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202: Peloton Shuts Down “Peloton Closet” IG Account plus our interview with Kelly Anne Backus

TCO 202 | Body Training

  John Mills joins us to discuss NordicTrack suing Peloton…again! More insight on canceling Madd Dogg’s trademark on “spin.” What could the future of Peloton and wearables look like? Twenty new pilates classes have dropped. You can now control the instructor audio and music audio separately in the iOS app. Peloton Closet – The Closet is Closed.…

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183: The Turkey Burn is BACK plus our interview with Paul Bradley

TCO 183 | Peloton Tread

  John Mills joins us to discuss Peloton acquiring Peerfit. More news out of Taiwan about manufacturing. SoulCycle’s decline is an embarrassment of riches with an emphasis on “embarrassment.” Peloton accuses Norditrack of trying to illicitly access their advertising plans. New Artist Series with Metallica. Peloton partners with Spotify and its Hot Country playlist. The…

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158: Peloton to Air on ESPN plus our interview with Brandie Posey

TCO 158 | Stand Up Comedy

  ESPN will broadcast an All-Star Peloton ride. Classes will resume in the studio but without riders. There’s a new Yoga instructor – Chelsea Jackson Roberts Adrian Williams has his premier run. Time Magazine talks to John Foley. Peloton stock drops $7 per share. Emma Lovewell to speak at the NMPA Conference. Business Insider talks…

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