our relationship. I would support it, absolutely. He has this feeling about exercise and about doing anything around the house that’s fixing things.

I don’t change my oil or wiper blades. I don’t know how to do any of that stuff. When I do, it’s awful. It’s an all-day project.

I find it funny because Tom is the coolest and collected person except when he’s not. He’s got two switches about that stuff.

Like most things in life, tolerating discomfort is the key to ultimate success. Click To Tweet

If that switch breaks, God help us because I can’t fix it.

That’s what a handyman is for. I get on a treadmill for you.

It’s funny when you were talking about your best friend does makeup, my best friend does handyman work. He completely remodeled our basement. Whenever I have a project like that, I’m like, “Let me call Nick. Nick will do it.”

On a diet, one other thing that I also love about Robin is that she’s vegan. She’s plant-based and that she talks about it to me is amazing. I’ve been vegan for a few years and I’ve been vegetarian since I was ten years old, which is longer than I’d like to admit. To me, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.

Vegetarian at ten, is that a choice you made or was that your household?

I saw a documentary that showed the slaughterhouses and I saw the cows in cages where they couldn’t move. I saw the baby cows being taken from the mommy cows to be killed and made into veal. I saw that at ten and said, “That’s cruel. I don’t want to contribute to that system. I don’t think I can eat this. It has a face, it has a mommy, it has a heartbeat and I can’t do that.” I went into the kitchen and my mom was like, “You want to have a burger tonight?” I said, “I don’t think I can do that anymore.” She was like, “Tell me more.” My mom had been vegetarian before she was pregnant with me. I guess the doctor in those days didn’t know better. Her doctors said, “You have to eat meat while you’re pregnant,” and she did and had gone back to eating meat. When I became a vegetarian, she became vegetarian with me.

A few years ago, I went vegan because I started to learn about how the dairy industry contributes to the pain and suffering of animals and how it’s those dairy cows that they are keeping pregnant to produce the milk that is giving birth. Their girl cows are being turned into milk cows and the baby boys are being turned into veal. I was like, “I don’t want to contribute to that system.” I also started reading about the health of it that we have bought into this misconception that has been created by moneymakers that milk does the body well and that it gives us calcium. All the studies show that it’s the reverse. The countries that drink more milk and eat more dairy have more osteoporosis and have more problems. Milk is not a good way to get that calcium.

A lot of that food pyramid stuff that they came up within the ‘40s or whatever was because what do we have the most of that we need to unload.

Also, what companies are making money and more profit off of it. It’s shocking. I read a book called The Food Revolution when I went vegan and it was shocking to me to learn about the truth behind the fruit and what our bodies need and what they don’t. To me, that was a great book and also The Ethics of What We Eat helped me look at the ethical side of food and cruelty and animals. That for me was eye-opening. My favorite book on the plant-based side these days is Proteinaholic that’s written by Dr. Garth Davis. It’s such a phenomenal book. He is a weight loss surgeon who had put on a bunch of weight. At the time he was living in Texas and he got a call from some magazine saying like, “We’re doing a feature. We would love to write about you and take some photos. Can you tell me where do you usually exercise?” He says in the book, “I hadn’t exercised in years, but I used to go up and down the stairs. I do the stairs.” They meet him there, he does this photoshoot. He went up and down the stairs once or twice and realized he’s going to throw up. He’s out of shape. He makes an excuse. He says, “I have a patient that’s having an emergency. I’ve got to go.” He leaves and he throws up.

At the time, he was engaged to his wife and he went to get life insurance. The doctor who gave him an exam, they did an eye exam and they said, “You have cholesterol in your eyes.” He was a mess. He had IBS. He was falling apart. He is an obsessive researcher and he started to research what are the diets in the whole world where people live the longest. He started out, he studied the blue zones, which Dan Buettner wrote that examines where do people live the longest. He started looking at all the different kinds of diets like Mediterranean, vegetarian, vegan. Ultimately, he decided to go vegan because he felt that the studies and the research pointed to that’s what makes people live the longest. He ended up going off of all of his IBS medication. He ended up losing a ton of weight. He has so much energy that he now does triathlons, marathons and stuff like that. It’s a great book. I love his book because it’s such a great combination of sharing stories about himself and his experience as a weight loss doctor, but also about concrete research about diet, health and longevity.

I always think about being a vegan or vegetarian and I can’t even not eat chocolate.

There’s vegan chocolate. I come from a no deprivation mindset. My app is called No More Diets for a reason. It’s based on my Doctoral dissertation. That thing that helped me get over my eating disorder was not depriving myself. In this day and age, Ben & Jerry’s has vegan ice cream. There is vegan chocolate, there’s vegan cheese, there’s a vegan burger. That’s not the healthiest food, but it’s a lot better than some of the alternatives. You don’t have to be deprived if you’re vegan at all. This day and age, there is not a single food that I could think of at this point that I haven’t been able to find that I love the vegan version of.

I’ve heard many good things about that Impossible Burger.

It’s delicious. It’s good. They now have it at Fat Burger and they have it at Burger King, Carl’s Jr. It’s all over now.

You are a meat guy.

I know she doesn’t want to hear that, but when I was talking low carbs, she had to know what that meant.

There are great vegan meat options. Gardein, their Chick’n is fantastic. There are many great options. Beyond Burger also is good as well. Tofurky, their sausages, there are many great options.

I’ve done a lot of reading about the fact that they feel like meat these days can increase your chances of cancer cells growing. That has been of concern to me because just about everybody in my family has died from cancer of one kind or another. I am cognizant of that. I haven’t stopped eating all animal products. I still eat eggs and I still have some meat, but it’s mostly chicken. I drastically reduced it. If we go out to eat, it’s like a black bean burger instead of a burger.

Do you eat a burger and when you’re done, you’re like, “Did I eat that?”

Have you guys seen the documentary, The Game Changers? You have to see it. It’s good. It is a documentary that they look at these top athletes like NFL football players, Olympic gold medalists, runners, swimmers, ultra-marathoners, super athletes, the best of the best. They talk about the vegan diet and plant-based diet and how it affects performance. It’s quite fascinating. There’s even an interesting thing where they have these three NFL players eat meat and then they measure their erections after they eat meat versus after they eat a meat substitute. The amount of blood flow that these guys had compared to when they ate meat was off the charts. All of these guys were like, “I’m never touching meat again.” I am ready to conquer. It was amazing. A lot of these football teams, a lot of these guys are going vegan.

I have to have a major mind shift. You said there’s a relationship with food that it’s comfort food. I enjoy many things that I grew up with that there’s this comfort food piece to it, but I don’t know that I can. I’m not great at eating the things I know I should. It scares me to even think about like, “Now we’re going to add even more things that you can’t eat.”

If you think that way, for sure because then it becomes deprivational. What if you instead are saying, “I’m going to try and set up having chicken. I’m going to try a Gardein Chick’n instead and see what that’s like.”

How do you do that when you travel? Surely there’s somebody you’d visit that doesn’t necessarily eat the way you do. How do you approach that?

TCO 141 | Becoming Healthy With Peloton


In the decade that I have been vegan, I have never once had a problem. I have to say that’s not entirely accurate. When I first started, it was more difficult than now. Now, it’s easy. First of all, you can always get pasta and vegetables. You can always get rice, you can always get a salad. It’s easy. Also, now most places have the Impossible Burger, they have Beyond Burger. They have all these things. I have an app that’s called HappyCow. When I travel, I live for this app because it tells you every vegan, vegetarian and veg-friendly restaurant and store within the vicinity. People write reviews. They post pictures. I’ve used it in Rome. I’ve used it all over the world. I’m going to be going to Australia to do a speaking engagement. I’ll be using it there, but it makes it easy. I have friends that have used it in Russia, Japan, Africa. It’s not difficult to be vegan now. It’s easy.

I will say this as a meat-eater that as the meat substitutes get better, easier to access and taste more like real thing, I do think that 100 years or 150 years from now, the thing that those generations will look back on us on it’d be like, “What is wrong with those people?” I do think that way.

When you look at the studies, when you look at the China study, which is one of the longest longitudinal studies of diet and of all of these health risks. Everything over and over again says that meat and dairy had been linked to cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, and these are the top three killers in this country. To me, it’s about self-care and it’s also about there are many good options to replace things. You have to change your mindset to be open to them, but when you taste them, they’re good options.

You’ve made a compelling case. I’m going to have to do some more research. One of my coworkers, he’s not vegan, but he’s heavily vegetarian. He doesn’t eat much that’s animal byproduct at all.

My friend, Kathy Freston, wrote a book called The Book of Veganish, one of the things that I love about her is that she has a gentle approach to going vegan. She believes in leaning in, starting with a meatless Monday, starting with saying like, “I’m not going to eat pigs,” and then see how that goes. Maybe you say, “I’m not going to eat lamb.” You add animal by animal. She has a gentle approach and that she believes in you don’t want to be too all or nothing because for some people, that’s not going to work. For a lot of people, that’s a great approach. She’s written a number of fantastic books. She did Oprah’s vegan challenge. She’s well-known in the vegan community because she’s someone who brought it mainstream. A big part of how she was able to do that is because she has such a gentle approach.

I love how you can say this stuff at the top of your head. You know the books they wrote. You know what they’re about.

I’m a bit obsessive. If something interests me, then I go all the way.

Speaking of, have you been out to Peloton? Have you been to the headquarters and taken rides in the studio?

I have not, but I am dying to. Matty and Olivia were talking about Homecoming and I’m contemplating going.

You should go. It’s a good time.

We will be there. If you go, will you let us know because I would love to show purpose in person?

I would love that and I can nag Tom in person.

I promise you there are plenty of people there who do.

We could all gang up on him. It’ll be fun.

Tom, let me ask you, if I go to Peloton New York, would you get on a treadmill with me?

How upset would Crystal be if after all this time me saying no to her, I said yes to you? You’re supposed to make marriages stronger.

She wants you there for longevity. I bet you that she’d be okay. Right, Crystal?

I would.

There you go. Baby steps, this is the key.

She said walk, Tom. She didn’t say you had to take a ride.

If you are my client in therapy, you came in talking about this, I’d say you are banned from running. You are not allowed to run. Under no circumstance should you be running.

That’s smart. She’s got you pegged. She’ll tell you what you can’t do.

A gentle walk, that’s it. Don’t go faster than 2.0. Nothing too fast, don’t break a sweat.

TCO 141 | Becoming Healthy With Peloton

They don’t have classes like that during Homecoming.

You get on the Tread. You walk a little, see what happens. Let go of the child trauma and walk slow. Do your thing.

You’re making him squirm.

You can do it while giving the finger to the football team.

Do you feel comfortable telling us your leaderboard name so that people can follow you?

Can I keep mine private? I only follow back to people I know personally. I post on my social media about my workouts and who I’ve taken. In my Insta Stories, at this point, I post every day showing what classes I’ve taken and people will message me and be like, “I like that class,” or that thing.

Tell people where all those things are so they can find them.

You can find me on social media on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, @DrJennMann.

We always ask this question, but I feel like you will have extra good thoughts on this. Do you have any advice for people starting out?

I have lots of advice for people starting out, Tom. I would say be gentle, start slow. I would say experiment with different instructors and different classes. I am adamant and obsessive with people who are new exercisers about setting small, manageable goals. The number one mistake I see people who are starting out exercising make is too much, too fast, especially around New Year’s, “I’m going to work out seven days a week for an hour a day.” Don’t even set that goal. You’re going to get injured. You’re going to hate it. It’s going to be horrible. Start with twenty minutes, “I’m going to walk for twenty minutes once a week.” When you accomplish that goal for a couple of weeks, add in another second twenty minutes once a week. Build with small, achievable goals. Because the thing is that when we set goals and we don’t meet them, we start to think of ourselves as someone who doesn’t keep our word to ourselves. That is incredibly destructive for us. What you want to do is set those small, manageable goals, build on them and start to build on your view of yourself as, “I’m someone who keeps my commitments to myself. I’m someone who meets my goals.” It opens up much to you.

The other thing is in the beginning, don’t expect to love it. Like most things in life, tolerating discomfort is the key to ultimate success. When I started running again, when I got that Tread and I go, “I’ll walk. Maybe I’ll do a little running.” What got me to where I am now, which I’ve come a long way. Now I can do an hour class and I can follow what the instructor says. In the beginning, twenty minutes was a struggle and it was a struggle at a 5.0 and now I can do hills and I can go faster and I can do all kinds of things. The only way that I got there was by tolerating discomfort and being willing to work through that. I believe in that, not just with exercise, but in life.

Including emotional discomfort.

As Tom has experienced, the emotional discomfort of this interview with me.

I have never seen him squirm.

My goal in life is to have Tom on a treadmill at 2.0 or slower.

If you do, we’re going to have to ask John Foley to be present because he was like, “Tom, really? You’re never going to get on the Bike?” and Tom was like, “No.”

It’s like you don’t want to hear Harpo Marx talk. You think you do, but you don’t.

I will not rest until I see you on a Tread at 2.0 or less.

Not moving is less.

It’s small manageable goals. We’ll stand on it for one minute and that’s how you start.

She’s not going to let this go.

He’ll be like, “I wish I never gave her my number. It’s Dr. Jenn again.”

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day.

It is my pleasure. This was fun and it’s fun to get to talk Peloton with other Peloton nerds. Poor Eric. Let me tell you about my run with Olivia and he’s so sweet. He’s such a good partner. He’s like, “I want to hear all about it.” It’s a whole other thing when you talk to someone else who’s like, “I did this run with Olivia,” and like, “What do you think about this one with Matty?” “Have you checked out this?” It’s exciting and fun. I love doing this and I appreciate you guys having me.

This has been fabulous. Thank you so much.

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140: Howard Stern’s Jenn Sherman Obsession Continues And Our Interview With John Prewitt

TCO 140 | Peloton Community


Tickets for Homecoming go on sale February 21 and Crystal has tips on how to get your tickets.

Peloton was all over the pop culture universe this week – Howard Stern, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Steve Harvey Show, and This Is Us.

The new Power Zone instructors are officially announced.

A rare tweet from John Foley as he takes pride in Peloton being named a LBGTQ inclusive workplace by Human Rights Campaign.

Gearpatrol.com has an article comparing Peloton with Wahoo.

Dailymaverick.co.za compares all sorts of connected fitness products.

Robin Arzon makes the Create Cultivate 100 list.

A new Artist Series is announced featuring Billie Eilish.

Jersey Shore’s Snookie talks about peeing on the bike.

More evening classes are on the way.

HMC was in London.

Kristin McGee launches a yoga series of prenatal classes.

All this plus our interview with John Prewitt!

Listen to the podcast here:

Howard Stern’s Jenn Sherman Obsession Continues And Our Interview With John Prewitt

What do you have in store for people?

We’ve got a plethora of things, little bits and pieces of Pelotonia.

No sneak peek?

Yeah, I get tired of doing the sneak peeks. Basically. I repeat what we’re going to do.

TCO 140 | Peloton CommunityIt’s like a table of contents. Since you’re not going to do it, then I’ll do my shameless plugs. Don’t forget we’re available on Apple podcasts. You can go there and a rate and review and most importantly, subscribe. That is so you never miss an episode. You can do that wherever you choose to get your podcast. There should be some subscribe option and you should take advantage of it. You can also find us on Facebook at Facebook.com/theclipout. While you’re there, like the page, join the group. We have so many people joining.

I don’t know what you did. Somebody must have posted something about us somewhere.

It has been quite the influx. Hello and welcome. Also you can leave a review there and eventually, I’ll get around reading them. Here’s one from the good old iTunes. This is from ArnoldFamily1. They said, “I love all things Peloton but hadn’t leaned into The Clip Out podcast even though Britt Drake, #SweatingGlitter, told me it was fantastic, informative, fun and worth a listen. Thanks for all of your work and keep it up.” #AssLikeA10YOBoy is the leaderboard name. There you go.

Thank you for that very nice review. Thank you, Britt, for telling them we’re fantastic.

You’re not going to say thank you by name to the person that left the review?


Not even just once?

No. I don’t know their actual name.

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Homecoming will be here before you know it.

It is a few months away.

Tickets will be going on sale very soon.

February 12th at noon, Eastern. For those of you who are new to this, I am going to tell you to expect everything bad to happen. Expect that the internet won’t work. Expect that your computer will freeze up inexplicably at 11:59. Expect that Peloton will start ten minutes early. Expect that they will start ten minutes late. I don’t know which of those things will occur, but all of them happened.

TCO 140 | Peloton Community


Last year while trying to buy tickets, your computer got feline AIDS. You’ll never know what’s going to happen.

I had to take it to the vet. It was crazy. Here’s my suggestion for you. Have your phone browser ready. Have your computer from work, if you work, ready. Have your personal computer ready and have your spouse do the same because you can only buy one ticket at a time.

Do you want to give away all your tips like this?

I love our Clip Out audience because they’re going to ask me anyway. I’m going to get a thousand inbox messages. Keep it on the DL, keep it amongst all several thousands of you. If they’re planning on going, I want them to have the best shot possible. It’s my gift to you. Consider it a late holiday gift.

That’s very gracious of you.

Thank you.

That’s all we know at the moment?

It is. The tickets are $95. There is another thing that we do know actually. It appears that this year, you tell them which classes you would like to take. You’d say, “I like this instructor, I like that instructor, I like this type of workout.” Then they’re going to assign you where they want to assign you. There will be no signing up. They’re going to put you where they want to put you. I think that’s going to be horrible. There are going to be so many complaints. It’s going to be insane and everyone gets to attend the community run. Everybody’s in on that.

That’s probably an easier thing to accommodate tons of people for.

It sold out so fast last year.

TCO 140 | Peloton Community


The slogan this year is, “You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.”

It should be that slogan every year. They will still throw a fit.

A little window into the mind of Crystal O’Keefe. If you’re wondering, sometimes I tease her about being stubborn and you see the bright, shiny side of her, not the stubbornness or things like the faces she’s making it me, but to show you how stubborn she is. I wish you guys could see her face. She’s giggling with her mouth closed. She’s laughing, but also has a sour face going. You only get that one about 2% of the time, so you’re very fortunate. Anyway, in the notes that I have here, it doesn’t say homecoming, it says HRI. For the newer listeners, we’re not going to explain it. You can ask a Peloton friend homecoming versus HRI.

I want to mention one other thing that was not on the list. I saw posted in The Clip Out group that Kristina Blair Howard mentioned that Peloton’s Q2 earnings are coming up on February 5th at 5:00 PM Eastern. That’s the Q2 earnings call for Peloton. I will be on that. If anybody would like to join and you have shares, you should listen along. The link is out there at Facebook.com/theclipout.

Back to our regularly scheduled program. Howard Stern continued his obsession with Jenn Sherman.

Working from home, it's nice to have the option of getting a workout without having to go to the gym. Click To Tweet

I had a rough day when we were putting the news together, so I did not include it. He actually had a visit from Jenn via the call-in feature.

She had to be beside herself.

She got through.

Do you think she actually gave another number? When we were in the radio, we had the request line, but then you had what we called the hotline, which is if something had really gone bad. Then you had what we called the warm line. That was what you’d give to guests to call.

TCO 140 | Peloton CommunityI don’t think so because this sounded like an unscheduled call. He was talking about how she sings on the bike all the time and that she had done a new track ride that week and that she didn’t sing as much. She was calling in to tell him, “That was me covering that ride. I didn’t know all those songs because I’m not the one that put it together.” You could tell how nervous she was. Her voice sounded so nervous. She kept it together. He would have never known how nervous she was but I know because I listen to her voice all the time.

He knew. He’s a very astute interviewer.

He was very gentle with her.

There’s a lot of bluster there but he’s good at picking up on cues and knowing what people’s buttons are. My guess is he knew it.

I have to mention that our interviewee, John Prewitt, also known as Kenny_Bania. He is the one who founded that clip for me and allowed me to post it on his behalf in The Clip Out. He said there’s another one because Howard Stern’s not done talking about her. I didn’t understand.

It sounds like he was talking about doing some hypothetical live event. He was trying to get people there for free and they were riffing. They started talking about having Jenn Sherman on a bike and having the entire audience on Peloton. They were being goofy.

Going back to the previous clip, after he hung up with Jenn, he started telling Robin, his cohost, about how Jenn Sherman is to him.

He should have told Jenn Sherman. It’s not like she’s not listening. She’s still hearing it. Does he know how radio works? I would think he does by now.

Maybe he was a little nervous too. When you’re starstruck, you’re starstruck.

Even people that meet famous people all the time, they still have those certain people that can rattle them. It happens.

I’ve seen it happen to you very rarely.

I don’t know what you’re talking about. It was all monkeys-related. Other than that, I’m just like, “What’s up, Bruce Willis?” He was like, “You produced Headquarters?” Then I get all nervous. While we’re talking about Peloton in the pop culture, it had quite a week with Stern and then there was an out-joke on Curb Your Enthusiasm.

I thought it was in the middle of the episode?

No, that was the final shot of him on the Peloton.

TCO 140 | Peloton Community


Maybe it was toward the end. He was riding a Peloton because he had been working out at the gym. Then at the end, he was riding a Peloton in tennis shoes because it’s Larry David.

It was weird though. You pointed it out, but I thought it was worth mentioning. It opens with him on a treadmill in a gym and then obviously there’s a kerfuffle and then later, he doesn’t want to go to the gym. He’s going to work-out at home and then you see his work-out room with a Peloton and a weight machine and a treadmill? I was like, “Why would you ever go to the gym?”

I don’t think they thought that through. Clearly, they’re not as obsessed with workout rooms as we are, because I am.

Also, Peloton got mention on This Is Us.

I don’t want to know any spoilers, but it’s something about Randall mentioned.

That’s St. Louis’ Sterling K. Brown.

For some reason, I wanted to call him RK Sterling and I was like, “No, that’s like JK Rowling.” I don’t know what happened. There were too many Ks in my head. The joys of getting old. I love him. He’s such a great actor. I like that show.

I think there’s only so long you can keep that storytelling. I said it when that show started, “This is going to be Lost for soccer moms.” It starts off great, but how do you keep telling a story like this when you want to tell it indefinitely? It’s still enjoyable.

That first season was magnetic.

That was like first season of Desperate Housewives. There are some shows when that first season is perfect. This Is Us, Desperate Housewives, Friday Night Lights, those are prime examples. Anyway, off of TV talk.

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We’re not done with pop culture.

We’re not because Robin Arzon was on the Steve Harvey show.

She even got Steve Harvey to ride on a Peloton on his show. It didn’t look like it was for very long and he was still wearing his suit. They had a great talk and it’s been posted all over the place, so you can check that out. It was great to see Robin on Steve Harvey show. That’s awesome.

Christine and Olivia officially added to the Powerzone line.

