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Out With the Old, In With the New: Potential New “Here Now” Leaderboard Feature for On-Demand Peloton Classes

New "Here Now" leaderboard features have been spotted for on-demand Peloton classes.

Looks like even Peloton enjoys a good January declutter. New “Here Now” leaderboard features have been spotted.   It’s no secret that the “Here Now” leaderboard in On-Demand classes can be a bit crowded, with Member profiles who have long since finished a class.  But, thanks to an anonymous tip from a keen-eyed Member and The…

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206: Details on Peloton Tread Recall plus our interview with CJ Albertson

TCO 206 | Professional Runner

  John Mills joins us to discuss the Tread recall. We cover the earnings call. We recap Homecoming all the announcements. We have a Tonal winner and raised almost $15,000 for Make-A-Wish. Dr. Jenn – How to strike the right exercise balance. Peloton’s API was revealing member data. The instructors celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week. The…

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4: Controversy, Competition and Conversation

TCO 4 | Fitness With Your Partner

  Feeling lonely on your road to a better you through exercise? Perhaps doing fitness with your partner should be the way you go about things. Tom and Crystal O’Keefe talk to John and Erica Mills, two Peloton enthusiasts who have decided to take their respective fitness journeys together. John and Erica share their experience…

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