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How to clean your Peloton or Tonal

With the arrival of the digital fitness age and its new products, such as the Tonal and the Peloton, also comes the arrival of germs, sweat, and other contaminants, flooding your new home product. At the end of the day, nothing is more satisfying than coming home from a hard day of work, heading to…

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Peloton Insights Lab

Peloton insights lab

Peloton Insights Lab Peloton Insights Lab is official!  Members have reported receiving invites to the new service in the last 24 hours. Process Members report receiving an email inviting them to take a short survey. If they qualify, they are able to join the Peloton Insights Community.  The survey consists of a range of questions…

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Acquisition Surprise for Peloton


Acquisition made Speculation has been made for months about Peloton’s next acquisition, usually centered around another connected fitness companies such as Hydrow or Tonal.  Instead, Peloton went in an entirely different direction and announced that they will buy Precor for $420 million. Why Precor? So why did Peloton go after Precor?  Peloton claims it’s all about…

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The Peloton Wife: Monica Ruiz One Year Later

Peloton Wife

The Peloton Wife History It’s been a year since the infamous “Peloton Wife” commercial went viral. This week on The Clip Out, we sit down with the star of that ad campaign, Monica Ruiz, for an exclusive interview. Her first in almost a year! She talks about landing the job, how the commercial impacted her…

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Chelsea Jackson Roberts Reveals Yoga Was Not Love at First Sight


Chelsea describes her first yoga experience The Clip Out recently sat down with Peloton Yoga instructor Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts (she said we don’t have to call her “doctor” by the way…Chelsea is just fine) for an extended interview.  Although we were able to touch on many topics, one thing that stood out was how…

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Peloton Boutique #LifeHack

We all know the U.S. Peloton Boutique sells out fast!  But did you know that Canada, Germany, and UK boutiques frequently still have coveted items in stock LONG after the latest US drop?  They do! For example, Peloton dropped their Holiday collection yesterday in Germany and UK 10 to 12 hours before it dropped in…

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Peloton Loses Round 1 in “Class Purge” Lawsuit

Big news! Do you remember the class action lawsuit a million years ago where Peloton was being sued for having fewer rides than they expected? If you don’t remember, here’s a quick recap.  Peloton was sued by a music publishing company. They had claimed that Peloton was using their artists’ work without the proper licensing. …

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Black Friday Sale – Peloton is NOT Having One

It’s official. Peloton is NOT having a Black Friday sale.  Yep, you read that right.  Peloton is known for having exactly one sale per year on their equipment – and that is Black Friday.  While the details have varied slightly over the last 4 years, generally Peloton includes a free accessories package with the purchase…

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Yacht Rock Ride – Grounded

When does freedom of speech become a political statement? When does speaking your truth become offensive? These are some questions that Peloton is struggling with this week. During Sunday’s Yacht Rock ride (10/4/20): Jenn Sherman gave a shout-out to one of her most loyal riders, Tom Jenkins.  This was a celebration for his 1000th ride…

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Apple Launches Digital Service to Compete with Peloton


Apple Announces Digital Service to Compete with Peloton In case you were wondering, you CAN watch the Apple Time Flies event at the same time Peloton does their first-ever investor and analyst event.  If you ever need tips on how I’m your gal.  Anyway, here’s what you missed if you were not a crazy person…

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