The mystery is done. Out of the huge debates, the counting of the ballots, Christine was at the top every time. Olivia was all over the place, sometimes up, sometimes not. They’re both there. The Peloton Prophet was correct and it was announced during the joint Peloton Powerzone ride.

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Another one. John Foley had an interesting tweet. He doesn’t tweet a whole lot.

I hope he doesn’t think I stalk him because I watch him on all social media channels.

There are lots of people who watch him on all social media channels.

He tweeted that Peloton have earned 100% on human rights campaigns, Corporate Equality Index for LGBTQ inclusive workplace policies and practice. He was very proud of that and that’s awesome. He should be proud of that. Everybody at Peloton should be proud of that.

I wonder what they score that on. I’ll have to go read that.

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You can go read it. If anybody else is interested as well, you can find it at CEI 2020. If you google that, you’ll find it.

They can use that hashtag, #CEI2020, on Twitter and it will pop right up. There was an interesting article in GearPatrol.com.

They compared a Wahoo bike and a Peloton bike.

What is a Wahoo?

It’s a training bike. The Wahoo bike is an indoor training bike. They have trainers that you can put underneath your bike, like we saw at the bike shop where you use your outdoor bike, you stick it on there. These weren’t rollers, but they have those too. They have different kinds of trainers.

You use your road bike as an indoor training bike?

This is their answer to Peloton Stationary Bike. They came out with a bike that is like ‘s bike, in that it’s an indoor bike. That’s the only thing they have in common, nothing else about it.

I wonder what all those road bike people who’ve been shitting on indoor stationary bikes because of Peloton.

They’re still shitting on it because I’m not done.

TCO 140 | Peloton CommunityThey were so above it.

They still are because here’s the thing, the Wahoo is specific to trainers or it’s to people who train outside. The reason that’s important is because if you’re training on it, you can move the handlebars back and forth. It gets you a more aerodynamic fit, just like your actual road bike, which the Peloton can’t do. It’s not meant to do that. There are a lot of differences. The Wahoo is more specific for people who are training for things like triathlons or riding outside in general. Whereas the Peloton is meant to be a stationary spin bike. You can also use it to train for outdoor rides. They’re two totally different tools.

I’m sure the Wahoo thing comes in handy, especially if you’re an outdoor rider that lives in a place where you get snow a lot.

You can use it with different apps. You can use it with Swift, you can use it with all these other different apps to do races or connect with other people online. When you do that, somehow it’s able to increase your incline or decrease your incline on the bike automatically.

It does it for you.

You also have gears that you can shift just like your outdoor bike. Those are all things that are very specific to training. This article was attempting to say, “Which should you do?” A lot of people had issues with this article. I posted it. I thought they did a good job of saying, “Peloton is for one thing and this is for another.” It was to compare them point by point.

I don’t even know how you compare it because it sounds like it’s pretty spiffy.

That’s why people had a problem with the article because they’re not equal tools. They’re not meant for the same purpose. There’s some crossover. If you had a Venn diagram, they could both be in the middle but one’s for training and one’s for spin class. I thought the article did a pretty good job of explaining that. They were very positive to Peloton and to Wahoo, which I was appreciative of because sometimes people are in one camp or the other. That’s why the article is valuable to me. It’s a great breakdown point by point of each bike for both of those different things. For somebody who is in the market for both, you’re in that Venn diagram center piece, this is a great article.

I’m sure if you ride outside and you enjoy that, but then you also see the benefits of Peloton. I’m sure you probably are torn, but there are probably tons and tons. I’m sure they’re out there.

DailyMaverick.co.za had an article and they’re talking about how the home gym has returned with a vengeance, which we’ve talked about many times. They break down all of the different connected fitness stuff that matters. I say, “That matters,” because not everyone made it. They talked about the Peloton Bike, the Peloton Tread, they talked about the Hydrow, they talked about Mirror, they talked about tonal. That’s a lot. Another thing I found interesting that somebody called out the second I posted it was they had the prices wrong for the Peloton stuff. What they did is they included the monthly fee as the monthly fee of the subscription and if you were buying it with financing it. They bundled it together. It looked like they would show, “Here’s your price per month and here’s your price for the bike.” It looked like it was a $2,000 bike, plus you’ve got to pay $80 a month. I was like, “That’s not right at all.” They did that on the Tread and the Bike, but they did not do it on any other piece of equipment. That was kind interesting. I think it might’ve been the person taking the information from Peloton didn’t get it right.

They didn’t process it properly.

It was a good article for what it was worth. It was a good break down of everything. They want to get clicks. It wasn’t anything too exciting.

Also, .za is South Africa, which then also makes you wonder who they’re writing this for because you can’t get a Peloton in South Africa. It was a British colony as we know, but I’m curious as to who’s the intended reader if you’re writing about it in a country where you can’t get it? Maybe it’s coming to they know something and we don’t. If they knew that much more, they will get the price right.

Tonal is not available in any country other than America. I don’t think that’s about what country of origin. For some reasons, this was about clicks.

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There was the Create & Cultivate 100 list.

Robin Arzon posted about this. They went through influencers by section. Under Health and Wellness, she was listed as one of the top contenders of the Create & Cultivate list. It’s pretty cool. Congrats, Robin.

We should’ve talked about this in the pop culture stuff, but Snooki peed on her bike.

Maybe more than once, it’s hard to say. Apparently, you pop out a couple of kids and there can be accidents. Sometimes there’s a little stress incontinence and that happens for her on the Peloton. That has never happened to me on the Peloton. It has happened at other times though. Maybe you sneeze just wrong. Getting old sucks. She’s not that old.

She’s probably 35 or something. A lot of people chimed in. Half of the people were like, “You’re awful. I hate you.” There are a lot of people who chimed in, “That’s a thing.” I know that you refuse to watch Jersey Shore. I get sucked into it. I don’t watch the back to the shore thing they’re doing, but I like it. It’s easy to make fun of the cast of Jersey Shore. They’re very much cartoon characters. I will say, the longer I watch it, the more I was like, “These are pretty nice people. They seem genuinely nice.”

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We watched that Marriage Boot Camp. You might remember that some of the characters. It grew on me. I was like, “This guy.” Then he grew on me. He’s adorable.

What I like about most of the casts of Jersey Shore is that they were exactly what they told you they were going to be.

I have respect for that.

They didn’t have any shame in it. They didn’t lie. Even when they were out like carousing and tearing through ladies, they were like, “This is what we do.” They were very upfront about it. It was like, “This shouldn’t shock you.” I grew to have a certain amount of affection for them, much to my surprise.

I shouldn’t judge.

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It looks like there’s a new artist series being launched. It will be the first one that the volume level won’t go past six.

That’s not true. It’s going to be Billie Eilish for those of you wondering what that even means. There are a lot of you who don’t know who Billie Eilish is. I didn’t know until about a year ago and I dig it. It’s not something that I would go to all the time, but Jenn Sherman has included her in some of her playlists, and it works. I think that this will be good. I don’t know if I’ll enjoy it as some of the other ones because I don’t know as many of her songs. Some of her songs I enjoy. I have to respect the fact that she’s been writing songs for so long and she’s sixteen.

She’s selling out arenas in a heartbeat. She does have songs that I like, but I just don’t think of her music as hard driving exercise. It falls into that whisper rock camp to me.

There are places of it. It’s very incumbent upon the teacher to do their magic with making it work. I think that these two that they chose, so it’s going to be Kendall on the Bike and then it’s going to be Becs Gentry for the run and Anna Greenberg is going to do the flow. I think that they’re all well-suited to do that. I like what these artists collaborations that they’ve been picking instructors, they’ve been matching them with musicians that they mesh with and they use in their classes. I think that’s great.

This is the first artist series that’s all cooled down.

It’s going to be good.

More evening classes are on the way.

I don’t know how much that’s going to affect a good portion of our audience. I found this on the UK page. There are more evening classes are coming in the UK. That’s six hours later than it is here. I think that will mean more afternoon classes for the US. We’ll see how that goes. They’re going to be coming in from the London studio. Of course, there are going to be more opportunities to ride live. That is very exciting for the London studio. They’ve been wanting to grow. Now, they have four instructors. This is great news for them. This is awesome.

I wonder how long it will be as they add more countries before there’s pretty much live classes almost 24 hours a day.

That will depend on where they’re at because they added London and then Germany and it’s probably going to depend on where they go because if they’re not constantly going one direction, if they’re not going East or West, it’s not going to matter.

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I bet you, it happens eventually.

Hannah Marie Corbin was also in London this. That’s another reason that we wanted to mention London. She was there and she got to ride live with Sam Yo. Then afterwards, they had a little meet and greet out in the main area, the main lobby, and then she did some stretches with some of the people that came in. It was a great time from what it looked like.

There’s a new yoga class?

Yes. I should have included that. The last Wednesday of every month at 8:00 AM Eastern, there’s going to be a whole new series, 60 minutes live Prenatal Class with Kristin McGee. That is very exciting. People have been asking for these. This is so exciting. Eventually, all the instructors are going to have their own curated thing like this.

Now they have a Postnatal class, so you will stop peeing on the bike.

Joining us is John Prewitt. John, how’s it going?

How are you doing?

I always like to find out how people found Peloton originally.

We got our bike in July of 2017. My wife had a couple of friends who had the bike that she knew of and they were your casual riders. They weren’t drinking the Peloton Kool-Aid in all over social media about it and in the community. She was aware of a couple of friends who did it and liked it and had it. Right after that, all the targeted ads start showing up on Facebook. We had taken an interest, but we were both haters on the whole subscription model. We were thinking, “You buy a bike and then you have to pay a gym membership on top of that?” We had no idea of what came with that of all the other content than the extras. We lived in Austin, Texas at the time. What sold it for us as we went to the Austin showroom, which was fairly new and we both did a ride side-by-side in the showroom. We did a 30-minute Cody ride. Right after that, that sold us. We’re all in. We bought the bike and got it a week or so later. My first ride was a Cody 30-minute Guilty Pleasures ride. From there, it took off with our level of engagement.

Before this, were you guys both into fitness, going to the gym or didn’t go at all? How was that working?

We were not gym-goers. We never had a gym membership. My wife was always into barre-based workouts. When we lived in Chicago before we lived in Austin, she started going to The Bar Method, which is a ballet-based studio exercise class. This Bar Method blew up and this was back in 2006 or 2007. She started going there, taking regular classes and then we moved to Austin shortly after that and she got into a similar studio exercise experience called Pure Barre methods competition in the same exercise space realm. She became a teacher there. She was teaching Pure Barre and taking classes there in Austin for the entire time. We lived there for a few years. She always did Pure Barre. I always played sports. Growing up, I always played ice hockey. I played goalie since I was little and traveled in high school and college. After our son was born, I stopped playing in men’s ice hockey leagues in Austin. We had a crappy elliptical in our house, which I would like to plop my iPad on and binge watch Netflix and would casually go back and forth on the elliptical. That was the extent of the exercise. I’m not walking the dog every day. We both worked from home, so it’s nice having that option, not having to go to the gym but not gym-goers at all.

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What is the difference between Barre and Pure Barre?

They’re similar like small movements with weights.

There’s no real difference between the two things? It’s just a different brand name. It’s Coke and Pepsi.

They are two different companies. My wife is more partial to Pure Barre. She thinks it’s a harder workout. She’s taught it and she’s more biased towards that, but similar workouts.

I should be careful because this is probably how some people feel when I’m like, “NordicTrack and Peloton.”

I fear for your safety, John, because she keeps it and you’re like, “They’re the same thing.”

I’m sure you have others that are crazy about the barre method. There’s something called Daily Barre. There are many variations with the word barre in it that are barre-based. It’s a little watered down.

You were sports-minded and fit, but Peloton, I would assume, was a game-changer for you, guys?

Definitely, because you didn’t have to spend all that time going somewhere. It was something to look forward to during the day. We both work from home, so it’s like we hop on there, jump right off and go right back into our work routine for the rest of the day.

How many days on end do you spend at your house without leaving?

TCO 140 | Peloton Community


It’s many. She still goes to Pure Barre. She supplements with Peloton. I’m working out maybe 4 or 5 days a week, but some days I’ll be home all day long and I go out and walk the dog at some point in the afternoon, besides getting the rides in. Before we moved into this house, we were in an apartment for four months while we were waiting for this one to be built. We were right on top of each other, working maybe 5 feet away. That was challenging and stressful. That tested the relationship, but we made it out on top.

Unlike the people that your wife knew that had Peloton, you guys are not casual users. You like social media and Peloton.

When I first started, I wasn’t crazy. I’m insane with it now with how much I ride throughout the day. My wife, she does it almost every day, but I do multiple rides in the morning and the afternoon. When we first got it, I was on the OPP, the Official Peloton Page, here and there like I was a newbie. I’m a lurker posting here and there. It was after I found a few tribes, I joined Denis’s Menaces first and then I found the JSS Tribe and then the #BooCrew. I started posting little snippets of pre-shows and then compilations. I took it to a whole new level.

What inspired you to start posting your videos?

Back when I first started riding and Denis was the one that got me hooked on the bike. Because he was hired basically right before we got the Peloton. I discovered him immediately. I loved his personality. I loved how he told stories through the ride and his corny jokes. I felt like he was always kicking your ass but you didn’t realize it because you were having such a good time. I noticed whenever I would ride live, I’d always join the ride early for the pre-show before they started taping for on-demand. Every now and then, he’d give a shout out and I would start recording with my iPhone. I would set up a little tripod. It was this janky recording or you hear me coughing in the background or blowing my nose from time to time. If you would tell a funny story or something or a shout out, I’d post that on the Menaces page or the OPP.

It evolved from thereafter iPhone had screen recording after they added that feature where you could record directly off the screen a nice clean recording. I started recording the pre-shows and then recording funny moments and randomly posting them here and there. It took off from there. When I started riding with Cody more and his pre-shows were hilarious, the things he would say before the ride would start. I would randomly start posting pre-show moments and then people would say like, “Do you have my shout-out from this pre-show?” I became the unofficial bootlegger of the pre-show, which I love to do because I feel like if you join the ride right when it starts or right before, I almost feel like you’re missing out on a little party because you never see that again. It’s gone forever.

I thought that you have stumbled into a little cottage industry.

Especially with all the rides that got deleted.

You can make a bank if you’ve got that Jenn’s Men Tribe.

I only got the pre-show and a little quip here and there from the actual ride.

TCO 140 | Peloton Community


As Peloton gets larger and more important, this is probably a portion of their programming that they might not even be keeping themselves.

I don’t know if it’s deleted forever. There was an awesome moment in a Jenn Sherman ride where her daughter showed up to ride with her in the studio for the first time and surprised her. I got most of that moment of the pre-show where she freaked out and realized it was her. Security came like somebody’s going to rush the stage. I sent her that clip, but I don’t know if they ever keep stuff like that because I’ve never seen it posted by them or anywhere else.

It’s a good question. From a data management standpoint, I’m guessing they delete it but from a, “We need to keep a record of all of the awesome things that we do,” who knows what they do?

All I know is my memory on my iPhone is rapidly dwindling. The amount of Cody albums that I have of clips and compilations, I got to start cleaning the house a little bit.

Do you have a place where you’re going to back all that up or are you going to delete?

I haven’t even thought that far ahead, Tom. Maybe the newest iPhone gives you more memory and go from there.

When TV first started, nobody kept all that stuff. It’s like, “Who cares? We’re going to do another one next week. It doesn’t matter.” Now when they do find stuff like that, people are always happy.

I did ask Peloton a couple of years ago if they had an archive and if they were keeping all this stuff. I never got a reply. I figure that’s probably some secret that they don’t want to divulge. Maybe they didn’t want to go find out.

They don’t want to deal with a million questions of like, “Did you get my shout out from the pre-roll a few weeks ago?”

I would think it’s lost. It’s too much storage to deal with.

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The other thing that I find about you is that you give a lot of high fives.

No one gives more, literally. That’s been quantified.

What can I say? I give good high fives. That was a feature that suited me apparently when they added that, whenever that enhancement was added in the app. That’s the one thing about my level of engagement in the community and the tribe. I love to encourage, to support people to build them up. I like that high five. I love to cheer people on when we’re riding. It’s easy to do and it’s such a simple gesture that sometimes people seem to appreciate.

I love it when I hop on a ride and it always happens the most on a Jenn Sherman ride. Sundays are my day. Whenever I hop on a bike on the ride on a Sunday morning and tons of high fives are being exchanged. It is fun. In my head it’s like “cheers.” You walked into cheers.

I joined the ride in the pre-show, I do a quick round for as many people as I can I get to depending on how many are there and then start getting ready. My system is like when the ride starts, I have my whole following, the people that I follow. I try to high five at least once a song or after a big push and then I go back and expand the whole leaderboard and try to go up and down as much as I can. There could be 80 people that I’m following. It takes a while to get through all those.

It’s hard because especially if there’s a bunch of milestones, which there always are on the Sunday morning ride. You’ve got to go through like, “I’m scrolling. I know. I saw them. Where did they go?”

Jenn has a workout with the milestone shout-outs and birthdays on Sunday mornings.

How many high-fives on average do you give during a 45-minute ride?

I’d say at least 90. I don’t know.

Are you getting extra arm workout from doing it?

That right-hand gets tired out, yes, the high-five hand.

Have you ever accidentally tried to high five somebody while you’re holding a dumbbell for your workouts?

That’s where people get you too. They try to high five you during the upper body. It’s like, “Really?”

I’m like, “I have the dumbbells. What do you want me to do?” I’m trying to high-five with my pinky.

I’m super OCD so it’s like, “Do I try to return it or do I wait?”

It’s hard because it’s mocking you. It’s there and you have to clear it.

It’s lingering and then more notifications pop-ups and then it gets buried further down. It’s your first world problems.

They should disable the high-five during arm work.

Some people try not to overdo with high five, like how we got Nick and Lisa Getty. They’re the OGs that aren’t super into high fives. I try to be respectful of them.

You’ve got to respect the high-five boundary.

Everybody else I bombard. It’s all right. They can deal with it. To circle back when Tom said you could quantify the number of high fives I’ve given. That was a total shock when Alex and Robin shouted me out at the Homecoming celebration.

You had no idea that you were that high up on the list?

No. Earlier that day before the party at the Hammerstein Ballroom for Homecoming, I had gotten this random email from Jayvee Nava with Peloton and she said, “Please come to this entrance of the Hammerstein at so-and-so time.” I showed up there and walked in and they said, “You’re Kenny_Bania. This is so and so Chris with Peloton. He’s going to show you what’s going on. We have something special planned. I can’t tell you what it is.” I said, “How did I get on your radar?” He said, “I can’t give anything away.” He kept it all secret. He walked me over to the stage where they were doing a soundcheck before they started letting everybody into the venue. He said, “You need to stand at this X on the floor at the center of this in front of the stage and be here standing here at 7:45 and I’ll meet you here.” Basically, the party starts when Alex and Robin come out and do their thing. We’re standing there and then I see Alex. He calls somebody out stage right for however many, like 5,000 rides, some crazy number of rides. I realized he’s going to shout me out and I had no idea what he was going to shout me out for. The spotlight comes on me and I hear him go, “Where’s John also known as Kenny_Bania?” I hear him and I’m like, “He got the leaderboard name wrong.” You put the high five hand up and he goes, “He’s given out over 61,000 high fives,” and everyone starts cheering and high fiving me. That was cool.

I think that means that you got closer to any of the instructors that night than anybody else.

You guys were in there, weren’t you?

Yes. I remember you walked up to us and took a selfie with us randomly. You didn’t say anything else. You were like, “Quick selfie,” took it and you were gone.

I don’t even remember that. I remember meeting you guys when I was riding the lounge bike at the studio and you were standing nearby and I shouted, “Clip Out.”

I don’t remember that.

I’m like, “I’m Kenny_Bania.” Crystal is probably all like, “Backup slowly, Tom.” I waved to you guys randomly when I was probably trying to get another ride in to make sure I reached a milestone while I was in town.

Do you think you’re going to be able to repeat it?

I don’t know. It’ll be interesting to see if they’re still keeping count.

Maybe you’ve inspired a competitor.

There are a lot of other big high fivers out there. The competition is stiff. It was fun. The following day when I rode with Jenn Sherman for the Homecoming ride, I was talking to her about that moment and she goes, “We were doing a rehearsal for that. When they said your name wrong, I walked up to him. I was like, it’s Kenny_Bania,” and they still got it wrong. It would have been cool if it had been her shouting out. Alex and Robin are pretty awesome too.

Is that a sports thing? What is Kenny_Bania?

Kenny_Bania is a character on Seinfeld.

I was thinking is that a Seinfeld thing? I remembered a Bania character but I’ve never seen it spelled, so I didn’t know it was spelled weird.

He’s one of the supporting characters on Seinfeld who’s this bad comedian.

He’s the guy that that converted to Judaism so he could make jokes about being Jewish.

That was Tim Whatley, Tom.

I haven’t watched Seinfeld since it was on for the first time.

That was Tim Whatley played by Bryan Cranston, the dentist who converted to Judaism for the jokes. Kenny Bania was this bad comedian that Jerry despised. He was oblivious to it. I always thought he was funny and he always had these awful jokes. Jerry in one episode, helps him with his material and he’s going, “That’s gold, Jerry.” There’s an episode, which is my favorite Seinfeld episode, where Kenny bumps into Jerry and he tells him he’s got a brand-new Armani suit that he outgrew that he can’t wear and he offers it to Jerry. Jerry was like, “Okay, whatever. I’ll take the suit.” In the end, Kenny’s like, “You can take me out for dinner some time.” Jerry’s like, “Okay, I’ll take you out for dinner.” They go out to dinner at this restaurant called Mendy’s, but then Kenny says he’s not hungry, he’s going to order soup. He’s going to save the meal for another time. They go into this big argument. Jerry goes, “No, Bania. The soup counts. Soup as a meal,” and Kenny’s all, “The soup is not a meal.” A lot of times that’s what my location field, my leaderboard name reads, “Soup is not a meal.”

We have a big Seinfeld fan here.

That had to be a Larry David story idea. It’s got Curb Your Enthusiasm written all over it.

It’s some personal story to them, I’m sure.

Do you watch Curb?

I do. I watched a random episode from the season with Lin-Manuel Miranda from Hamilton because the next season’s coming back.

I like Curb better than Seinfeld.

My Curb knowledge, I don’t have the deep Curb pull out of your ass references as I do with Seinfeld.

I like Seinfeld, but I didn’t like the Kramer stuff. The Kramer stuff in Seinfeld was too broad for me. I like Curb because it’s much like Seinfeld but without Kramer. It’s more of the cynical aspect of Seinfeld, which is fine for me.

My eyes glazed over a little. I love Larry David. He’s great. I love Seinfeld, but you guys love it more than I do. Tell us about the shirts that you made. You have to describe it first because Tom probably hasn’t seen it or he doesn’t know if he’s seen it unless it’s been pointed out specifically to him. He wouldn’t have known. There are probably readers who have no idea what I’m talking about. You have to describe it first.

