131: Data-mining Peloton’s First Earnings Report and interview with Jeffrey Porzio

131: Data-mining Peloton’s First Earnings Report and interview with Jeffrey Porzio

  • Peloton releases its first earnings report and it’s chocked full of interesting information.  We discuss the highlights.  What’s next for Peloton ?
  • Peloton has big things planned for Germany including stores in five different cities, timing and new instructors!  
  • Peloton has acquired a design firm and a manufacturing firm.  The manufacturing firm is one that Peloton has worked with since the beginning (Tonic) and this will allow Peloton to grow faster!
  • The manufacturing firm has a recently filed a patent on a rower.  Another definite indicator that Peloton is moving forward with a rower, although certainly not proof!
  • reports on Peloton’s ever-increasing stable artist series.  
  • GQ tells all about a day in the life of John Foley.  I really enjoyed hearing all the details – especially how he has 7 minutes of conversation during transit time to and from lunch!
  • We pick another square in The Clip Out Challenge…will we get a winner this week?  Statistically speaking, it’s time!
  • Peloton releases a new TV commercial.
  • Google has purchased FitBit.
  • Soul Cycle now has a special “retreats” for its members. 
  • Matt and Cody are going to be in the UK and we have the details.
  • Becs Gentry and Oliver have beginner fitness tips on
  • Kristin McGee has new pre and postnatal yoga classes.
  • Chase Tucker celebrates a birthday
  • Robin Arzon and DJ John Michael celebrate 5 years of DJ rides.
  • Matty Maggiacomo scares the living crap out of Jess Sims.

Plus we interview Jeffey Porzio.  

You can find more Jeff  below!

The Unconventionals Podcast (Season 6, Episode 1) – Peloton and the Fitness Experience that Won’t Quit​​

All In: How Our Work-First Culture Fails Dads, Families, and Businesses–And How We Can Fix It Together

By Josh Levs​


130: We Interview Ben & Leanne plus Howard Stern Has A Favorite Instructor

130: We Interview Ben & Leanne plus Howard Stern Has A Favorite Instructor

  • Howard Stern has a favorite instructor and he can’t stop talking about her!   Can’t really blame him.  Jenn Sherman is amazing!  
  • Robin Arzon gives out her phone number on Instagram?  I mean its A NUMBER, but its really not that different than any other social media.  So why is she doing it?  Find out our thoughts here.
  • NBC News does a story on Peloton and Mirror.  The author of this article figured out what we already know! Its time to quit the gym.  
  • John Foley sits down with Vanity Fair.  No new information, but a great opportunity for everyone involved.
  • We pick another square in The Clip Out Challenge.  Find out who we picked for week 9!
  • Selena Samuela has new Tread classes with special music.  A 20 minute metal class from 9/20/19 at 7:25 am.  A 20 minute pop run class featuring all American Italian and Italian pop artists from 10/21/19 at 6 am ET.  A 45 minute pop punk run from 10/1/19 at 6:30 pm ET.  
  • There are three new classes (Christine D’Ercole on Bike, Andy Speer on Tread, Ross Rayburn Yoga) spotlighting P!nk.
  • Alex and DJ Mustard team up for a new Spotlight On 6.
  • Ross Rayburn gets a promotion and is now Master Instructor of Yoga. 
  • The final Facebook Live in the marathon training series has arrived.
  • The New York Marathon is this weekend  – good luck to Becs Gentry and Matt Wilpers, as well as Eric Chaffin and Keri Greene-Maskell from episode 129!
  • Halloween is over but the special themed classes are still there. 
  • Peloton Canada celebrates its first anniversary.
  • Vancouver gets its first store.

Plus, our long-awaited interview with Ben Alldis & Leanne Hainsby. We ask them the questions that you submitted!

