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Media Kit

What is Peloton?

Founded in 2012, Peloton is a global technology company reinventing fitness by bringing the

energy and benefits of studio-style workouts to the convenience and comfort of home. With

up to 48 live classes a day streamed from our New York- and London-based studios and a

library of thousands of on-demand classes taught by a roster of elite instructors, Peloton

delivers real-time motivation and curated playlists from the world's best artists.

About Us

People are drinking the Peloton Kool-Aid and each week we're there to brew a fresh batch.

We interview instructors, employees, and fellow Peloton fanatics. The community is upscale,

inspiring, and increasing exponentially. The Clip Out is a weekly, audio magazine that's a

must-listen for all those people who can't stop talking about Peloton.

Peloton Stats

Number of Bikes Sold (as of 3/29/19): 400,000

Number of Subscribers (as of 8/30/19): 1.4 million

Total Peloton Workouts in 2019: 55 million

Peloton Revenue: FY 2017 – $219 million

FY 2018 - $435 million

FY 2019 - $915 million


Crystal & Tom

After months of listening to Crystal talk about her Peloton

obsession, Tom suggested she start a podcast dedicated to

the topic. His theory being that he would then only have to

listen to her talk about Peloton for 1-hour a week.

Tom was wrong.

Very, very wrong.

Every week Crystal and Tom talk to riders, instructors and

other luminaries from the Pelo-verse. It’s an hour-ish of

news, tips, commentary, banter and inappropriate comments

(from Tom) about the “Bike That Goes Nowhere.”

Who Listens to Our Podcast?


Questions about Peloton


What listeners are saying?

“Love the ClipOut! It’s nice to get great Peloton info and hear some awesome interviews from my favorite instructors and tribe leaders!”

By: Ajh80108, iTunes User

“Keeping me up to date with Peloton is fun, easy, and entertaining with Crystal and Tom. Thanks for providing this awesome podcast y’all!”

By: Annie_Beee, iTunes User

“Love listening to you guys. You provide great information, and you do it with humor. Thanks for keeping it light and fun!”

By: #CrazyGracy, iTunes User

Community By The Numbers


Stronger U

In July of 2019 we ran an experiment with Stronger U in order to see if The Clip Out

could generate results for advertisers. Stronger U offers individualized nutrition plans

based on a person’s specific goals, food preferences, and dietary restrictions. The

program includes a personal coach who helps you navigate their system. The cost for

their shortest program (12-weeks) is $399.

We offered listeners a 10% discount that was tracked via a promo code. Users of the

code also had to be members of our Clip Out Facebook Group.

We promoted the offer the following ways:

• A 60-second live spot in three consecutive episodes.

• Four Facebooks posts (two on our page and two within the group).

The results of this program? We had 35 people sign up using our exclusive promo code.

While we don’t know which program people selected (12 weeks, 6 months, or 1 year) the

minimum amount of revenue we would have generated for them would be $12,600.


Find the perfect plan for you.

Package #1

$ 800 / Month
  • :30 Second Mid-roll Recorded Spot
  • Link in Show Notes
  • 125x125 Banner in Email Newsletter

Package #2

$ 1200 / Month
  • :30 Second Pre-Roll
  • Link in Show Notes
  • Supported post across social media platforms (Facebook Page & Group, IG)
  • 125x125 Banner in Email Newsletter

Package #3

$ 2000 / Month
  • Host Endorsement
  • Link in Show Notes
  • 1 Post in Facebook Page & Group
  • 1 Post on Instagram
  • 125x125 Banner in Email Newsletter

Contact Us

Crystal O'Keefe

Twitter - @ClipOutCrystal

IG - ClipOutCrystal

Email - [email protected]

Facebook -

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