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213: Peloton Treads Without Monthly Membership Stop Working plus our interview with Jen Watson!

TCO 213 | Peloton Community

  John Mills joins us to talk about virtual reality and connected fitness. Can gyms and connected fitness peacefully coexist? Treads without Peloton memberships have stopped working. Bloomberg reports on Peloton’s upcoming wearable device. Peloton launches a corporate wellness program. Dr. Jenn – How to balance all the Peloton content GQ Germany launches a fitness podcast with…

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179: NordicTrack Sues Peloton plus we interview Mark Nardone

TCO 179 | Holistic Fitness

  John Mills joins us to talk about KeyBanc’s new target price for Peloton. NordicTrack is suing Peloton. The Wall Street Journal reviews the Bike+. We discuss new shipping delays. Peloton issues a pedal recall. The new Field Testing programming is filling up fast. Our next Zoom hangout is scheduled for 10/24/20. Peloton’s new head…

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164: Pelothon 2020 Announced plus our interview with Ty Audronis

TCO 164 | Tour De Peloton

  Pelothon 2020 is here. Who’s team are you on? Echelon challenges Peloton’s patents. Peloton welcomes a new Head of Music – Gwen Bethel Riley. Peloton stock hits yet another high. (This is not a repeat.) Whoop now integrates with Strava. Dr. Jenn Mann talks about what to do when your partner isn’t supportive of…

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153: Live Classes Are BACK! plus our interview with Zach Honig

  Live classes are back as instructors begin teaching from their homes. KOIN interviews a Peloton delivery person about delivering bikes during the crisis. Peloton announces when their 3rd Quarter fiscal results will be revealed. NBC/Universal sells off half of their Peloton stock. 24 Hour Fitness is eyeing bankruptcy. Eric Villency of VR Optics infamy…

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