129: Hoda Kotb Gets A special message From Denis Morton and an interview with Eric Chaffin and Keri Greene-Meskall

129: Hoda Kotb Gets A special message From Denis Morton and an interview with Eric Chaffin and Keri Greene-Meskall

  • You can now get the Tread for no money down. Back when pre-orders were a thing, you could get 39 months, 0%, but as soon as the “new” orders went live, it was reduced to 24 months.  Now, just in time for the holiday, the 39 months is back.  ENJOY!
  • Hoda Kotb gets a visit (of sorts) from Denis Morton.  Make sure you check out the clip. Hoda’s reactions are adorable!
  • Peloton is gearing up for their first quarterly report.  I can’t WAIT to hear this – November 5th – so its coming up quick.  Very curious to hear what they have to say.  
  • Business Insider has an article about one person complaining about Peloton music.  Specifically 80s music.  Apparently, its “too much” and they can’t bear the thought of even working out anymore.  Eye roll.
  • And in a better Business Insider article, the talk about the positive mental health benefits of Peloton.  In general, Peloton is life-changing.  I say this all the time: The more you put in, the more you get back. I’ve never experienced this more forcefully than I have with Peloton.  Those mentioned in the article feel the same way!
  • The Daily Beast discusses the religiosity of “Sundays with Love.”  Suffice it to say, I do NOT agree.
  • We have information on how to help with the CLF inner Reeve Challenge.
  • Peloton has a curated holiday shopping list this year.  Its interesting as it is not a brand new line, its ideas they are releasing and you can buy your loved ones in time for the holidays.  Tom, I hope you remember this conversation.
  • We select another square in The Clip Out Challenge.
  • Leaked footage puts XPO on the hot seat.  We’ll have to keep an eye on the news to see how this develops.  
  • Bowflex bikes are working with Peloton Digital?  Or is something else at play here?
  • A past guest update and well-wishes for Howie Godnick.
  • Leanne’s Broadway Ride is your “Can’t Miss Ride” of the week.  Make sure you go back and take this ride 10/17 at 1:30pm ET
  • Jess King makes her stand-up debut.  All the instructors showed up to cheer her on and give her love.
  • Hannah Marie Corbin and Denis Morton are going to be in Alabama.  Specifically they will be at the store opening in Birmingham.  Also, our past guests Paul and Debbie Erickson will ALSO be there! 
  • Emma Lovewell speaks at the BlogHer Creators 2019 conference.  Find out all of her top tips for making a morning routine.

All this plus our interview with Eric Chaffin and Keri Greene-Maskell

128: Jess King & Robin Arzon Bring Back Bad Girls Rides and our interview with Myranda Williams

128: Jess King & Robin Arzon Bring Back Bad Girls Rides and our interview with Myranda Williams

  • Jess King had special guest Robin Arzon on the “Jess King Experience” and announced the long-awaited return of their Bad Girls Ride.  The Bad Girls rides originally took place a few years back and these two coaches teamed up to teach the class together.  For many Pelotonians, its been a favorite and something that has been requested over and over again to happen again!  
  • Christine D’Ercole is kicking butt at the Masters World Championship and scored a gold medal in the team sprint.  She also won a bronze for a points race. 
  • Ben Alldis has a special ride on 10/21 and will be joined by Christine.  Christine is staying in the UK for a few extra days and will be joining Ben in the studio for a ride 6pm UK time on 10/21.  After that, Ben, Christine and Leanne are all going to be in the showroom for a meet and greet at the Kings Road location.
  • Eliud Kipchoge crushes the marathon world record.  Not Peloton related (NPR) but so freaking inspiring, we had to include it.
  • Peloton has a new blog post about what newbies can expect when they try out a bike in the store.  Make sure and share this with your friends thinking about a bike or a tread so they know what to expect.  They can get a better idea and therefore a better experience!
  • The Peloton Prophet has some boutique predictions for us.  The next collection will drop this week (and it did drop 10/19!) and there will be camo, green and and leopard print.  (check, check and check – score another point for the Peloton Prophet)  Make sure to listen to hear the details for the Holiday collection – SQUEEEEE – i cannot WAIT for this one! You can also visit the Peloton Prophet corner here.  
  • Robin Arzon gets interviewed on Good Morning America.  Make sure you watch this awesome video where Robin is interview by Robin Roberts!
  • The Peloton blog features the Latinx Facebook Group.  Make sure you check out the new group and celebrate Latin appreciate month.
  • Kristin McGee has a new meditation class.  Zen in 10.  This one is perfect for those who are just learning about meditation.  You don’t need a special room, space or candles.  You can literally do this anywhere.  Its a great pick-me-up so make sure you try it out!
  • An update on Oliver’s half-marathon.  Find out his PR details and what Oliver plans to focus on this spring.  
  • Andy Speer gets engaged. His new fiance are fueling a certain rumor.  We add questions, but no answers!

