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134: The Peloton Commercial Everyone Is Talking About and our interview with Aly Orady

December 8, 2019

  • Peloton’s latest commercial has gone viral for all the wrong reasons. We dig into what happened.
  • Peloton responds to the controversy. Even though they REALLY shouldn’t have to.
  • is a rare voice of reason on the issue.  They get what Peloton really does for people and its refreshing.
  • Peloton lowers the price of Peloton Digital and releases apps for FireTV and the Apple Watch.  Find out reactions from the community on each!
  • has interesting info on what age people think they’re too old to exercise. Spoiler: its MUCH younger than you might think!
  • An update on Peloton stock.
  • What customer data is Peloton the most focused on?  Hear the 3 Key performance indicators Peloton watch to make sure they are on track for success.
  • We pick another square (or two) in The Clip Out Challenge.
  • We get a voicemail from a listener.
  • Peloton has a new charity initiative for the holidays.  Make sure you take your 3 classes!
  • Multiple new celebrities-with-a-Peloton sightings.
  • Tunde had a birthday on December 5th!
  • A new holiday collection has dropped…right into Crystal’s mailbox.
  • We have updates on two past instructors. Hear what Steven Little and Nicole Meline are up to these days!

All this plus we interview Aly Orady, CEO and founder of Tonal and a Peloton fan and rider.

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