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281. The Tread+ Lives Another Day Plus Our Interview With Cristina Ribeiro

TCO 281 | Little Powerhouse

  Peloton and CPSC issued a joint press release about the Tread+. Peloton CEO responds to emails about Daniel McKenna. (And yes, it was real.) Peloton’s Top HR exec exits. There’s a new rating system for closed captions. The App can now make personal recommendations. The makers of Lanebreak take us behind the scenes. Tips for blocking…

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250: Chase Tucker Exits! Did Class Ratings Play Role? plus our interview with Nicole Ward

TCO 250 | Peloton Recovery

  Peloton is selling refurbished bikes. Peloton is testing subscription model pricing. Members with over 15,000-minutes in 2021 are getting a “special gift.” Peloton is making new work arrangements available for employees. Morgan Stanley declares Peloton is the “clear leader” in connected fitness. Peloton hires a new Supply Chain Officer. Goldman Sachs looks to renegotiate…

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189: Ally Love Gets Engaged plus our interview with Robin January

TCO 189 | Using Peloton

  Are shipping delays reaching critical mass? Weight Watchers is launching its own fitness app. Bank Of America is liking Peloton stock… …Jim Kramer, not so much. Peloton is hiring studio employees. Are in-studio classes getting closer? Matt Wilpers updates his job title on LinkedIn. Dr. Jenn: When you’re not feeling the Peloton magic. Ally…

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153: Live Classes Are BACK! plus our interview with Zach Honig

  Live classes are back as instructors begin teaching from their homes. KOIN interviews a Peloton delivery person about delivering bikes during the crisis. Peloton announces when their 3rd Quarter fiscal results will be revealed. NBC/Universal sells off half of their Peloton stock. 24 Hour Fitness is eyeing bankruptcy. Eric Villency of VR Optics infamy…

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147: Fewer Bikes In The Studio and our interview with Brenda Kraemer

TCO 147 | Peloton In Canada

  The new studio designs were released which revealed a decrease in the number of bikes in the studio. We have some theories as to why. As of recording, Homecoming schedules haven’t been released. Will the deadline to cancel be extended? Soul Cycle introduces a home-bike. Our biggest contest ever! How you can win a…

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