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285. Peloton & Amazon Extend Partnership To UK Plus Our Interview With Carolyn Holdsworth

TCO 285 | Peloton Amazon Partnership

  Peloton/Amazon partnership extends to the UK. Power Zone indicator added to screen. Thanksgiving classes have been announced. Peloton announces their holiday sales. Peloton celebrated Veterans Day. Peloton offers some class definitions. Dr. Jenn: Getting Past an all-or-nothing mentality. Hannah Frankson is joining the UK Tread team. Anna Greenberg sets a return date. Anna was…

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284. Rowers Start Delivery Ahead Of Schedule Plus Our Interview With Krissy Blackwood

TCO 284 | Running

  Rowers start getting delivered next week. Peloton launches its holiday marketing campaign. There’s a UK and a US version of the spot. Affirm’s stock drop blamed on Peloton. Peloton partners with Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation. Peloton teams up with Sporting Equal for UK Black History Month. Peloton rolls out apparel shopping link on the bike. “All”…

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264: Peloton Kills Video Chat Feature Plus Our Interview With Muriel Wilkins & Felecia White

TCO 264 | Tread Tribe

  John Mills joins us to discuss Peloton ending its video chat feature. The rent-a-bike program is now available nationwide. Dr. Jenn – Preventing depression and anxiety from impacting your consistency. Time Magazine takes us behind the scenes of being an instructor. Ebony Magazine spotlights Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts. Cody Rigsby explains why self-care is…

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239: The Year in Peloton – What Worked and What Didn’t plus our interview with Josh Amerson & Stacie Platt

TCO 239 | Dog Rescue Mission

  John Mills and Bill Cynecki join us to recap Peloton’s 2021 and speculate about 2022. Dr. Jenn – Balancing fitness challenges with family commitments. We have a new German tread instructor – Jeffrey McEachern. DC Rainmaker reviews the Tread. Peloton Yoga turns 3…kinda. Morning Brew talks to a successful Peloton investor. Angelo joins us…

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222: The Peloton Tread is BACK! plus our interview with Jennifer Barker

TCO 222 | Weight Loss Journey

  The Peloton Tread is back! A Peloton delivery van gets carjacked. Rower stories were everywhere last week. (yawn) Karina Kogan was featured in Ad Week. John Mills joins us to discuss the earnings call. Dr. Jenn – When your 117-week Peloton streak is in jeopardy. Robin Arzon talks about her new children’s book. Tunde headlines…

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