You need the visual and I know I’ve sent you some pictures, Crystal. You can get a better sense. Everything that we buy now, there are some random targeted ads that pop up in your feed randomly. I don’t know if it was Facebook or Instagram, but it was this custom shirt company, custom clothing apparel company where you could put a face shot of somebody plastered all over the shirt. It’s like one face 100 times over every inch of the fabric. I see this ad pop up and this is when I’m deep in Cody World and the #BooCrew Tribe posting compilations and funny Cody videos all the time. I randomly post a screenshot of the ad to the #BooCrew page and I said, “Please tell me why I shouldn’t get a shirt of this with Cody’s face all over it made.” Pretty much everyone’s like, “You’ve got to do it.” They dared me and I ordered it. I got it. My wife took a picture of me on the Bike after I received it. They got a big kick out of it. My wife and I and son and in-laws, we went to Disney World and I worked around Disney World. I posted a picture of us in front of the castle, that traditional picture you always take in Disney World in front of the big castle. I was like, “That’s right. I wore my Cody tank here. I am 100% that Disney bitch.” People got a kick out of that.

There are other instructors that you’ve done this for.

Cody was the first and then Jenn Sherman is my absolute favorite instructor and Cody and Denis. I got a bike shortly after that. I ordered one of Denis and one of Jenn’s shirts and posted those. I was back in New Jersey visiting my mom and sister and brother-in-law. My wife and I rode in the studio with Jenn on Sunday morning and the first ride that we did with her, the Best of the Decade ride, I walked in wearing the Jenn shirt and my wife and I was on bike 5 and 6. We were dead center.

We couldn’t miss you because I was where I was riding and I was like, “That’s a lot of Jenn.”

I posted the pre-show clip after the ride. Jenn was like, “Look at this guy just slipping into town.” She was like, “Is that me all over that?” She’s like, “How are you doing Jenn Sherman, all 30 of you there?” She thought it was funny and she looked a little frightened.

I was like, “Does this end with a restraining order?”

I haven’t been served yet, so I think we’re good. I’d probably get one for Cody soon.

I think they’re okay as long as you don’t try and resell them.

That’s it for the shirts though. It was fun. I haven’t had a chance to ride since I got them to ride in the studio with Cody or Denis, but I’m going back for Jenn’s Men ride and hopefully, I’ll be able to do a Denis ride and a Cody one and rock the shirts.

I’m telling you, capture that ride. If it gets deleted, that’s a 401(k) in your pocket. I understand you have to pretend like it’s a dumb idea because of Peloton, but you and I, we know.

Do you do any of the other Peloton workouts or do you stick to the bike?

I’m mainly just the bike. I don’t have any excuse not to take it. I need to take advantage of the other content. I’m ashamed to admit I’ve never done a yoga class with Denis, which is ridiculous because he’s awesome. I’ve maybe done one sleep meditation, but I’m not a runner, so I’ve never done any of the running classes. We’ve traveled and I’ve used the app when I had to use a shitty hotel fitness room spin bike. It’s nice having that option.

Crystal, you’ve done the sleep meditation at a time or two. It was upsetting. The one time she said she was doing a sleep meditation and did you know how the room gets quiet and you can hear it bleeding through the headphones? It was my other podcast. She’s pitiful.

It’s the perfect cure for insomnia.

I was trying to drown out your snoring.

Sometimes I nod off during my other show. The joke’s on you.

You’ve said who your favorite instructor is, but it sounds like you have a few favorites.

Cody was my first ride even before we got the bike. Basically, Denis had started with Peloton after we got the bike right before and he got me hooked on it. I joined his tribe, Denis’s Menaces quickly thereafter. I had a total man-crush on him. When he came, we lived in Austin. He came to the Austin showroom maybe a couple of months after we had gotten the bike to do the little meet and greet. I dragged my wife there. She didn’t want to go, she doesn’t ride with Denis. I dragged my wife and son there. I was totally fanboying. This was when his hair was probably four feet shorter than it is now. It was super short. He’s full Fabio now with the hair at its length and its current way. Soon after that, I discovered Jenn Sherman. I remember taking a Green Day ride. Back then, I didn’t ride live. I was a totally new, super-intimidated to ride live, to open up the leaderboard. I’ve come a long way. From there, I did this on-demand Jenn ride. It was a Green Day ride. I remember posting in the OPP about it, taking a Jenn ride for the first time. She connected well with the people in the studio and with the people ratting at home.

I was impressed with the way she commanded the leaderboard and went through the whole ride. From there, I love riding with her. In January of 2018, I finally got to ride in the studio and my first ride was with Denis. A couple of days later, it was with Jenn and it was an ‘80s ride, which is amazingly still on-demand and available. I rode with her on bike 6. I wore my Kool-Aid shirt and I had University of Michigan headbands and wristbands on. I was smiling ear-to-ear. It was an amazing experience. We talked afterwards and we’re both huge Howard Stern fans. We both grew up in New Jersey. We love the Grateful Dead. She has similar interests that we vibed well.

Do you feel like your favorite tribes match up with your favorite instructors or do you have other tribes that rise to the top?

The main tribe I would say is the JSS Tribe. I have some of my closest Pelo friends who are also in the Menaces and the #BooCrew. That’s where I’d say I have many great friendships that have formed since I joined the community in the JSS Tribe. I’ve gone Homecoming. I went to the JSS Tribe party, which I missed all of it because I was busy taking a Cody ride at the studio. I had to ride with Boo and I’m getting my ride in with Cody.

It’s hard to pick your priorities on Homecoming weekend.

It was like Sophie’s Choice there. I’m definitely closest to JSS Tribe with the folks there that I’ve gotten to know well like Janet Barr. I haven’t met Howard Godden and he’s the one person I haven’t met in person.

How is that possible?

Every time I’m in town, even at Homecoming, our paths didn’t cross. He was out of town when we were in the studio. He’s one of those people I have not met yet. I haven’t met Lisa Getty yet. She wasn’t at Homecoming. A lot of close friends. Another good friend from that tribe, Nicole Rachetti, Nikki_Pelos_For_Pizza. She’s my Phish, The Grateful Dead, Peloton friend. Whenever Jenn plays The Grateful Dead, we’re messaging each other. A lot of good friends in the Menaces. The #BooCrew page, I’m probably most active of the tribe page because I’m always posting something Cody-related to that page in addition to the OPP.

What state do you live in now?

Now we’re in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area in a town called Kenton, right next to Ann Arbor. My wife is from Ann Arbor and grew up here and went to Michigan. Our folks live down the road from us.

How often do you get to the studio? It sounds like fairly often for living far away.

I wish it was more often. It’s maybe once, twice a year if I’m lucky. When I go back to visit because I’m from Northern New Jersey originally, a little town called Summit. My sister still lives there and my mom’s there. We were there after Christmas and then I’ll be going back maybe twice for Jenn’s Men and maybe hopefully Homecoming. My mom tries to lure me back now to visit. She’s like, “You can go into the studio.” The fun thing was when we rode on a Sunday morning, my mom drove in with our son, our 7.5-year-old son Jackson. She drove into the city and brought him after the football ride ended. My mom got to meet Jenn, my son also got to meet Jenn and my wife met her for the first time as well when we rode together. My son loves Cody. He loves to say, “I’m going to snatch your wig.” The first thing he said to Jenn when he met her was, “Where’s Cody?” Jenn’s response was, “He’s probably still in bed from partying all night.” I jokingly refer to Jenn Sherman to my wife as my wife from another life because another lifetime, we totally would have hit it off because we have so much in common. I took a picture of just Jenn and my wife and I was like, “My two girls right here.” She knows how much I love Jenn.

You have an understanding wife.

We have a healthy relationship.

Do you have any advice for people getting their bikes?

This would have been great had I had it when I first got the bike and had taken it. I would say to the newcomers, don’t compare yourself. Everyone is from all levels of experience and walks of life. Don’t feel intimidated when you’re riding when you see someone with crazy numbers, crazy output. Like Cody says, it’s not that deep. Don’t take it seriously. The great thing is the community because when we first got the Peloton, we thought we were getting a bike. We had no idea of the community and all the friendships that awaited us. Embrace that community. Find your tribe once you gravitate towards an instructor or instructors. Seep yourself in that because there’s a lot of amazing people and there are many great things about it and it’s so much more than a bike.

Where can people find you on social media if you would like to be found? I have a feeling you would like to be found.

I have a public Instagram, which is a lot of Cody in there, as we know. I post everything that I post to the OPP on Instagram. It’s @JohnPrewitt. I also post all the compilations. I’ve got Denis compilations, Jenn Sherman compilations. I think I’m up to part 27 of Cody compilations, all on YouTube. My channel is PrewittJ1. There is a lot of good stuff on there.

That’s a lot of cool content for people. Stuff if you probably don’t always see, especially if you’re not taking live rides.

The Cody compilations I always put out usually every Friday. Friday seems to be a good day to put that out there. People seem to enjoy it. The one thing that I like about doing them is a lot of people are riding with them with Jenn or with Cody for the first time. I love seeing the comments like, “I haven’t taken a Cody ride yet.” His Backstreet Boys compilation inspired me to ride with him. I love it. I’ve given him free promotion there, so I’m sure he doesn’t mind. I’m working on a Jenn Sherman one. I put together a couple of pre-show compilations for Cody of pre-show moments that are a lot of fun. Usually, it’s comedic relief, but whenever there’s a cool, inspiring moment or funny, I’ll post that or I’ll add it into a compilation. As I’m riding, something happens, I make a quick note on my phone, the time and the moment and then I do a quick screen recording later in the day and splice it all together at some point and there it is.

Thank you for doing that. Those moments, they’re not captured. A lot of times, we’re taking a ride. It’s nice to have it captured in that way.

It’s a lot of fun. People seem to enjoy it. I’ll keep on doing it as long as people want to see it.

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your schedule to join us.

It’s good talking to you.

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139: Is Exercising Your Midlife Crisis? Plus Our Interview With Brock Masters

TCO 139 | Spina Bifida And Peloton


Peloton stock picks up steam after a bullish statement for Wedbush.

Is exercising the new midlife crisis?

The Peloton Prophet was proven right once again. Plus, there’s a NEW prediction.

AdWeek had an irritating article about Planet Fitness’ new “Bike of Shame” ad.

Dr. Ethan Goldstein is doing 365 consecutive days on the bike to help stroke victims.

We have what we believe to be the first sighting of a Tread in film and/or television. And it’s a big one.

The Peloton blog has thoughts on your morning routine.

Has science invented a pill that can replicate the effects of working out?

We have a new way for you to contact us.

Matty met Oprah!!!!

Emma Lovewell has a new series coming – Listening Party.

There’s a new artist spotlight focusing on Lady Gaga.

Irene is doing a live English ride.

The new Athleta line is available in the boutique.

All this plus our interview with Brock Masters!

Listen to the podcast here:

Is Exercising Your Midlife Crisis? Plus Our Interview With Brock Masters

What do you have in store for people?

We have a few fun articles to discuss. We are going to discuss what’s going on with the stock market and we have Peloton profit updates and fun announcements, all kinds of good stuff.

Before we get to all that, shameless plugs, don’t forget we’re available on Apple podcast where you can rate, review, subscribe and the most important thing there is to subscribe. If you have a subscription, you’ll never miss an episode.

We’ll pop right up in your feed.

The high-dollar consultants tell us that we should let you know that the subscription is free. Sometimes people hear subscription and they get worried that could cost them money. That’s not true. It gets to cost you the amount of your cell phone and in your data package. You can find us on Facebook at Facebook.com/TheClipOut. While you’re there, like the page, join the group. You can also leave us a review there if you are inclined. We have a new review. This is from Melissa B. Quito. She says, “I eagerly await Friday so I can listen to these two. They are funny and informative on all things Peloton. I have the bike and love it. Crystal’s love of the tread convinced me to buy one. My husband, not so much since we now own a tread.” Her screen name now is Tonal and Single. Thank you very much for the review.

I’m glad you’re enjoying your tread. I sure love mine.

The website, TheClipOut.com, you can go there. You can sign up for our newsletter and every week, you will get links to everything and all the topics and one handy-dandy item delivered for free to you. That’s everything. Let’s dig in.

MarketWatch had a story about Peloton and stock gains.

They said that Peloton shares went up about 0.7% in pre-market trading after a Wedbush analyst, James Hardiman, initiated coverage of Peloton stock with an outperform rating and a $37 price target. They said, “Based on our analysis of the business model, our expansive survey work of both Peloton users and prospective customers and our own experience with the product, we do not believe Peloton will prove to be of a fad, but instead one of a small number of fitness companies likely to be an enduring force going forward.”

It’s everything we’ve been saying.

They need more people like this because it is true. He eventually thinks they’re going to get to four million subscribers, three million in the US up from 600,000 currently. That would be 2% of all US households. That’s a lofty goal. Honestly, I think that’s achievable.

I think it is too. If I owned a gym, first off, the snack machines would be amazing. If I owned a gym, I would be very worried right now. Peloton is doing to the fitness industry what Netflix did to network television and the movie industry. What Apple did to the cell phone industry and the music industry. It’s going to be a problem. They’ll never go away in the same way that every city will still have a bookstore, but you’re not going to find them like you used to.

It’s going to change. If nothing else, what’s in the gym will change.

There was an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal. It was about midlife crises. I thought it was interesting that they’re talking about people hitting their 40s and 50s and having a midlife crisis, but instead of banging their secretary or reaching and grabbing the bag of my own personal life, smoking meth. They’re getting fit.

They’re totally changing. It’s more about going on meditation retreats and doing yoga. It’s about that instead of wild girls weekend in Vegas.

Instead of like, “I’ll be dead soon. I should probably do something crazy.” They’re like, “What if I did something that made me not dead so soon?”

What an interesting change. I’m surprised it took that long. Is it even a midlife crisis if you’re doing something healthy? Can you even define it that way?

It’s like people grappling with their own mortality.

Does that mean I’m having a midlife crisis? Did Peloton give me a midlife crisis?

No, I would say it’s the other way around that you had one and then this was your solution for it. That’s interesting that people are like, “Let’s be proactive.”

It’s huge shift in mindset. That’s great.

My guess is also that it’s probably people that are happy in their lives. If you’re happy in your life and you’re like, “I’m getting closer to death, but I’m digging what’s going on in my life,” I would like more of that life.

You would be more motivated to do something healthy that’s going to benefit your life.

If you feel like you’ve wasted your entire life, that’s when you go out and do something crazy. I thought that was interesting that’s how people are acting these days. The Peloton Prophet, one of their corrections was accurate again. I don’t make it sound like it was one in five, but like “yet again” is how I should phrase that.

Peloton Prophet has nailed it yet again. It would be Eric Yeager, new instructor was officially announced. It’s a thing, he did his premiere ride and all that took place in Germany on German time, so I didn’t get to participate in any way, shape or form. I sure am happy for him and I’m happy for Germany now they have two instructors. Germany instructors are growing. It’s very cool.

Fresh on the heels of that prediction coming to fruition, a new prediction lands on our doorstep.

The Peloton Prophet believes the new Power Zone instructors will be revealed Saturday, January 18th during the Dual Power Zone ride. They also think they know who it is. I want to say that, but I’m not going to, unless you think I should.

I don’t know. What does the prophet think you should do?

I didn’t ask the prophet this one. Gotcha. I would be calling an audible. The prophet feels and the tingly sensation that the prophet gets says it’s going to be Christine D’Ercole. There was not a second one revealed to the prophet via the tingly sensation. I have a feeling that I know who the second one is, if we even have a second one. All good things. All I know that the Peloton Prophet felt strongly about was that we were going to hear about it soon.

I’m concerned personally about the prophet’s tingly sensation. Are there some circulation issues going on there?

I don’t question the prophet. I have learned not to question the prophet.

The profit would know like, “This is a heart attack. I’ve prophesized it. I should go to the doctor.” Adweek had an article about the Planet Fitness anti-Peloton/soul cycle ad.

The Bike of Shame.

It’s a self-congratulatory article. I say that because I thought saying self-filleting was too harsh. In retrospect, this article irritated me.

I would love to hear why it irritated you.

It’s because they were so proud of themselves. This is the Bike of Shame ad that everybody’s been sharing. First off, to me the ad reeks of desperation. When you have to go that negative on your competition, it means you don’t have anything positive to say about yourself. Beyond that, it says to me that they have written off anyone who has a Peloton because anyone who has a Peloton knows what they’re depicting is factually inaccurate. It’s not true in any way, shape or form. They have to know that. They’re in the industry. For them to take that stance, it borders on gas lighting. To me, it says, “We know we’re not getting any Peloton people back. Once they go to Peloton, we’ve lost them forever. F those people, let’s scare the non-Peloton people into thinking that’s what Peloton is. Thinking this is what they’re going to get if they buy the bike.”

I feel like we need to explain to our audience that we know that this commercial doesn’t look like they’re after Peloton because it doesn’t say anything about Peloton. We know that. That’s not how Peloton is. We know that the ad itself doesn’t depict Peloton. The reason that we feel that this company is going after Peloton is because this article specifically says that at the end of the year, they were going with a completely different ad spot, and then all the stuff happened with Peloton’s ad with the Peloton lady, the Christmas gift, etc. They decided to change gears and go with this ad to pile on to Peloton. That is why Tom is saying what he’s saying. There are a lot of people that don’t get it. They didn’t stop to read the article. There are a lot of people that were like, “This doesn’t apply to Peloton.” I know that. That’s my point. That’s why I’m so mad. It’s rude. It’s exactly scaring people who don’t have a Peloton into thinking this is what Peloton is like, when nothing could be further from the truth.

That’s what irritates me about the self-congratulatory tone of the article. What I think is going on is I think they’re seeing their social media metrics rise because the ad is getting shared a lot. What’s driving its, I hate to say viralness because it never got to that level, but what’s driving that I think is a lot of Peloton people going, “That’s BS.”

There are people that think it’s funny. I will also say how hypocritical our entire society is that they will get mad at Peloton for creating a commercial that they added context to in order to make it controversial. Yet, we have a completely rude commercial tearing down all of its competitors and everyone’s congratulating them, including themselves. No one has a problem with it. They think it’s funny. What is wrong with these people?

I’m not a fan of that article at all.

I’m not a fan of the article. I’m not a fan of the ad.

I don’t think that they’re succeeding in the way that they think they’re succeeding.

A lot of people don’t like Planet Fitness anyway because of their stupid lunk bell or lunk meter or whatever it is. I don’t go to them because I have an awesome gym in my basement, so I don’t need to.

It’s funny when the ads are like, “It’s a judgment-free zone.”

Your whole ad is about judgment.

Your ad is judging something. Ultimately, Planet Fitness can’t control what the other people in the gym do. You have no way to guarantee that’s a judgment-free zone.

Instead, you show people sitting on a bike, barely moving their legs and call that a workout. That’s also insulting to people who actually want to work out and challenge themselves. That’s great that you don’t have anybody pushing you, including yourself, if you don’t know how to push yourself because you’ve never learned, myself included. I’m talking about people like me, that is the best reason to have somebody teaching you in a class so that you can learn to go beyond your comfort zone. If you don’t know how to take yourself out of that comfort zone, you’re not going to do it. Sitting on a bike and peddling aimlessly with no thought to it is not good for everybody. That’s fine for people who know what they’re doing. I don’t think there’s a whole lot of them out there.

There are not, even the ones that are out there that didn’t start there.

Everybody had learned somewhere.

On a more upbeat note, The Jewish News had an interesting article.

Dr. Ethan Goldstein vows to ride his Peloton for 365 days. This gentleman is part of our lovely Peloton community. He is riding his Peloton bike for 365 days. All because he wants to raise awareness for the National Stroke Association in honor of his father. He’s been doing this. He was coming up on the last day already. It says, “So far, Goldstein has stuck to his goal. Although it’s hard to find motivation at times, he often reminds himself of a quote shared by one of the Peloton instructors, “I want you to take this ride for somebody who can’t.” May 5th will mark Goldstein’s 365th consecutive day of riding his bike. This date will also be four days after his father’s stroke 23 years ago.”

What an exciting, wonderful way to honor your dad. That’s fabulous. His dad actually passed away in December, so that’s probably why they wrote the article because he had already been working on it and that’s probably one of the reasons that the article was written. We are all supporting you. If there’s anything that we can do, you should reach out and let us know. I don’t know if Ethan Goldstein reads this, but if any of you know him, tell him we are all cheering him on.

There’s also a GoFundMe that he has set up in conjunction with this where all the proceeds go to the National Stroke Association. I would also like to point out how mature I’m being about all this because I just said the National Stroke Association. Where, pray tell, are you at in your Tonal journey?

I just started my tenth week and I am on my third week of my second program. I’m about to finish it up because I have four more workouts to do and then I’m done with my second program. I have gains like 60% of strength. Nine weeks, that’s insane. It’s really cool. I’m very excited about it. I love it as much today as I did at the beginning.

It’s the same way I feel about you. Do you still feel like you’re seeing the benefits of the strength training when you use the bike and/or tread?

Yeah. I’ve been trying to work out more so I’m not seeing PRs because when you spread yourself out, at least for me, when I spread myself out over multiple sports, I don’t have as much energy for any one of them. I tend to not be as well-rusted between workouts. I’m not seeing those PRs. I also was sick in there for a week and I also wasn’t feeling so great with my energy levels and I wasn’t sleeping. I had a whole bunch of stuff happening. It could also be all in reference to that. This week, I’ve been feeling a lot better from the tonal perspective, like how strong I have felt. They get on Facebook pretty often or on Instagram actually, and they’ll be live and they’ll be talking about things. One of the lives that they did, they said that if you are even 2% dehydrated, it can affect how much your strength, how much output you put into a push by 30%. You can feel 30% weaker on any given day by being only 2% dehydrated. That stuck with me.

You wouldn’t think it’d be to that degree.

I haven’t seen as much with the tread and the bike, that same output, but I have started to see definition in my arms, which is very exciting. I have a tiny baby bicep right there?

The odd thing is she’s pointing to her calf.

No, those are gigantor.

You can take the Commit to Fit offer that they’ve got going on, which is a pretty sweet deal.

You have to buy by January 20th for this to count. It’s a very cool deal. You get it and then you do twelve workouts in 30 days and you get $250 back.

That’s a great deal. That’s a great way to encourage people. People always have the perception that you buy fitness equipment and you’ll leave it alone and don’t touch it. If you’re reading this blog, then you probably bought a Peloton and you know that not to be true. For you personally, you’ve overcome that. That’s a great way for people to prime the pump, if you will. You can sweat it out with workouts from strength training, the cardio to yoga and you can learn more about the Commit to Fit challenge at Tonal.com.

