120: Peloton IPO Filings Now Public and we interview Sarah Lester

120: Peloton IPO Filings Now Public and we interview Sarah Lester

Its been a big week in Pelotonia!

  • The Peloton IPO paperwork has gone public and there’s lots to talk about.
  • We dig into the SEC filings (it’s not as boring as it sounds).
  • The media has lots of, ummm…interesting takes on what it all means:
  • Business Insider has an odd take on Peloton.  This particular article discusses the letter that John Foley included as a pitch to investors with the SEC filing.  BI insists that Foley “downplays” that the company is essentially a bike-selling company.  
  • CNBC has an even odder take.  This article seems to imply that since the health of the United States overALL isn’t improving, then Peloton is clearly not effective.  We can’t even pretend to understand where this came from logic-wise.
  • The New York Times questions if Peloton’s success can last.  This is the most balanced of the three articles, they aren’t completely anti-Peloton, but they do try to turn all the new subscriptions gained in the last year into a negative.   (Plus they interviewed Crystal!)  
  • Law.com has an article about a father/daughter duo who works at Peloton.  They attempt to draw comparisons between Uber and Peloton for a similar situation, but we think its more about SEO optimization than actual writing. However, they mention the Kushi family and they are fantastic and deserve tons of good press!
  • Is Flywheel going to start working with Wal-Mart?  Hear what the Flywheel prophet has to say.
  • Alison Sweeney proclaims her love of Peloton.
  • Christine D’Ercole returns to the National Championships for the third straight year.
  • Selena Samuela completes her first marathon…and wins!
  • Changes to the schedule are coming meaning more live classes for the West Coast.  BUT… what ELSE does it mean.  We are here to speculate!

All this plus our interview with Sarah Lester! Sarah is a survivor of psoriatic arthritis and she loves Christine D’Ercole.  Christine actually inspired a new project Sarah has just launched that is doing tons of good in her community!

Make sure to check out Sarah’s yummy (Tom approved) brownie recipe here.  

119: Would An Economic Downturn Hurt Peloton? Plus an interview with Daniel Dennis

119: Would An Economic Downturn Hurt Peloton? Plus an interview with Daniel Dennis

  • CNBC has an article discussing the effects that a recession could have on boutique fitness outlets including Peloton. 
  • The Wall Street Journal discusses what other fitness outlets think of the rise of Peloton.
  • We have a visit from The Peloton Prophet.
  • Flywheel closes even more stores.
  • The Clip Out Challenge is getting closer.
  • Robin Arzon becomes a ROAR Model.
  • Jess Sims is featured in Well + Good.
  • The Chainsmokers get a featured ride & run.
  • There’s a sale in the boutique. 
  • Crystal talks about her new Whoop fitness tracker.

Plus our interview with Daniel Dennis!

118: Peloton Collects $10K From Flywheel and Our Interview with Kim Gitzel

118: Peloton Collects $10K From Flywheel and Our Interview with Kim Gitzel

  • Flywheel gets a judicial slap down and Peloton gets $10K.
  • More details on The Clip Out Challenge and how to register.
  • Peloton ditches single-use plastic bottles.
  • A new homescreen is launched.
  • mPaceline releases an update that allows for users to create their own challenges.
  • Robin Arzon discusses her IVF treatments on IGTV.
  • A past update from Jonathon Swersey.
  • Ben Alldis launches a climb series.
  • NYC On Track has some cool perks for entrants.
  • GOOP talks about Peloton.
  • Rob Lowe proclaims his love for Peloton and Jenn Sherman.
  • Jess Sims is featured in Women’s Health Magazine.
  • Two new celebrities have been spotted with Peloton equipment.
  • Matt Wilpers and Selena Samuela host a Facebook Live on marathon nutrition.
  • Rebecca Kennedy and Christine D’Ercole celebrate birthdays.
  • Miami gets its first permanent Peloton store.
  • Ally Love partners up with Lee Jeans.

All this plus our interview with Kim Gitzel

117: Soul Cycle Throws Down The Gauntlet at Peloton and our interview with Alexis Markowski

117: Soul Cycle Throws Down The Gauntlet at Peloton and our interview with Alexis Markowski

  • The Clip Out Challenge is here and we have the details! 
  • Soul Cycle throws down the gauntlet launching their own “at home” division.
  • Soul Cycle also finds themselves in a bit of politically related controversy.
  • Jessica Kleiman gets a big promotion at Peloton.
  • Howard Stern is still talking about his new bike.
  • Instructor birthdays are everywhere.
  • Outdoor Voices gets discussed in Shape Magazine.
  • New store madness.
  • Tom surprises Crystal with a gift.
  • Peloton has a new (John Mills inspired?) commercial.
  • All this plus our interview with Alexis Markowski!

116: Does Your Bike Monitor Need To Be Replaced? Plus our interview with Jennifer Smith

116: Does Your Bike Monitor Need To Be Replaced? Plus our interview with Jennifer Smith

Peloton announced this week that some monitors will need to be replaced to get future updates. We have the details. The Peloton Prophet returns with MAJOR predictions, Disney World gets Peloton knock-offs, and Cam Newton stops by the studio for a ride. Plus our interview with Jennifer Smith.

115: Robin Arzon Takes A Break plus our interview with Monica Kalfur

115: Robin Arzon Takes A Break plus our interview with Monica Kalfur

Robin Arzon announced this week that she’s taking a break from Peloton until the end of July.  It’s for the BEST reason.  We’ll let you know why.

Howard Stern is thinking about getting a Peloton but he has lots of questions. Apparently its all he’s been talking about on air.

And Becs Gentry and Jess Sims invade San Francisco. Jess Sims took over Instagram stories and showed us that she is JUST LIKE US.  She hates hills too.  However, when asked, she says she is NOT taking it easy on us when she gets back. 

Peloton went live on Facebook this for Marathon Training discussion.  This discussion was all about the Strength for runners program.  Rebecca Kennedy and Andy Speer both hosted the Q&A.  

The entire Marathon Training Program is live – all 18 weeks. 

Red Hot Chili Peppers Ride and Run coming:

Emma – bike on 7/24 6:30 ET

Selena – tread on 7/25 5:30 ET

The London temporary studio is now up and running – you can book rides.  The schedule is live as well.  

Alex Toussaint has an article on the Peloton blog and discusses how he sneaks in Cross Training.  

Plus, we interview Monica Kalfur!

114: Planet Fitness Feels Peloton Pressure and our interview with Megan Redmond

114: Planet Fitness Feels Peloton Pressure and our interview with Megan Redmond

Planet Fitness launches a campaign targeted at taking down Peloton, Claire Shorenstein has hydration tips for summer runners. You might remember she is also Matt Wilper’s go-to nutritionist (and dietitian). Peloton gears up for the San Francisco Marathon – Events all weekend: Getting shoes customized, a Cheer House, and a Expo and a Shakeout Run – collaboration with Outdoor Voices. Oliver will have another cookie club on July 17th. Peloton posts a All-4-One Behind the Scenes video. Pop Sugar featured a workout from Emma Lovewell. Telegraph UK published a review of Peloton versus Zwift from an outdoor rider perspective. Peloton Boutique posted another new collection to purchase. John Mills has more PeloParody GIFs available. Plus our interview with Megan Redmond!