All this plus our interview with Myranda Williams!

127: Peloton Sues Echelon and our Interview with Brandon Zachary

127: Peloton Sues Echelon and our Interview with Brandon Zachary

  • You’ve seen the ads for Echelon and wondered, “Isn’t that copyright infringement?” Well, Peloton has finally seen them too. And now they’re suing Echelon and we’ve got the details.  It is shocking how many Peloton features that Echelon is openly ripping off.  We also discuss another company Echelon is copying from.  
  • There’s been a new mini-Purge.   Which kind of class only has 7 rides left?  Find out here.
  • We pick another bingo square for week 6
  • We have an update on, of all things, the Today show’s monkey.  So, this is on me, not Tom. After I heard the story, I felt like you all needed to hear it.  AND to find out what happened to Fred J Muggs after so many years in the business!
  • Then NYC Marathon is almost upon us and Robin Arzon has a marathon simulation run for the Tread.  This is THE BEST run!  If you are anything like me, you will be pumped and ready to train for a marathon.  I mean, I was when I was doing the class.  Once I was done I remembered I still had like 22 miles to go.
  • Oliver Lee is doing a half-marathon this weekend in Long Beach.  He is going for a PR.  
  • We talk about the premiere episodes of Peloton’s new programs featuring Ally Love and Jess King.  Ally focuses on courage for her first Sunday virtue and Jess King debuts the milestone minute.  Jess also said there would be a surprise guest and big announcement during the next “episode”.  
  • Christine D’Ercole celebrates 5-years with Peloton.  Congrats to Christine!
  • Aditi Shah hosts Peloton’s first Signature Yoga series.  Starting on 10/17, there will be 15 minutes of high energy flow and followed immediately by 15 minutes of restorative yoga.  Aditi will be kicking off the first of 7 weeks!
  • John Foley will be at the Vanity Fair Summit. For a small fee of $6,500, you can be too!  There’s a very long list of other attendees that make up a fascinating list!

All this plus our interview with Brandon Zachary!

126: Peloton Debuts Two New Class Formats plus an interview with Jason Herman

126: Peloton Debuts Two New Class Formats plus an interview with Jason Herman

Jason standing in front of large display case of medals
  • It’s been one week since the IPO. How are things shaping up?  
  • Peloton debuts two new class formats. We discuss what that could mean for the future of Peloton.  Spoiler alert – Tom and I do not agree on this.  All reports so far are that the new class formats are really fun and the class goes by quickly.  The only way to get the badge is to take the class live on your bike.  Digital views do not count and neither do the on demand views.  Tom has a great theory on why the new class formats are rolling out.  
  • The music lawsuit asks for twice the damages.We will discuss if it actually will effect anything in the lawsuit itself and when we think this will be over.  
  • We select a new square in The Clip Out Challenge.  Find out here who or what we pick for week 5!
  • The Peloton Prophet is back with a new prediction. Or should we say…prophesying? A very surprising new instructor!  We also added a whole list of Prophet Predictions that have been made – so check it out and help us keep track.  
  • The fitness app Studio has an, ummm….interesting marketing campaign.  Why are Peloton owners annoyed by it?  What is OTHER connection the ad has to Peloton.  Newer members might be surprised by this!
  • Peloton gets mentioned on Saturday Night Live
  • There’s a new collection at the boutique benefiting breast cancer research.  10% of the proceeds go to research. Find out which item I am coveting!
  • The final Facebook Live spotlighting marathon training is just around the corner.  The NYC marathon is the finish line for this series.  Make sure to get any marathon training questions in for the last Facebook live.  
  • Peloton’s latest artist series features Pitbull.  You can ride or run with Pitbull. Find out the details here.  
  • JSS football rides and Alex’s Club Bangers rides are taking a brief break.  No worries – vacation of sorts for both instructors.  They aren’t going anywhere and neither are your favorite rides.  
  • mPaceline releases a new crowd sourcing feature.   

