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Tonal Announces Live Classes and Our Interview with Ilias Siafakas

TSS 32 | Showing Up For Tonal

  What to expect when you’re expecting a Tonal. There are new items in the Gear Shop. Aly Orady was on the Hurdle podcast. New Features include smarter weight suggestions for high volume sets and info on replacement moves. Lots of new content including Muscle Build Up with Coach Trace, Upper Body Fire with Coach Gabby,…

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Tonal Launches a Hotel Finder plus our interview with Selina Sun

TSS 28 | Tonal Hotel Finder

  Tonal launches a hotel finder. The Tonal blog spotlights workouts for various athletics. Forbes magazine sits down with CEO Aly Orady Tonal gets their first legal chief. Coach Jackson got married to Anya. Coach Venus was featured in Health magazine. Coach Pablo got a new puppy. Andrew Tripppi, founder of the Tonal Dads FB…

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Our Interview with Paralympian Travis Gaertner!

TSS 26 | Defining Your Success

  Allison Tibbs has an inspiring post about “showing up.” New content including Fit And Focused, Lean Muscle Mastery, Power Explosion, and more! A Tonal was spotted on HGTV’s No Demo Reno. Tonal welcomes a new Community Coordinator – Dia Woodbury. The documentary Coach Pablo is involved with got funded. Coach Pablo has tips for making…

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The Tonal Community Hits 10 BILLION Pounds Lifted plus our interview with Laurie Amerson

TSS 24 | Getting Your Strength Back

  The Tonal community hit a historic milestone. New Content including Daily Mobility, Brisk Barre, Core Stabilizer, and more! Shape Magazine writes about the importance of strength training. Aly Orady’s Tonal Talk is coming up on May 19. Recent Tonal Talks include siblings Harry and Arlene Kraushaar and pro-golfer Michelle Wie West. Tonal is donating to to…

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Digital Weights vs. Dumbbells plus our interview with Tracy Dingman

TSS 23 | Improved Balance

    The Tonal blog spotlights 7 Tonal features we can’t live without. More from the blog – tips for working out when you travel. Wired reviews the Tonal. writes about why women shouldn’t be afraid to lift weights. Coach Pablo’s male burlesque crew is getting a documentary. Coach Nicolette spotlighted her fiancee’s craftsmanship on…

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Taylor Stein: A Data Scientist Discusses Strength Score Secrets

TSS 20 | Strength Score Secrets

  The Tonal blog talks about 7 Thoughts During Your First Tonal Workout. Tonal Talks spotlight International Women’s Day and Michelle Kenyon-Young and Shelby Perkins Triick. Coach Jackson fields questions on Ask-A-Coach. Coach Venus Lau is featured in the new Athleta catalog. Tons of new content including Energetic Warm-Up, Athletic Barre, Knees With Ease, and more! There…

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189: Ally Love Gets Engaged plus our interview with Robin January

TCO 189 | Using Peloton

  Are shipping delays reaching critical mass? Weight Watchers is launching its own fitness app. Bank Of America is liking Peloton stock… …Jim Kramer, not so much. Peloton is hiring studio employees. Are in-studio classes getting closer? Matt Wilpers updates his job title on LinkedIn. Dr. Jenn: When you’re not feeling the Peloton magic. Ally…

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