A while back, we talked about there was somebody on a movie set and they were looking for a tread. The treads had just started to trickle into the marketplace. There weren’t a lot out there and they wanted one for a scene in a movie and they were wanting someone to basically loan them the tread and they would cover the shipping and they were desperately trying to find a tread for a movie that they were shooting in Miami.

I do remember that. I remember that very well.

We figured out what the movie is and it was, Bad Boys for Life. I went to see it at a special screening. There’s a scene in Will Smith’s super badass Miami bachelor pad that’s very sleek and the kind of thing only a single guy could have, because if you had kids it wouldn’t look like that. He’s got a Peloton tread overlooking the city on his balcony that he’s out running on. He’s even got a Peloton water bottle with the letter P that is facing the camera. It’s featured very prominently like you see him running on it. Then he gets done running and he stands there and has a pretty lengthy conversation standing in front of it.

I wanted them to use my tread for that.

We live too far away.

I was all on board and I wanted to meet the actors. They wouldn’t even tell me who the actors were at the time. Now, I wish that would have worked out. That would’ve been amazing.

That would’ve been pretty cool. Also for what it’s worth, it was a good movie. If you like the Bad Boys movies, I think this movie is everything you want in a Bad Boys movie.

That is good to know as well.

There was a neat, little article on the Peloton blog about best morning routines.

They titled it Breaking Down the Myths Of a Successful Morning. They talk about all the different myths, like for example, workout first thing in the morning. Is it better to do that or is it not better to do that? It depends on what works best for you. Sometimes, that’s going to be better for you to work out in the evenings. Sometimes it’s going to be better in the morning. It depends on your schedule, your family but don’t him yourself in is the bottom line.

I think all things being equal, they say that you’re probably better off to do it in the morning, but I think the larger point they’re trying to make is that if doing it in the morning isn’t going to happen and doing it at night is, do the one that’s going to happen.

What’s interesting about that is when I got my Peloton at the end of the year back, it said that I was a an early bird and that 46% of all Peloton users were also early birds, which makes perfect sense to me. Also interesting is that over this year, I have moved away from morning workouts. It’s not working with the schedule anymore. I don’t know if it’s because I changed jobs. I don’t know if it’s a new schedule. I’m not sure what it is, but I’m enjoying working out at night more right now.

I wonder if it’s about it not being new anymore, that when you first get into an exercise routine, you feel like, and I’ve heard you say this, “If don’t do it in the morning, it’s not going to happen.” Now that it’s part of your regular schedule, it’s part of your lifestyle and who you are, it’s a thing you do, it’s easier to do later in the day because you’re like, “I want to do this, but I also want to sleep.” In the past, you would sleep and never get around to doing it. Where now you’re like, “I’ve been doing this for years now, it’s who I am.” You’re more apt to go knock it out at 7:00 on a Friday rather than not doing it at all.

I don’t know. I hope that’s true. I like it. It sounds good.

If it sounds good and it makes you happy with me, then that’s it. Go with that.

This whole article has all kinds of different myths that you can look at and see what works best for you.

I’ve been finding articles. I’ve been on a little bit of a roll, but I don’t think anyone would be surprised that I found this article. This article is all about the likelihood of a pill replacing exercise.

I was shocked when I read this because it says that this pill could replace the exercise protein. It actually mimics the same effects with working out.

It says that when you’re done exercising, they can see that this chemical is on your muscles. They poured it on some rat muscles, in living rats, they didn’t tear open a rat. It was like the equivalent of having worked out even though they didn’t just put that protein on their muscles.

Doesn’t that seem impossible?

I know. That’s some Jetsons stuff right there.

It was flies, not rats. They crawled up and down the test tube to get out.

They had some that they would train for a couple of weeks and let them do it, so they’d get better. Then they had some that didn’t train at all. They gave them the Sestrin and then they were instantly better than the flies who had trained. The fascinating part to me was they took flies that they had trained and gave them the Sestrin and they were no better than the flies they just gave Sestrin.

Think about the implications of that because people already are so lazy. They would never move. If you could take a pill and you don’t have to exercise, you would never move. For real, that would not be good for people. Your body is meant to move. It scares me because this is something that you very well in 30 years are going to hear how it causes cancer.

That would make me wonder like, “Is that a concern long-term?” They also said that there are some positive uses for it that aren’t necessarily to reward the lazy like for the elderly or if you have wasting disease.

I like their examples. It showed me that their head was in the right place. They were thinking about people who were infirm and unable to work out in some way, whether it be the elderly or somebody who might have some spine injury and they can’t walk and they’re not getting the exercise they need. It would be great for those applications. It scares me that other people would take advantage of it and not use it in the way it was intended. That’s pretty much everything we’ve ever done in our entire society.

Welcome to human nature. You have a phone number that you put out on the internet. You said you had an idea for someone we should interview, “You should call this number and leave your suggestions.” You’ve got hundreds of suggestions, but not one phone call.

It turns out none of you like to call things. That was what I learned. Also, you all have no idea how many episodes we have or who we’ve actually interviewed. I know there are tons of you that tune in every week and you know everybody we’ve interviewed. Also, we’ve interviewed 139 people at this time. It’s a lot of people. I had not realized that that much time had passed. I know it logically but we’ve got a lot of great suggestions. It’s going to take me a long time to sort through them because think about it, 52 covers an entire year. You gave me 300, so it’s going to take a while. Thank you, everyone.

You should plot out every one that they suggested and then find out their ages and then do the older ones first.

If you ever want to give us a call and you can ask a question, you can leave a comment, you can say anything that you would like that we can play on the show. That number is (636) 345-5023. Do not worry, I’m never going to pick up that number. You can call anytime, day or night. It’s just a voicemail and it’s a Google number. You’re not getting a private phone number. Call about anything. We want to start putting you on the show. We want to take little tidbits.

It’ll be fun. We didn’t get around to this but Matty Maggiacomo met Oprah.

Two of my favorite people were hugging. I’ve gotten to hug Matty, which was awesome. I met him pre-Oprah.

By the Kevin Bacon Theory, you’ve hugged Oprah.

No, because I hugged him pre-Oprah. I know it’s cool when you get to meet stars, but he hugged Oprah. It was a cozy hug. It was not a side hug.

I’m now a little freaked out about this theory because I shook Tommy Lee’s hand.

I met you after that. Does that mean I touched Tommy Lee?

I’m lucky, I’m not a walking Petri dish.

Who was that guy in that band that kissed you that one time?

Smash Mouth.

You’ve also kissed everybody that Smash Mouth has kissed.

I was doing a stage announcement to introduce Smash Mouth during that sixteen-week window where they matter. As I’m doing it, he sneaks up behind me and puts his arms around me and nuzzles me and kisses the nape of my neck. It was a little weird. There’s a new series from Emma Lovewell coming.

This is pretty cool. It’s another signature ride. In case you might have lost track. We’ve got the Sundays with Love, with Ally Love. We’ve got The Jess King Experience on Thursdays. Every once in a while, we do Spotlight with Alex Toussaint. We’re going to have Listening Party. These rides are going to be a complete music discovery tool. Sometimes it’s going to be indie artists, emerging artists, deep cuts. It’s all over the place. It’s going to be very cool stuff. They’re going to be twenty minutes long and they’re going to be released on demand midnight Eastern on Friday, once a month. This one is going to happen on January 17th.

The other cool part of this is that Emma Lovewell is organizing a group ride for this one that she’s going to be actually on the leaderboard. It’s Friday at 9:00 AM, so people will probably not even have a chance to listen to this before it happens. She’s going to be on at 9:00 AM Eastern and she’s going to be on the leaderboard throwing up high fives, which I thought was cool. It’s indie artists, emerging artists and deep cuts. I think it’s new. DJ John Michael was also seen helping her put this together as part of his new role. They were working on that together, which is also very cool.

Speaking of rides to keep an eye out for. You’re going to have some Lady Gaga content coming your way, who is rumored to be your new Audrey, which I think is a wonderful choice. Irene has a live English ride coming up.

I’m excited about this. This is the first live ride one out of Germany. It was on Hannah Marie Corbin‘s social media, I believe it was on Instagram. You definitely want to check that out. It’ll be a good opportunity to check out how she cues, but hearing in English.

Finally, the new Athleta line is up.

This is the one I told you about that had all of our awesome Peloton members and we gave a shout out to them. They are all being featured on all the Peloton social media channels. Congrats again to everyone. The line looks beautiful. From what I understand, at least one or two pieces sold out right away. It’s very cool.

Joining us is Brock Masters. Brock, how is it going?

How are you doing?

First of all, congratulations on that name. You sound an action star. It sounds badass.

I have kind parents. I have two siblings, Clark Masters and Drake Masters. We’re all blessed with pretty strong names.

It has hard consonants. It sounds like a book that they would have children read in the ‘50s. It’s like a boys’ adventure story.

Brock, I always start off by asking everybody how they found Peloton. That’s what brings us all together after all.

My wife and I decided to get a Groupon to a local spin club. As our Groupon was coming to an end, we were trying to make a decision on whether or not we wanted to join that club. That’s about the same time that I started seeing advertisements for Peloton and newscasts about this new platform. That would have been early 2015. We looked into it and decided to pull the trigger and we’ve had the bike ever since.

That’s similar to your story, except for the Groupon and doing it with a spouse.

The spouse part never happens in this house.

Getting up and going downstairs was a lot easier than getting up and leaving the house at 4:40 on a cold Chicago winter morning.

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It makes a huge difference.

It’s much more motivating to go downstairs, get a hot coffee, jump up on the bike within ten minutes of being up, and having to start the car and leave the house.

I was having this conversation with somebody. One of my coworkers was telling me how they didn’t understand how I spent that much on the Peloton. They were like, “Do you know how long I could work out for what you pay for that?” I’m like, “I don’t go there. That’s the problem.”

I had two friends purchase a Peloton after seeing the clip I threw up on the group page. They got motivated and each bought a bike themselves.

Did they use your referral code?

They did and my wife’s got a beautiful Lululemon pants as a result.

Brock, I know that when you posted on the official Peloton page as we lovingly call the OPP. You posted that you have Spina Bifida. Tell us about that and how that affects you in your life.

I was born with a neural tube birth defect called Spina Bifida. It affects anywhere up and down the spinal column. It had an effect on my lower extremities, musculature, bone development, as well as my bowel and bladder. I wasn’t diagnosed until the age of ten. Leading up to that point of a “normal childhood” I was on the local kids’ track and field team. I did the long jump, but I always suffered from some bowel incontinence issues and they couldn’t figure out what it was. Early on, it was diagnosed as behavioral. As I got older, it was clearly not the case. They thought that maybe I had some tropical parasites. I hit puberty at a young age and it was at that time, my feet started to deform and the issues with my bladder started forming and that’s when the diagnosis of Spina Bifida came after an MRI.

I didn’t realize that it could be diagnosed later in childhood. I thought it was usually right at birth.

It typically is, but there are a lot of people out there living with Spina Bifida who may not realize they have it and it does cause no adverse effects on their life. I fell into that middle ground where the tethering of my spinal cord was such that when I started growing from hitting puberty, it presented itself in a physical manifestation, which was the deformation of my legs and feet.

TCO 139 | Spina Bifida And Peloton


When you get a diagnosis like that, what’s the reaction? Is there a moment of, “At least now we know what’s up?”

For my parents and my family, it was suddenly like, “That’s why everything has been happening.” You move into the uncertainty. What does that mean for fixing the issue or managing it? What does our child need to go through in order to have a normal life? Will they have a normal job? Will they be ambulatory? Will they be wheelchair-bound? All of those things go through a parent’s mind. That’s why when I first did put up that post, I opted to get back into track and field and wheelchair racing after going down to McCormick Place in Chicago. The University of Illinois has a large track and field team and a number of their participants race the Chicago Marathon. They had this display set up so the average person off the street could hop in a racing wheelchair and see what it’s like. I was down there with my wife, Andrea. I said, “I haven’t done this or been in one of those things in years.”

I broke my shoulder a few Christmases ago and had a pretty extensive recovery surgery. The doctor said, “There’s a lot of things you probably won’t be able to do again, including heavy weightlifting.” My recovery and went well back to the gym. I thought, “I’m going to hop in this chair and see if I still got it.” I jumped in. It sounds like a cliché but riding a bike felt riding a bike. I was able to get up a pretty good clip on my first time back in the bucket. The next day, I said to my wife, “I want to race the Chicago Marathon.” That’s when I signed up and decided that I would raise money for the Illinois Spina Bifida Association.

What was her reaction to that? Was she worried?

She was super supportive. She’s always been behind me in my endeavors, both with work and physical activity. She went through a lot with me when I had the recovery. She had to learn how to cauterize somebody and learn how to manage a colostomy. A lot was put on her shoulders for the initial four-month recovery until I could take back and manage my own personal care. This was seen as a great opportunity for me to jump back into something I love.

My hats off to her. She’s pretty badass to be able to learn all of those things.

It was an eye-opener for her as well because she knew what the steps were for me to manage these things but never had to experience them personally. It was truly something that brought us closer together as a couple.

That’s a nice positive thing that came out of something that I’m sure was something difficult to go through. I am curious how you became an athlete. Was it because you were already running track and field before your diagnosis? It’s so easy as a kid, I did nothing and I was perfectly able-bodied. I only did what the gym teacher made me do. I can’t imagine becoming an athlete and you have a condition that makes it hard.

Post the age of ten, I’d gone from 10 to 16, probably having roughly anywhere from 2 to 4 operations a year to do corrective actions on my legs, feet, and back. At the age of sixteen, I was using a wheelchair quite a bit in high school because I was always having corrective surgery. It was my father, who is a notorious newspaper article clipper. He came home from work one day and said, “You’ve got to see this article.” It’s about this kid named Joey Radmore, who was a Paralympic athlete at the age of seventeen and was champion in his own class. Joey had cerebral palsy. You put them in a racing chair. It’s almost it magically disappeared and hit one countless event at the Paralympics. As a teenager, you’re like, “Dad, that’s crazy. I’m not going to go look this guy up in the white pages and tell him I want to race wheelchairs.”

I happen to be going to the local wheelchair repair shop to get some work done. This guy Joey was there on a high school coop. I serendipitously got to meet him and told him that I’d heard about him. He invited me out to the local track to do a practice with them. I hopped in the race chair and I did one lap. His stepfather, who was the coach at the time said, “We’re going to track meet in Toronto and you’re on the team.” That was cutting my teeth in track and field. This was a real passion of mine for years.

TCO 139 | Spina Bifida And Peloton


As time went on, my condition started to worsen. It turned out that I had more neurological damage that needed to be addressed in my spinal column. I had this fourth operation on my back, roughly about a fifteen-hour surgery. I was given a pretty bleak outcome being told that there was a high probability that this operation would land me in a wheelchair full-time. To my happiness, I woke and I could tell by the smile on my surgeon’s face, who is predominantly a neutral guy. It must have gone well.

I can’t even imagine, first of all, a fifteen-hour surgery. Let alone going into that surgery knowing that you may be wheelchair-bound forever. It’s probably one of those circumstances where if you don’t the opportunity isn’t great either.

We knew the condition was going to degradate if I didn’t do it, and there was a possibility that it could halt or possibly even improve my situation if I had it done. We had a big family meeting at the time. We had a stick shift car. The parents were like, “Don’t worry about that. We have to put in a ramp. We’ll get a manual.” All those things were discussed. As a family, we decided it was the best course of action. After all that happened, that’s when I discovered cycling on two wheels and got myself involved in cycling.

If anyone hasn’t seen the video, which is probably a lot of people that are reading this, how does that work? How do you marry the two?

I’m in a unique position where I am ambulatory on two feet. I do walk with a limp but my legs are atrophied. Meaning the muscle tone in certain muscle groups does not exist. I don’t have any calf muscle, the ability to stand on my tippy toes, my hamstrings are quite small. I have virtually no buttocks, but I have large quadriceps so that the front muscle, the pushing muscle. What was unique about cycling was I learned how to clip in right away. I realized that you don’t need a lot of those other muscles to marry the emotion of going in a circle.

As I progressed my cycling abilities, the muscle tone I did have got quite strong. I’ve been on a couple of group rides and out riding. I toured with a group called Velo Quebec out of Montreal, Canada. We did a seven-day trip with my father. You meet a lot of people and you’re in bike shorts. I remember one day this French-Canadian guy coming up to me and going, “How is this work? Your legs are so small. It doesn’t make sense.” I’m like, “I don’t know how it works. All I know is it does. I live to pedal.” We were doing 1,000 kilometer or 60-mile days holding speeds of roughly 20 to 22 miles per hour.

For me, it was that opportunity to participate with my peers and get out and be active. Cycling has been in my blood for a long time same with wheelchair racing. That opportunity presented itself. I still had my old racing wheelchair from when I was seventeen years old. After I opted to do the marathon, I wrote a proposal letter to my company. I work for a company that manufactures ostomy supplies and continence care supplies called Hollister Incorporated. I wrote them a proposal and I was fortunate that they were willing to sponsor me. That helped provide some of the funds to purchase the new racing wheelchair that I have.

A racing wheelchair, is that specially made to work on trainers because I was fascinated by your setup? It looks like a bike trainer but with a wheelchair. Please explain this because I’m not good at that kind of technology.

The racing chair that I purchased is probably about 85% carbon fiber. The whole setup is six feet long and has disk wheels in the back. You sit on your legs, so they’re tucked in behind you. It comes in around under fourteen pounds. It’s light and strong. The trainer that the chair is on is a giant roller or a drum that the back wheel locks into and it allows you to pedal or push at a similar clip and cadence as you would be if you’re on the street.

Is that a special trainer that they make specially for racing wheelchairs?

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It’s not off the shelf. I’ll make sure you have a photo that you can share with the readers. It’s roughly 3.5 feet across. The drum is probably six inches in diameter and that trainer that I’m sitting on weighs about 170 pounds.

Did you make it?

There’s a company out of North of Quebec City that manufactures them as well as a couple of American companies. I myself is a Canadian, so I went with the Canadian route and order this product up.

You’re able to ride a bike and the Peloton normally. It is the wheelchair aspect. Do you use that as your basis for running?

I can’t physically run. I’m sure if you put a bear behind me, I’d muster up the strength to do it. Otherwise, running and I aren’t friends. I prefer possible not to have to walk long distances. I’m a fairly big guy. I come in about 195 pounds. Both my legs are about as thin as skin and bones in a couple of areas. Cycling was an opportunity for me to travel long distances under my own power and not exhausting myself. Back when I lived in Toronto, I used to go for a 35-mile bike ride every single day after work. We had some nice waterfront paths. Coming up with this new opportunity to start wheeling and to do the marathon, that is truly the equivalent of running. I started thinking about my training platform and we have the benefit of having the mobile app with the Peloton. For me, I thought, “This is fantastic. I’ve got the trainer in the basement and they launched the Amazon platform app. I got that on my Fire stick.” When the spring hits, I’ll be able to use the outdoor reading platform to not only track my distance but do different sorts of sprint metrics, be able to do different training exercises as well as listening to great music.

To that point, we noticed that on your video you were training with a bike video. Tom is the one that asked me and he said, “Is there any reason that you were training to a bike class versus a running class?”

For me, cycling is in my blood that I take the Peloton classes on the bike all the time. It almost has felt unnatural to get on and do one of the tread classes. I love the cycling classes. The music’s always great. I’ve grown to know some of the instructors and I think of them as my cycling family. For me, using the bike app was the way to go.

I have a question about your Canadian roots. I’m curious as someone who has a lifelong medical condition. What makes you leave a country with socialized medicine to come to a country without socialized medicine?

Socialized medicine as a funny thing because depending on what province you’re from, things can change from area to area. For example, in Canada, you can have your ostomy operation and that for me was having a colostomy or a bowel diversion. Depending on what province you’re in, the surgery may be paid for but those products may be either partially subsidized, 100% covered or totally out of your pocket. It is different depending on what province you are in. I’m from Ontario where a number of things are covered but dental, vision and prescription are out of pocket if you don’t have a supplementary health insurance program.

Do they have issues when people go to other provinces? Do they card you? If you don’t have the right driver’s license, they say no dice. Will people move if one is better based on their personal situation?

TCO 139 | Spina Bifida And Peloton


That could well be the case. A good example is Saskatoon. It has full coverage for catheters if you have a spinal cord injury or spina bifida. Depending on if you were born with a condition or maybe had an injury and don’t have subsidization through either your work and insurance coverage. You may choose to move to a different province.

They won’t fight you on that? They won’t treat you as an immigrant? From here, state to state is no big deal and I didn’t know since there’s money attached to it.

Would that be different?

Would they put up a fight saying, “We’re not going to take and everybody that has all these special issues?”

Not to my knowledge.

That’s something that we do.

I’ve been with my company, Hollister Incorporated, for years. I worked with the Canadian team for seven years. I decided that there was an opportunity to start developing product ideas based on my experience in sales. After submitting multiple patent applications, I was asked if I’d be interested in moving down to the United States and working in research and development full-time. That was my ticket to come down and move to the United States.

At my previous job, I worked for a healthcare company and one of our contracted companies was Hollister. I noticed that when you said you got into racing, you explained how that got into your blood. You talked about having a specific track bike, single-track bike. How is that different from a regular road bike?

It’s like going out to the forest and ripping through the woods in full suspension mountain bike generically putting it.

I was making that way harder than it was. I thought it was some special racing bike. What inspired you besides wanting to do this and to sign up for the Chicago Marathon? Have you been wanting to do a marathon or was it that moment in the chair?

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When I was in my early twenties, I competed in a sprint triathlon, where it was a one-kilometer swim, a fifteen or twenty-kilometer bike ride and a ten-kilometer run. I did that and swam the swimming portion. I rode the bike portion and instead of running, I use the race chair. That was probably one of the last events I did. At that time, I thought that doing a marathon would be a pretty cool experience. Having had the back operation and not being able to further that opportunity at the time fell by the wayside. In the last couple of years, the thought has been in my mind and as my shoulder recovered, and I realized that the strength was there. I always wondered if I could get back in the chair. My old chair being 22 years old, I’ve put on a couple of pounds since I was seventeen years old. It was putting two sausages in one casing. It wasn’t until I got to go down to McCormick Place and sit down in a larger seat that I realized that I still got this in me and the opportunity presented itself.

It was quite serendipitous. A woman that I’d met many years ago at an event in Ontario saw the video that I had posted on Facebook about me at the event at McCormick Place. She and her friend who runs the Great Lakes Adaptive Sports Association reached out to me and said, “Brock, I saw that you’re doing this. Would you be interested in coaching young kids?” I don’t think I waited two minutes to reply, “Yes.” This all happened within a week and I’m involved with the Great Lakes Adaptive Sports Association. They’re an incredible affiliation out of the Chicago land area. The statistic is that roughly 30% of the athletes who compete in the Paralympic track and field come from their club. They are a force to be reckoned with and I have the opportunity to work with and coach young athletes. They’re a great club and a great club for me to be able to train with as well. They have a number of athletes who compete in the marathon every year. I’ll have the opportunity once the weather gets better to get outside and start working with the people to do the marathon.