113: Peloton Hit With Outage plus an interview with Peter Gaan

113: Peloton Hit With Outage plus an interview with Peter Gaan

Peloton services went down this week when they were struck with a massive outage. The Madonna classes raised money for LGBTQ causes, and an “update” from Power Zone Pack leadership. Plus our interview with Peter Gaan.

112: Power Zone Pack “Official” Status Revoked Plus An Interview With Richelle Martin

TCO 112 | Power Zone Pack


Following weeks of drama after the Power Zone Pack instituted a paywall, it was announced this week that they are no longer an “official” Peloton page. Crystal and Tom O’Keefe have details on what that means. They also have updates on the music licensing lawsuit and the scoop on Jennifer Jacobs’ final ride. What is more, they have Peloton member Richelle Martin over at the show to tell us her own Peloton journey. As a mom, Richelle has been struggling to have that alone time. But with Peloton, her road to being healthy has gotten a lot easier. She talks to us the ways Peloton has helped here reach her fitness goals, away from the prying and judging eyes of others and into a space of her own with people who matter and that support her. Listen in on this familiar conversation and allow it to speak to you in your own journey.

Listen to the podcast here:

Power Zone Pack “Official” Status Revoked Plus An Interview With Richelle Martin

What have we got in store?

We’re going to talk about the Power Zone Pack. We’re going to talk about JJ’s last class. There’s a new challenge out, a new legal step in the publisher lawsuit. We’re going to talk about a little award that one of the Peloton employees received. There’s going to be a new challenge coming up for the Tread as well and we have some instructor updates and our amazing interview with Richelle Martin.

We have a new review. This is from Melbeefl or Melbee Florida. Since it’s me, I’m hoping it’s about beef.

I have a feeling it’s Florida though.

Probably. They say, “More than a show about a Bike. I find myself looking forward to each week’s episode. It’s become a ritual of taking my dogs for a long walk on Fridays while listening to the witty banter between Crystal and Tom and catching up on all things Peloton. This isn’t just a show about riding the Bike. It’s truly about the community. I love how Crystal and Tom have guests that bring awareness to different issues that one might not always think about, such as how one can support research to end childhood cancer or how to help make Peloton and other websites/apps accessible to all abilities. Thanks for the excellent content and looking forward to what else you guys have in store for us audience.”

That was a kind review. Thank you. A lot of effort went into that.

If you would like to leave a review, Apple Podcasts is over there waiting for you. They don’t have to be long like that. Some people might be intimidated now.

That was a great review. There was like a sunshiny smile in my tummy.

Normally at the end of something like that, they hit you up for money. You could be like, “Five stars. Love it.” Don’t forget we’re available on Facebook.com/theclipout. You can go there and like the page and join the group and stay up-to-date on things. Breaking news, whatever the latest drama is. Hopefully on someone else’s page that we’re talking about, not within our ecosystem. There’s all of that. Let’s dig in.

That pesky Power Zone Pack. They should add a P for pesky.

It’d be the PPZP.

The PZPP. I like that better because at my age never missed an opportunity for PP. They are no longer an official Peloton page.

That has changed. For all of you hating, because we know you’re out there, you’re like, “Why are you talking about this? You want to drum up ratings.” We talked about it when they became official, so we’re going to go ahead and go full circle and talk about them when they became unofficial.

It was the headline of that week.

It was way back when.

When I think about it in sepia tones, like an old-timey newsreel.

Like one of those dream sequences. Peloton time runs strangely because everything’s in fast forward. There have been questions. We’re going to hit a few things. What changes? The big change is that Matt and Denis are no longer in the group. That’s a big thing. If they are making money off of the paywall that they included in their website, then it has nothing to do with Peloton. It’s a more clear line. Matt won’t be talking about it in the classes. From what I understand, that’s already started. That’s a big change. What has not changed? Censorship’s still rampant in the group. They are still asking people not to voice any concerns. If you have concerns, you should just PM people or get deleted, whichever.

That seems like a fair request to ask 30,000 people to send you a private message.

Also, another big concern that has come up is who is designing the challenge then because their big twist on this is nothing’s going to change. If nothing’s changing then who was designing the challenge?

They were never being designed by a Peloton instructor.

If you can read through all the BS that’s out there because there’s a lot. It seems like Matt basically said, “Do this many classes around about here.” Angie does every single ride. It’s all based on her TSS is what I’m told. That doesn’t matter because she fills in the classes. That’s the point. Matt says do X amount of these classes and then she goes through them because she knows the catalog and then she fills in what she thinks you should be doing. The only other concern I will throw out about that, I’ve also seen is that there have been injuries in some of these challenges. Don’t do a challenge if you don’t feel like it. Do not listen to anybody besides your body. If your body feels like I should not be doing this, then you should not be doing that. I don’t care what anybody tells you. Unless they are a doctor, do not listen to them.

In fact, it popped up in my feed that Matt was talking about a new Tread challenge.

It was a new treadmill program. It’s like the marathon program.

He even said in the comments like, “Do at least 4 to 6 six weeks of consistent running before you start a program like this. Don’t just jump into what I’m doing.”

You need to be able to do three miles easy.

That’s a good example. He’s a professional and he’s telling people, “This is challenging. You want to challenge yourself but also be cognizant of what your skill level is at. Don’t think you can jump into the deep end and be okay.”

For anybody out there who is a little disillusioned at this point from the whole Power Zone Pack or you need to refresh it, restart, I want to let you know that there is another group out there, the Peloton Data Junkies. They don’t actively go out to the OPP and recruit because they don’t need to. It’s like a small tight-knit community and a lot of these people were people who got kicked out of the PZP. There are people in there you may not have seen for years. The only reason I tell you that is to tell you that if you’re interested in still getting the high-quality knowledge of Power Zone training but you don’t want to deal with all this other stuff and you want options, there’s another option for you. Maybe you want to do both. That works too. Putting that out there, that it’s out there. It’s a group that they do challenges as well. They do challenges based on Power Zone training. They also incorporate other instructors. It seems to be a good mix of a lot of things, not just the same thing over and over again, which for me personally works a lot better. I need variety in workouts, Tom.

I was like, “Is that something about me? Do I need a fake mustache or a funny hat, a silly accent? What’s happening?” You can do those things too. Some people might have paid the $70 and now they’re like, “I thought it was official and now it’s not official. I was always confused. Now I know for sure.” It’s probably too late for the term terms and conditions, but just a thought. If you do feel like this isn’t what I thought it was, I would maybe give your credit card company a call. You can tell them, you try and explain to them like, “I thought it was official and now I find out that it’s not and I’d like to do a chargeback.” That’s a possibility. I’m not promising it will work. I don’t know. That depends on your credit card company and the vendor and whether they challenge or how they challenge. It’s an option if you feel upset about the change.