All this plus our interview with Jason Herman.

Be sure to listen – Jason has a unique passion that has left several listeners feeling emotional.  Its a good reminder of WHY you ride.  You might find yourself in love with the community and the bike in a totally different way after listening.  

125: The Peloton IPO is here! and our interview with Michelle Nyland

125: The Peloton IPO is here! and our interview with Michelle Nyland

  • The IPO launches and we have your breakdown of the day.  We’ll discuss the timeline of the day and what all the trading means.  
  • John Foley has a few revelations for us on CNBC’s Squawkbox.
  • Then Foley is back with thoughts on the first day of trading.
  • We pick another bingo square in The Clip Out Challenge.  You can watch the video to see it was.  We’re on week 4!  According to Kathy Earle, we now have a 0.08 chance to have 0/5 on your card.  We’re just glad she’s doing the math for us!
  • Peloton UK turns 1-year old.
  • New celebrity sighting – Ana Ortiz.
  • Matty Maggiacomo launches the first-ever Broadway run.  The class was 9/27/19 at 8am ET and it was 20 minutes.  Songs from Rent, Waitress, Dear Evan Hanson, Wicked and more!
  • New artist series featuring Bad Bunny.  Its a ride with Cody Rigsby on 10/1 at 730pm ET and it will be 30 min long.  No Bad Bunny is not a cartoon.  He’s a badass DJ.  I love that Peloton encourages me to try new music!
  • The Fall 30-Day Challenge is upon us.  Starting 10/1, you are hereby challenged to one activity a day for 30 days.  As long as you sign up through the bike or tread, you can use any platform to take a class!
  • Robin celebrated a birthday on 9/20.  (Tom also celebrated a birthday on 9/24)  
  • There’s a sale on yoga classes at the studio.  You can get unlimited yoga classes for 2 weeks!

Plus our interview with Michelle Nyland.

Oleg’s Borscht Recipe

Oleg really wanted Tom to try this recipe!

1 big parsley root


tomato sauce (or a bottle of ketchup if you are not doing whole30)

2-3 large potatoes


1 box of veggie or chicken broth

1 large onion

5-7 garlic cloves

lemon juice

If you are adding meat, pick either chicken or beef. Olive oil to sear the meat


(note that it is possible to do this in an instant pot. I tried and didn’t like the texture. So I prefer to cook it on the stove):

1. Prepare a large pot. Wash and clean all the vegetables. Only chop the potatoes and crush garlic at this stage.
2. Skip this step if you are not adding meat: Take a large pot and preheat a couple of tablespoons of oil. Lightly brown the steak (or chicken) on both sides right in the pot. Turn the heat off. Let oil cool down for a minute or two.
3. Add beets, carrots, onion and parsley root into the pot. Fill with water to cover everything.
4. Bring pot to boil, turn heat to low and simmer for 30 mins.
5. Discard the onion.
6. Take all other vegetables and steak out. Be careful, they will be very hot. Leave the liquid in the pot.
7. Dice the vegetables and cube the steak. You can also grate the vegetables. It depends on what consistency you’d like. 
8. Put everything back into the pot and add potatoes.
9. Bring the soup back to boil and turn the heat to lo.
10. As it simmers, mix in salt, pepper, lemon juice and tomato sauce to taste. When not doing Whole30, I instead use a bottle of ketchup. 
11. Simmer until potatoes are soft and fully cooked.

