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34: Live Classes Debut plus our interview with Brendon Ayanbadejo

TSS 34 | Strength Training

  Tonal takes us behind the scenes at dress rehearsals for live classes. We take a peek at the Tonal Safety guidelines. New content including The Power Of Chains, Upper Body Intensity, Attack Your Core, and more. Tonal spotlights the LGBTQ+ & Allies Facebook group. There’s another new FB group – Pets of Tonal. Coach…

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Moving Into The World Of Tonal With Nicolette Amarillas

TSS 5 | Tonal Coach

  Tonal welcomes a new coach – Allison Tibbs The OTC hits 5,000 members. Clippers star Paul George has a Tonal (and it’s in The Atlantic). Two new Tonal Talks have dropped – “Rebuilding Strength After Cancer” and Dave Azaria discusses the tech behind Tonal. Coach Pablo will answer your questions on Facebook Live. Tonal…

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