It’s definitely an option. I’ve heard of a lot of people getting their refunds back too. You might want to ask. The worst they can do is say no or not answer you in that. If they don’t answer you in a time frame that you find suitable, then maybe go the other route.

Surely they’ll answer you because they asked for people to private message them. In closing, when they made the announcement that they were no longer going to be official, they talked about how they had decided.

When you're a mom of a child, sometimes that time alone is priceless. Click To Tweet

It was best for Peloton to step down. They had a lot of input in that decision. They did say that. I don’t know that they did.

Behind the scenes, when we were kicked out of the group, we reached out to Peloton. It’s an official group and we were like, “Should we be concerned? We got kicked out of an official Peloton page and I feel like we get along.”

We let them decide what they wanted to do.

We were like, “Should we be concerned? Are we going to get kicked out of more official groups? Did we do something that upset you?” They were like, “Absolutely not.” They told us that it was fine and that we should go and rejoin the group. We were kicked out and banned and we couldn’t even see it when we searched for it. We were unbanned because we could see it again. No one would ever approve of our requests to rejoin the group.

From the outside looking in it, it appears more like what happened is Peloton thought that it would go a different way and that they could have a reasonable conversation and then then they didn’t so much.

I don’t know how to read that any other way because they told us, “Absolutely, rejoin the group. It’s not a problem. It was probably 2.5 weeks between that conversation and when they became unofficial. In that time frame, we were never approved to rejoin the group. If Peloton was in charge and things were going in the right direction, you think that they’d be like, “Absolutely. Let them back in.” Now we know not to rejoin.

Now that Matt is not there, there is no point.

The irony is I never joined it. They added me.

It’s funny. While you’ve been added, then you’ve been deleted.

It’s like prom all over again. Jennifer Jacobs had her last class. You don’t do challenges if you’ve got a weak back, no matter what other people try to pressure you into.

We’re not doctors. That’s why we’re telling you to be careful. It was a highly-attended class. It’s no surprise there. Over 4,000 people attended live. It’s not like after the fact. That was online.

It was on a weekday, and it was 8:00.

Friday at 8:00 AM Eastern.

A lot of people were at work. That’s a lot of people considering the time of day that they were doing that. They absolutely say Saturday at 11:00. I don’t want to say the way they were sabotaging.

No, but to gather the max amount of people, definitely. It was the HRI for JJ’s Crew as well. It worked out well because she got to spend a ton of time with those folks. I don’t know if you’re in the group, if you’re not in the group and you want to know all the details that have happened, then you should join that group. Now, it’s called The Crew, not JJ’s Crew. She had a lot of videos that they did because they hung out after the ride. There were lots of things that happened. There was a Top Gun because JJ is the instructor that did the Maverick ride. She was the ‘80s instructor. That was what she was known for. One of the people, they were in Air Force dressed in blues, except they were white. I don’t know if that’s accurate. There was singing by all the guys. They might’ve serenaded her and things like that. You don’t want to miss it because you can get a laugh out of it, if nothing else. She also gave a timeline for the fact that she is going to join the crew when she can. I don’t know what that means. She said that her official reason for leaving was that she did not feel like she was growing when she was teaching on Bike anymore. She always encourages people to keep growing, always go after things that are encouraging them to be their best. She didn’t feel like she was doing that.

You’re supposed to strengthen when you’re on the Bike.

It’s different growth, as emotional growth. She also highly endorses Peloton. She’s keeping her Peloton Bike. We’re not going to have a Steven Little situation where she sells it on eBay. She’s going to be writing. You will still see her on the leaderboard.

I thought I did something wrong. I was like, “You’re the Peloton expert, so talking about chicken tenders and the monkeys.” There’s a new challenge.

There is and this is a Peloton challenge and to be clear, it is on the tablet of your Tread or your Bike or you can still access classes digitally. To originally sign up, you have to have a Bike or have a Tread and go in and sign up. The reason I say that is because there are people who are digital members only and they can’t do the challenge because they can’t sign up. I want to be clear about that. All workouts do count, even the digital workouts.

Your starting point has to be a Bike or a Tread.

The goal is to go 30 full days working out every day. That includes even your meditations. Even a rest day, do a meditation. It will be okay. I don’t always manage to get that done. It’s easy for me to be like, “Just do it.” In theory, for real, it should be doable for most people.

We have a lawsuit update.

We do. I don’t even know what to say about this way.

It makes my head hurt. I don’t understand anymore. It’s like, “I’m suing you.” “No, I’m suing you.” “You can’t sue me because of this.” “You can’t unsue me because I did not do this other thing.” It’s all in Latin.

Let’s briefly recap the NMPA originally sued Peloton because they said that that Peloton was not paying all the licensing fees that they should pay. Peloton’s counter lawsuit to the NMPA, “You guys all colluded and stopped working with us when we wanted to try to negotiate pricing because we’re not going to pay for every single song for every single one of these artists. We want to pay on a per-song basis using. The NMPA said, “Judge, you should just dismiss the Peloton counter lawsuit. You can’t put collusion on us because we point to the Noerr-Pennington doctrine, which immunizes business against antitrust liability when filing good faith lawsuits against competitors.” What does that mean?

It means that they’re saying, “We filed the lawsuit collectively, but that’s not the same as collusion. We were defending ourselves as a group, but it’s not the same thing.” There is some precedent saying that that’s okay. I read an article in the Hollywood Reporter that apparently there’s something similar going on between the William Morris Agency or what’s now called William Morrison Entertainment and the Writers Guild. They’re having some issues about the usage of things that the writers created on streaming. William Morris wants them to do it. The Writers are like, “No.” There’s been a lot of back and forth and now a bunch of people left William Morris simultaneously. They’re going through the same thing over streaming rights, which I think is also a good thing to point out for people that are like, “How would Peloton know this clearly?” You have William Morris. They’re like the oldest talent agency in America and they pretty much invented that industry. They’re fighting with the Writers Guild about what the rights should be over usage and this new technology. There are a lot of people who don’t know. It’s a brave new frontier and they’re still making the rules and that’s the way it is with new technology.

Going back to what we said the last time we talked about this that we can’t get an expert on to talk about it because there are no experts. Nobody feels comfortable talking about it except for attorneys, which is freaky because it’s like, “They don’t know the technology. They got to learn as they go.”

They’ve been hired by people who say, “Go fight this for us.” They fight and then whatever the rules are, that’s what the rules will be. That’s what happened. We still aren’t entirely sure what it means, but we think that’s what it means.

It will be interesting to see. It’s hard for me to believe, any lawsuit, they’re going to be like, “Move to dismiss,” but I don’t think it’s going to happen.

That’s standard in anything, like your Ted Bundy and you’re like, “Motion to strike.”

I do not think it means anything.

TCO 112 | Power Zone Pack

Power Zone Pack: Peloton gives people the opportunity to work out and get healthy in our own private space.


