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Tonal Fights The Patriarchy plus our interview with Michelle Tee

TSS 21 | Tonal Exercise Routine

  Tonal donates 10 smart gyms to improve workout conditions for female NCAA athletes. You no longer have to look at the weight dial during bodyweight moves. What does a 200 lb. benchpress look like on Tonal? If we’re not “pumping iron” then what do we call it? Kate’s strength score hits 1,000! MacRumors shows Tonal…

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197: Robin Arzon Has Her Baby plus our interview with Kim Holderness

TCO 197 | Content Creators

  Robin Arzon has her baby! John Mills joins us to discuss Pelton’s dominance on the Prophet Brand Ranking Index. Peloton acquires a new 75,000 sq. ft. distribution center. Delivery times are starting to get shorter. Yes, there was another purge. No, your favorite instructor wasn’t targeted. The Android App gets another update. Dr. Jenn…

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