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309. RECALL! Peloton Recalls 2 Million Bikes Plus Our Interview With Laura Watts

TCO 309 | Ultramarathons

  Peloton addresses seat slippage flaws. Peloton updates Terms of Service to include binding arbitration. The Original Bike is currently unavailable in North America. There’s a sale until May 14. Some workout totals have gone missing. Peloton accidentally helps NordicTrack. Peloton member battles Chase to get promotional points. Peloton will be part of Amazon’s Prime…

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Tonal Debuts a Revamped Homescreen plus our interview with Mike Palm!

TSS 25 | Tonal Programs

  Tonal revamps the homescreen and navigation on the trainer. The Tonal blog answers the question “Will Tonal Be Strong Enough For Me?” More from the Tonal blog – Differences between dynamic, chains, and E-centric modes. Tons of new content including Layers Of Strength, Beach Shredder, Level Up Bootcamp and more. Upcoming Tonal Talk – Standing…

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Digital Weights vs. Dumbbells plus our interview with Tracy Dingman

TSS 23 | Improved Balance

    The Tonal blog spotlights 7 Tonal features we can’t live without. More from the blog – tips for working out when you travel. Wired reviews the Tonal. writes about why women shouldn’t be afraid to lift weights. Coach Pablo’s male burlesque crew is getting a documentary. Coach Nicolette spotlighted her fiancee’s craftsmanship on…

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Tonal Fights The Patriarchy plus our interview with Michelle Tee

TSS 21 | Tonal Exercise Routine

  Tonal donates 10 smart gyms to improve workout conditions for female NCAA athletes. You no longer have to look at the weight dial during bodyweight moves. What does a 200 lb. benchpress look like on Tonal? If we’re not “pumping iron” then what do we call it? Kate’s strength score hits 1,000! MacRumors shows Tonal…

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Virtual Group Workouts Expands plus our interview with Stacy Kurucz

TSS 15 | Figure Competition

  Episode Description: All workouts can now be done as virtual group workouts. There are lots of new filters to help your search for the best class for you. Tonal has added new coaches’ page where you can learn more about your favorite coach. Don’t miss the Tonal Gives Back Challenge. Tonal has mined the data…

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