That’s the way that it happens because maybe you’ll get lucky.

If you don’t ask, you’re definitely not getting it, so you’ve got to ask.

Business Insider released a new list.

They did. I love these little lists. It’s the 25 Most Innovative Chief Marketing Officers in the World.

I’m assuming Peloton is somewhere on that list.

Number twelve.

Carolyn Tisch Blodgett is the Senior Vice President of Brand Marketing and she was listed as number twelve. She has helped Peloton stand out in a crowded fitness landscape. We already know that because we are who she’s marketing to. It works. Carolyn, you did a good job. Specifically, the 2018 Winter Olympics campaign was noted. They broadcast live all those spin classes from Korea and that won them their first Effie award. What’s an Effie award? Do you know?

I don’t. What’s an Effie award?

Effie Worldwide is the know-all be-all for marketing and worldwide. They spotlight marketing ideas that work and encourage thoughtful dialogue among the drivers of marketing effectiveness. Since 1968, winning an Effie has been a global symbol of achievement.

There’s a second Tread challenge with Rebecca Kennedy.

It’s not with Rebecca Kennedy. It’s hosted in her Facebook fan group that’s called RK Solid. It’s hosted in that group because one of their members, Tammy Haber, is the one running it and she did this last one that I have been participating in. I gave up after about a few weeks because we went to Mexico and it went to hell after that. It’s a great challenge and I highly encourage anyone who is looking to increase their running endurance to do this or maybe you’re looking to increase your speed. This challenge is great for that. It’s a little bit different this time around because there’s not a hill section. Last time there was a hill section every other week. This time it’s an endurance run and you do three runs a week. One is the endurance of 45 minutes, the other two are 30 minutes each. One is a hit run and one is a tempo run. It’s simple. There are all kinds of other things you can do to get extra points, but those are the three basics.

Don’t embark on it if you’re leaving for Mexico soon. That’s our advice.

I can run easier and on a ship. There won’t be as many fruity drinks. That might be a helpful part.

There are lots of fruity drinks on a cruise.

There were no kids running around in Mexico. There will be kids on the cruise. I have to keep it in line a little bit.

We have to be parents on this one.

Not just float for hours in the pool.

Ben Alldis posted an interesting video to his Instagram account.

It was totally fascinating. It was the first time he ever tried Peloton. It’s hard not to read into this because it appears to be a glimpse at the Peloton recruiting process. It appears to be a nice hotel room, maybe a penthouse suite in LA with Peloton clothes around him in the background hanging up. I don’t know if that’s what happened, but it’s hard for my brain not to go there.

If that’s his first time and it’s captured on video, you would think that it was some official endeavor, especially given the setting you described.

It also appeared though that he was recording it all himself. This wasn’t like Peloton had people there recording it. This appeared to be for Instagram.

Did they let him?

Maybe he released it back then. I don’t know because I wasn’t following him back then. That’s a good question.

I’m surprised they let him take any video of that if it’s recruiting and he hasn’t signed on yet.

It’s trying to bike. I don’t know why they wouldn’t. It was fascinating though, regardless of whether or not you think I’m right or I’m wrong, it’s fine. It was neat to see and it was cool to see his excitement, his genuine love of riding the Bike for the first time. You should definitely check it out.

You learned a new skill courtesy of our intern.

It was amazing. I wanted to try something new for Instagram. I wanted to try taking audio and pairing it with a still image and I had no idea how to do that. He texted me through it, not picked up the phone and called me. That’s amazing.

When you see that fancy new stuff on Instagram, she did it herself.

Chet helped me. Thank you, Chet.

Teach a man to fish.

Everybody's weight struggles no matter what they are. Click To Tweet

Joining us is Richelle Martin. Richelle, how’s it going?

I’m great. How are you?

Do you get a lot of Seinfeld jokes? Wasn’t that the movie that they were always talking about? Rochelle, Rochelle, Girl’s Erotic Journey, I thought this is what it was called.

I never get your reference.

It was like their version of an art-house softcore dirty movie. It was Rochelle, Rochelle, a young girl’s erotic journey from Milan to Minsk. They referenced it repeatedly throughout the show.

It sounds like we’re going to have to Google that later.

That should be fine. It’s Seinfeld. It’s not like it’s dirty.

I never heard that one. That’s a new one.

I’ll take us back to Peloton. How did you originally find Peloton? How did you hear about it?

I heard about it for the first time when it was on Kickstarter. I love tech even though we’ve already established, I don’t use it well, little technical difficulties. I heard about it on Kickstarter and I begged hubby like, “Could we please do this?” It was not in the budget. It stayed in the back of my mind for a lot of years. In 2018 for Mother’s Day, right around that time, my husband got a bonus at work and there are probably 1,000 responsible things we should have done with that bonus. However, my husband is one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet, and he said, “You’ve been talking about this long enough. Just get it.”

That’s a nice Mother’s Day gift. He does tech support and he gets you surprises for Mother’s Day. He’s a keeper.

He is for many years. I’ll stick with him.

In a row?

You had your Pelo-versary then.

I did, May 10th, 2018. That’s when I got it.

What was your fitness level when you found the Peloton and started using it?

That’s a long story that I won’t bore you all with. It’s important to know my history because I think a lot of the things that we’ll talk about deal with it. I grew up overweight my whole life. I remember as an eighteen-year-old joining Weight Watchers for the first time, being over 200 pounds. That was all I knew. My weight history, I’ve never known healthy. I’ve never known thin. I’ve been overweight my whole life. I’ll go through little spurts where I’ll lose some weight, but somehow or another, I always gain it back. It’s the cycle that I’ve always gone through. Eventually, I got into running for the first time in my life and I love to go out and run and clear my head and be alone. When you’re a mom of a child, sometimes that time alone is priceless. My runs might’ve gone a little longer than they should have some time just to be out of the house, have that quiet time. I got into running and I ran a lot of 5Ks and 10Ks and I even ran a half marathon. I was the healthiest I’ve ever been in my adult life. I had gotten down to 205, which truly was the lowest I’ve ever been to.

When I was training for my half marathon, I developed plantar fasciitis in both feet, ironically. It defeated me and I quit everything. I was in pain and I went through all kinds of surgery and everything to try to fix it. I gave up and I quit everything. Over the course of a few years, I ended up gaining 140 pounds, which people in my tribe who know me or who are following my journey, they know that I started Peloton at 346 pounds. I’m open about that because I feel people can benefit from knowing that there are others out there who struggle the same battles that they go through every day. That’s where I started Peloton. My fitness level leading up to Peloton was 346 pounds on day one.

That takes a lot of a lot of gusto to be like, “I’m going to hop on this Bike and I’m going to work out,” because it is intimidating. I have not struggled with weight the way you have, but I have struggled with my own weight issues and I say that to mean I don’t know exactly what you’re going through or what you’ve been through. I know that it’s hard to try something new whenever you feel like people are going to judge you because you’re not the same as them.

