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34: Live Classes Debut plus our interview with Brendon Ayanbadejo

TSS 34 | Strength Training

  Tonal takes us behind the scenes at dress rehearsals for live classes. We take a peek at the Tonal Safety guidelines. New content including The Power Of Chains, Upper Body Intensity, Attack Your Core, and more. Tonal spotlights the LGBTQ+ & Allies Facebook group. There’s another new FB group – Pets of Tonal. Coach…

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Virtual Group Workouts Expands plus our interview with Stacy Kurucz

TSS 15 | Figure Competition

  Episode Description: All workouts can now be done as virtual group workouts. There are lots of new filters to help your search for the best class for you. Tonal has added new coaches’ page where you can learn more about your favorite coach. Don’t miss the Tonal Gives Back Challenge. Tonal has mined the data…

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