How do people who might have kids or maybe other loved ones in their family who want to do Adaptive Sports get into that? Do they do a Google search to find out what’s near them? Are there several places that do that and work with people who want to do more, but don’t exactly know what they should be doing?

There are clubs all across the United States. I would suggest looking up the Great Lakes Adaptive Sports Association. Cindy and her team are affiliated with clubs all around the country. If you’re not in the Greater Chicago and/or Illinois area, they can certainly put people in touch with the right people who can concert up either loved ones or friends or family with a local club that they can get involved with.

I have a question for you about the Chicago Marathon. When you sign up for a marathon, do you automatically have to raise money? Do you become a fundraiser automatically? Is that something you can opt-in to?

For someone myself, who was coming out of the woodwork deciding to do this, there are a couple of ways you can get involved. You can either try and get an initial spot when the marathon goes live. You can enter into a lottery and there’s X amount of additional spots available. You could either be an elite athlete and have qualified for Chicago, or you can do what I’m doing, which is opting in to raise money for a charity.

You chose the Illinois Spina Bifida Association, I assume, because that is a cause near and dear to your heart.

I went to McCormick Place and that was on a Saturday. The race was on a Sunday, the actual marathon and on Monday, I contacted the Illinois Association Spina Bifida and said, “I’m going to do the marathon.” On Tuesday, Amy and Cindy reached out to me about the Great Lakes Adaptive Sports Association and I got involved with them. It made it all truly came together within one week.

What is the goal that you are trying to raise for the Spina Bifida Association?

I was given a goal of $1,250. I put out a Facebook campaign as well as a GoFundMe Charity campaign that was specifically through the Illinois Spina Bifida Association. I was able to raise close to $1,000 within my first campaign. I put the campaign on the Peloton community Facebook page. Within four hours I had raised almost $2,000. I’ve over doubled my goal for the year and I still plan to do some fundraising as we move through. I was truly touched. Within four hours, the Peloton community sponsored me to almost $2,000.

TCO 139 | Spina Bifida And Peloton


They’re going to raise your goal, you probably should have paced yourself a little bit more. They’ll go, “Fancy pants.”

I received a kind email from the association that was thrilled to see that I signed up in late November 2019, and by January 2020 I’d already doubled my goal for them. They were they’re appreciative. I’m appreciative of the community.

What do they specifically do for people who have spina bifida? How do they help them?

What’s great about these associations is they are a resource to parents who have young children who don’t know where to go and don’t know what’s facing them. They need to find information on neurologists, orthopedic surgeons or neurologists. As people get older, they act as a community and help to bridge that gap between the pediatric environment and the normal medical care system. You can imagine if you spent your entire life as a kid going into the hospital where there’s lollipops, clowns, doctors and parents who are there to turning eighteen and hearing your name and a number in a cold medical center. They help with that transition and prepare people to take on their own care, and places having their parents there with them. Also, it provides a community and an event planning environment. For example, the Illinois Spina Bifida Association is hosting an adult night for anyone who is an adult, over eighteen who has Spina Bifida come out, join and watch a roller derby tournament. They also provide social experience.

That’s great that they do so many things. This is not the first time that you have been involved with raising awareness or raising money. I know that you were also a volunteer for a youth ostomy program. How did that come to be?

Prior to joining Hollister, I had my own manufacturing company in Canada that made ostomy accessories. Through the Canadian Ostomy Association, I met a group of individuals who every year would put on this youth camp. For me, the first time I heard the word ostomy or stoma, I was fifteen. The idea of getting a bag at fifteen years old isn’t an awful idea. I thought to have the surgery for years until I was about twenty years old. After a trip to England, I’m living in a tent and having to manage my bowel routine in a different fashion. It became apparent that this was going to be the best opportunity for improved quality of life. When I was 23 years old, I had the opportunity to be a volunteer at this camp. One of the things I love about the camp was that we had kids anywhere from the age of 8 to 18 who had either bowel or bladder diversion.

The camp also took in kids who needed to have one of these surgeries but was reluctant to have it. They had the opportunity to see other kids, peers their age running around, having fun, going on the water slides, doing high ropes courses, mountain biking. Doing all these activities, swimming in a pool and not being held back by their condition. I thought for myself that if had that experience, I probably would have had the surgery a lot younger. I was fortunate that I get to volunteer for one week every summer for over a decade.

That’s amazing for kids to be able to see. That makes a lot of sense. Thank you for doing that. What a great program.

It’s my pleasure. If there are any readers who have friends or family who have young children who have an ostomy or a bladder diversion of some kind, they can look up the United Ostomy Association of America‘s youth rally, or the United Ostomy Association of Canada’s youth camp. Those are both two fantastic programs. They work to raise money to help fly out kids whose families maybe can’t afford it. These kids form bonds for life with peers, who understand what they’re going through. Through their youth into adulthood remain close friends and a support network.

How was that when you finally pull the trigger on that? Once you got on the other side, were you like, “I should have done this sooner?”

TCO 139 | Spina Bifida And Peloton


I’ll be frank and say that it took a good six months to realize that this was the right decision to make and like anything, it changes a challenge. As adults or even teenagers, you forget what a pain in the butt it was for your parents to toilet train you as a kid and that you hated it. It’s the same similar process. This is a new experience and you have to learn how to manage it. Once someone emotionally adapts to having this operation, they realize that it’s not a limiting factor to their ability to lead a fully enriched fulfilled life as a person.

It sounds like a process of mourning because you’re mourning the loss of the control of your body in a way. I can see that that would be difficult to wrap your head around an emotional level. It makes a lot of sense that you have to go through a process.

For me, part of that was cycling. I started to realize that this wasn’t going to hold me back. I was worried about leakage, skin health and all of these problems. You find the right products that meet your needs and certainly for me, that was within the family of Hollister. It was serendipitous that I ended up coming to work for them as an organization. These products provide me the full ability to live my life to its full potential and for that, I’m grateful.

Was that a coincidence that you ended up working for them? Were you already traveling in those circles and fell into it? How did that come about?

I had my own company and I was having some differences of opinion with my business partner. I had been traveling to different trade shows around Canada. The people at Hollister were always so kind to me. I was a party of one at these events. They’d invite me out for a drink and they’d have me sit at the table with them. I’d said to my father at a young age, “If I ever went to work for one of the big manufacturers, the only one I would consider working for was Hollister.” Sure enough, they approached me for a job in Canada and I sold my organization. I join them without thinking twice about it. That was years ago.

It seems your whole life has been affected by this but you’ve also found ways to not only process it emotionally but give back to other people who it seems that they might be struggling with it. It seems to touch every part of your life is what I’m trying to say.

As you move forward and you see people who have either had something an ostomy or spinal cord injury and need to use contents care products. The one thing that helps people recover both physically and emotionally is sports and physical activity. For me, this was a great opportunity to get out and share that message with people. For example, for the Spina Bifida Association, I do believe that I am probably one of the first people who has spina bifida who will be racing on behalf of their organization. I’m excited about that. I’m grateful for Hollister themselves to provide me with a financial donation to buy a racing wheelchair.

How can our audience help out? Maybe they didn’t see your post originally. How can they chip in or take part in some capacity?

If they’re interested, I would encourage them to look up both the Great Lakes Adaptive Sports Association and the Illinois Spina Bifida Association. These are two phenomenal organizations that are dedicated to the betterment of people living with disabilities. The Great Lakes Adaptive Sports Association’s motto is, “No one left on the sidelines.” That’s a powerful motto. I was blown away by the comments and people telling me how inspired they were when they saw me on the roller doing a Peloton class. For me, that’s second nature and some of the comments from people saying how inspired they were and they would remind themselves of seeing that anytime they felt lazy and didn’t feel getting on the bike. It was moving.

When you said how much you motto, clearly you seem to have built your life around it.

It’s certainly something that was near and dear to my heart far longer before I heard them ever say it. I’m fortunate to be a part of their organization and I’m excited to be training with their team as we lead into marathon season.

Instead of trolling each other, be supportive of one another. Click To Tweet

We’ll make sure to post the links on our Facebook page to make it easier for people to find so they can help out if they’d to.

I’ll put in a plug for Hollister as well. If anybody out there has an ostomy and it’s having issues with their skin health, it’s the number one thing is to ensure that the product sticks to you and we have some great products. You can contact Hollister.com or look up our 1-800 number. We have a great team of specialists here who can help you get the right products to live your life to the fullest.

What is your leaderboard name?

My leaderboard name is silly. It’s Chubs in the Pug. I found this ridiculous meme on the internet and it was a hipster-looking person, and he’s wearing a picture of his pug dog and sitting in his lap. It’s his pug dog wearing a t-shirt of his face. I couldn’t let this picture go. I didn’t know what I would do with it if I would make a t-shirt of these guys in their t-shirts. It was right when we got the Peloton, so I had to pick it up. I’ve got a couple of head shakes from my beautiful wife. It has grown on her.

My first thought was, “Was that the Canadian version of BJ and the Bear?”

It’s my FM radio name.

I was thinking of that show, Jake and the Fatman. The dog and that guy. I don’t remember what the guy’s name was because nobody cares. The dog’s name was Jake.

Do you have any advice for people entering the world of the Peloton?

The number one piece of advice is to take it easy. If you’re new to cycling or you’re new to Peloton, take the introductory classes. Don’t dive in on a 45-minute hit ride your first day on the bike. Get to know the bike and how to set up your positioning properly. Make sure that you’re doing that so that you’re avoiding joint pain or stress on your muscles. Be sure to stretch when you get off the bike. You can’t perform properly the next day if you don’t take care of the moment you are in. Be sure to have a good warm-up and a good stretch after each and every ride.

TCO 139 | Spina Bifida And PelotonI want to make sure that people can find you on social media because they’re going to be curious about you.

You can certainly look up my Instagram handle. It’s @BrocknessMonsterr. I worked with a gentleman and every time he’d walked by me at the office he’d always yell, “Brocknessmonster.” I tried to pick up that name on Instagram and somebody already had it so I tweaked it a little bit. You’ll see a lot about wheelchair racing, cycling and a lot about food. I trained to be a chef prior to switching careers and getting into healthcare. You’ll see a little bit about cars. I’m not one to fix up cars, but I am one to paint cars.

To paint cars?

You can’t buy your youth back but you can buy the car you drove when you were younger. A couple of years back, I bought a 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse because that’s what I had back in culinary school. When the car showed up, I bought it sight unseen from Florida. The car was in good shape but the paint was horrific. As I started looking into what it would cost to paint the vehicle, it was going to cost me more to get the vehicle painted than I paid for the car. I started looking at my options and there’s this incredible company based out of Florida called DipYourCar.com. They sell kits that allow you to paint your home vehicle at home with a peelable automotive paint.

You blew my mind. It sounds like a car wrap.

It is a wrap, but it’s a spray car wrap. You take the car off in your home garage and spray wrap your vehicle. It takes about two and a half hours to take the car and takes about two hours to paint the car. In less than a full day at the office, you have a different colored vehicle.

Why is that not everywhere?

You’d be shocked to see how many people do this. For those of you out there, check them out.

I’ll be googling that.

I’m going to put flames on my CRV.

When you are made fun of you can peel them off.

TCO 139 | Spina Bifida And Peloton


That’s exactly what I would do too. I would feel great shame nonstop. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy day to join us, Brock. We appreciate it.

It’s been an absolute pleasure. I appreciate the opportunity to speak both to you and to the Peloton community.

They love you and everybody is going to enjoy learning your background because your amazing pictures and videos are so overwhelming to see something being used. Nobody’s seen these racing wheelchairs on a trainer before, so you’re blowing people’s minds. Everybody’s going to be curious.

Growing up with this in my life, it’s so normal. For the community to reach out and say, “What is that? How does that happen? Where’d you get those?” “I have a friend who’s in a wheelchair, where can I set them up with that?” To me, that is the best part of this. People in a community working together, elevating each other, getting away from all the BS that can come along with social media. Instead of trolling each other, they’re truly being supportive of one another.

On that note, good luck on the Chicago Marathon. I have no doubt you will crush it.

Thank you so much. I appreciate this time.

Thank you.

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About Brock Masters

TCO 139 | Spina Bifida And Peloton

Experienced Global Product Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the medical device industry. Skilled in Medical Devices, Capital Equipment, Healthcare, Building lasting Customer Relationships, and Sales Effectiveness.

Strong marketing professional with a Chef Diploma focused in Culinary Arts from Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology.

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138: The Peloton Moms Facebook Group Has Been Infiltrated and our interview with Monique Caradine

TCO 138 | Fitness As A Community


Truthfully, getting a strong start on your fitness journey can be one of the most difficult things to do. But enjoying fitness as a community transforms the experience, making it collaborative, and creating accountability between you and the other people in your little circle. Monique Caradine is the founder of OverFlow Enterprises LLC, a personal development company for women. Monique chats with Tom and Crystal O’Keefe about the advantages of making your fitness journey a community effort. Thinking about a new approach to your own personal fitness? This might just be it!

Listen to the podcast here:

The Peloton Moms Facebook Group Has Been Infiltrated and our interview with Monique Caradine

What do you got in store for people?

I know I say this every week but so much.

I want to ask you, what do you have in store? Let’s pull back the curtain. It’s a little bit of BS because I already know. You gather everything and then I stack it in what I think is the most important order.

The guy who doesn’t ride or exercise in any way is the one stacking the order but it works.

I think me not being invested makes me a better judge of what’s an important story. There are three or four things that on a regular week would be like, “That’s easily the top story or the headline of the episode.” This week I went, “Struggle is a strong word,” but I was like, “That could work too.” There was some back and forth in my head. There’s a lot that goes on in there. It’s not just carnival music. Give them a sneak peek of what’s in store.

We’re going to talk about a new monitor, where is it going? What is it for? We’re going to talk about some major, I feel, potential drama happening on the Mom page. Then there are some updates with Peloton. We’ve got competitor news out the wazoo because it was CES. That’s how that rolls. New instructor rumor and an update. Then some other little things that came up as part of conversation and instructor news.

Before we get to all that, shameless plugs, don’t forget we’re available Apple podcast. You can go there, rate review, subscribe. You can also find us on Facebook, Facebook.com/theclipout. While you’re there, like the page, join the group and you can leave a review there or on iTunes, either place. We have a review. It is from KristinTTU. She says, “I love this show. I started listening after homecoming. Now, I look forward to my Friday drive to and from work because it’s Clip Out day. Keep up the great work, Tom and Crystal.

Thank you for this very nice review.

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There is a new monitor in the works?

Yes. According to TheVerge.com, there’s an article that talks about a new monitor that was filed with the FCC. The big question is what is the monitor for?

It’s for monitoring.

What device, Tom? There are a couple of major lines of thoughts because I pay attention to everybody. All the rumors are that there’s a huge contingent that feels potentially this could be for a new smaller treadmill that they’ve discussed. It could also be for a new rower, maybe both depending on how big or small the new treadmill is. The other side of the coin seems to think no, this is a new monitor for the treadmill. It’s version three because apparently there’s already a version two out there. A little bit of history, if you have a bike, those bike monitors have the model number starting with RB. Then if you have a tread monitor, it starts with the letters TC. The listing of this new monitor started with TTR01, which I believe stands for Tiny Tread and Rower. As my little joke, I’ve been amusing myself since this article came out. We don’t know what it will mean, but that’s the big mystery.

Clearly, it means something. Watch this space. Give credit where credit is due. Oftentimes, we’re saying, “We read this on TheVerge.com or we saw this at CNN’s reporting or whatever.” This one’s all you. You have discovered that the Peloton Mom’s Group on Facebook has been infiltrated, compromised, if you will, by I don’t want to say spy, I’ll go with douchebag.

To be fair, I don’t know if this person’s trying to be a douchebag. I think they’re trying to be funny.

It’s a thin line sometimes. I walk it gingerly. Not everybody’s good at it as I am.

Here’s the deal. I scroll through a lot of pages pretty quickly. I happened to see a story that stood out to me on the Mom page, and I’m not trying to call any mom out, it just stood out to me. As I was scrolling through Instagram, that same story caught my eye. I thought, “This person must have posted in both places.” Then I saw that what they had done was scratched out the name of the group and left Mom Group at the end, then they took out identifying marks so there were no names listed. Then they proceeded to make fun of the post. I was like, “What is this?” Because the name of the account which is called The Mommy Group Says has nothing but these posts.

It’s all posts basically making fun of privileged women in mom groups, complaining about things that seem petty. Complaining about first world problems.

What bothers me about this is people think that they are protected. I know that they’re not. First of all, I realized that if you are on Facebook or you’re on the internet, you’re out there. I know that. These people, not everybody knows that when they’re in a group and it’s called a private group, they think that their thoughts are at least somewhat protected. It has not occurred to most of them that they would not only be screenshotted but then made fun of.

It also makes me wonder, this person posted a story about children not being happy with a Christmas present. It’s a present that most people would feel like your kid should have been happy with. People were chiming in with variations of their kids maybe being ungrateful about things. I’m wondering if this Instagram page is seeding these stories, if maybe the initial story is BS just to prime the pump in order to get other people to chime in with their own real life stories.

I don’t know because they don’t screenshot the comments. There’s a little bit of it, but it’s like what you can see in the screenshot. They’re screenshotting the initial.

I thought they were doing both. I thought they were priming the pump and then being like, “Look at what we’ve got all these people to say.” Either way, it’s a little seedy.

If you are the owner of the account, The Mommy Group Says, and you are annoyed by this, keep in mind, we are not accusing. We’re telling you what works. We’re telling you how it looks and this is how it looks. For those of you in the Mommy Group, watch what you say or in any groups. This one is targeting mom groups.

There could be other things out there doing something similar.

The point is nothing is private on the internet. You should never assume it is. If you are posting in a group, anybody can take a screenshot and do whatever they want with it. Be careful out there.

We had an outage outrage. You can’t spell outrage without outage.

There was a post that got posted on the OPP, over 700 comments before it got deleted. It did get deleted. I don’t even know what the original comment was. Apparently, it hacked a lot of people off because apparently, and I didn’t see it, I’m just telling you from the other things that I read that it sounded very entitled because apparently Peloton is not allowed to go down. Especially on a Saturday morning when this person is trying to work out.

It is bad timing, but it’s not like they selected that time. Things happen. Considering how many people get on their system every day, the fact that how rarely this occurs is pretty impressive.

This one took the whole system down. There have been times where people have been not able to access things. It doesn’t affect everybody at once. For whatever reason, this one affected everything and everyone. It was all platforms including customer service, sales. They were without any kind of movement. It was actually within The Clip Out group, somebody from the Sales Department posted and they said it was a rough couple of hours, but they came in to that. They started their day with that. They survived and it wasn’t that bad. From their vantage point in sales, they were very imaginative and got the job done. We appreciate all of the folks at Peloton who worked very hard to make it work, who make it work every day by the way. Thank you for all that you do despite the people crabbing at you.

The Peloton wife is back in the Peloton news.

I have a sub to this. I saw Peloton lady, Monica Ruiz, got a free Peloton. It was given to her by Peloton.

I just hope to Christ, she asked for it.

I don’t know that Peloton gave it to her for free. I am telling you that because a person who claimed to be a Peloton employee said that is what happened. I didn’t go fact checking, just to be clear. Regardless, she did get one. Then the other thing I saw is she is now a Wilhelmina model as of today.

What’s a Wilhelmina?

That’s a huge modeling agency. It’s pretty much top-notch.

That’s good that she was able to turn this into a move forward at her career. I’m sure there was a period of time when she wasn’t sure.

Although, I am tired talking about it.

While we’re talking about the ad, there was some interesting stuff that you found at YouGov.com.

I have to say that I believe it was Helen Watson sent me this article, so can’t take credit for it. She found it, but it is at YouGov. She thought it was interesting. She thought that other people might be aware. This gives some statistics, it tells about where Peloton was through this whole debacle from an advertising standpoint. It said that Peloton actually raced its way to the top of the advertising hill in December, that it had gained one of the most significant increases in ad awareness, which is a YouGov metric that tracks whether somebody has seen or heard an advertisement by a company in the last two weeks. It goes across this little timeframe. It starts at October 27th and it looks like the first week of November, Peloton launched the ad. Then the percent of awareness is right around 18% on this graph. It stays there until about December 6th or 7th. It starts to take up the very end of November.

It’s trending up towards about 20 and then it hits 20, then that’s when the backlash starts.

It says the ad goes viral on December 8th, and that’s where there’s a huge thing. Between December 8th and December 22nd, it is now at 32%.

Perhaps, it wasn’t as much of a debacle as we were thinking. I don’t think that they did this purposefully. You can’t plan something like this. I hate it when people are like, “Make us something that goes viral. I didn’t think about that make a viral thing.” Maybe this paid off in ways that in the moment when people are coming at them from all directions complaining, maybe it didn’t feel like. At the end of the day, it was a net positive for them. They clearly aren’t done with commercials because it sounds like there’s already another new commercial in the works.

I don’t know what the end result is going to look like, but I know that it stars Tune Day. I’m excited about that because she’s brand new and she’s already starting in a commercial. That’s so cool.

Good for her. There were some companies that hope to be competitors to Peloton that had some news. Echelon, who we make fun of to no end. I have to say they were bringing the heat.

I will admit that this is a surprising development. Echelon has announced that they are partnering with Samsung to expand their offerings. The reason I’m not sure about that is because Samsung is a big deal. I very much respect the Samsung.

We have multiple Samsung products in this household.

Experiencing disaster has a way of bringing you closer not only to your family, but to your community as well. Click To Tweet

Almost everything we have is Samsung. That’s a lot of things. They’re saying that this partnership, this is a big one. There were a couple of other things from Echelon. This one, they’re saying echelon is going to have classes that are going to be available on more than twenty million TVs. It’s going to come through a launch on Samsung Health on TV. People are going to have access to free and exclusive content from partners in general but including Echelon.

I guess Samsung is going to have their own health app and Echelon will be importing to that.

Samsung already has that.

There’ll be an Echelon app on your Samsung television, which is probably for the best for Echelon. We have a Samsung television and I don’t go dig in through to look if there are new apps, but if it’s a Samsung app, Samsung is more apt, no pun intended, to push it in front of you to try and get you to notice it. That’s good for them. They had some new products that they revealed.

This is the other part that I think you were referring to that they were bringing the heat. They now have a rower. There was another product they did. It’s a tread treadmill. Now they have the four products because they had the mirror already. They had the bike, they had a mirror that they were doing complete knock off as well. Now, they have a bike and a rower that they introduced at Consumer Electronics Show.