I’ve learned through my journey that everybody’s weight struggles no matter what they are. You could want to lose that last three pounds. To me, it’s the same journey as myself trying to lose 200 pounds. I used to spin years ago. It’s the same story you’ve heard from a lot of people. You have to get there early to get on a Bike in a live class like that. I didn’t enjoy it. You’d miss out sometimes and it’s frustrating that you’ve got all ready to go up there not to get a spot. When you’re my size or anybody who struggles with weight issues of any self-esteem issues or whatever, working out in a public space is overwhelming. Especially at my size, people aren’t nice and unfortunately that’s the sad truth. For me to work out in a public area, I didn’t enjoy it. That’s why I think why Peloton spoke to me because it gives people like me the opportunity to work out and get healthy in our own private space. I’m grateful for Peloton for creating a product that speaks to people like me.

It’s another one of those unintended consequences. It can benefit people in so many different ways. It was this idea they came up with. It’s a safe time, but it does many things for many people.

That has to be intimidating walking into a gym where you’re surrounded by gym rats. I’m sure there are d-bags that aren’t being nice to you there, but I would also bet that there are probably a lot of people that are fine or are indifferent to you but you already feel on edge. There’s probably some projection going on as well, not to say it’s not occurring, but that you’re like sunburn waiting for that next light tap to set you off.

I’m sure a lot of it is internalized. You already are self-conscious about yourself to be in that environment and you think everybody’s looking at you. I’ll tell you, you know at 346 pounds and losing, there is also the d-bags.

You would think that people who are bettering themselves.

It’d be like, “Welcome. Good for you. Come on in.”

You would think so. I don’t say that most people are that way. Most people are supportive and positive. There are the occasional ones that do say mean things, look at you or whatever it is. I had somebody in our community call me a sack of lard and it’s like, “I don’t even know you, first of all, but how about great job or way to work on yourself?” Be supportive of people. I’ll never understand anybody who is rude or disrespectful or unkind to somebody who’s showing up every day and putting in the effort. It makes no sense to me.

You said that they were in your community.

She means the Peloton community.

I thought you meant the specific page that you’re a part of.

It was somebody in the Peloton community who saw an Instagram post from an instructor, ironically. They kindly responded that I was a sack of lard and I’m like, “If that makes your day to put me down then, whatever.” I find if you give into them and fight with them, it makes the situation worse and they win anyway. I won’t get into it with them.

I’m sure that’s smarter.

TCO 112 | Power Zone Pack

Power Zone Pack: It makes no sense that anybody is rude or disrespectful or unkind to somebody who’s showing up every day and putting in the effort.


Probably better for your mental health long-term, but it’s also hard not to be like, “MF-er.”

Richelle, can you tell us about the XXL Tribe and how that came to be?

It’s the joy of my life. Phillip Powell, you know him on the leader board as Catchpow, which is a running joke that none of us can Catchpow. The funny story is he completed his Century ride and he ordered his Century shirt in the largest size that came in, which was a 2x, which he was a 2x at that time. He didn’t think that it wasn’t going to fit, but he got it and it didn’t fit. He was upset. He had earned this and he couldn’t wear it. He was frustrated. He’s like, “I’m going to create a group where people like this have somebody to connect with and have somebody to make them feel like they belong to something, like they’re a part of something, or people who understand what they’re feeling. Literally that day, he went on and he created the XXL Tribe. Shortly after, he asked me if I would run it with him, which I was grateful. Truly it has been one of the most amazing things that have ever happened in my life, but it all came about from a Century shirt that didn’t fit. That’s the beginning of it. December 2017 is when we kicked off.

That has to be nice for people to have space within the world of Peloton that feels a little safer. The OPP can be ugly for anyone for any reason. Like, “You’re left-handed, you freak.”

It does feel like that sometimes in there for sure. I was telling Crystal when we spoke previously, “People in my group, not only do they have the fitting into the Peloton community, but when you’re overweight or plus-sized or whatever, there’s that extra step. You almost have to work a little bit harder to prove yourself.” It’s giving everybody a safe space. That’s what we always talk about in our tribe. It’s a safe space where there’s no judgment at all and people can talk about issues that they’re having or things that relate to weight loss or struggles that they have of being overweight in the Peloton community. It gives them a place to belong with people who understand what they’re going through. We have many members, not just who are looking to lose weight but people who are looking to get overall health or even maintain their current weight. Maybe they were overweight and now they’re trying to maintain. We joke that we’re not XXL. We are extra, extra love because truly that’s what we are is we accept anybody who needs a place to belong and wants people, not the OPP. We want people who won’t scream at them for asking a question.

I think about that sometimes because I don’t go to the OPP all that often, but it pops up in my feed. There are a lot of before and after pictures there. I think that sometimes of the before and after pictures are fun. There’s also the during pictures that you’ve made a lot of progress but maybe you’re not there yet. That has to be frustrating when you’re on the curvier end of the bell curve that maybe lost 100 pounds. If you put that into someplace like the OPP, you’re going to hear not good enough, not, “Look how far you’ve come.”

I choose to believe that the OPP is mostly positive. There have been several instances that have shown me the positivity of people in that group, but there are certainly the ones that will bring you down and will make you second guess anything you ask, say or share on there. I get it.

Speaking of all the horror stories on the OPP. Honestly, I didn’t know of you, Richelle, until this whole thing happened. There was a comment apparently that was made on the OPP, and I don’t even remember what it was. I know it was rude. You spoke up about it and you caught my attention in a powerful way. I was like, “Who is this lady? I like her.”

They call me mama bear in our tribe. The joke here is I am the nicest person you’ll ever meet. I’ll go out of my way for anybody. I love celebrating people, but you talk crap about my people and I will gut you. I have no problems. I am not afraid of you. I will call you out on your BS. What happened was somebody brought it to my attention. I didn’t see it. They sent me a private message of a comment that somebody had made. They were talking about the XXL Tribe and somebody made a comment and said, “Is that a group for fatties?” Any other day it’s like whatever, people are stupid and you move on. Maybe I had a hair up my ass that day or I was having a bad day.

Who knows? My husband probably thinks I had PMS, I don’t know, but it hit me the wrong way. I always believe that people say things that are stupid that they might regret. Before doing anything or saying anything, I reached out to the person privately. I said, “This was brought to my attention. Some people were upset about it and the person that was with me was offended. We have a whole group of people who work hard to make themselves better, to get healthy and to see something like this, it’s like a slap in the face.” She was unkind and basically told me that we were fatties and suck it up.

I remember when I messaged her, you have to go to their profile to send them a message. I happened to see her picture of her two little girls and I said, “What would you do if your two little girls had a weight issue later in life? You want to be supportive.” Her response was, “I would never allow that to happen to my girls.” That was the nail in the coffin for me. I get it. We’re not going anywhere with this conversation. I blocked out her name and I blocked out her photo so nobody knew who it was. It wasn’t my job to call her out or to make people upset with her. I posted it in the OPP.

