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250: Chase Tucker Exits! Did Class Ratings Play Role? plus our interview with Nicole Ward

TCO 250 | Peloton Recovery

  Peloton is selling refurbished bikes. Peloton is testing subscription model pricing. Members with over 15,000-minutes in 2021 are getting a “special gift.” Peloton is making new work arrangements available for employees. Morgan Stanley declares Peloton is the “clear leader” in connected fitness. Peloton hires a new Supply Chain Officer. Goldman Sachs looks to renegotiate…

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249: Apple Watch Integration Finally Rolls Out plus our interview with Kimberly Zingale

TCO 249 | Peloton

  Apple Watch integration is rolling out. All Classes 3/20-22 are now encore. What does that mean? Peloton now has new class details displayed including muscle groups worked. John Foley sends a company-wide email about a patent victory. Foley sells his house in the Hamptons. Peloton extends their free trial to 100-days. Peloton offers a $300 discount on Bikes & Treads.…

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