The treadmill was a little weird-looking.

That’s a different one. That’s a different topic.

I get them all confused.

I know, there are so many. There was a lot that came out because it’s the next topic. It was all covered at CES and there were multiple things that happened. I don’t remember seeing a picture of the actual Echelon treadmill. I did see a picture of the Echelon rower. It’s another rower.

There are only so many things you can do to the design of a rower. To that point, there’s another treadmill entering.

You might remember that Lisa Niren is a past Peloton instructor. She also came on the show and we interviewed her. She was working for a company called Studio. She was doing what is very similar to active and such where they were doing runs on an app, like outdoor runs. They started using it on treadmills as well. That was around the time that Peloton had announced their treadmill, but they hadn’t come to market with it yet or anything like that. It was just out there. I’m giving you a timeframe because at this point, Studio has announced that they have a treadmill that they are putting out in the market. They are partnering with HUMEAI. It’s a company that claims that they have more wearables than anybody else in the world. They’ve sold more and they seem to do third-party after-marketing stuff. You don’t see their name on it, so you would know.

Studio has partnered with this company and they will have this tread. The interesting thing about the treadmill that they are coming out with is that it also has a 43-inch glass that is put on the wall right in front of it. That looks very similar to what you would think of when you think of the mirror concept. It’s for three things. One, with the treadmill, it allows you to see the classes you’re taking. Two, with the treadmill, it also has a camera in it that allows it to see your movements and to be able to tell you whether or not your form is good. That’s pretty interesting. It’s not going to lie. If you don’t want to be seen, if you’re concerned about that, you can cover up the camera very easily. No big deal. The third thing it’s supposed to be used for is to do any other kind of floor workout. They specifically mentioned yoga, sculpt and something else that I can’t remember right now.

The treadmill looked like it had a significantly smaller footprint than Peloton, but it looked like it was designed where you would leave a gap between the treadmill and the wall that the TV is hanging on. Let’s talk about that. I’m not sure how I feel about this treadmill because it does sit back from the wall. It would have to because that screen is 43 inches long and it goes all the way down to the base of the treadmill. You’d need to have some movement to be able to see around that because if you’re going to do floor work and use it on the treadmill, you would need to have it in such a place that you can see it from both directions. I think that’s why you pulled the treadmill back. The other thing that I’m not too sure about at all, I need to see it in person, feel it in person, it doesn’t have any crossbars. There’s nothing that goes across the front of the treadmill. Basically, you could go off the front or the back of this treadmill is what I’m trying to say. Then it’s got these arms that look like the arms of a hospital bed or something.

It reminded me of when my grandma fell and they had to do physical therapy.

That’s exactly what it reminded me of. I’m not digging the aesthetics of that. Beyond the aesthetics, I worry about the safety. We had several people chime in. I felt that Susie Barris made the most compelling comment about that. She said that because she had brain cancer, she had all of her treatments. Her scans had been clear. The point is she still has all of these dizzy spells and balance issues. She’s saying that if you don’t have something in front of you to grab, that’s scary. Just human nature, if you start to fall, you put your hands forward. If you don’t have something in front of you, that’s really dangerous. The other thing is that the controls are on these handlebars that we already described it looked like hospital beds. You put your phone on it. According to the article that was here, it says that you control the treadmill with your phone.

It’s like Bluetooth.

It’s all new and it was just released in CES. The Studio folks are super excited about it. Lisa Niren, who used to be an instructor at Peloton, she is gushing about that. She says that it’s an amazing treadmill. It’s not unsturdy at all. If I ever get a chance to go look at it in person, I absolutely will, because I would love to do that. To be fair, it gives me pause from a lot of safety concerns. Treadmills are a dangerous thing to have in your home. Bad things happen to kids and animals.

You need to be cognizant of that.

I don’t know what’s going to happen.

It’s fascinating to watch so many people enter this space with similar business models attached to it.

I saw an article also, I believe John Mills posted it. Basically, the headline was CES can be wrapped up that it was just a lot of Peloton wannabes. I think John Mills brought up a good point that these companies are all claiming to be able to come in the market at a fraction of the price of Peloton. Peloton has been saying that they want to be able to reach people of every price point. If that’s true and if that’s something they still plan to do, it’s like game on. What are you going to do about it?

Did either of these companies said what the price point’s going to be?

Echelon, they’ve had their prices out there for a while for the bike and that Mirror thing. I don’t feel like their prices are that competitive for Echelon because they have three different styles of bike. The one that actually compares to a Peloton that they totally lie about in all of their advertising and say that all of them compare, it’s pretty much the same price as a Peloton. That’s what I know about Echelon. I have not checked out the Mirror compared with the Reflect that they call it. Then these two new ones, I haven’t seen pricing. The studio with their treadmill and their Mirror, that’s a combo of those two things. There has not been any pricing released at all. They just debuted it at CES. Nothing is out there yet.

You would think if they’re not significantly cheaper, I would think at this point, Peloton now has name brand awareness that is going to give people comfort. All these companies want to be Pepsi to Peloton to Coke. Right now they’re more like RC Cola.

I have to agree and maybe that’s okay. Maybe it’s just Pepsi and Cola and RC Cola. There’s room for all.

There was a time when Pepsi was more like RC Cola in terms of market share and perception. You’ve got to start somewhere. Maybe one of these will be great and kick her ass and it will be a game changer. At the moment, I think people are a little skeptical. The Peloton prophet had a prediction about Germany a little while back.

We had talked about Eric Yeager was going to be one of the new German instructors. We had our first German instructor and that was Irene Scholtz and nothing was said about Eric Yeager. Here we are and there was a post he had on Instagram that it was clearly taken from the Peloton HQ rooftop. We know because we’ve got issues, we watch way too much Instagram.

Way too much about Peloton. Let’s not forget that.

As soon as that was posted before you knew it, it was taken down. The damage was done.

Too late, that ship has sailed.

Everyone saw it. I don’t even know where this came from, but supposedly his first class is going to be on January 14th. It’s not on the schedule. I’m not sure why they think that.

It’s looking more and more like the Peloton prophet was right. Don’t question the prophet. How’s your total stuff been going?

It’s great, except for the fact that I couldn’t work out much.

It’s because I got you sick. I love you so much. My love makes you sick. You made that very clear.

Anyway, I was looking at my numbers because I was able to finally do a workout. I have been doing tonal for nine weeks now. Then I’m in the middle of my second program and I have increased my strength by 55%. That’s insane.

That’s a lot. Good job.

Thank you. I’m very proud of it and I’m very excited about it too.

Do you know what your next thing is? How far are you into your current plan that you’re doing?

There are usually four-week programs and the one I’m in right now, which is called Lean In with Liz Letchford. I am two weeks in. I just finished two weeks, so I have two weeks to go and then I’m switching. I don’t know what I’m switching to. I want to do some program that’s total body. I feel like the reason that I had such a huge increase with my PRs and stuff is because I was doing so much legwork. The Lean In has been focused more on upper body and core, which I love. It’s great. For me, I think I want to have the whole body. The other thing I might do is do something more specific but then intersperse it because they have lots of cool things you can try. They have a selection of classes that you can do that are more fast-paced, designed to get your heart rate up. Then they also have one-offs that you can do that part of a program that you could throw in a lower body or throw in a core workout or they also have yogas. There are lots of options.

You can do Tonal now and take the challenge to crush your 2020 goals. If you buy one before January 20th and complete 12 workouts in 30 days, they give you $250 back. That’s a great deal. I think that’s such a great plan to like, “If you use this like you should, we’ll reward you.” Sweating out with workouts from strength training to cardio to yoga and you can learn more about their Commit to Fit Challenge at Tonal.com. I thought this was cool. I know that when you complete certain activities on Peloton, they give you badges. Up to now, they have been digital badges but some of the stores have actual badges now.

Apparently, you can get a little century badge when you go to the store.

You have to pull out your phone and show them that you did a hundred or how do they do that?

Word of mouth says that you tell them and it’s based on the honor system as of now. I will say that the couple of times I’ve been in the store, they pulled up my profile and they were randomly, not in a creepy way, but like, “You do this or you like that or that kind of thing.” They very quickly can look it up. They know your leaderboard name, so it’s not a big deal.

Is that in all stores or select stores?

I think it’s in all stores in the Continental US but I don’t actually know because I heard this sporadically. They didn’t make an announcement about it. This was coming in from different stores. I don’t know if they’re rolling it out. I don’t know if this is everywhere. I don’t know any details about it.

TCO 138 | Fitness As A Community


You’ve got to make a special trip to the store.

Also if there’s anything happening like with the UK, Germany, Canada, I haven’t heard anything from those areas, so I don’t know.

I think that’s pretty nifty.

It’s pretty nice looking too. It’s about the size of your digital badge. It’s what it looks like from a visual standpoint. It looks like a pin. It’s a metal and it’s engraved. It’s very nice-looking.

We watched a movie called Brittany Runs a Marathon.

I posted about it on Instagram and Facebook. I feel like there are a lot of you out there who probably don’t follow social media that closely, who might be interested in it. This movie is so great, especially if there’s something fitness-wise that you’ve struggled with in your past or that you want to do, but you’re not sure you have the courage to do it or maybe you’re not sure you have the time to commit to it. This movie for me brought all feels. She starts out overweight and she goes to her doctor and she has to deal with all the mental aspects of like, “I want to make a change but I’m not sure how to do it.” I’m not going to go blow by blow on what happened. It was some very powerful points that spoke to me like the very first time she decides to go for a run. How her hand was on the door and then she pulled it off and then she put it back on and then she put it off. Whenever she started running she was like, “Just to the end of the block,” and then the block kept getting longer.

They did shot in vertigo where the camera zooms in as it’s pulling back. Everything stretches. For our younger audience, it’s a shot. They stole that from Poltergeist.

I felt it. I vibed with this character so much. It’s a true story. There’s a whole thing that she’s trying to do for the New York City marathon. It’s very inspirational.

It was shot at the 2017 New York marathon. You see actual footage of that. We should all say that it’s a funny movie too. It stars Jillian Bell. You would probably recognize her but not necessarily know her name. She had some pretty featured roles on Curb Your Enthusiasm. I think she was in 22 Jump Street. She’s been in stuff like that and she’s really funny. This was her first starring role I think. It was a funny movie. I enjoyed it too.

She also said that she actually had to gain 40 pounds for the movie. Her weight loss journey that you see was real. As a person who’s struggled with weight loss in my life, I appreciate it. It was very cool.

If you’re looking forward, if you have Amazon Prime, it was an Amazon movie, so it’s available for free with your Prime video package. There you go. On the heels of that, there was an interesting article about running late in life. Every once and a while, I do a little work.

You’ve been doing a lot of work lately because this is the third article in a row you come up with. It talks about how this article is called Too old? Too slow? No! Debut marathoners may add years to life. It says that first-time marathoners, even if they take on the challenge later in life, they are able to lower their blood pressure and have healthier arteries. They were talking about on average, the study that they looked at, there were 138 first-time marathon runners. On average, those new runners were 37 years old and 49% were male and they had not been running for more than two hours per week before the study began.

It’s interesting that the split is almost perfectly 50/50 because 49% is that’s exactly the gender split. 51% of the population is female.

It said also for fellow people who don’t have race paces, we like to finish what we started like myself. The average marathon time at the end of the study was 5.4 hours for women and 4.5 hours for men. They weren’t breaking any records. After you’ve done this event and before you’ve done this event, what kind of arterial stiffening or hardening did these people have? That was the whole point of it. They said that on average, there was a decrease equivalent to a four-year reduction in their arterial age and a drop in systolic, which is when the heart muscles contract and diastolic, which is when the muscles relax. Blood pressure of four and three respectively. They said it’s possible to reverse the consequences of aging on our blood vessels with real-world exercise in six months. These people were not doing extreme levels of exercise. They were not losing extreme amounts of weight. They were just training. For those of us who were trying to be better as we hit our 40s, that’s good to know.

Trying to be an Olympic athlete, just trying to get a little movement.

I thought it was great news. Good find, Tom.

Our challenge is still going on. People seem to be responding. We’re seeing lots of people entering, which is great.

The prize in case you’ve forgotten, is a twelve-week subscription to Stronger U. It’s $449.

That’s quantifiably awesome. You can sign up for that by going to TheClipOut.com/thechallenge. What are the rules again?

The rules are you fill out the entry form, which is right there on the website. Then you say yes to getting our newsletter. Then you break up January into four weeks, however you want to for seven-day periods. For each of those seven-day periods, you work out three times, twenty minutes each. No meditation.

She figured that out because that’s the kind of thing I do. She’s like, “What would Tom do?” It fits in very handily with stuff you’re already doing. You don’t have to do anything you haven’t done before or not planning to do. You need to do it three times a week.

The only other thing you need to know is it needs to be on your Peloton records. You can do it on digital. That’s fine. We need to be able to go into your Peloton profile and see what you did. If you win, that’s what we’re going to be doing. If you don’t meet the criteria, you no longer win. We will move on to the next person.

We should probably also say we find people who are stronger who were kind enough to throw in this prize. We had so many people asking us about the discount that we did. They have revived that.

They gave us another discount. It’s going to be 10% off of any of their packages. All you’ve got to do is enter The Clip Out code, which is called Clip Out 20.

It’s very simple. You go to their website, StrongerU.com and enter, Clip Out 20. You save 10%. That’s good through the month of January. Yup. There is a new partnership in the works.

It’s all about clothes, Tom. I know you’re not going to be interested in it, but it’s a partnership with Peloton. They partnered with Athleta and Hill City. Athleta might sound familiar to you because it’s a Gap brand. For a lot of people, this is a very big deal because people buy Athleta a whole bunch. It’s a huge seller and the community outside of Peloton. The other cool thing is there were real people from our community that were included in this. It wasn’t supposed to be released until the 15th. We don’t know what happened, but it got leaked. I want to give a shout out to you, Steve Chan, Christina Riviera, Sienna Ferris, Mike Miller and Holly Hayes, who were all fine models for this awesome campaign beginning on 0115 when the new collection drops. Congrats to all of you

Alex Toussaint has a partnership of his own.

It’s super exciting. He’s not going anywhere for anyone who still thinks that. He joined Ladder.sport as an athletic training advisor. This is amazing, good news for him. Just like some of our other instructors are, they’re doing Adidas or they’re doing Nike. We have lots of ambassadors for that. That’s very similar to what we’ve got going on here. He gets to work with people like LeBron James. I don’t know if he’s actually working with them but he’s on the same level because they are also represented by people like LeBron James. This is huge for Alex and we are so proud of him.

I always know when an athlete is a big name, if I haven’t heard of them. Typically, if they’re not a Harlem Globetrotter, you’ve got nothing. I don’t know who they are. Finally, Cody and Emma are doing a dual ride.

One of the things that was mentioned in John Foley’s email that came out at the beginning of this year, 2020, he said, “We’re going to have dual rides,” and this is our first dual ride. It’s going to be Cody and Emma. It’s going to be at 8:30 PM Eastern. It’s going to be a groove ride. If you like Cody and Emma, you might remember they were dancers together in a former life. They’re being brought together again for the first dual ride of 2020.

Joining us is Monique Caradine. Monique, how is it going? 

Tom, how are you?

I’m good. Crystal is here. It will be odd if she wasn’t. 

It’ll be a little weird.

This is exciting. I know we were talking a little bit before we officially started, but I am excited about this because we met when we were at She Podcasts LIVE. It’s cool to find a fellow Pelotoner out in the wild and that you were kind enough to agree to come on our show.

I remember when I met you, I saw your t-shirt. It was the first day of the conference. How you’re all wide-eyed and you’re taking it all in, I see you and I notice your Peloton t-shirt. I’m like, “Do you have a Peloton?” She’s like, “Yes, I have a Peloton. Not only do I have a Peloton, but I have a podcast about Peloton.” I’m like, “It was meant to be.”

We were off to the races instantly. Speaking of Peloton, how did you originally find it?

I would always see the commercials on TV and having experienced spinning in previous years and fell in love with spinning classes. When I started to see the commercials, I’m like, “That will be cool.” I started to see the commercials. It wasn’t in our budget at first. My husband surprised me with a regular spin bike from Sam’s Club or somewhere. There was nothing wrong with that but it wasn’t the same.

As a husband, I know exactly you’re like, “There’s nothing technically wrong with these gift, but it’s wrong.”

It’s not what you asked for. 

No, but I wanted. Long story short, this is the sad part of the story. We live in Puerto Rico, hurricane Maria hit the Island in 2017. I had my little spin bike and it was in our outdoor living space. When the hurricane came, we had stored all our furniture and stuff in this area that we thought would be secure and safe from the hurricane. That hurricane was incredibly vicious that it ripped away our storage unit, ripped away our storm shutters and my bike was in that area. It threw everything all around our yard. The bike didn’t make it out of that storm. Anyway, we managed to recover from that. Thank, God. It was about in August 2018, my husband surprised me with a real Peloton.

He was forever redeemed.

He got the husband of the year award for that one.

It’s nice that in some small way, something positive came out of the hurricane. 

I can’t even imagine what you guys went through. Were you still on the island when it hit? How did that work for you?

That’s a great question because I was in Chicago right before the hurricane hit and I was on my way back home. I didn’t even know the hurricane was coming. I was at the airport leaving Chicago, my son called, “Mom, there’s a hurricane coming.” I’m like, “Lucky me, I get to go back to Puerto Rico just in time.” Literally, I got back home and we started to prepare for the hurricane and that’s when we started putting all the furniture up. I was here during the hurricane. It was quite an event. I’ll never forget, it’s the scariest moment of our lives, but thankfully we got through it. I’m grateful for that.

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Where do you go when a hurricane is coming, especially when you’re on an island? 

It’s weird because living on the island, we’d been here for a couple of years and we had hurricane scares and threats before, but nothing ever really came. We’d get a little tropical storm or something like that. When this hurricane came, the way our house is positioned, we’re in a valley. We’re at the base of a little mountain area. I’m like, “We should be good.” I didn’t have a concept of 180-mile an hour wind, what that do no matter where you are. I’m taking it for granted. I’m like, “We should be good. We’re safe. We’ve got the storm shutters. We’re all set.” I’m chilling. I’m having that wine, making tacos as the storm is coming. I have no idea, what’s about to happen. For us, we had made the commitment to hunker down at home. We put all the shutters down and we had our generator, we have some water stockpiles. We’re like, “We’re good.” We gassed up the cars. To answer your question, there is nowhere to go. They had shelters and stuff here for people who lived in homes that were not structurally sound so to speak. Those people went to shelters, but there’s really no place to go. You’ve got to hope and pray that your house can withstand the damage.

The rest of your house was okay?

Yeah. We did have damaged. Most of the homes in Puerto Rico are built in concrete because this is a hurricane zone. They try to account for that. We did have damage, about $150,000 worth of damaged. We lost some of our roof and we lost a lot of our outdoor space and shutters. The wind came in and ripped everything apart. I’m grateful that we had the resources to repair the damages and the insurance helped out a little bit, but not a lot. It did help out a little bit. At this point, we are all good.

That’s amazing. I’m glad to hear that. I know it’s already been a couple of years since then obviously, but it’s hard to come back from that. I’m glad to hear you are in such a good place.

Where do you go within your home when that happens? I’m assuming since it’s an island, you don’t have a basement.

Is it like when we have tornadoes in the Midwest, we go to the inner most room of the house or if you have a basement, that’s where you go but not everybody has a basement. Is that what you do there too?

Yeah. It’s exactly what we did. We started out in our master bedroom. We thought, “We got this.” All the storm shutters were down and we felt like we would all hunkered down in the master bedroom. If it got really bad, we would come into the walk-in closet of the bedroom. It was me and my husband and my son and our dog. The crazy thing about it was this storm was bad and it started to intensify. The balcony doors to our master bedroom started to buckle and give way as the wind started to increase. At that point, we decided it’s not safe to stay in the room because we ironically had some construction done on our balcony. The doors wouldn’t lock down like they typically would. As the wind would blow, the doors would literally slam open. It was weird and scary. We decided early on because, Tom, you’re going to trip out on this. My husband was trying to be the strong man. You know how you all do, right?

Not me. Whatever you’re about to say, no, I don’t do it. Remember, we met at an all-women’s podcast event. Don’t ever forget that. 

My husband is trying to be the man and he tried to hold the doors shut as the wind was blowing. I’m looking at him, bless his heart and I said, “Hon, you know we’re at the beginning of this storm and it’s only going to get worst.”

“You’re not going to be able to hold that for twelve hours.” 

“I don’t know how to break it to you. You are not stronger than a hurricane.”

He gave up after about five minutes of fighting with the storm. We did have to evacuate the master room and we went to a different room. It was a room within the interior of the house. That room did begin to take on water eventually because this was an unprecedented storm. It did begin to take on water. We had to evacuate that room and then we went to another room and we pray because after that, we had no place else to go.

I’m glad it stopped there. That sounds super intense.

This is probably a nice avenue for you to be able to discuss this because the other people that live in Puerto Rico, when you try to tell that story, you’re like, “Whatever, you aren’t special.”

There are so many people that have stories that are so much worse. Some people say, “Our entire roof blew off. All the windows and doors were broken out of our homes.” My story that I share with you all is nothing compared to what so many people did. The thing that I’m grateful for from that hurricane, it was traumatic. It was devastating. It was all those things, but we were so lucky to have been involved. I literally took a break from work because you have to understand that hurricane took away our cell phone service, our internet and our power depending on where you lived on the island, anywhere from 5 to 9 months. I couldn’t work because my business is online-based. I couldn’t work for those entire nine months, couldn’t make a phone call. We depended completely on our generator for power. We got to know each other well as a family during that time. We played some board games. I’m grateful because not only did we become closer as a family, but I was able to throw myself into the relief efforts of my community. Along with some friends of mine and members of my church, we threw ourselves into providing food for families in our community, necessities. I’ve never talked about this. Thank you so much for letting me discuss it a few years later.

This is cool.

We would go house-to-house, door-to-door, block-to-block, neighborhood-to-neighborhood, checking on people, seeing what they needed, making sure their kids had food, making sure they had things like Band-Aids and alcohol and basic stuff because the stores had nothing. People didn’t have access to cash because you couldn’t use an ATM machine. People were a little bit desperate. For fourteen months, I was working on almost a daily basis, strictly doing relief for my community here in Puerto Rico. That was the most gratifying and difficult year of my entire life but I wouldn’t trade that for the world.

The reason I said, “This is cool,” is because you have this amazing outlook on that. Many people and myself included, I would be sad, upset and frustrated and that turns you into a victim and you turn something very tragic into this positive experience. That is not something everyone can do and you should be very proud of that. That’s amazing. 

Thank you so much for saying that.