I don’t remember, it’s been a long time now, but something like, “This mentality is unacceptable.” We have a whole group of 5,000 people in the XXL Tribe who show up every day. You have no idea how hard the people in this group work. I get to see it every day, their successes, their rides, everything they’re doing. These are incredible people. For somebody to shame them like that, it rubbed me in such the wrong way. I put this long rant. It was positive. I don’t think I said anything negative. It’s still up. Feel free to search for it. Telling people like, “This mentality, we can’t be like this. We have to support each other. That’s what this community is all about.” I expected there to be some backlash. It was the OPP.

Surprisingly, I think it got over 1,000 or something comments. I read every one because I wanted to hear from every member who had something to say about it. Every single comment was positive, which was a turning point for me because it helped me realize, “People do support this. This one loser who commented this, that’s the anomaly.” Overall it helped our tribes so much. It put out a message to everybody. We got many new members because of it. We added 1,000 members that weekend. It was the first time that people publicly say, “There’s a group out there for people like me.”

It brought many people to our tribe and our family grew from that. I’m thankful it happened because everything positive in the world came from that post. It was the posts that shook the world or the Peloton world, for our XXL world for sure. If nothing else, because of that post, you guys talked about it on your show when it happened and somebody told me about it. It was the first time I’d heard of you all. I went and listened to the episode and Crystal, I think I reached out to you and said thank you for supporting us. It for sure brought out that that I found you guys and I was able to share you with the tribe as well. There is lots of positivity from it.

Thank God I said something nice.

You all are the nicest people ever. You all would never say anything.

We would not. That is true.

That’s about it though. Tom, I remember you. You were upset about it.

It’s a big steaming pile of BS. First off, where people are with their weight ultimately is none of their business. Beyond that, if you’re going to be a judgmental d-bag like that, you should give the people who spent money on an exercise bike, you should cut them a little slack. They’re theoretically going down the road that you think they should. Not that it’s any of your business or you should have a voice in that. If you’re going to be judgmental like that, here’s a group of people who are theoretically doing the right thing in your worldview. To crap on that, what’s your end game? When she was talking about daughters, all I could think is like, “They might not have problems with being overweight, but that’s where eating disorders come from.” It’s that mentality and pressure. Is your love for your child tied to their weight? Are you kidding me? I get you to want your kids to be healthy and you want to do your best to teach them to have a proper relationship with food. I totally understand that, but to be like, “My kids are too good to be that.”

Once they become teenagers and have minds of their own, they’re going to go through their crap. Who knows what that’s going to be?

You’re going to lose control of this at some point. I would hope that as a parent, you would support your child no matter what. I digress.

Digressing is what we do.

Speaking of positivity that this whole situation brings, didn’t this link over to the Miami Fitwear, the leggings and getting expanded sizes added as well?

That was funny how it all happened. It was this random. Christine D’Ercole has her clothing line not through Peloton. She had worked with Miami Fitwear to design a legging with all of her quotes that she was selling through her website. I remember they posted not her Peloton Facebook page, but her brand Facebook page. I thought, “Those are cute.” I love Christine. I remember I went to her site and I wanted to get a pair and they were only available up to extra-large. It was an honest comment and I was like, “I wish these went a size higher because I’d love a pair.”

I thought that was the end of that. About a day later, I was connected with Raquel, who is the owner of Miami Fitwear who let me know, “I’m working already with Christine to expand for her to 1x and 2x. I thought, “That’s amazing that Christine is already working on this. Full disclosure, I’m a 4x.” I was like, “That’s awesome. I’m excited she’s doing that, but it still doesn’t help me.” Not that I was there for selfish reasons, but I wanted a pair of leggings.” I ended up talking to Raquel through Messenger for a while. She said, “Why don’t you work with me and help me develop 3X and 4X and we’ll take them.”

At the time, I think we were talking about Christine’s leggings. I sent her a pair. When you’ve gone through the weight battles that I have, you have lots of sizes available in your closet. I went and found a pair of 3x and a pair of 4x leggings that I had that was from a store. They were plain black, which when you’re plus sizes, what you find is you don’t get cute clothes, you get boring clothes. All the workout gear that I had was plain black cotton pants, nothing fun or exciting. I pulled those and I sent them to her and she reverse engineered from what I sent her and made templates of her leggings in the same size.

She mailed me back some templates to try on. We went back and forth a few times until we got them right. She extended her entire collection, not just Christine’s, but everything on her website all the way up to 4x. It was a lot of fun, a lot of hard work. It took all in a couple of months for us to do that. For her to be willing to be size-inclusive and want to cater to the larger clientele, my whole tribe, we were thankful to have that option. When you’re our size, the options are limited and her leggings are adorable. We wanted to be included more than anything. It was a lot of fun.

I was wondering when you said she had your help. I was almost like, “What’s the help?” It’s seems self-explanatory. Did you get any feedback? Did they sell a lot of them?

Initially, it was her Miami Fitwear collection directly through her and it’s probably a lot of XXL people at this point because the word is now out. She says they’re doing well. She said it was such a good expansion of her business. I’m glad that Christine and I were able to participate in that for her business, which is amazing.

Isn’t she also a Peloton rider?

She is.

You can't out-exercise a bad diet. Click To Tweet

Can you say her last name for me so I don’t mess it up?

It’s Ponce, Raquel Ponce.

The best part of all this is it sounds like you’ve got some free leggings.

I did get one.

I would argue the best part is that you now have a pair of Peloton Miami Fitwear leggings that are in your size. That’s the first time.

Probably in my lifetime, this is probably outside of my birthing a child and getting married, one of the most exciting things that have ever happened to me. It’s such a fun story. After Raquel and I worked together on her Miami Fitwear line, I had this idea. I’m a person of action, I like to do stuff. I’m lying in bed one night and I literally have this idea, “If I can help Raquel with her line expand to plus sizes, I need to go bigger.” My first thought is Peloton. I need the plus sizes in the Peloton Boutique. I shared my idea with some people and they were like, “No, you’re stupid.” It was kind, but apparently, a lot of people have been asking the Peloton Boutique to stock. I’m relatively new to the Peloton world. I had heard, “No, we tried this forever. It’s not worth it.” I’m like, “What’s the harm in trying?” I’m a person of action. I’m going to take some action. I put some feelers out in the world and I messaged a couple of people that I thought could help and I posted a couple of times saying, “Does anybody have contact with the Peloton Boutique?”

I tried emailing their customer service, which didn’t get me anywhere. Surprisingly, someone who I never thought would have been able to be that connection reached out to me personally and said, “There’s something I can do. Let me make some calls and see what I can put together.” Within about a week, I had a meeting scheduled with the director of the Peloton Boutique. It was crazy. Little old me, I nervously went to this meeting and met with the woman and pleaded our case, pleaded the members of the XXL and why having plus size in the boutique would be important to us. That they sell a product that speaks to people who are overweight and like to work out in the privacy of their own home. We want to be included in the clothing part of it too.

