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272: Pandemic To Pandemonium: Layoffs, Price Hikes, & Do-It-Yourself Bikes? Plus Our Interview With Carey Socol

TCO 272 | Running

  John Mills joins us to discuss Peloton price hikes. More layoffs at Peloton. Store closures to come. Will future Peloton products require assembly? Peloton explores making its content available on competing equipment. Dr. Jenn – Trouble getting comfortable on the bike. Could it be in your head? Cody Rigsby celebrates 8-years at Peloton. Cody…

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266: Peloton Cancels An Upcoming Product Plus Our Interview With Ian Wichman

TCO 266 | Peloton Experience

  John Mills joins us to discuss Peloton accounts disappearing without a trace. Harvard Business School asks if Peloton can “push through the pain.” Peloton’s new strength device has been canceled. Jenn – When the bike has lost its luster. Peloton renegotiates $1 billion worth of obligations. Peloton sweetens employee incentives. Apple Watch now connects…

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260: Chelsea Jackson Roberts Pregnant, Matt Wilpers Engaged Plus Our Interview With Ryan Fields

TCO 260 | Biking For A Cause

  John Mills joins us to discuss a new Guide-like competitor called Atlis. Full Sail University’s Tech Lab is now powered by Echelon. Dr. Jenn – Helping your kids have a healthy relationship with eating. Chelsea Jackson Roberts is pregnant. Matt Wilpers got engaged. Jess King shows off her baby-bump for People Magazine. Christine D’Ercole’s wedding is upon…

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249: Apple Watch Integration Finally Rolls Out plus our interview with Kimberly Zingale

TCO 249 | Peloton

  Apple Watch integration is rolling out. All Classes 3/20-22 are now encore. What does that mean? Peloton now has new class details displayed including muscle groups worked. John Foley sends a company-wide email about a patent victory. Foley sells his house in the Hamptons. Peloton extends their free trial to 100-days. Peloton offers a $300 discount on Bikes & Treads.…

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162: Peloton Pledges $100 Million to Fight Racial Injustice plus our interview with Greg Hoskins & Crissie McDowell

  Peloton puts their money where their mouth is pledging $100 million to fight racial injustice. Peloton stocks hits a record high…and then hits it again. The new summer collection seems to be showing signs of manufacturing flaws. Jenn Sherman was on the Howard Stern Wrap-Up show. Christine D’Ercole was interviewed on the website for…

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