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As Peloton officially filed the IPO documents, many news outlets are rushing to discuss Peloton and bring a unique angle.  Erin Griffith discusses if Peloton will last or be a flash-in-the-pan, like… you know the thigh master.  However, Crystal did get quoted:  Crystal O’Keefe, 41, a Peloton owner in St. Louis, said she had made so many new friends through Peloton that she travels to New York several times a year for meet-ups. “It’s just a whole new family,” she said.

You can read the entire article here.  

How Peloton exercise bikes became a $4 billion fitness start-up with a cult following

Author: Tom Huddleston Jr.

Published Tue, Feb 12 2019 • 9:07 

The Upstarts/CNBC

Tom Huddleston, Jr. wrote a huge article about the Peloton Community and published it on “CNBC Make It” portion of CNBC news.  There is a lot of history about Peloton here, as well as interviews with instructors, Peloton executives and several of the members of the community!  We are very proud and excited to announce The Clip Out podcast also had a mention!  An excerpt is below.  Click the link to read the entire article. 

The idea of feeling connected to the Peloton community is also a big draw for Richards, she says, as it is for Crystal O’Keefe, a 40-year-old project manager at a healthcare organization in St. Louis who hosts a Peloton-themed podcast, called “The Clip Out, ” with her husband, Tom.

After buying her Peloton bike in 2016, O’Keefe immediately loved the competition aspect of Peloton, including watching herself rise up the leaderboard in real-time on her bike’s touchscreen. And once she started posting in the Peloton Facebook group, she felt embraced by the community to the point that she’s formed friendships with riders in other cities. O’Keefe, who says she’s struggled with weight loss her entire adult life, has lost about 30 pounds since she started using Peloton.

“I never found time to work out consistently before, and between the community and the total availability of the classes — I mean, it is nothing for me to work out seven hours a week,” O’Keefe tells CNBC Make It.

The Clip Out Releases Exclusive Interview with Peloton Tread Master Instructor Rebecca Kennedy

January 26, 2018

St. Louis, Mo. – The Clip Out Podcast, the Peloton fan podcast, has released its exclusive interview with Peloton Tread Master Instructor Rebecca Kennedy.

The announcement of the Peloton Tread and Kennedy’s position came on January 9, 2018 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nev. The Peloton Tread is a top-of-the-line treadmill that allows users to stream built-in live and on demand workouts in their homes.

The Clip Out hosts Crystal O’Keefe and Tom O’Keefe are joined by Kennedy to discuss exclusive information about the Tread and answer listeners’ pressing questions.

Some of the highlights include what Kennedy will be working on until the Fall release of the Tread, the hiring of her new team of instructors, details about class types and formats, pre-programming options, and special features offered.

“I designed this extra class called ‘The Extra Mile,’ and basically, at the end of any class, you can add an extra mile on,” said Kennedy. “We also have a ‘Just Run’ feature so if there’s ever a day where you just want to hop on the Tread and just hit your long run, you can go for your 20 miler right there, too.”

Kennedy gives listeners an inside perspective of the development and design of the Tread and details on how different types of classes can be used for different purposes and goals. She also wants listeners to know what they can expect from her as an instructor.

“You can expect music to be the forerunner of my class,” said Kennedy. “But at the end of the day, every single class, the two things that you’re always going to feel from me are going to be motivating and they’re going to be challenging.”

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