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130: We Interview Ben & Leanne plus Howard Stern Has A Favorite Instructor

130: We Interview Ben & Leanne plus Howard Stern Has A Favorite Instructor

November 1, 2019

  • Howard Stern has a favorite instructor and he can’t stop talking about her!   Can’t really blame him.  Jenn Sherman is amazing!  
  • Robin Arzon gives out her phone number on Instagram?  I mean its A NUMBER, but its really not that different than any other social media.  So why is she doing it?  Find out our thoughts here.
  • NBC News does a story on Peloton and Mirror.  The author of this article figured out what we already know! Its time to quit the gym.  
  • John Foley sits down with Vanity Fair.  No new information, but a great opportunity for everyone involved.
  • We pick another square in The Clip Out Challenge.  Find out who we picked for week 9!
  • Selena Samuela has new Tread classes with special music.  A 20 minute metal class from 9/20/19 at 7:25 am.  A 20 minute pop run class featuring all American Italian and Italian pop artists from 10/21/19 at 6 am ET.  A 45 minute pop punk run from 10/1/19 at 6:30 pm ET.  
  • There are three new classes (Christine D’Ercole on Bike, Andy Speer on Tread, Ross Rayburn Yoga) spotlighting P!nk.
  • Alex and DJ Mustard team up for a new Spotlight On 6.
  • Ross Rayburn gets a promotion and is now Master Instructor of Yoga. 
  • The final Facebook Live in the marathon training series has arrived.
  • The New York Marathon is this weekend  – good luck to Becs Gentry and Matt Wilpers, as well as Eric Chaffin and Keri Greene-Maskell from episode 129!
  • Halloween is over but the special themed classes are still there. 
  • Peloton Canada celebrates its first anniversary.
  • Vancouver gets its first store.

Plus, our long-awaited interview with Ben Alldis & Leanne Hainsby. We ask them the questions that you submitted!

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