This recipe creates at least 10-12 servings. The soup freezes well for long term storage. It can be eaten cold or warmed up in a microwave. Some people like to eat it with a blob of sour cream. You can also garnish it with fresh scallions and parsley right before serving. We portion it into small 2-cup sized mason jars to take to work — just grab and go. As we put it away, there is always some liquid left over on the bottom of the pot — I use it as a sports drink for my next workout.  (Oleg)

124: DJ John Michael Makes It Official and our interview with Oleg Dulin

124: DJ John Michael Makes It Official and our interview with Oleg Dulin

Oleg and his daughter and son with their bike gear on standing on a dirt trail with their bikes
  • DJ John Michael finally becomes an official Peloton employee.  He will be Associate Producer and says Peloton is working on some amazing and big things regarding music!  
  • Experts are predicting that IPO could be happening as soon as next week. Read our blog post here.
  • The music publishers have increased the amount they’re suing for.  They’ve doubled it to $300MM and claim that there are 1,000 more songs uncovered in the documents Peloton turned over in the due process of the lawsuit.  We aren’t sure if this is related to the mini-purge that occurred a couple of weeks ago. 
  • The Shakira Artist Series is here!  Peloton is celebrating Latin Heritage Month.  You can run, ride and flow to Shakira!  
  • We select the next Bingo square.  We’re on week 3 of The Clip Out Challenge!
  • Peloton releases a new inside the Tread video.  See several instructors and behind the scenes of how the Tread was made.  
  • Crystal reviews Kendall Toole’s first class.
  • Robin Arzon is featured in Life & Style.
  • Ben & Leanne are coming on The Clip Out. Make sure you add your question here!
  • The Fall line is in the boutique. 
  • Becs Gentry will do a Facebook Live through Peloton about marathon tips.  Specifically getting OUT of your head during those long runs!
  • Jayvee Nava wins yet another award.
  • And details on how to sign up for The Clip Out newsletter.

Plus our interview with Oleg Dulin.  Make sure you check out his Borscht recipe too!  

So you want to buy some Peloton IPO shares…. here’s what you need to know!

Many Clip Out listeners have expressed interest in buying Peloton shares on their own. Of course, it isn’t as simple as going to the stock store and buying shares. Unfortunately, we’re not knowledgeable enough to explain it in terms everyone can understand. Or terms anyone can understand. Or terms that we can understand. We are certainly not experts. That’s what we’re getting at. In fact, we are so “not-experts” that (SURPRISE!) here’s a legal disclaimer: This information is provided for informational purposes only. It should not be considered legal or financial advice. You should consult with an attorney, financial advisor, or other professional to determine what may be best for your individual needs.

Ok, thank goodness that’s over.

Fortunately, Tiffany reached out to us with a detailed explanation. More importantly, she explained it in a way that “regular people” can understand.  However, please note:  that this post is the bare-bones way of understanding the IPO process in general and should not be used as financial advice. (Seriously, understand that. Don’t make us post the disclaimer again. Cuz, we’ll do it!) Everyone should speak to their financial professional for guidance!  And guess what, Peloton is expected to begin trading on 9/26/19, according to a published article from Investor Business Daily, so hopefully you can move through these steps quickly if you are still looking to buy!

Tiffany provided some background about herself so you can read up on her expertise. These are her direct words: “I work in financial planning for a very well-known brokerage firm. Before working as an advisor, I worked as an equity, options and mutual fund trader for the same firm. I was working as a trader when Facebook had its IPO. While working through that IPO, I learned that the average investor does not know much about that actual process and was often upset when they learn it is not as straightforward as raising your hand and saying ‘hey, I’d like to buy some shares in this IPO.’ ” After reading this, I knew Tiffany GETS us and so many of you who have been reaching out.  