How long was the hurricane? 

I remember we went to bed at about 10:30 and it was windy. I’m from Chicago, so I know about wind. This is like a Chicago wind thing. That was around 10:30. I remember my mom called because she was probably watching the news and we had already lost power at that point. We still had cell phone service, but my mom called at 1:30 AM. She said, “I’m checking on you, guys. Is everything okay?” I’m like, “Mom, we’re good. We’re fine. We’re sleeping. I’ll call you as soon as we can.” As she’s saying, “Goodbye, I love you,” or whatever she was saying, I heard the static and the phone cut-off before we officially end the conversation. That was at 1:30 AM, it started to get progressively worse and it went all the way until about 12:30. It was about eleven hours that storm went. It went all through the night. That was the longest night of our lives.

I bet your mom was freaking out. 

If you don’t have power, you don’t have cell service, how do you let your mother know that you’re okay?

You all have no idea. My husband and my son had a charter boat business. They decided to open up a charter boat business. We live in Puerto Rico, we’re right on the ocean. They started the business a couple of years ago. One of the things that when you have a boat of any kind, it’s always wise to have satellite phones. When our crew is out on the water, they don’t have cell phone service, if there’s an emergency, they can always pick up one of the satellite phones to make a call. He had the presence of mind to say, “We knew the hurricane was coming. I’m going to make sure I go get the satellite phones off the boat.”

That’s way more impressive than holding down a shutter. 

He’s a pretty smart dude. I had to give him kudos for that one. You all are going to trip out on this. We have satellite phones and with the satellite phones you can’t call from your house because the phone has to be able to reach the satellite. You have to go outside to make a phone call.

It’s like DIRECTV. It needs to see the sky.

We couldn’t call anybody until the storm began to settle down. It was 12 or 13 hours after the storm. I was finally able to get a call out to the family. They were having anxiety attacks, panic. Everybody was like, “Oh my God,” because they had no idea. All they could see was what was on the news. We were finally able to get a call out to the family and we said, “Everybody is okay. We’re fine. We can’t talk long. We don’t know when we’ll be able to call you in the next time, but we’re good.” The cool thing about that satellite phone is that we were literally able to take that phone to several of our neighbors, people in our community who had no way of contacting their family. They were able to use the satellite phone to let somebody in their family know, “We’re okay. Everybody’s safe. We’re good. You don’t have to worry.” You can’t imagine when people can get pulled to a phone to call somebody, anybody back in the States.

You guys were like angels. You’re walking around with this ability to communicate and nobody else has the ability.

As soon as you started the story, I’m like, “This ends with everyone using the satellite phone. She probably could have paid for the damage to her housing and it’s $5.” 

People were offering to pay us. They were like, “We’ll pay you, just let us use your phone.” It’s like, “Chill. No problem. We were all in the same boat, so absolutely. Don’t be trying to have long conversation though.”

Save some juice for the next guy. 

You guys are amazing. What an ordeal and you finding all these ways to help other people. You could have been in the movies where it’s like a post-apocalyptic scene and they’re all crammed in their house and they won’t open the door for anybody. You guys are out like, “Anybody need some Band-Aids? Call your mom.” I love that.

When you finally got power back, what was the first thing that you did? 

When I finally got power back, I did several things simultaneously. I used my dishwasher and my washer and my dryer probably all at the same time.

My first thought was like, “I’m taking a hot shower,” but the water won’t be hot because you get power back, your hot water heater hasn’t heated it up yet. You still got to wait.

It was quite an ordeal. We had a generator, it was challenging to keep that thing filled up with gas on a weekly basis, but we managed to do it. There were a couple of days where we had no power, we had no generator. I had to cook dinner out on the barbecue grill. There were days I didn’t have my hot coffee because there was no way to make hot coffee. You discover what you’re made of.

You guys are resourceful. If there’s ever something happening to the world, I’m going to come to Puerto Rico and find you. 

Come to my house and you’ll be good to go.

I’ll be like, “Monique will know what to do.” 

You’re going to need your satellite phone number.

We had meals ready to eat and everything. We were good to go on.

Back to Peloton. Tom takes us down tangents. I never know where we’re going to go, but that was all super fascinating. I’m glad we got to hear all of that. Actually, I want people to hear about your podcast because when we talked in person, I was fascinated by what you do. Can you tell us about your podcast and what you do with people?

My podcast is called Sisternomics. It is a podcast for women entrepreneurs, which gives them practical tips, resources and advice on how to get to their next income level. I’m also using the podcast as my own personal accountability platform because my goal is to get my business to seven figures by April of 2021. People can follow my journey toward that goal by listening to Sisternomics. In my work, I am a coach to women entrepreneurs. I help them to stop stressing about money, stop chasing after it, stop worrying about it and finally use their gifts and their genius to make more than enough of it. That’s what I do in the world.

What I also found fascinating was that you use so much psychology around money. It’s like people who eat emotionally like myself. You can talk about dieting all you want, but until you deal with the emotional eating aspect of it, you’re always going to struggle with that. I felt like what you were doing dealt with money in that aspect.

TCO 138 | Fitness As A Community

Fitness As A Community: When you get access to a fitness community, you start to make connections within that community, and you also fall in love with the instructors.


We all have a story about money and that story is usually developed when we’re children around the age of 5, 6 or 7, sometimes a little bit younger. However you saw your parents or your closest family members handling money is typically how you grow up handling it as well. I always like to say that the only thing that stands between a woman and the money that she desires is the story that she tells herself. That story comes from how you saw your parents handling money. What happened when they had conversations about money? Was money even a topic of conversation in your household? All of that drives our relationship with money and our experience with money. My job is to help you break all that down. If the story that you have right now doesn’t fit who you are today or the goals that you have, then it’s up to me to help you rewrite the story so that it matches who you are and the goals that you have.

Isn’t that fascinating, Tom?

Yeah. My parents never talked about money.

That’s something to do with your story. I’m sure Monique could break it down, but it means something.

My story is when I would see my parents dealing with money, there was always tension or it was always, “No, we can’t afford that. No, you can’t go to the sleep away camp. No, you can’t get the fancy jeans that your girlfriends are wearing.” I saw my dad working 2 and 3 jobs. It was an interesting dynamic for me. The story that I grew up with, because all of us have a story including you, Tom, even though they didn’t talk about money, we all have a story and my story was, “The only way you’re going to make money is if you work 50, 60 and 70 hours a week. Money is only going to come to you if you’re constantly away from your family. You can’t make money doing fun, creative things like a podcast or coaching or anything like that. You’ve got to work your fingers to the bone.” That was my story. Even as a money coach, even as a host of Sisternomics, even as a person who’s had a successful career in broadcasting in radio and TV, I still every day have to work on my money story because I have to make sure that those old, disempowering thoughts and beliefs, I have to make sure that they’re not affecting the person that I am and the income that I want to create.

That’s funny because those are all messages my parents sent me and then I ignored them. I didn’t do any of them. Now, I have the fun job.

You found a way to create your own story to do what you wanted to do, but not everybody can. There are many years that I felt like I had to work 80 hours a week to be able to make enough money to support the family. Before you and I were married just to be clear, for anybody reading.

Gainfully important readers, pull my own weight, which is considerable because I’m fat.

I used to do that all the time. What you do is fascinating and I hope people who read to our podcast check you out because what you are doing is great and can help a lot of people.

I love doing this work. I know that when we have enough money, first of all, when we adjust our relationship with it and realize that there’s no shortage of money out there, that there’s plenty of it and it’s enough of it to go around for all of us to be wealthy. When we start to realize that and we start to take away the stress and all of the misunderstandings around money, then we can begin to create it easily and create it in fun ways and then also create a legacy of wealth so that our children, our grandchildren and our great-grandchildren can benefit from that because that’s the way it should be. When all of us are wealthy, we have the ability and the resources to make an impact on the world. That’s what it’s all about.

I should throw in here, you would like this, I was raised by a female entrepreneur in the ’70s and ’80s.

Tell her about the award your mom got.

My mom owned a printing company. Both my parents own printing companies. They owned one together and then they got divorced and started separate printing companies, but not like in a competing way. She was involved with the community and did all sorts of stuff. I still have the plaque she got. This is what the plaque says and it cracks me up, “First Lady President” of her Rotary Club.

It kills me. I love it so much. Bless them, they were trying. 

They make that in the nicest way. 

They loved her so much.

It did no harm.

They did not but it’s funny to see it, “First Lady President.” She might actually been the first female member in the Rotary Club when they first opened it up, the women joined. Then in classic Betty O’Keeffe fashion and then taken over the whole thing.

Back to Peloton this time. It sounded like when you and I talked, Peloton was your go-to work out at this point. I would like to hear why that is for you?

It’s something about the community, Crystal, that is addictive. I cannot get enough of it. I’ve done workouts before. I told you I had a spin bike, gym memberships and whatever. This is the first time that I have been consistent because when you have the access to the community, then you start to make connections within the community. Then you start to fall in love with the instructors because they’re like your best friend in your head. I’ve got to get on Alex’s ride or I have to go and see what Cody is talking about. It’s something about it. They’ve got this formula down to a science and I’m hooked.

I clearly am too, so I get it. Tom still has not taken a ride. 

Tom, I’ve got a question for you. What is it going to take to get you on that bike?

I’m good.

In our Facebook group, they had that joke going around that they were going to make a bike out of chicken tenders and that maybe he would ride that. 

I would just eat it.

He would eat it, he wouldn’t ride it.

You love the community. Have you gone to the studio in New York? 

Yes. I was there in summer. I was able to ride with Christine and I absolutely love her. She was nice. The thing I love about her is that she is comfortable in her skin. I don’t know for me, as a woman that’s quickly approaching the age of 50, even though I know I don’t look a day over 35.

You really don’t, you say that jokingly. You look a lot younger than what you say you are. 

I wouldn’t have guessed that you’re as old as me. 

Thank you, guys, for saying that well. I met her and I’m getting to a point where I’d no longer judge myself in terms of, “I’m too this or this part of my body is imperfect or whatever.” For women, that’s an ongoing struggle. I’m now probably in the past year getting to a space where I’m not going to judge myself no more. I have to fall in love with me the way I am right now. I’ll still get on my bike and I’ll work out every day. For now, I’m going to accept myself the way I am. I love Christine because she does the exact same thing. She personifies this whole idea of women being comfortable in their bodies and I love her for that. I rode with her in summer. It was a blast. I didn’t get to ride with Alex, but next time I’m going to go and make sure I’ll ride with him. My new favorite is Matt Wilpers.

Is that for Power Zone rides or in general?

I finished taking Discover Your Power Zones. He was low on my radar. I wasn’t feeling his vibe or anything, but I knew that after having my bike for a year, I want to be more powerful on the bike. I want to be higher up on the leaderboard. I said, “Let me go ahead and mess with Matt and take his class and see what he’s talking about.” Matt for me is like Bay. He is my favorite coach of all times. He’s a rock star in my eyes. I wish I would’ve taken Power Zones when I first got the bike.

That’s interesting because I have this theory. You have 3 or 4 instructors you connect with but typically, they fall in quadrants. If you’re an Alex girl, it’s very rare that you’re a Christine and Matt girl. If you’re Christine, you’re definitely Matt. Alex usually is not lumped in with those threes. I am fascinated by that.

I’ve tried to try a little bit of everything. You’re right because I’m in the BGM community and all of them are in love with Alex. They love Robin. There’s very few in the community that love Matt. The thing I love about Matt is that he makes the bike makes sense. It’s not ride into your heart falls out. You don’t kill yourself with him. Everything he does has a strategy to it. It has meaning behind it. That’s the thing I look for in a coach, someone that can literally guide me to my next level and that’s exactly what he does. That’s why I love him so much. He’s amazing.

He does do that. That is absolutely true. That’s wonderful. I love that you try all the different instructors because we all should. You don’t know who you’re going to mesh with until you take a few of their classes. That’s great that you do that.

The bike has so much to offer. How can you not? That bike is everything. It’s just the floor workouts, the yoga, the meditation, I want to do all of it. Literally, when I finish my workout and I worked out with Matt, I said to myself, “I wish I could spend the whole day sometimes exploring some of these classes because they’re so amazing. I love it.”

I hear you. You have no idea how many days that I am at work. I’m like, “I want to go home and work out.”

I know how you feel.

She gets home and I’m like, “Let’s watch TV.”

My husband is to the point where he’s like, “You’re going to work out right now?” He knows. In my household, my husband and my son, they’re like, “You’re working out tonight, right?” “Yes.” Everything else is going to have to wait. I’ll get back to it when I’ve finished my workout. It’s a part of my life.

Here’s the thing, things might have to wait but your workout will never be as long as the weight of post hurricane. You’re like, “I’m going to be gone for 45 minutes. You can deal with it.”

That’s an excellent point.

They will never ever bother you again. If they were, you will be like that. That is your get out of jail free card. You mentioned BGM, but a lot of people in the Peloton community, they have so many groups. They may not have heard of Black Girl Magic. Can you talk about that tribe? 

Black Girl Magic is a group of black women who are on varying levels of their health journey. I love this community because it’s so positive and everyone in there is encouraging and everybody respects where the other person is on their journey. You’ve got some people in there who are like fitness models and true athletes. You got people like me, I’m just a mom, trying to stay active few times a week. This is a funny story about my leader name. My leader name is Play Time is Over. Let me say how I came up with that name. I changed the name a few months ago before I was using my name, Monique Caradine. It was boring. One of the girls in the BGM in our little Facebook group, she’s a physician and she looks amazing and she posted a picture of herself. This woman has a six-pack to die for.

I looked at her and I said to myself, “This woman looks amazing.” She is probably around the same age as me. She explained how she got to where she is and how she works at. She was very nice to give us her whole entire workout and even some of her diet and stuff like that. I looked at her and I screenshotted her picture on my phone because I’m like, “If she can do that, I can do that.” That is what made me change my name to Play Time is Over, so I can get by myself daily that I’ve got the take it up a notch. That’s what made me take Matt’s Discover Your Power Zone. That’s what made me start getting down on that floor and doing some of that little strength workouts. I did Emma’s core workout all because I saw that picture.

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Does she know that? Does she know that you are so inspired by her? 

I told her. I don’t know if she realizes the impact that she has had on my whole entire life, but I did tell her that she was truly an inspiration for me.

I love how that community does that for each other. That is amazing.

What I did was I started another subgroup from the Black Girl Magic group and there are ten of us in a little subgroup. We are ride or die accountability partners. We decide each month we say, “This month we’re going to focus on Power Zone training. This month we’re going to focus on endurance or strength or whatever the case might be.” We hold each other accountable every day. We create a little calendar. We say, “This is our workout for the month. How’s everybody doing? Check in when you finish your workout.” Somebody says, “I didn’t get to do my workout.” We say, “No problem, try to get at least ten minutes in.” It’s amazing the friendships and the connections that we’ve developed from that group. It’s awesome.

I am so glad that you are telling us about this group because it’s been a couple of months because we’ve obviously had been trying to have this conversation since I’ve met you. There was a BGM HRI in New York and Tune day and Jess Sims was there. The entire tribe at that HRI, they came into the class and it was Sims class that I did one morning and I was doing a run and the energy in that room was electric. It was fabulous. They looked like they were having so much fine and Jess Sims was having a great time. I love her. I don’t know if you’ve taken any of the classes with her since you’ve been using the bike and she’s a tread instructor. Have you had the chance?

Yeah, I did. I take her strength classes. I actually took one of her classes and it was killer. I took her upper body strength class. It was amazing. She’s no joke.

On Saturday, she has a class that she calls the Saturday 60 and it’s either a boot camp at 60 minutes or it’s a 60-minute run. If it’s a boot camp, she does these insane moves, the strength moves. You’ll do fifteen minutes run and then you’ll do fifteen minutes of strength and you jump back on and do a fifteen-minute run. By the end, you want to hurt her because it’s so amazing. She is tough. She’s amazing. I love her so much.

I like her a lot too.

I’m glad everybody gets to hear about that tribe because I tried to reach the admin and I sent a message. You know how you have the other messages on Facebook? It went there and I never heard from her. 

Let me know, I’m happy to put you in touch with her and let them know that you want to reach out and stuff. I can make that connection for you if you’d like.

That would be great. I’d love to hear more. You told us your leaderboard name and how you came up with it. You just changed that?

I changed that in the last couple of months. I changed it probably at the end of August to September, something like that.

Are you happy with your progress so far? 

I’m happy with my progress. I have what I call a six-pack starter kit. I’m starting to see some lines. My weight is very stable. It’s maintaining at a good weight. I also got some nice arms. I’m trying to get those tune day arms.

If you do, that’s amazing. I have tune day goal arms. They are my goal. I don’t have the arms but I would love to have them. She’s talking about no joke. She’s a beast on the bike.

I PR every time I ride with her. She is amazing. I’m actually trying to get her on my podcast, so hopefully I can make that happen.

That would be fabulous. If you do, let me know because I want to hear it. Are you going to go through a Peloton to do that or are you reaching out to her directly?

I reached out to her directly actually.

It’s not about Peloton necessarily your conversation? 

Some of it will be obviously, but a lot of the things that I’m helping women do. I want to talk to her about the business of fitness. Since it’ll be around the first of the year, we all have fitness goals. I love her energy. I think she can add a lot of value to my audience in terms of business as well as health and wellness.

There’s no doubt. I’m sure you’ve heard her backstory.

A little bit of it. Not all of it.

She’s amazing. I don’t remember what country she grew up in, but she was overweight when she was thirteen. She ended up losing all that weight and looks the way she does now. That’s inspirational for teenagers especially because many kids these days, at least our kids, they sit around, do nothing. She’s super inspirational. She’s amazing.

She’s got a good vibe and good energy, she’s awesome.

Do you have any advice for people who are starting their fitness or Peloton journey?

My best recommendation would be to do Matt Wilpers’ Discover Your Power Zones because that’s a great way to develop a good understanding of your bike. It’s a great way to understand your body on the bike. It’s a great way to develop the right technique early on so that you don’t just jump on. My first ride was a 45-minute ride with Cody, and then while it was fun and it was great, I may have developed some not so good habits because I didn’t do the right techniques and stuff. If I could offer anyone any advice, especially if you’re a newbie, go ahead and jump on with Matt Wilpers and let that be your guide and then start trying the other folks. The main thing is don’t take it so seriously. Cody always says, “Have fun and live your life.”

That’s great advice. I love it.

I was thinking it’s like yard work. Everybody wants to have the nice manicured lawn, but first and foremost, you’ve got to mow the thing. First, you mow it and then once you’ve mowed for a while, then you look around and you’re like, “Maybe we can throw on some fertilizer.”

It’s good advice, Tom. 

Until we live in the suburbs.

The next thing you know, you’re putting those little fancy lines, those diagonal lines.

You’re cutting the grass like catty corner. It looks all fancy and not unlike exercise. I hire someone to do it.

Smart man you got there, Crystal.

I agree, except for the exercise part.

Where can people find you on social media and whatnot? Normally, I say if you would like to be found, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that you would like to be found.

I would like to be found and you can find me everywhere, @MoniqueCaradine. My podcast is called Sisternomics. You guys have been so much fun. Thank you for letting me share my story. I’ve never shared it to that degree. I’ve never shared it with such depth. I thank you guys for letting me get that out.

You’re very welcome.

I feel like we had a special experience. Thank you for sharing that with us. 

It’s my pleasure.

It was wonderful to talk to you and I hope that we are able to keep in touch. If you somehow pass by St. Louis, let us know.

I’ll definitely let you guys know. Actually, I may be in St. Louis in summer. If I make it that way, I will definitely let you know.

That would be fabulous. You take care and thank you again for doing this. 

Thank you so much.

Thank you, guys, so much.

What do you have in store for people next time?

We have another exciting interview. We are going to be talking to Brock Masters, who if by any stretch of what I saw on the official Peloton page, you guys have seen him, you just may not know his name. He has Spina Bifida. He was racing along in his fancy racing wheelchair while taking classes on Peloton all over the OPP and it’s awesome. We’ve got to talk to him.

TCO 138 | Fitness As A Community

Fitness As A Community: Don’t take it too seriously. Still make sure to have fun and live your life.


He has a badass name, Brock Masters. He sounds like he should be a character on one of those old cowboy shows. Anyway, that’s who we will be talking to you next episode week. Until then, where can people find you?

People can find me at Facebook.com/crystaldokeefe. They can also find me at Instagram, Twitter, on the bike and of course the tread at Clip Out Crystal.

You can find me on Twitter, @RogerQBert or on Facebook at Facebook.com/tomokeefe. Don’t forget, while you got your podcast delivery device in your hand, you should make sure to subscribe so you never miss an episode. If you want to find out more about the show, you could do that at Facebook.com/theclipout. While you’re there, like the page, join the group and of course sign up for our newsletter at TheClipOut.com. That’s it. Thanks for tuning in and until next time, keep peddling and running.

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About Monique Caradine

TCO 138 | Fitness As A CommunityWhy do you think you would be a great guest on the show?
this bike has been the ONLY thing that has me excited about working out consistently! I truly believe that Peloton is the answer to world peace. Real talk!

How old are you?

Leaderboard name

Who is your favorite instructor?
Hard to name just one! Alex because he helps me PR consistently, Cody because he’s fun, Jenn because she’s cool and i love her hip hop playlists, Matt because he makes the bike make sense (I just finished his Power Zones program), Christine because she’s so confident in her skin, Tunde because she’s fresh!

What is your favorite tribe?
Black Girl Magic the Peloton Edition (aka BGM Queens) – such a supportive, positive and motivating group!

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137: New Power Zone Instructors Are On The Way Plus Our Interview with Irene Bassock

TCO 137 | Peloton Bike


It’s no wonder that biking is a very good form of exercise. For those who are wary about biking outdoors, the Peloton Bike is a step-up of the good old indoor bike. For the uninitiated, the Peloton Bike is a high-end indoor bicycle equipped with a Wi-Fi–enabled, 22-inch touchscreen tablet that streams live and on-demand classes which allows the user to compete with other members. 50-year-old attorney, Irene Bassock, joins Crystal O’Keefe and Tom O’Keefe in this episode to talk about her Peloton Bike experience and why she’s loving it.

Listen to the podcast here:

The Peloton Bike Experience With Irene Bassock

Joining us is Irene Bassock. Irene, how’s it going?

It’s going well. It’s a little surreal being interviewed.

Think of it as us hanging out, getting to know you.

If it makes you feel any better based on past one of these where we’ve done, that novelty wears off quick. By the end, you’ll be like, “Are we done? I’ve got things to do.”

Thanks for inviting me.

Thank you for taking the time to do this and humoring us with telling us all about your Peloton experience. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to read the blog, you probably know that the first question I always ask is how did you find Peloton?