Many of us, we’ve never worn Peloton-branded anything. For myself, I’ve never worn my Century shirt. It doesn’t fit. I ordered it and 2x is the biggest they come. I probably have to wait a year to fit in. I think for us, to be included as part of the community was important. I talked to her about that and gave her some statistics. I invited Raquel to the meeting with me as like, “Here’s somebody you can work with that already has a brand that includes up to 4x. You could partner with this and have a product in the boutique that would include everybody.” I hung up and they continued to talk and here we are. They officially released the first Peloton-branded plus-sized clothing.

It’s crazy. It’s this $4 billion company and they have no reason to listen to one person who is crying their story. They did and they listened. They heard and took action and did something about it. That speaks highly of our company. I’m floored. I take all the credit, 100% of the credit for the boutique now offering plus sizes. Because Raquel was there and she’s local and was able to manufacture them fast, those were able to roll out fast. What I found out through this meeting is it takes months to put together a boutique collection.

They order them, they ship them, they do photoshoots and marketing. Usually whatever they’re stocking in the boutique, a few months from now is what they’re working on now. We were told while they could do this collaboration with Miami Fitwear, the spring collection that was released, the summer collection that was released, they had already done all the marketing for those so they could not go back and add plus sizes to those. They did let us know that starting in the fall, they are going to be working with vendors who stopped plus sizes.

Do you know if they’ll have plus-size models too?

That’s a great question that a lot of the people in my tribe had been asking. I don’t think so is my honest answer. They like to use the instructors as models.

They have their own models that they use and they also like to use the instructor. Who knows what they’ll add to that because they still want everything to look a certain way. They do that with their TV ads and things too. I don’t have a strong feeling on this one way or another.

I don’t either. The brands that they’re working with, they’re not going to be exclusively plus sizes. They’re going to carry all sizes. There will be, if you know from extra small all the way to XX, 4x whatever they go with. I don’t mind seeing a model in a smaller whatever. I fight one battle at a time, I guess.

You should. I feel let’s all focus on, it happened and you’re excited about it. Sometimes I get a little down whenever Peloton releases anything. Somebody would be like, “Why didn’t you do this? Why didn’t you do that?” I’m like, “Can’t we be happy about this?”

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from leading a group of 5,000 people, it’s you will never satisfy everyone. Somebody is always going to question, “Why not this? How about this?” You have to do it and you’re going not to please everybody and move on.

I think that I read that the Miami Fitwear leggings that were sold in the Peloton Boutique, those sold out quickly.

They did. We had an active watching party. It was funny in the tribe watching. Because we wanted to see, this was an in-your-face for us. The director that I met with, she made a comment. She said, “The reason we’ve never stocked true plus size is because they don’t sell.” I think we were nervous that they weren’t going to sell and it was going to prove her point. We were refreshing all weekend long to see how they did. They went live Friday afternoon. I might have my days wrong, but I think they went live at 4:00 PM and by 6:00 PM already 1x and 2x had sold out. It was funny that it was the plus sizes that sold out first. Over the course of 48 hours, her entire collection sold out all the way up to 4x.

It makes sense because if people have been waiting and you finally have it, there’s not going to be any of this like, “It’s a little purpler than I was hoping for.” It’s going to be, “I’ll buy two because when am I going to find more?”

I think they were excited to be included finally. It was one more step to make these people feel like they belong to this community. I told you everybody feels like they have to work a little bit harder. It brought them one step closer to feeling like they are part of this community.

That’s such an excellent point. I saw another post of yours in the middle of talking about all of this. You were saying that you had never been able to use your referral codes on Peloton clothes. She said, “Peloton sucks this whole time.”

Early on, I got two credits probably within my first month and I was excited. You have free money to spend at the boutique. I went there and literally there was nothing I could buy except for socks and a coffee mug. That was all they had. Everything else was clothing that did not stock my sizes. I have to spend them, they expire. I bought a coffee mug and probably, embarrassed to say, fourteen pairs of socks. It is true, there is the possibility of having way too many Peloton socks. We are overrun with Peloton socks. We’ll never run out, but when that’s all you can buy, what do you do?

Would it be the ultimate irony if they sold out of all the plus size leggings but they didn’t make any money because it was all backed up referral codes?

I would be curious to see the numbers on that because you’re absolutely right. We have many members that have never been able to spend their codes that finally were probably able to.

“We sold out and we lost $8,000. What happened?”

I’m kicking myself now because after the two initial credits that I got, the plethora of socks, I stopped spending my referral credits because I didn’t need more socks. I started giving away to people in the tribe. We will do challenges or find little motivation things and I’ll give them away as prizes to people in the tribe. Now they’re releasing these and I’m like, “Darn it. I know I need those credits.” I’m happy that everybody was able to get something from the boutique finally.

I will say on the upside, your sock puppet YouTube channel is amazing.

I have socks for a lifetime.

You’ve had the Peloton. How is your weight loss journey going?

I saw this and I’m like, “I’m not asking you this one.”

I can tell you weren’t going to ask that question. I didn’t even have to look at you.

TCO 112 | Power Zone Pack

Power Zone Pack: If there’s one thing to learn from leading a group of 5,000 people, it’s you will never satisfy everyone.


One thing about me and everybody at my tribe will tell you, I am open about my journey for a specific purpose. I feel if people feel like they can relate to me, if they feel they can get something from my story or you have somebody who’s going through what they’re going through, if that motivates them in their journey, then I’m doing my job as a leader of the tribe. I’m open about my journey and I admittedly am as human as everybody else going through this. I’m not the person who’s gone through it and I’m at the end and I’m telling you what you should do. I’m going through this with you all. I started on May 10th, 2018 at 346. I did well. At first, I lost about 25 pounds off the bat.

Food is obviously a big deal for me and everybody always says you can’t out-exercise a bad diet. I don’t eat bad, but I’ll take two steps forward, one step back. It’s the struggle of anybody who is overweight. It’s a long journey. It’s hard to see that in. It’s hard to stay motivated for 3 or 4 years or however long this is going to take. I sit now at about 22 pounds lost. It should have been more had my food been on point, but that’s life. I always tell the people in my tribe, “I measure success by your willingness to continue to get back up. The second you quit is when you know you fail.” I get back up every day and if I take one step back, then I get back up and I take two more steps forward.

That’s hard to do. I haven’t struggled with the weight loss numbers that you have, but I struggle. We were in Mexico and I was like, “I want to be good because I want to hit my goal weight this summer,” and I was good for about 24 hours.

We all go through this in some form or fashion. That’s life. I feel I’m going through this and I keep working and I show up every day and if I have 2 or 3 bad days, then on day four, I get back up and I start back at it and I’ll get there. It’s going to take some time. For the first time in my life, I enjoy working out. When I was running was the only other time that I truly enjoyed what I was doing. I hate working out normally. It’s not fun for me. It’s boring and it’s hard. I enjoy this. I enjoy getting on the Bike. I enjoy seeing the other Tribe members.

