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101: Community Homecoming Party Details plus an interview with Kristin Fleschner

April 12, 2019


  1. […] like meeting you where you are, regardless of who you are. We’ve had a person who has been an Olympic champion, but she was blind. She’s a triathlete but she has to do the Paralympian. There are all kinds […]

  2. […] readers might remember that we interviewed Kristin Fleschner. I don’t even remember what episode it was. It’s been a while. She is blind and […]

  3. […] don’t know. I think back objectively when we talked to Kristin Fleschner, who is blind. She talked to us about how Peloton could be more accessible. She was looking at it […]

  4. […] think we should. We’ll talk about it in an upcoming episode, but we were talking to Kristin Fleschner, who we’ve had on the show in the past. She’s blind and she’s a disability […]

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