That’s an easy one. I do want to say I’ve read every single episode of the show. How did I hear about Peloton? My sister, Jane, used the Peloton app when it first came out and it was free. She knew I took spinning classes and was raving about these workouts. She talked about it all the time. I was on a business trip. I had to go to Chicago in November of 2015. While I was staying at the Weston, I went down early to do a workout before the conference started. There was a Peloton sitting right there. I had arrived at the gym right when it opened.

It was early and no one was there and the Peloton was sitting there. I went, “Go check it out.” I took a ride with Nicole. It was weird. The bike sucked me in. I remember 45 minutes later looking up at myself in the mirror across from the gym. The gym was full of people at this point and I was a mess, sweaty. I cannot believe that I looked like that in public. I barely got off the bike without falling. I was like, “That’s it. I have to buy one of these.” Literally, it was on my way back home at the airport. I ordered one and it came 2 or 3 days later. It was a done deal.

You were all-in instantly. Was that a live ride that you took with Nicole?

No, I think it was on-demand, but it was interesting because I didn’t even think about live versus on-demand. In fact, when I got off the bike, the gym manager came over to ask me how I liked the ride, which was obvious. He said that the bike had arrived in their gym a few days before. I was one of the first people that used it. I would love to figure out what that ride was that I took, but I’m sure it’s been purged by now. It was great.

If you wanted to know, you could scroll all the way down on your profile.

TCO 137 | Peloton Bike


I didn’t even sign it. I signed in the gym. I don’t think I even had a profile. It was strange because I didn’t even tell my husband I bought it. I tucked it on another credit card that I have. I’m sure he knows about it, but he doesn’t know about it. I justified it. I canceled my gym membership. I didn’t even realize I had this before, but my company’s health plan had a program where if you sign up for gym membership, they will pay you X number of dollars every quarter. I justified that that money would be used to pay for the Peloton. My company accepted the Peloton monthly financing and they applied that health reimbursement amount to the financed amount, which I was surprised that they did.

Since you had a gym membership, were you already working out regularly? Were you an occasional gym-goer or were you like many of us where you have a gym membership and never use it?

What I most regularly did at that point was I did a lot of long-distance running. I was using the gym for the spin classes. I’d go maybe once a week. It was a family gym membership and I was the only person in the family using it. I saved some money by canceling it. I was definitely getting a better workout on the Peloton. Eventually, I did give up running. I found that as I was getting older, too many aches and pains and even though I still consider myself a runner, I don’t run at all anymore. Kudos to you, Crystal, for taking up running. I did the opposite.

As Tom always says, all of my joints were in new condition. It’s the benefit of starting late to the game.

I missed running so much and I miss the races. I miss running outdoors with friends and that was the hardest thing was giving up the running, but I have never felt better.

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If it makes you feel any better, Irene, I go so slowly. You still wouldn’t be able to do any of those things. It’s like walking with a little bit of a fast forward. That’s my speed. It’s still running.

I love that my sister convinced me to try Peloton took her another year from when I purchased my Peloton for her to purchase her Peloton. That’s been fun because she lives in Denver. I’m here in Connecticut and we try to ride with each other. We sometimes use the video chat function to look at ourselves while we’re sweating away. She’s like the only person I would be brave enough to use that with.

It’s a little awkward. I’m not going to lie because you can only hear one side or the other. It’s mostly gesticulation. It’s basically doing hand gestures at each other anytime. I’ve used it anyway and it’s not pretty.

I wonder if they’re going to keep that functionality. I wonder how many people use it. With my sister, it is a silly thing to do. It’s easier to get on our phones and talk to each other or video chat that way. I’m wondering if that will ever be disabled. I’m sure a lot of people have that camera taped over on their bikes.

I am sure that there are and I don’t know. A lot of people don’t talk about it and I know about every new person says, “What’s that for? Why is there a camera?” That’s a good question.

I did get a few visits from the Cheer Fairy early on. It’s been a while, but those were definitely memorable moments.

TCO 137 | Peloton Bike


Getting a visit from the Cheer Fairy is memorable. I totally know what you mean. For anybody out there who doesn’t know, we have a whole episode where we interviewed the Cheer Fairy, but she will literally video chat with you and cheer you on. If it’s a special milestone ride and there are signs and there’s usually some neon lights involved, it’s fun and festive. You cannot miss it if it happens.

Except for the phone call, take the video chat.

You have to talk to the Cheer Fairy at least once. Speaking of the Cheer Fairy, how involved in the community do you feel you are?

I’m pretty involved. I’ve always done live rides and followed other people, but it took a while for me to get engaged in the community. I certainly followed the OPP early on before the numbers got out of control. It was a different community at that point. Things changed for me. I have to owe it to you, guys. I was listening to one of your episodes and you had interviewed someone in a tribe now that I’m a co-administrator of. Because of the interview that you did, I decided to join and got to know a lot of people. I liked the racing and the pacing that they were doing. The whole tribe was dedicated to ‘80s music and I’m an ‘80s kid. I joined and met the most wonderful people. In fact, shortly after I joined, I went to an HRI that was last minute, but it was one of those HRIs where everyone said, “This works. Let’s go to New York.”

A whole group of us went down to New York in October of 2017 and met each other for the first time in person. It was funny. Everyone had the same introduction, “I can’t believe I’m doing this. We’re not like this. This is not what I normally do.” Everyone had the preface why they were there and how they weren’t some weirdo on the internet. We found that we had so much in common beyond the bike. Everyone had Type-A personalities. Everyone loves the structure, worked hard, and played hard. It’s a great group of people. From there, I’ve joined a few other tribes and pretty much stayed committed to those tribes along the way. In addition to the first one, which was Fast Times. I’m an active member of the Mileage Maniacs and in the last year or so, I joined the Pelo Law Moms tribe.

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I have to laugh about the Fast Times because that’s the group that we got kicked out of or I got kicked out of. Tom was never in it. I’m not going to go down that road. It made me laugh that you said that. I’m glad that you met many great people there though and throughout all of the different tribes. For Mileage Maniacs, we interviewed Peter Gaan. The last group that you said, Pelo Law Moms, I’m curious about that group. How many people are in that group?

I’d have to check. It’s one of the smaller groups though.

I understand it’s small, but I also understand it is quite active.

I’ve got a son who’s in high school and a daughter in college. When I joined, I felt like a lot of the vibe was about trying to balance a law practice with having younger kids. I went through that. I get it. I’m done. My kids are older so I don’t have the same day-to-day struggles, but I’m almost like the grandmom in the group, “It’ll be fine. You’ll look back fondly on these days. Everything will work out. Don’t stop working. You’ll be fine. The kids will be fine.”

By the way, you have one of the most photogenic families I have ever seen. You guys always look like you should be gracing in the front of a magazine cover, all of you. It’s crazy.

My kids take 100 photos and then they select one. Come on. It’s working for you. It gets passed around and they delete. We could always Photoshop those if their eyes are closed.

TCO 137 | Peloton Bike


Circling back on the Cheer Fairy, it’s Episode 10 and that was Lisa Carlson. We also in that episode discuss a pending IPO.

Lisa Carlson, right after I went to New York City for the first HRI back in 2017, I convinced my sister to fly in for it too because I didn’t want to go alone. She flew into New York. It turned into one of those funny weekends and I could not have done without my sister. This is going to make me sound crazy because so much happened in one weekend. Lisa Carlson had organized a Sunday afternoon Connecticut-based Peloton meetup in New Haven. She got us on one of those group bikes where you peddle and you drink. I saw my sister who had flown into New York. I said, “Before you go back, we have one more thing we need to do. We need to peddle this group bike around New Haven and drink a lot on a Sunday night and then you’re free to go.” That’s what happened to it was between the drinking and going bar to bar on a Sunday night in New Haven. I remember us having Peloton signs and going through the campus of Yale and being obnoxious. These poor kids are touring the campus with their families. It was horrible. It’s a little bike trip. That was a memorable afternoon.

I can’t believe you did that at the end of your first HRI visit because that weekend, I don’t know about you, but I was exhausted.

It’s tiring. My husband drove down to New Haven to pick us up. He was horrified. He was like, “What is Peloton drink?” He was a little jealous and a little freaked out that he’d find me in the back of a trunk somewhere, “Who are these virtual people? What have they done to my wife?” He’s a little apprehensive about some of these relationships, but he’s come to embrace it over the last few years.

Every time you meet your fake friends, it’s a little weird. You don’t know, but you meet them and it’s like you’ve always known them. It’s crazy.

No matter how you feel, just run one mile and your body will take over from there. Click To Tweet

Crystal and I met online. There was no exercise involved.

When I was dating, I would text people and be like, “This is who I’m going out on a date with. This is where we’re going. If I should get murdered, at least you’ll know who to blame.”

Going back to the Pelo Law Moms, it’s an active group. I personally found a lot of comfort there beyond the kids and all those issues when I decided to leave my job in the last few months. I had been working at one company in-house for several years. When I decided to leave before even talking to some of my friends, I went to that group and solicited feedback from other attorneys who went from in-house to opening up their own law firms. It was amazing to hear all the different stories from these strong women who made some difficult choices and learn about the good and the bad. That group was supportive. In fact, I did strengthen a number of my personal relationships with a few members of the group. One member in particular, we’ve partnered and affiliated and I’m picking up and performing work for her law firm in New York and that has been great. She’s been a fantastic mentor to me. I wonder if I could have done it as well as I’m doing it if it weren’t for her, her support, feedback and cheerleading in my corner.

I’ll tell you, the whole Peloton and the binds that it makes for people, the connections it makes are incredible. I never can get over it how it happens.

I’m also connected to Robert Brinker‘s group, the Dragon family. He is such a positive person and has embraced both me and my sister. In fact, he’s in Aspen and my sister’s in Denver, so they speak regularly. They’ve developed a nice, strong relationship. I look at him as being a friend to a great guy and knows how to bring people together. Another cheerleader that’s always there to give you that support that you needed when sometimes you don’t know you even need it.

He is a cool person. I’m impressed by the art that he does, his outlook on life and the joy that he spreads. We’re going to be interviewing him. It is wonderful. I’m definitely looking forward to that. Tell us which instructor you ride with the most and why?

TCO 137 | Peloton Bike


I’m an instructor agnostic. I like riding live, so I’ll take live rides based upon what fits in my schedule. I found myself on an EDM ride and who was the instructor? It was Cody and I’m riding and I’m looking at my output and I’m like, “What the hell?” This is not my music genre. I don’t usually ride with Cody, but what a ride. I always surprise myself. I’ll jump on anything. I always find that the rides are great. I hear new music that I never thought I would appreciate. The advice I’d give to anyone is don’t pigeonhole yourself, experience everything.

I wholeheartedly agree with that especially when you’re first starting out, you don’t know what you like or what you don’t like. You might think a certain thing by judging a book by its cover, but you hop on a ride and you might have a completely different experience than what you expect.

Nobody is disappointed in me. I heard her say, “I’ll jump on anything, but I let it slide.” She could sue me. I still want people to think like, “Is he okay? How did he not have something to say there?”

If you could have seen the face he made, Irene. I thought we were going to slide right past it but no, he went back.

I’ve got a rep to protect. I don’t want people to think I’m slipping now that I’m pushing 50.

Finding a smaller group with people who have interests in common to yours is critical to feeling engaged. Click To Tweet

You mentioned you used to be a runner, you don’t run anymore, but do you use any of the other Peloton content like the yoga or the strength exercises, anything like that?

On a regular basis, I use the meditation and that came out of a challenge I did with the Maniacs. It was right when they started rolling out a lot of their digital content. As the challenge proceeded, the teams that we were assigned to had to do yoga, walking, all these floor workouts. I became acquainted with the digital offerings, which I didn’t end up using other than the meditation. What I do for a full-body workout is I do a bar. The workouts would be too much for me. The bar is a nice combination with the spinning, but the meditation is something that I try to do on a daily basis.

I was sitting here watching his face and it was totally dead serious. I didn’t even see that one coming.

You’re a lawyer and you’ve already talked about getting drunk. I could’ve gone 1 of 2 ways with that. I went with a professional way because your husband is already upset.

Do you know what they say about lawyers? We’re heavy drinkers. The stress of the job gets to you and you end up drinking too much. We have a bad rep when it comes to drinking. If my reputation is that I go to the bar, I’d rather have it be the workout bar than the drinking bar, but I’d probably do both too much.

I don’t see why it’s stressful. It’s the clients that go to jail.

TCO 137 | Peloton Bike


What law do you do if we may ask?

We do employment law. For many years, I did the defense side. I represented companies and work for the man. When I left my job at the company and opened up my own law firm, I switched sides and now I represent employees.

When you represent employees, what is stressful about that from your perspective? From the person who’s going through the lawsuit, I get what’s stressful for them. Because you have all these deadlines you have to meet, is that the pressure of you want to win for them? Is it all of the above or is it something I would never even think of?

It’s not the deadlines. I’m a person who feels deeply and now that I’m working with individuals, I’m seeing how bad the situation is for them, I feel horrible. It’s like being a friend and seeing someone in the worst moments of their life and knowing that you can help them but hoping that you can also help them. I know I have all the expertise to do it, but you don’t have everything within your control. If someone won’t settle or agree to do X, Y and Z, I want to do more. What is stressful is not being able to help them to the degree that they need the help. Even when you do your job and you do it perfectly, it’s still a crappy situation to be in. No one feels happy.

You probably never feel like you made everything better. You want to make everything better, but you can’t tie a bow on it and call it a day.

Unless someone is looking for vengeance, that sometimes helps.

I feel like even then, with my own dealings with the legal system, divorce-related, I get arrested. I feel like there aren’t many times when one’s side walks out and crushed it. Both sides walk out going like, “Yeah but no.”

You get part of things that you want and you don’t get others and so you’re happy on one hand and frustrated on another. I would assume with the law you’re doing, you’re ending up in some similar situations.

They call it employment law as corporate divorce law. For the years that I represented corporations, I didn’t have to internalize a lot of the things that were going on. I was acting for the corporation and it didn’t get as personal. I’m still working through some of these emotions, but now with individuals sitting down in front of me, my heart goes out to them. I want to be their champion and make things right. I’m sure that as the days and the weeks and the months and the years pass by, I become more seasoned representing individuals that may change for me. It’s hard to let these feelings go. That’s where the stress comes from.

Plus, if a corporation gets dinged, it’s like your company, you’ll be fine.

It’s a different thought process than a person going through something like that. That makes you a good attorney though. At least from where I would be sitting, if I were having somebody represent me, I would want somebody that cares like that. I totally mean that. You’re taking it personally. You’re fighting in their corner in a way that a lot of people don’t have somebody fighting in their corner, whether it’s for work or medical or whatever. It’s hard to find somebody who will get in there and fight for you. At the same time, be careful. Don’t burn yourself out because I can see that happening too.

TCO 137 | Peloton Bike


I work hard and I play hard.

We’ll find you at the bar cycle again. That’s awesome.

How often do you get to the studio?

For an HRI, I probably get once or twice a year. Fast Times had a joint one with Mileage Maniacs. The days are flying by. That was fantastic. Also, when I get into New York for business, I’ll always try to get in a little bit earlier so I could take a ride in the studio. It’s always fun. You end up bumping into people you know. I take whatever live ride is there. Sometimes I’m riding with instructors that I don’t ordinarily ride with. It’s a great level of energy in the studio. It’s wonderful. They’re great to home riders in the New York studio.

I feel like I want to binge on rides when I’m there. I want to do as many as I possibly physically can do while we’re there. At least that first day because probably everything will happen the second and third days. I’m like, “I don’t know how much time I’m going to have to do it.” That first day I’m like, “4 or 5 rides, let’s do it.”

Same here and you’re tired. Even though I don’t feel like I’m working out as hard, my outright is a little bit lower. I have a fan at home. There’s no fan there. You end up getting sweaty and gross. You’re going back to back rides. You’re meeting people in between the rides. It’s much energy, but it’s exhausting. I always burned myself out. I need a whole day afterward to sleep and rest up because it is taxing.

I wish we lived closer. I know I say that all the time, but I do. It would be amazing. Does anybody else in your family use the bike?

My son and my daughter both have accounts. My son has two rides. My daughter, since 2015, I don’t know, maybe twenty rides. The answer is no. I find my daughter occasionally on, but they’re a little freaked out by me and they don’t want to touch it. I gave him the stink-eye.

I started a new job. I had a hard epiphany at how much I talk about the bike. I know it because we’re on the show. I know I talk about the bike, but I had worked at the other place like my evolution of Peloton. Even as it ramped up, they adjusted accordingly. These poor people are like, “What happened?” I come in. I’m wearing the Peloton jacket. I’ve got a Peloton bag and let me sell you Peloton.

She’s like, “Do you have a personal relationship with Peloton? Have you heard the good news?

I’m a little out of control. I didn’t know it was that bad. They ride. There are two people there that one of them has a bike and one of them doesn’t have a bike, but they ride. I’m like, “This is what you should take based on your personality and this is what you should try. You should do this and that.”

TCO 137 | Peloton Bike


My husband and I took two weeks off and we did this hiking trip in the Swiss Alps with another group, strangers. We didn’t know them. We went on this tour. On the first day of the hike, I learned that one of the other hikers owned a Peloton. Immediately I was like, “Who’s your favorite?” He’s looking at me like I’m crazy. He’s not one of those riders.

It is funny that many people are rabid about it. You forget that there are some people that they ride the bike. That’s the extent of their involvement.

We were coming back from the cruise. Do you remember that guy that sat in front of us? I started talking to him because he had a Peloton shirt on. I thought, “We’ve got one.” He was like, “I don’t do any of those things.” He didn’t know anything other than the rides he takes and he was more into scenic rides. He had no enthusiasm.

My husband, some of his friends from college have Pelotons. One day he came home from work and he goes, “I want to let you know those normal people who own Pelotons aren’t like you.”

I disagree, I think you’re the normal one. These newer people who have come to Peloton later in the game haven’t gotten the bug in the same way that the people earlier on did. There are exceptions to that. There are people that are as fanatic as we are. They’re newer, but some of them don’t like social media or if they do, they’re not on it all the time and the OPP is not welcoming.

They do try the OPP and they get punched in the face and they’re like, “Other Peloton people are dicks.”

It’s a different experience for people now versus back in 2016, 2015. It’s a completely different personal experience.

I remember on my first HRI, we had a cocktail party on the Thursday night before the actual HRI. We’re at a bar and Dennis Morton shows up, “Let’s hang out.” We hung out for a while, talked about surfing. It was such a normal fun conversation. I didn’t think anything of it at the time. Now fast forward a couple of years, I can’t even imagine one of the instructors stopping over for a happy hour and hanging out for the night. It wouldn’t happen.

If it did, everybody would be texting their friends and that place would get mobbed in seconds.

I remember too when the OPP were only a couple of hundred members. Who was it that used to post like, “Who’s riding what ride?” You’d see who was riding because they’d post on the OPP. It was easier to follow certain people and they had their own little shtick or the stuff with the coffee cups, the magic pants, all these neat little things that now are lost in the thread. I also remember the fighting that started on the OPP. Do you remember when there was the splinter group, The Badasses? I remember going, “Yeah, I’m joining The Badasses.” I don’t think that even exists anymore.

Those splintered and that became the OG Badasses or something and then there are the real Badasses of Peloton. It is still out there.

TCO 137 | Peloton Bike


I’m not following either anymore, but there was a lot of drama early on. Nothing like what we see now.

It’s a little boring out there because it’s all like, “I have a milestone. My pedals squeak.” It’s literally the same five things over and over again. I rarely ever see anything unique as you said with the cups and stuff.

I also remember knowing the people on the page, someone who was in financial distress even.

I know exactly what you mean because when we started the show, that was my thinking. There are all these people that I see every day that I want to get to know. Now I still have that, but it’s from all the other groups, not from the OPP but that’s where it started. I would see the same people over and over again. I can’t even tell you the number of people that we’ve raised money for that needed a bike or had health issues. They’re on and on. We’ve done that. It’s different. Now if you ask for anything, they’re like, “You want money from us.” They get mad.              

That’s where the tribes have become important especially the ones that are in smaller numbers and people can find their own. For new riders, the first thing to do is get off the OPP or don’t look at it every day. You don’t have to be active. Finding a smaller group with people who have interests in common to yours is critical to feeling engaged or at least having the same feeling of engagement that we had earlier on.

What is your leaderboard name?

It’s Scream.

I haven’t seen your picture in a while, but I love that you always had your face like you were screaming.

I was screaming. We have a house up in Vermont. During the ski season, it’s a house full of people. One morning, I was driving 1 of the 3 cars to the mountains and there must have been eight adults and twenty kids. It was like herding cats and ski poles and skis and boots. I couldn’t get everyone out of the car or in the car. I can’t remember whether we were dropping off or picking up. I remember taking a selfie, screaming like, “This is insane. What are we doing here?” When I selected my leaderboard name, which Scream is an old nickname, I thought back to that picture. I’m like, “I have that picture somewhere like freaking out.” It was a legit scream.

It was appropriate. I love it.

Thank you.

TCO 137 | Peloton Bike


Do you have advice for newbies or like we did that so I don’t want to put you on the spot for more if you don’t have any at the ready?

My advice to newbies, especially if you’re getting into a fitness routine, is to ride consistently. You don’t have to do a heavy ride every day, but staying close to the bike and working it into your routine. I’m a big supporter of early morning rides before the day gets away from you. Trying to at least sit on the bike, pedal, moving your legs, you’ll end up going farther than you think that you would have even on a bad day. Consistency is key absolutely.

I should remember it more often get on the bike even if I don’t feel like it.

They used to say with running is that when you’re scheduled to run, run the first mile. No matter how you feel, run 1 mile and your body will take over from there but run the first mile.

They probably didn’t know that it takes me 30 minutes to run over too.

I’m still impressed that you’re running. That is fantastic.

Thank you. It’s sweet. I’m being self-deprecating because I am like a turtle.

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy day.

Where can people find you on social media? If somebody wants to hunt you down as an attorney, how should they go about that?

I’m on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I’m under Irene Bassock for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, which I don’t use, but my handle there is @I_Scream_Louder. I know I was late to Twitter, so Scream wasn’t available. For my law firm, the name of the firm is Empower Legal Group and you can find us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram under Empower Legal Group. There’s a Twitter handle, which for the life of me I’ve forgotten, but it doesn’t matter. I don’t use Twitter all that much.

Thank you for joining us.

Irene, thank you for doing this. I appreciate it.

Thank you for asking. I appreciate it. Thanks.

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About Irene Bassock

TCO 137 | Peloton BikeI’ve been riding since 2015. I’m passionate about the bike and the community and all the positive things it’s done for me and others.

I love sharing stories about the personal and work relationships that this bike has brought me. Plus, my husband is suspicious of my passion for the community. He truly does. He’s so afraid that I’m part of a cult.

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