I enjoy the leaderboard and the instructors. I enjoy everything about it. I plan on continuing to get on every day and eventually I’ll get there. I think accountability is a lot of it. That’s where I struggle. I don’t have anybody to be accountable to. My husband could care less where I’m at. He’s wonderful in that he doesn’t care if I’m 140 pounds or 340 pounds. He couldn’t care less. At the same time, it’s like, “I need you to hold me accountable. It doesn’t help when you come in and say, ‘Let’s go out to dinner.’” I’m like, “Okay, let’s go.”

You start the day and you go, “Every year I wake up and I go here, I’m still here. I’m still overweight. I’m still fighting this battle and still going down this journey.” I told you I’m a person of action. I’ve got to do something about it. I told my tribe that I’m going to start doing live video weigh-ins and they’re going to hold me to it and they’re going to make me do it. In our tribe and on my Instagram, I’m videoing my weigh-in. If you want to give me some accountability, tell me I have to weigh in front of people. I did the first one. It was fun. Everybody already knows what I weigh anyway, so it’s not like it was a big surprise, but I told everybody I’m going to live weigh-in on the last Friday of every month. I’ll be sure as I get to the last Friday of the month. I’m going to be working hard because I don’t want to show up on that scale and have gained or whatever. It’s holding myself accountable will help.

Regardless of what the scale might say, riding the Bike has to make you healthier.

That’s for sure. My doctor, she always jokes that I’m the healthiest overweight person. She knows my blood pressure is great, my cholesterol is great, and everything is wonderful. This has done much for my endurance. I can keep up. I have an eleven-year-old, so being able to keep up with him and do all that, this has helped much and my energy level for sure. I have noticed differences, not weight-related.

It sounds like you must’ve found a great doctor. I know that a lot of people that are overweight complain about their doctors. Obviously, a doctor is going to tell you should be at a lower weight, but that they tend to blame any complaint you have on your weight. You can come in with a cold and they’re like, “If you weighed 100 pounds less.” People are like, “What are you talking about?” It’s nice that you found a doctor who will acknowledge that maybe your weight is not where we’d like it to be, but you are getting healthier.

She’s wonderful. I’ve been with her for a lot of years. I’m grateful to her. She’s very much a, “You need to lose weight.” We know that and we’re working on it. Let’s look at all the other things in your life that are healthy and on track. She’s supportive and wonderful. She’s a blessing.

You said, in general, people are nice to you on the OPP. Would you say the community from the Peloton community in general? You have two distinct ends of it. The XXL Tribe was amazing. Excluding them, the rest of the community, have they been good to you besides the jerk on OPP?

They have. Surprisingly, there is much support in the OPP. I know so much negativity is talked about it, but it is a truly supportive place. I got in the habit of every month or 2 or 3 posting a little update on how I was doing. It sounds vain and I hate that, but it seems like people are invested and want to know how I’m doing. Every time I post one of those updates, the outpouring of support is incredible and it’s humbling that there are many kind people in the world. They’ve been wonderful, the members. They’re positive and supportive, even the instructors. Christine is one of the top ones. If you ever take a Christine ride, more than likely you’re going to hear her shout-out the XXL Tribe.

She shows us much love and makes the members feel like they are seen and part of the community and she works hard to make us feel like we belong. Matty is another one. He’s wonderful. He reached out to me a while back when he did the shared run to let me know, “When I was designing the shared run, I wanted to focus on inclusivity and to make sure that anybody could do it. If you take the shared run, which you need to, it’s wonderful.” You’ll hear him. He gives call outs both for the run and for a modified walking. For the instructors to embrace our community, not just XXL but sick people, injured people or elderly, anybody who might need that little modification for them to care enough to include that in their program, we’re thankful to them. The instructors have been wonderful to make us feel like we belong.

Do you have any advice for people that are getting their Bike?

Where do I start? For me, the XXL Tribe has changed my entire outlook on exercise and Peloton. I would say find a group, whoever, wherever. It doesn’t have to be on Facebook. It can be with your friends or whoever. Find a group that is a niche to your lifestyle or whatever and connect with that group. Having that small group of people to ride with and be accountable to, it’s priceless. The OPP is overwhelming. There are many people there. It’s hard to connect with people. I think once you get in with a group, it changes everything. It makes you feel like you’re part of a family. I would say find a group.

What is your leaderboard name?

I am not creative in the least. My leaderboard name, I took a bunch of things I liked and put them together. My leaderboard name is PeloBeachMama. Pelo obviously because I love my Peloton. Who doesn’t? Beach because that’s where I live. That’s my happy place. You want me to calm down and relax, put me in a beach chair. Mama, because my son, all I ever wanted to be was a mom. I was told that I couldn’t have children. My son is my miracle baby. Being a mom is the greatest joy of my life.

I know we’ve talked about your tribe, but how can people find you on the internet if you would like to be found?

The tribe, come find me there. You’ll see me multiple times a day. Occasionally, in the OPP. Send me a message, Richelle Martin. Instagram is where I do all of my Peloton stuff. I don’t do it on my Facebook. It’s @PeloBeachMama on Instagram and PeloBeachMama on the Bike.

I want to come full circle. It was Rochelle, Rochelle. It felt like a weird thing to throw, but so people don’t send us a million messages. This will be a good test to see who reads all the way to the end. Anyone that messages us saying, “Rochelle, Rochelle,” we’re going to be like, “You don’t read all the way to the end, busted.”

I’m still not going to Google it.

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day.

Where would I rather be? You all are awesome.

Thank you for all that you’ve done for the Peloton community. Thank you for being just such a bright light. It’s a joy.

Thank you.

Does Richelle have a recipe for us?

She does. Would you like to hear about it?

It’s probably not going to be anything I like.

It isn’t, but it is a great snack. I like this option because this fits in well with the macros that I have been eating. You could do this for breakfast too, by the way. Richelle mentioned that she said it’s her favorite go-to snack or even good for breakfast. She has six ounces of 0% plain Greek yogurt. She usually buys an individual cup. A scoop of vanilla protein powder and then two tablespoons of peanut butter. She uses natural because it makes her feel better about her life decisions. I love Richelle. You mix everything together well. The protein powder gets mixed in and enjoy. She likes it because it tastes like a peanut butter mousse. It’s good.

If you buy natural peanut butter, all the proceeds go to the estate of George Washington Carver. It’s not true. That’s some BS I’ve made up. What pray tell do you have in store for people next time?

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Next time, we have Peter Gaan. He is a member of Mileage Maniacs and he has also paced mania Pelo. He’s an all-around nice guy. It’s going to be great to hear his weight loss story, how he found Peloton, his entire journey.

I guess that’s what people have to look forward to. Where can they find you?

People can find me at Facebook.com/crystaldokeefe. If they can find me on Instagram, Twitter, Tread, the Bike @ClipOutCrystal.

You can find me on Twitter @RogerQBert and on Facebook.com/tomokeefe. If you want to find the show online, please do so. We’re available on Facebook.com/theclipout. Like the page and join the group. Find us on Apple Podcasts and rate, review and most importantly, subscribe.

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