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209: Exclusive Details on Peloton’s new “Tiger” Device plus our interview with Ben Ptashinsky-Skinner

TCO 209 | Internet Personality

  John MIlls joins us to discuss Jill Woodworth’s recent talk with JP Morgan. The Peloton Prophet has details on the new Tiger device. Bob Treemore has details on another apparent Peloton acquisition. Peloton now has different classes for different moods. There’s a new Yoga challenge. There are more classes featuring mini-bands. Dr. Jenn – When…

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203: Dish Network Sues Peloton plus our interview with Gayle Fine

TCO 203 | Music Industry

  John Mills joins us to discuss Dish Network suing Peloton. Peloton CFO Jill Woodworth had some insight into what the future of strength might look like. Homecoming will be announced this week plus there’s official gear in the boutique. Peloton announced their Champions Collection. Dr. Jenn – Finding Time to Exercise When You’re a…

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202: Peloton Shuts Down “Peloton Closet” IG Account plus our interview with Kelly Anne Backus

TCO 202 | Body Training

  John Mills joins us to discuss NordicTrack suing Peloton…again! More insight on canceling Madd Dogg’s trademark on “spin.” What could the future of Peloton and wearables look like? Twenty new pilates classes have dropped. You can now control the instructor audio and music audio separately in the iOS app. Peloton Closet – The Closet is Closed.…

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Tonal Fights The Patriarchy plus our interview with Michelle Tee

TSS 21 | Tonal Exercise Routine

  Tonal donates 10 smart gyms to improve workout conditions for female NCAA athletes. You no longer have to look at the weight dial during bodyweight moves. What does a 200 lb. benchpress look like on Tonal? If we’re not “pumping iron” then what do we call it? Kate’s strength score hits 1,000! MacRumors shows Tonal…

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