Here are the steps Tiffany spells out (these steps are based off the Securities Exchange Act of 1934):

Contact a brokerage firm

I highly recommend anyone interested in attempting to get shares in this IPO contact their brokerage firm and learn that firms process and policies sooner rather than later. 

  • Not all firms are selected to participate in every IPO 
  • A lot of firms have minimums they require their clients to meet to even allow them to try to participate
    • For example, one firm requires individual clients to have 100k or 500k with the firm (dependent on the specific IPO) or trade at least 36 times per year. Each participating firm can choose

Officially enter your “indication of interest”

The next step is to officially enter your “indication of interest” or the number of shares you are requesting. Typically, it’s in round lots of 100 shares. Each firm dictates how to do that and what the time frames are, so when you are contacting your brokerage firm, ask about this. It is important to note: the window to enter your interest ranges from 1 day to 3 weeks. Given how quickly this IPO could go, you would need to do this right away!

Wait for the SEC to declare the offering

Next – wait! The SEC needs to declare the offering effective before you do anything else. Once the SEC marks the offering effective, the shares are priced. Once shares are priced, you must go back to your firm and “confirm the indication of interest”. There is typically a very small window for someone to go in and confirm your indication.  When you call your brokerage firm, be sure and ask this as well.

Next? Hope for the best

Shortly after the security is priced and marked effective by the SEC, the shares are allocated to participating firms. Once allocated, the firm deposits the shares in their individual clients’ accounts. If the confirmed interest is greater than the amount allocated to the firm, the firm then has discretion on who gets shares and who does not. This is the frustrating part. Typically, the better of (better off?) the client, the more likely they are to get shares in the amount they requested. If you have never purchased before, and it’s going to be you against someone who purchases often – you are going to lose out. It’s also important to note that the final prospectus will outline what percentage shares available will be set aside for institutional investors (think hedge funds, mutual funds, etc.) and retail (individual) investors. Having a 90/10 ratio is not uncommon. This final prospectus will be available once the SEC has declared the investment effective.

Tiffany gives an example of just how against you the odds can be. “With the Facebook IPO, I saw a client who had 100 million dollars with us only get allocated with 100 shares, if I remember correctly he requested 1000”. 

(Hey, Tiffany, does the client want to invest a podcast? Or are they adopting…full-grown adults?)

Tiffany sums up: There is no guarantee that if you did all the above steps that you’ll be allocated shares. An offering that has share requests 2-3x more than what is available is considered a “good IPO”.

What if you don’t get the shares in the Primary Market? Are you out of luck?

The above-outlined steps are how to participate in the actual Initial Public Offering. Most of us will not get shares in the actual IPO.  

So how then? Most people will get them in the secondary market (normal stock market) the day of the IPO shares are allocated. 

Once shares are allocated to investors and the stock market opens, they will almost immediately be able to be bought and sold by anyone interested. Once the shares are trading on the secondary market you can buy shares in any whole number amount. You can do this by calling your broker or more commonly, using their website or app. When buying shares, you can place either a “market order” or a “limit order”. When placing a market order, you are saying I want to buy X number of shares at whatever the market is currently trading at. The pro of this order type is you will almost immediately get shares. The con is you don’t know how much you will be paying for them until the order is complete. This can be very risky in a volatile market. When placing a limit order, you are saying, I want to purchase X number of shares for X amount per share. The pro of this order type is you know exactly how much (or better) you will be paying. The con is that you don’t know exactly when the market will be willing to sell to you at your requested price. 

So is it BEST to get your shares in the IPO?  

It depends. People get excited about getting shares through an IPO because there is a thought that they will be cheaper to get through the offering and then they will be able to sell them at a higher price through the stock market. Sometimes this is true, sometimes it is not. The first several days of trading a new stock can be volatile as the market adjusts the stock to “proper” price. 

Just like when deciding to purchase any other investment, it is important to speak with your financial advisor to ensure that you are investing in a way that aligns with your specific risk tolerance, time horizon and goals, as well as makes sense within the context of your overall financial plan.

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