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281. The Tread+ Lives Another Day Plus Our Interview With Cristina Ribeiro

TCO 281 | Little Powerhouse

  Peloton and CPSC issued a joint press release about the Tread+. Peloton CEO responds to emails about Daniel McKenna. (And yes, it was real.) Peloton’s Top HR exec exits. There’s a new rating system for closed captions. The App can now make personal recommendations. The makers of Lanebreak take us behind the scenes. Tips for blocking…

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165: Peloton 2020 is Underway plus our interview with Tracy Chou

TCO 165 | Peloton Software Engineer

  Peloton 2020 is underway. A less expensive Tred is getting nearer. John Foley revisits How I Built This. The fitness industry is struggling with the supply chain. Dr. Jenn Mann discusses A new connected fitness boxing competitor has entered the fray. Win a FightCamp Gym! Well And Good has yoga for brain fog. Robin…

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